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April 5, 2024

11 Free Project Management Software

April 5, 2024
project management software

Project management software: As an entrepreneur, you are aware of how important executive project management is to your success. Whatever the case, what can be said about living under a strict budget?

Certainly presuming that you have almost no financial strategy? There are many options for free task the executives programming, whether you’re a part of an established company looking to expedite its processes or a start-up environment needing a free arrangement.

project management software
project management software

Here are our top options for the finest free project management software that may help your team perform at its best, assuming you are worried about the realities and can’t bear to add another monthly payment.

List of top 11 Free Project Management Software

There are so many venture the executives stages available that it tends to be enticing to simply pick one and get everything rolling.

Yet, taking as much time as necessary to find the right undertaking the executives stage for your group is worth the effort over the long haul.

By following the tips above, you can limit your decisions and track down a free task the board programming to assist your group with succeeding — without burning through every last cent.

1. Hive

project management software
project management software

When all things are equal, Hive is a project that benefits groups. The platform’s free-everlasting Hive Free plan provides full task the board functionality for up to 10 clients.

This makes it an excellent free venture the executives programming for individuals, small teams, and professionals who need to streamline their job and manage daily tasks.

Hive’s intuitive user interface (UI) makes it incredibly easy to get started right away. There are several useful tools to keep your group aligned in addition to the executive highlights of consistent assignments and coordinated effort.

The free version of Hive takes care of business, including neighbourhood visits, business sightings, and a helpful note-taking section. The very best Hive Free components are as follows:

  • Illimitable tasks
  • Unlimited notes of cooperation
  • Perspectives from the Gantt, Kanban, Schedule, and Table
  • Inbox in Hive
  • 200 MB of stockpiles are disclosed by local rumours.

2. Zoho

project management software
project management software

Don’t be fooled by the kid-like logo; Zoho Undertakings is not a decision for kids. Actually, it provides organisations with a small number of powerful aspects for transactions and presentations, including reliable reconciliations, secure distributed storage, as well as a few extras like Gantt charts and time tracking.

Additionally, Zoho projects are a part of the larger Zoho product lineup, which also includes a CRM platform, meeting tools, remote assistant software, and much more. Because of this, it is simple to bundle programming options to find the greatest option and incentive for your group’s requirements.

Zoho Projects is an excellent free project management software for small groups because it can be used without charge for up to three users. In any event, you’ll need to pay for the Zoho projects premium arrangement if your group has several members.

The premium plans for Zoho Activities start at $5 per client per month, while the venture plans begin at $10 per client per month.

3. Teamly

Project Management Software - teamly

Teamly is changing the game for modern entrepreneurs and startups looking for a robust yet affordable project management solution.

By melding essential features like real-time chat, task management, screen capture, and time tracking into one platform, Teamly ensures seamless project execution from beginning to end.

Its user-friendly interface encourages quick adaptation among team members, fostering a collaborative environment essential for productivity.

Ideal for teams keen on maximizing efficiency without incurring additional costs, Teamly’s free plan offers unlimited users, making it a standout choice for businesses aiming to maintain high performance on a budget.

This platform is not just about managing tasks; it’s about creating a space where teams can thrive together, making Teamly a top contender in the realm of free project management software.

4. Trello

project management software
project management software

Trello is a well-known task management system that is renowned for its simplicity and usability. Ideal for small groups who require an important task, the executives instrument is simple to use.

With its Kanban-style design, Trello, a popular go-to free project management tool for businesses and specialists, delivers work process perceivability. Therefore, if your team like working with movable cards, likes to run errands, and has any urge to move around tasks, this tool can be the best choice for you.

One of Trello’s biggest benefits is that its free plan includes an unlimited number of cards and users. Trello is one of the best options for simple, effective tools to keep your team aligned on a tight budget.

However, keep in mind that you must upgrade to a premium evaluating plan, which starts at $5 per client per month, in order to access the full power of the tool.

Do you need to learn more about other tools like Trello? Take a look at these excellent alternatives to Trello.

5. ClickUp

project management software
project management software

If you have ever used any of the commercial versions of ClickUp, you might agree with me when I claim that it is an unquestionable project management giant. When it comes to projecting executive commitments, consents, and goals, ClickUp can pretty much do it all.

It is crucial to keep in mind that ClickUp’s free task management options are less useful than its subscription pricing plans.

Many times while using the free version, I would tap on a feature I would like to use, but regrettably, it was only available for the paid version. However, I would still advise using ClickUp’s free version over the other PMs on this list.

Even if ClickUp seems diluted, it actually has numerous benefits for small groups and can be a special benefit for your independent firm to improve its cycles. Some of the benefits of their free version include 100MB of storage, unrestricted tasks and users, ongoing communication, and collaborative documents.

To learn about other essentially comparable gadgets that are out there, look at our guidebook for the finest ClickUp options.

6. Airtable

project management software
project management software

In the wake of examining with your group about their requirements and needs on an undertaking the board device, Airtable may be perfect for your association. The stage is a simple and low-code answer for groups searching for robotization, following work process, and building cooperative applications.

Airtable has pre-made layouts that make onboarding simpler. The product permits reconciliations with the most famous devices including Google Work area, Slack, Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing.

