10 Best Ad Management Tools

10 Best Ad Management Tools for 2023

Author :
Ritika Rakshit
| Updated On :
September 18, 2023

Time is one of the most significant valuable commodities, which is why many individuals strive for efficiency. The good thing is that numerous marketing solutions available today can help you enhance productivity and streamline repetitive processes or chores – ad management tools are just one of many alternatives. 

Let’s Discuss About Ad Management Tools

Ad (advertising) management software and solutions can streamline and automate various parts of advertising, such as ad like pay per click marketing campaign planning, cooperation, implementation, sharing, monitoring, and research. Now, let’s take a look at ten effective ad management tools designed for various sorts of ads, goals, and teams.

Top 10 Best Ad Management Tools

1. AdRoll

AdRoll Ad Management Tool

AdRoll is an e-commerce platform that focuses on advertising, email marketing, AI-based product suggestions, and cross-channel analytics. The platform serves as the hub for all of your company’s marketing and advertising efforts. 

Here are a few of AdRoll’s other noteworthy features:

  • To target your audience members, personalize dynamic advertising with AI-powered product recommendations.
  • To develop emotional ties with your audience, share tailored films and show adverts.
  • Advanced monitoring and attribution can be used to uncover growth potential and client lifetime value.

Price: Depending on your demands, plans vary from $0 to $19.

2. RollWorks

RollWorks Ad Management Tool

RollWorks is an account-based system designed to assist you in identifying target accounts, engaging them through ads and other channels, and measuring your impact and performance. The technology can identify and prioritize target accounts, as well as automate certain sales processes and account-based advertising. 

The following are some noteworthy features:

  • Ads, lead generation strategies, and tailored account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns can help you reach and engage highly qualified accounts.
  • Account-based ads might help you discover your target demographic and encourage them to explore your website.
  • Create retargeting advertising to entice prospects to return to your website.
  • To save time and enhance engagement, automate your marketing emails and follow-ups.

Price: The Starter package starts at $975 per month and can be upgraded from there.

3. The Optimizer.io

The Optimizer.io Ad Management Tool

The optimizer.io is an all-in-one software for increasing your company’s traffic. The Optimizer’s major goal is to provide centralized campaign management. If you are new to the business or have experience, TheOptimizer is an amazing advertising management software.

It will aid in automatically changing offers and budgets to determine how well your marketing strategy is performing. So you can rapidly update and adjust the movement that will lead to sufficient traffic.

So here are a few of TheOptimizer’s outstanding features:

  • With 24/7 rules, you may help to protect your campaign and boost its originality.
  • Assist in changing bids and budgets automatically.
  • Clone your marketing initiatives in a matter of seconds.
  • Allow customers to review and upload the document with one click.
  • Your campaigns will be launched if you contribute to the creation of the blacklisted and share it.
  • Estimate the cost in real-time.

Price: Contact the optimizer to schedule a demo.

4. Adstream


Adstream is a digital resource management and advertising delivery solution that is all-in-one for broadcasters, publishers, and digital businesses. It’s a Connectivity Suite, which means it combines and connects all areas of your marketing, such as digital asset management and distribution, audience management, broadcast automation, and analytics. 

The following are some noteworthy features:

  • When organizing, developing, and distributing digital material, use a consistent workflow throughout marketing teams for complete transparency and simple collaboration.
  • Deliver your digital content to Adstream’s 79,000 global media outlets via the platform.
  • Auto-adjust your content to fit the many places in which it is shared around the world.
  • Automate different workflows or components of your workflows to boost efficiencies, such as clearance or usage rights processes.

Price: No such prices are involved.

5. ManageEngine

ManageEngine Ad Management Tool

An Active Directory (AD) reporting and management solution that enables IT, administrators, and professionals, to simply manage AD objects and create instant reports with a single click!

Some of the key features of ManageEngine are:

  • Change auditing for Active Directory, files, and Windows servers in real-time.
  •  SharePoint Manager.
  • Security for Microsoft 365.
  • Monitoring and analytics for cloud security.
  • Auditing files, preventing data leaks, and assessing data risk

Price: Contact Manage magazine for a scheduled demo.

6. InFlu2


Influ2 is a person-based B2B advertising platform. Show your ads to specific persons using the tool, and then track the effectiveness of the ads among those who have been targeted. 

