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March 16, 2024

5 Best Paraphrasing tools

March 16, 2024
Best Paraphrasing tools

Paraphrasing tools have made the process of paraphrasing content easier. With paraphrasing tools, one can easily reword content to enhance its quality, sentence structure, and readability, along with plagiarism removal.

5 Best Paraphrasing tools in 2023
Best Paraphrasing tools

Paraphrasing tools are products developed on the principles of AI and NLP that help improve low-quality or plagiarized content. These tools can change the words in a plagiarized sentence with their alternative synonyms considering the context. Moreover, they can also restructure the sentences to give content a new look.

In this article, we have listed the five best paraphrasing tool that are advanced in terms of features, accuracy, and quality. We have sorted out these tools after examining them at the following checkpoints:

  • Feature availability
  • Accuracy and correctness
  • Word limit
  • Import/export options
  • Writing tones
  • Synonyms/Word selection

So, without any further delay let’s start the compilation of the five best paraphrasing tools.

5 Best Paraphrasing tools

1.   Paraphraser.io

Paraphraser.io provides an easy-to-use paraphrasing tool for students, writers, bloggers, and webmasters. It is a great tool due to its extensive number of features. But, this tool only provides 600 words per session. However, the number of sessions is not limited.

The paraphrasing tool by paraphraser.io has four unique AI paraphrasing modes. It includes fluency, standard, creative, and smarter mode; among these, the fluency and standard are available for free and the other two are paid. The fluent mode makes the flow of content smooth by correcting the sentence structure and using easy words in it. while the standard mode changes the synonyms and ensures quality.

We have tested the “Fluency” mode of this online tool with a sample text and the results are:

Paraphrasing tools
Paraphrasing tools

As you can see, it changes words with their synonyms in the fluency mode to make them unique from the original one. Besides this, it further provides options to summarize or proofread the content with its grammar-checking tool.

Moreover, it can paraphrase content to and from 22 different languages. Hence, you don’t need to use a translator separately after paraphrasing. The rephrased content will be plagiarism-free and can be exported easily.

Pros & Cons of paraphraser.io

  • Multiple languages support
  • Content tone modification
  • AI-based working
  • Fast and accurate
  • No sign-up/registration is required
  • 600 words only per session
  • Creative and smarter modes are paid
  • Contain ads.

2.   Paraphraseonline.io

If you are looking for a fully AI-based paraphrasing tool with a healthy word count and features, then paraphraseonline.io is best for you. It offers four different rewording modes with an extensive word limit of 2500 in a single go.

paraphraseonline.io can paraphrase text in four modes: word changer, sentence rephraser, paraphrase text, and text improver. You can select any of these modes according to your requirement.

For now, it has only three languages available. Its word limit of 2500 is very helpful in rephrasing lengthy articles. It also does have two content-providing methods the first is uploading a file and the second is pasting the text directly. The rephrased text can be downloaded or copied to the clipboard easily.

To check how this tool works, we have tested the same sample in its “Word changer” mode and the results are:

Paraphrasing tools
Paraphrasing tools

Just like the fluency mode of the previous tool, it also replaces words with their best synonyms to paraphrase the content in a new and unique way.

Pros & Cons of paraphraseonline.io

  • Multiple languages support
  • Content tone changing
  • 2500 words
  • Fast and accurate
  • No sign-up/registration is required

3.   Editpad.org

Editpag.org is a platform for content writers and editors to improve the quality of their content. Among its utilities, there is a paraphrasing tool also available. This paraphrasing tool allows one to paraphrase 1000 words in one go. However, the word limit can be enhanced by buying a subscription.

It also has four content tone-changing modes: smooth, formal, smart, and improver. The formal mode is very helpful in writing academic content such as research papers, essays, and theses.

The smooth and formal are available in the free version while the smart and improver can only be used in the paid version. This paraphrasing has the option to paraphrase the content in 17 different languages.

To check its paraphrasing procedure, we have entered the same sample into its “Smooth” mode and the results are:

Paraphrasing tools
Paraphrasing tools

Similar to the previous tools, it changes a few words with their synonyms and bolds the changed words. This will make us figure out the difference between the original and paraphrased text.

Pros and Cons of editpad.org

  • 1000 words in one go
  • 17 languages supported
  • 4 rewording modes
  • Free access
  • Contain ads
  • A bit less word limit than others

4.   Rewordingtool.io

The rewording tool by rewordingtool.io is an amazing utility for paraphrasing up to 2000 words in one session for free. Its high word limit and unlimited access make it get to this list. It is an AI-based paraphrasing tool with NLP algorithms working at the back end to provide high-quality paraphrased content.

It provides two content upload options which make it feasible to paraphrase multiple pieces of content at the same time. You can either upload the content via .txt, .doc, .docx, and .pdf. Or you can paste the content directly in the input box.

To check the wording procedure of this free online tool, we have pasted the same sample text into the tool and you can see the results:

Paraphrasing tools
Paraphrasing tools

It changes the words with synonyms along with sentence structure changing. The noticeable thing about this utility is that highlights the reworded words in multiple colors that make it easy to compare the original and output text.

Pros & Cons of rewordingtool.io

  • 2000 words Count is enough for a single session
  • AI-based working
  • Fast and accurate
  • No sign-up/registration is required
  • No multiple languages support
  • No content tone modification.

5.   Quillbot.com

The paraphraser tool by Quillbot could be the best paraphraser in terms of accuracy. It can paraphrase the text according to the dialect; American, British, Canadian, and Australian. This paraphrasing tool can only paraphrase up to 125 words in a single session with no usage limitation. Its low word count support is it’s one of its downsides. However, the word limit can be increased with a paid version.

It does have seven content tone-changing modes. Among them only two can be used freely, the rest are paid. However, the two free modes work on AI and can provide results accurately. At last, paraphrased content can be exported easily and freely.

You can also adjust the density of synonyms that you want to be altered while rephrasing. While increasing the number of synonyms, the quality can be affected. So, it is suggested to set the synonym’s quantity to moderate.

We have entered the same sample content into this tool to see how it paraphrases it and the results are:

Paraphrasing tools
Paraphrasing tools

It paraphrases some phrases and highlights the changed word by using different colors. The best thing about this online tool is that it also paraphrases the content without affecting its actual intent.

Pros and Cons of quillbot.com

  • AI-based working
  • Free access
  • Support multiple English dialects
  • Tone-changing modes
  • No multi-language support
  • 125 words only in one go


By concluding this article, we suggest you personally use the aforementioned tools and comment down your experience with them in the comment section. According to our analyses, the paraphrasing tool Paraphraser.io is the best in terms of accuracy and quick results. While in terms of rephrasing modes, paraphraser by Quillbot could be the best option for users. Hope you like the post and may these tools help you in improving your content quality.

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