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March 4, 2024

6 Amazing Voice Search SEO Strategies that you should try

March 4, 2024
Voice Search SEO

Voice Search SEO Strategies

When voice search was introduced in 2011, no one thought it would become an integral part of SEO strategy. Earlier, some voice search results were informative while others were extremely funny. But as businesses started realising the scope in voice search SEO strategies, they started optimizing their websites.

Voice Search SEO strategies

People have realised by not typing they can do tasks faster and even multi-task. I would want to give an example of some acquaintance. She is not able to read and write but loves using YouTube. So, she uses voice search methods to look for the matter.

By optimizing your website or content for voice search, you can expand your reach efficaciously. People use voice search while driving, cooking for different purposes. Sometimes they want to know the recipe for making dosa while other times they want to know what’s happening in the stock market. So, every business should take voice optimization seriously.

In this article, we have talked about some amazing voice search SEO strategies that every business should know to survive in the market.

One thing that sounds crazy is some businesses are well-acquainted with the benefits of using voice search SEO strategies while others are still struggling. So, along with the strategies I have covered the benefits of using voice search SEO strategies.

Voice Search SEO Strategies

Voice Search is a technology using which a user can use their voice to command search engine instead of typing. The voice search feature is not available only on mobile phones, it is available on different devices like laptops, iOS devices and many more.

Let’s check another concept and its importance.

What is Voice search Optimization and why it is important?

Voice search optimization is an activity that includes the process of optimizing your website to appear in voice search results. By optimizing your website or content for voice search, you expand your reach. You have to optimize your website according to the verbal searches in different languages.

To optimize your website for local areas, you have to consider regional language. It is advisable to optimize your website for regional as well as general purpose. By not optimizing your website you choose to remain behind your competition.

On the other hand, optimizing for voice searches strengthens your entire SEO campaigns. It helps you in answering queries and increase your visibility. It also increases trust among users. People start believing and considering your brand, adding to brand awareness. It also helps in improving your rankings.

Stats of voice searching

Let’s have a glance at the best voice search SEO strategies that can add to your brand promotion.

6 Best Voice Search SEO strategies

Long-tail Keyword

Do you know why experts focus on using long-tail keywords? This is because unlike written searches people use long-tail keywords or ask questions in verbal searches which is why you are asked to use long-tail keywords to optimize your content. These keywords should be based on how people talk.

Because when people make voice searches they search as if they are talking to someone. Not just in verbal searches written searches also favour long-tail keywords. Websites or content that is optimized with long-tail keywords receive higher rankings as compared to those with small keywords.

Long-tail Keyword

To optimize your website with the right keywords, you have to get into the shoes of users. Imagine how they are going to ask a query or look for a product. This is the best way to optimize your content for verbal searches.

Understand your customers

This is the basic thing one keeps in mind while developing marketing strategies. You already know whom are you going to sell your product. You just have to imply that knowledge in optimizing your content for voice searches. For example, you sell cooking utensils, you know your target audience is middle-aged women, so you have to optimize your website in their language.

By their language I mean the way they are going to look for a product. And language is also an important factor. It should be considered while local SEO.

Know your customer

And if you still don’t know about your customer behaviour, start noticing their patterns. The way they look for products or services, number of times they visit your site. The best way to know about your customers is to analyse their patterns. By doing this you get an idea how you have to optimize your content for voice search.

Create Mobile-friendly website

One of the best voice search SEO strategies is creating a mobile-friendly website. 55% of online shopping starts from mobile phones. And imagine not optimizing your website to be used on mobile phones.

mobile frendly websites

In fact, 70% of voice searches begin with mobile phones. This is why create mobile-freindly websites and become visible on the internet. Now you have to figure out what you have to do for your mobile application get visible in voice searches.

Local SEO

The list of the best voice search SEO strategies is incomplete without this method. 50% of people use voice searches to look for local businesses. And by not optimizing your website for voice searches you are missing that part of customers.

To optimize your content for local voice search SEO, you should look for the keywords that are used by people of that area. Regional languages are different so you can use keywords to optimize your content.

Local SEO

For example, in Haryanvi fingers are called “Aangli”. When Haryanvi-speaker will search for something related to fingers they may use such phrases. Using these voice search SEO strategies you can target customers from your area.

Use Structured Data

Schema Markup is the structured data that adds value or sense to your content. The purpose of schema markup is to make your site discoverable by search engines. Schema gives a complete idea of your content to search engines. Using high-quality or you can say rich snippets, you can create an impressive schema. Even search engines yield better results if you use rich snippets.

This is one of the best voice search SEO strategies that you should consider while optimizing your website or content for voice searches. By choosing schema markup, you are offering relevance to search engines.

Answer your customers’ Questions

Your voice search SEO strategies should serve this purpose. You should try to answer the queries of your customers. These answers could be in form of a blog, a product, an article, a service or anything. The content of your website should be optimized according to their queries. This adds a lot to the reputation of your business. Search engines consider you as a valuable source of information and help you in ranking higher.

Also, don’t miss FAQs. Optimize your website for questions like “what”, “why”, “when”. Serve answers to these questions through your content.

voice search SEO Strategies

Do not forget your Google MyBusiness Profile

You must have made a Google MyBusiness profile. The next step is to optimize it for voice searches. Local SEO is used to improve your ranking on Google MyBusiness. You have to look for relevant long-tail keywords and optimize your website. More than 50% of people use voice searches to look for products or services on the internet.


Voice search SEO

These are some of the best voice search SEO strategies that can be implied to answer the internet users better and improve the reputation of your brand. Voice search has become a trend these days. Earlier, everyone was not acquainted with voice search but now everyone knows it and is used actively.

These benefits must have convinced you how important it is to optimize your content. If you are planning to get optimized, then contact the traffic tail now and get your website optimized for voice search.

What are other voice search SEO strategies? Drop your views in the comment section.

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