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January 30, 2023

8 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Psychologists

January 30, 2023

COVID-19 acquainted us with words like lockdown, Dalgona coffee and much more. Initially, we enjoyed lockdown, working from home and everything but later things changed. Remaining confined in the four walls, financial crisis and everything gave us some mental problems. 

digital marketing strategies for psychologists

That is when we felt the need for psychologists. We cannot meet them personally but we can connect with them through the internet. This is why therapists need to have an online presence. 

In this article, we will bring a list of some powerful digital marketing strategies for psychologists that are going to work for sure. Before we begin with our strategies, let’s understand why therapists need online marketing.

Why is digital marketing important for psychologists?

Digital marketing strategies for psychologists

Digital marketing is a tool that helps you in expanding your reach and helps you in getting noticed online. Using different digital marketing strategies for psychologists, you get a chance to connect with your patients. 

Why therapists are going crazy behind digital marketing is their cost-effectiveness! They get a chance to promote their business without spending much. 

97% of customers look for a business on the internet. And by business, we mean all kinds of business. By not setting your online presence, you are giving a chance to your competitors to move ahead of you. 

During the lockdown, the searches for online therapists increased. This is because people were exhausted mentally and were looking for therapies to get back on track. This is why therapists need to provide their services online. 

Before we read about digital marketing strategies for psychologists, let’s read some digital marketing stats for 2022.

Stats on Digital Marketing 2022

Digital marketing strategies for psychologists

Before we check the list of digital marketing strategies for psychologists, let’s have a glance at some digital marketing stats for 2022.

  • Social media has 1.5 billion users. 
  • Personalised subject lines are 22% more likely to get opened.
  • 50% of searches are made using four or more words. This is why you should prefer using long-tail keywords.
  • Google get 77000 searches every second.
  • Blogs help you in getting 55% more traffic.
  • 60% of people use social media right after waking up. 

These stats are going to help you in choosing the right digital marketing strategies for psychologists. 

8 Digital Marketing strategies for Psychologists

digital marketing strategies for psychologists

Work on your website

Having a well-designed website is a must for a therapist. This is one of the best digital marketing strategies for psychologists to have a website. A therapist should choose soft colours like pastels, lavender, and whites as such colours signify peace.

A person comes to a psychologist to find solutions to their mental problems so the choice of colours, fonts and themes should be simple and sober.

Apart from that, your website should define your services clearly. It should be optimized for mobile phones and have clear navigation. It should also provide an option for patients to book or cancel their appointments anytime they want. 

It may sound weird but you can provide some offers to engage your customers. For example, you can provide ½ an hour extra on a particular day for the same price. Using such strategies, you can get more patients. You can also reduce fees on some days. And make sure you mention such things on your website. Also, provide your phone number and other contact details so that they can reach you with their queries. 

Google MyBusiness cannot be skipped

This is one of the most important digital marketing strategies for psychologists to get themselves listed on Google MyBusiness. The registration is free and you need to provide your important details like contact number, mail id, and address. 

Your patients can call you anytime directly through GMB. And maps allow them to reach your location without much hassle. 

You can also provide your services in the services section. You can also provide a link to your website and upload images of your business. 

This provides you with a chance to present an overview of your business and impacts local SEO directly. A therapist needs to check with Local SEO. 

They should use enough local keywords in Google MyBusiness description and on each page of their website to get themselves ranked in local searches as well. 

Content Marketing works everywhere

Looking for the best digital marketing strategies for psychologists you cannot miss content marketing. Content marketing is not simple and when it comes to marketing for therapists you have to be very selective. 

You have to choose relevant topics for blogs and articles to post on your website. You can use different content marketing tools to look for engaging topics. You can also talk about various psychological disorders in your blogs and provide their solution. Good research is fuel to a successful content marketing campaign for every business.

You can consider creating backlinks to other websites. Make sure you are having a comment section under the blog as it helps in increasing engagement. 

You can also use gated content for your articles to get an email and other information from internet users. 

PPC ads are important

The list of digital marketing strategies for psychologists or any business cannot end without PPC marketing. PPC marketing is a form of marketing in which an advertiser pays every time his ad is clicked. 

Website owners run ads on their websites and make money. This is a form of marketing that benefits advertisers as well as the website that is allowing these advertisements. 

You can either run these ads on your websites or pay other websites for running your ads for promoting your website. 

All you need to do is create an amazing ad that attracts patients to your website. The content of your ad copy should be short, relevant and understandable. You have to be careful while selecting a website on which you want to run ads. 

Email Marketing

Not adding email marketing to the list of digital marketing strategies for psychologists could be the worst mistake. People are getting crazy behind email marketing as 90% of internet users check their emails regularly. 

You can collect your patients’ or readers’ or visitors’ email IDs while signing in and email them regularly. For example, Unacademy is spending actively on email marketing, as soon as you get connected they start sending emails to communicate everything.

You can pick a topic on psychology and share it with your patients through emails. You can also share some games or contests through emails. 

All you need to do is create amazing subject lines for emails. Many times your subject line decides whether the user will open your email or not. So, make sure you are choosing a short, catchy and relevant subject line for your business. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing works for everyone. Today date, it can be considered one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies for psychologists. There are multiple ways of promoting your business on social media. 

You can make reels on different psychological topics. Or you can post on different psychological problems and how you can help your clients in dealing with them. Many doctors are actively posting reels on topics of their interests.

Different personality quizzes can be conducted to know about the mindset of patients.

You have to choose the platform diligently as some businesses believe Facebook performs the best for online marketing for therapists while others trust LinkedIn and Instagram. You have to see which platform works the best for your business and create content accordingly. 

Build Connections

Building connections with other psychologists is one of the best digital marketing strategies for psychologists. Know about your competitors through different platforms. LinkedIn is the best way to build professional connections. 

Here you can make b2b as well as b2c connections easily. You have to create content and maintain bio but the most important thing is to remain active in the dm section. This is how you build networks. 

Talk about your services, know about their services. You can even plan expansions with your connections. 

Search Engine Optimization

The list of the most important digital marketing strategies for psychologists ends with Search Engine Optimization. This should be in the beginning as it is important for almost every business. You need to select the right keywords and optimize your content to improve your rankings on search engines.

This is a great way to improve the organic ranking of your website which also affects the reputation of your website. SEO depends on multiple factors including keywords. 


digital marketing strategies for psychologists

These are some of the most effective digital marketing strategies for psychologists. Unlike other businesses, you don’t have to figure out which digital marketing strategy is going to work well for your business. 

You can select digital marketing strategies according to your budget. One strategy that every therapist must choose is Local SEO. It is very important to expand reach and business in your area. This is because such people can visit you frequently and remain connected for a longer time. 

Choosing the right digital marketing strategies for psychologists is easy. If you want to expand at a bigger level, you can choose other strategies as well.

Which digital marketing strategies for psychologists can work the best? Drop your suggestions in the comment section. 

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