Other activities you can accomplish with Influ2 include:

  • Choose who sees your adverts so that they are highly relevant and targeted.
  • Increase brand awareness and reputation by exclusively showing customized advertisements and information to hand-picked audience members.
  • Connect Influ2 to your HubSpot CRM to synchronize contacts and sales and marketing targeting activities.
  • Use the Name-by-Name Tracker function to see who interacts with your advertising and their names, emails, titles, companies, and LinkedIn profiles.

Price: To schedule a demo and quote directly contact them.

7. 6Sense

6sense Ad Management Tool

6Sense is a platform for account interaction with account-based advertising features. The platform employs artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning to assist you in understanding and identifying your target audience’s purchasing behaviour, prioritizing sale and marketing accounts, and creating and sharing targeted and engaging campaigns/content. 

Let’s have a glance at a few key features:

  • Attract your target audience at mass with highly relevant, one-of-a-kind cross-channel messaging.
  • Create tailored display advertising using account data to reach key participants at target accounts.
  • On the platform, integrate Sales and Promotion as a single revenue team to effectively monitor your account-based success.
  • Divide data about your targeted customers to gain insight into the effectiveness of your ads among those accounts.

Price: For scheduling a demo contact 6Sense. 

8. Celtra

Celtra Ad Management Tool

Celtra is a cloud-based platform that automates creative output. Because the platform is cloud-based, all parts of collaboration will be faster and more efficient – team members will be able to design, review, and share digital assets across markets, campaigns, and more.

Here are a few better fortes to be mindful of:

  • Use the Ad Builder’s templates to create one-of-a-kind and branded advertising without writing a single line of code; these ads can incorporate e-commerce aspects as well as videos and animation.
  • Get real-time reports with over 100 metrics and features to help you better analyze the effectiveness of your artistic work, campaigns, and advertisements.
  • Create user-friendly advertising products to assist you in engaging prospects.
  • Customize your ad items with options like shoppable videos, item galleries, and textual and graphical overlays to fit your needs.

Price: Contact Celtra for their scheduled demo.

9. HubSpot Ad Management Software

HubSpot Ad Management Tool

The Ad Management & Monitoring software from HubSpot assists you with your direct marketing strategies and campaigns. You can execute all of your campaigns from start to finish using this tool, which means that HubSpot enables ad creation, management, and analytics across several networks.

Other noteworthy aspects of HubSpot’s Ad Tracking Software include:

  • Use Lists to automate ad targeting by synchronizing your prospects and audience for targeted options.
  • Ad strategies on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google must be managed.
  • Report on the ROI and leads generated by the platforms where your ads are shared.
  • Align your advertising with your other marketing initiatives – this is easy to do because HubSpot Ads is integrated with Marketing Hub.

Price: Free, or you may upgrade to a premium plan based on your interests and goals.

10. StackAdapt

StackAdap Ad Management Tool

StackAdapt is a self-service marketing platform that mines your business data for unique insights that can assist you in developing and delivering high-impact ad campaigns to your target audiences.

Here are some noteworthy features:

  • Targeting across many channels for native, display, video, and audio adverts
  • To advertise, you have access to a wide network of media partnerships and publishers.
  • Machine learning and AI automate performance decisions, ensuring that your campaigns are as effective as possible.

Price: Contact the authority of StackAdapt  for price. 

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With an excellent ad management tools, your marketing team will undoubtedly grow stronger – don’t be scared to try out different solutions to discover the one that best matches your demands and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the advertising apparatuses?

Each of the four of these components consolidate to make a fruitful showcasing procedure. Advancement hopes to convey the organization’s message across to the shopper. The four fundamental apparatuses of advancement are publicizing, deals advancement, public connection and direct showcasing.

What is the priority showcasing and advertising tools of 2022?

BuzzSumo is one of the famous tech instruments that many substance advertisers depend on. It functions as a substance curation and virtual entertainment examination stage for content advertisers to recognize and associate you with the most remarkable powerhouses in your field and their contact data.

What is the eventual fate of advertising 2023?

The publicizing business is being formed by everything from the ascent in expansion rates to a recharged center around greenwashing. That implies advertisers and business pioneers all the more by and large face a moving chance to guarantee their publicizing works in the midst of social and monetary commotion.

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