Airtable offers an extraordinary point of interaction and genuine cooperative experience, with the capacity to see ventures and undertakings on framework like view, Kanban sheets, Gantt graphs, and schedule sees.

Airtable has a free arrangement that incorporates up to 5 makers or editors, you can make limitless bases, limitless analyst and read-just clients, up to 1,200 records for each base and a sum of 2GB of connection per base.

The In addition to design costs $10/month and offers a few premium highlights like exceptionally marked structures and programmed table matching up.

For comparable apparatuses, look at our manual for the best Airtable choices available.

7. Wrike

project management software
project management software

If you run a small to medium-sized firm, Wrike might be the best choice for your organisation. The project the executives tool offers a flexible, streamlined Gantt chart that makes it simple to specify projects’ deadlines and conditions.

The client labelling, endorsements/sealing, and in-application marking modules allow groups to collaborate. Wrike makes responding to partners an easy task by displaying information and nuggets of wisdom on an aesthetically pleasing dashboard.

Additionally, the tool provides both internal and external apps to complete tasks, monitor KPIs, and generate reports. The freemium option offered by Wrike includes an unlimited number of users, 2 GB of additional space per account, and integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Office 365, and One Drive for distributed storage.

8. Monday.com

project management software
project management software

You and a team of up to 5 people can manage projects with Monday.com’s free service. The platform provides task management, dependability monitoring, and a few application integrations, including Leeway, Jira, Asana, and HubSpot CRM.

Additionally, Monday.com provides local web-based entertainment for CEOs, a customer service advisory board, and free educational online courses for all endorsers. Additionally, it contains a “emergency signal” feature that enables users to lock down the entire file to protect data in the event that the file is compromised.

Monday.com supports an unlimited number of documents and is available for iOS and Android apps. Layouts, agendas, sheets and segments, application mixes, and assignment automation are all included in the project the executives programming.

Limited features are included in the free version, while the basic plan costs $8 per client each month. If you’re unsure whether this is the finest free executive task programming for your team, have a look at our Monday.com options.

9. Asana

project management software
project management software

On the off chance that you’re looking for project management software with a free plan for more than 10 users, Asana is a fantastic option. With Asana’s free plan, 15 users can collaborate and create an unlimited number of tasks, projects, messages, movement logs, and record storage (100MB per document).

Asana is a flexible tool that enables you to streamline work processes and quickly identify bottlenecks and accumulations. Errands, which can be combined into larger activities and assigned to specific coworkers, are the basis of the stage.

The tool includes customizable dashboard views, including Kanban, board, Gantt chart, and timetable view. Asana offers a free version with fewer features. Its paid subscription opens premium features and costs $10.99. If you’re looking for an Asana alternative, keep reading as we’re sure you’ll discover more options as well.

10. nTask

project management software
project management software

nTask is another business venture the executives have listed. The task improvement, group collaboration, and risk assessment components of the errand the board apparatus are used.

It is straightforward to instal new clients due to the application’s natural and moderate point of interaction. Additionally easy to use, nTask is available on a variety of platforms.

Using time wisely, timesheeting the executives, risk management, meeting the executives, bug tracking, Gantt charting, and Kanban loading are a few of the essential components.

The basic nTask configuration is cost-free and provides an infinite number of workspaces, projects, and daily schedules. In addition to providing a free basic version, nTask also provides a free trial of its premium and sellable techniques. The monthly fee for the paid arrangement is $3 per client.

11. GoodDay

project management software
project management software

Task association and efficiency development in light of simplicity, dexterity, and inspiration are offered simply by GoodDay. Everything is accessible in Gantt, Kanban, Board, and Schedule views, and the highlights can be adjusted to fit various project requirements.

GoodDay is straightforward for everyone in the group to use because it is available on several platforms. A single tick start formats, the asset the board, and achievement following are important components.

You can start using GoodDay for nothing with a deal that includes an unlimited number of tasks, errands, and events for up to 15 clients, or you can upgrade to the Well-conceived plan for $4 per client per month to get additional features like advanced perspectives and reconciliations, custom fields, client job customizations, and other things for up to 250 clients.


These executive programming phases for free tasks are excellent choices for your team. The perfect stage for your organisation will ultimately depend on your unique requirements.

You can find the perfect venture the executives stage for your organisation by setting up time to consider the needs of your group, its size, and the client experience.

Which decision will you make on behalf of your group? Did we, on the other hand, overlook a free venture that the executives programming that you believe should have been included in this list? Tell us in the comments section below!


  1. Does Google offer a free project the board tool?

No, Google doesn’t have any regional programming or executive-focused applications. It does, however, provide an optional in which you can learn how to draw Gantt diagrams and project plans. Google Sheets is the name of it. You only need to fill up your information, click Offer, and add your group; no coding knowledge is required.

  • Could I at any time use Succeed as a task management tool?

Project managers working on small or medium-sized projects frequently use Microsoft Succeed as an easy task management tool to help visualise, plan, and monitor progress.

  • What does Microsoft Task consider to be a free option?

In addition to Microsoft Venture, interesting free alternatives include GanttProject, Quire, Asana, and Taiga.io. Microsoft Venture choices might also be Assignment The board Instruments or Group Cooperation Devices, but they are mostly Undertaking The executives Apparatuses.

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