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February 5, 2024

12 Must-Have News Website features

February 5, 2024
12 Must-Have News Website features

Are you planning to start a News website? What are the important news website features for a news website to make it appealing? Everything is going digital nowadays, even in newspapers. It saves time and paper as well. This environment-friendly approach is responsible for all news channels and individuals hosting news websites so frequently. Millions of websites are launched daily on servers. It is important to go with the trend. You need to focus on the essential information and how you are representing that on your web interface.

features for News Websites

This includes several things like a breaking news flash, style, colour, navigation, etc. There are so many things; in this article, we will discuss the top 12 necessary to include for a new news website features.

12 Must have News Website features

Here we have listed 12 important features for your news portal development. These features include designing, layout, customization, administration, voice optimization, task management, permission and access control. We will discuss more about these features in details below-

1. Customized web interface

Website designing plays an important role in creating a news website portal. Your website should look awesome in look and functionality. It is a fact that your first impression goes with the look. Make a plan before designing and decide on categories, layout, colour combination, and what is another element you can include for your users. Without relevant topics and content, users will leave your website and move to the next one.  

Once you are done with the layout and design, start working on it. Your website must have these news website features to be easy to navigate and easy to understand for users.

2. Breaking News feature for News Website

You are running a new website, so it is vital to add a breaking new bar of a separate section where users can quickly check what is happening outside. Those who are in a hurry can pick the topic of their interest easily from there. The breaking news section updates users and defines the entire look of your website. This is why most new templates come with an inbuilt breaking news section. You can pick your favourite template and customize it as per your need.

3. Website Templates and Content

While picking a news website template, remember the nature and reason for your site in general. It ought to have an easy to understand interface as well as some additional eye catching features. Besides you can pick a layout explicitly intended for selling on the web, or exhibiting artworks, or showing blog entries. Henceforth you can scroll to 7K Network for some amazing and unique news website template available on the website. 

The template of the news portal website can be separated into four key segments which incorporate the title, byline, the lead, the body, and the tail.These pre-designed formats, or templates, let you arrange content on a website page to create a simple but well planned site. To customise the layout, you can move elements like picture blocks, photo displays, logos, and more. 

There are several websites for news to show your extra creativity to attract your customers. You can add catchy headings and slogans to your content. Apart from that, style and tone also make you different from the crowd. Try to create your website and content with your idea instead of following any other famous brand. You can take an idea from other popular websites, what they are doing exactly and create something unique and different.

4. Easy Administration and CMS

Only some people are good enough with technical knowledge and when its come to any news website features many people forget about CMS. Your administration controls would be easy to manage. Several tasks are operated by a team of people while creating or posting content. A systematic collaboration is highly recommended. Therefore pick an easy administration control. For example, You can create different user profiles and grant access to limited features per your need and requirement so that other people can also post news or updates. Still, they won’t be able to interfere unnecessarily. The same applies to CMS.

5. Navigation

As we already discussed, layout and design matters along with your content. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate and users can quickly identify the difference between fresh and old content. Make suggestions to them about the other relevant articles they can read. It should be easier for the reader to pick news about any hot topic. Insert tags and sort them category-wise to make it enable search.


Is it essential to enable a comment section? Yes, there are many advantages to making the content section enabled. Your reader can share their opinion and feedback for improvement. You will get to know from your reader what topics they like the most and what other relevant things you can include in your case.

Many people disable their comments section to stop nasty comments, but you have complete control over your commentators. You can reject those comments that you don’t like to be published on your website. Your comments will reflect only when you approve them.

7. Advertisement

Leave some area for an advertisement to generate income from your website. Select a specific location where you want to display your ads. You can place them on your banner at the sidebar so that readers can easily find them and click on your advertisement.

Select an advertisement from the relevant field and as per CPC. You can also place your advertisements here and get benefits from that. Make sure you have not filled your website in a congested manner and don’t have sufficient space. Create a balance between content and advertisement. News websites are Google Adsense’s favourites for placing ads, so make sure you choose the right place to add.

8. Planning for News Management

Multiple people are working on the time for news. So, it is essential to manage everything systematically without any hurdles. For example, some people may be working on sports, some on social media and others on different topics. You can install task management plugins or integrate them with relevant services like Asana. So that publishers can manage their tasks and achieve their targets without interfering with each other’s tasks.

9. Social Sharing Buttons

How can one skip social media platforms? your news website features are not complete if you dont have social sharing buttons. Social sharing platforms are powerful for making your content viral. Make it easier for your readers to follow you and share your content on their social media profiles. While adding social media buttons, check that users can do both tasks; they can follow you on your social media accounts and second, they can share your news on their social media timeline, story or with other friends.

For this task, you can also use two different social menus or a social button strip. For WordPress, you can find several free plugins for Social Sharing. Most of them are available for integration with other platforms, like Socialize, Share This Share, Social Sharing, Sharexy etc.

10. Voice search optimization 

What next news website features you should add? its Voice serch optimization after the birth of Alexa and Siri, your website must be voice search enabled to be visible in search results. Voice search optimization is an essential need of a news website. Microdata type helps your website to rank fast and for better discovery. Quintype’s CMS is a perfect example of a voice search-enabled CMS. You can use schema markup to make your content more specific and relevant for searches. Moreover, use long tail keywords to improve voice search ability. Apart from that, your content should be fresh and to the point.

11. Built-in SEO tool

Your content and efforts are only used if it is reachable to the right audience. Integrate your website with inbuilt SEO tools or plugins so that you will get a notification for errors or issues that are unsuitable for SEO. These tools also help to fix problems and improve your performance. There are free and paid tools available for websites. Some good examples are Yoast, and AISEO, which are suitable for all types of websites with user-friendly interfaces. These controls will help your publishers identify and analyse your content’s future performance.

12. AMP support

AMP allows your pages to load faster than their actual speed. This improves the mobile session performance, which dominates the web sessions. Hence this feature is something you must pay attention to. AMP format stories also allow users to include rich media files, animations, podcasts etc., without lagging or compromising the quality. Speed and visuals make your content more attentive and catchier, so don’t miss adding this feature to your website.


These are some most essential 12 news website features you must include in your news website. These features for news websites will ensure the performance of your website and deliver the best impact on your readers. You can find some of the best templates from authorised sources that are friendly and offer these features, or you can add these news website features to make your website appealing by look and functionality. You can scroll down to Traffic Tail for more information on website designing and its development.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the motivation behind the development of news site?

News sites will be destinations dedicated to conveying the news in an unexpected configuration in comparison to TV, print or radio. News locales incorporate destinations that have an enormous assortment of data which may not be thought of “information” by all crowds, however may incorporate diversion, games and so on.

What are the elements of newspaper design?

The paper design can be separated into four key segments which incorporate the title, byline, the lead, the body, and the tail.

What is the course of the news site?

Beginning a news site with WordPress is sufficiently straightforward, and you can do it in four stages: Pick a space, a web share, and introduce WordPress. Find a WordPress news topic. Set up modules to add other key usefulness.

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