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December 21, 2023

10 Best AI Meeting Assistants

December 21, 2023
Best AI Meeting Assistants

Meetings are an essential part of our work routine, but they can sometimes feel overwhelming or time-consuming. Fortunately, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), there are fantastic tools available to make meetings smoother and more productive. 

These AI-based meeting assistants are helpful companions, making it easier to organize, manage, and get the most out of our meetings. Join us as we discover the 10 best AI meeting assistants that can transform the way we collaborate and work together.

How to select the best AI meeting assistance for your needs

When choosing the ideal AI-based meeting assistant for your requirements, it’s crucial to consider a few key factors. Firstly, assess your specific meeting needs. Different AI assistants offer various features such as scheduling, note-taking, AI transcription, or integration with other tools. Understanding what functionalities are essential for your meetings will guide you toward selecting the most suitable assistant.

Secondly, consider ease of use and compatibility. Opt for an AI meeting assistant that aligns with your existing tools and workflows. A user-friendly interface and seamless integration with your preferred platforms can significantly impact how effectively you can incorporate the assistant into your meetings. Prioritize compatibility and simplicity to ensure a smooth and efficient experience that complements your working style and team dynamics.

10 best AI meeting assistants

1. Fireflies

AI Meeting Assistants - fireflies
AI Meeting Assistants

A software called Fireflies can automatically take minutes at meetings. It will both analyze the dialogue and transcribe your meeting. 

The app itself allows you to host meetings and video conferences. It is also compatible with several other video conference apps. This enables you to use it only for taking notes in the program of your choice. You can export text, video, audio, or any combination of these. You can also synchronize an AI notetake with your calendar. At the moment you have designated on your calendar, the Notetaker will join the meeting and begin taking notes on your behalf.

Top Features:
  • AI Notetaker will join meetings from your calendar
  • Export any combination of audio, video, or text

2. tl;dv

AI Meeting Assistants - tldv
AI Meeting Assistants

The main use of Tl;dv is as a meeting recorder. Your calls’ highlights will be transcribed, and you’ll receive a summary. The GPT-4 drives the AI summaries. It may be used with Zoom and Google Meet. It may be installed as a Zoom app or used as a Chrome plugin. 

Language support for Tl;dv is 20. However, you will need to translate the audio into the language of your choice. After recording, it is incapable of translating the transcript. The fact that tl;dv records video in the same quality as the meeting is one of its many wonderful features. The recording’s quality is not diminished.

Top Features:
  • AI summary
  • Integrates with Slack and Email

3. Fathom

AI Meeting Assistants - fathom
AI Meeting Assistants

Fathom is an AI meeting assistant. You can use this free tool to have notes taken for you during video conversations. It is accessible as a Zoom add-on and integrates with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Your meeting summaries can be automatically generated by this app and shared with your CRM. There is text, audio, and video in these highlight segments.

English, French, and Spanish are among the seven languages it supports. Voices can be automatically translated into the language of your choice using Fathom. Translation is not necessary. You can bookmark important points as well. After that, you may combine these with additional meeting highlights to create a summary.

Top Features:
  • Supports 7 languages
  • Integrates with a variety of apps

available on request

4. Sembly

AI Meeting Assistants

Sembly bills itself as the market’s smartest artificial intelligence note-taker. It will not only record your sessions but also provide you with insights. Filler words will be automatically eliminated from the conversation using this software. 

You can format your transcript once it has been generated. The transcript’s text can have its typeface, color, and format changed. You can search through all of your meetings in one location. You won’t need to go through every meeting one by one in search of speakers or keywords. You can use it to search across all of your transcripts by attendee or keyword.

Top Features:
  • Upload audio and video files for transcription
  • Calendar Sync

5. MeetGeek

AI Meeting Assistants - meetgeek
AI Meeting Assistants

For professionals in sales, marketing, and human resources, MeetGeek is an AI note-taking solution. It takes meeting minutes on your behalf using AI. Working together with team members, you can decide what information belongs in meeting minutes. You have the option to make it sound more relatable or to stick to the facts.

Any action items it determines to be pertinent information or a cause for worry will also be automatically tagged. After that, you can review each action item and rank them according to significance. After that, you can distribute excerpts from the transcript to your group. Alternatively, you can export the full transcript to Slack, Notion, and other services.

Top Features:
  • Produces highlights and segments that are immediately shareable
  • Look through meeting transcripts to locate information.

6. Otter

otter ai
AI Meeting Assistants

An online application called Otter can listen to your meeting and take notes. You can utilize the action items it generates to focus on the following steps after the meeting. You can then review these points during your subsequent meeting to follow up on them.

It also makes teamwork possible. You can ask your group members to provide feedback and emphasize important passages in your transcript. To assist you in streamlining your transaction procedures, the Pilot extension can analyze sales conversations. You may even get this add-on to write follow-up emails for you. After that, Salesforce will be integrated with your correspondence.

Top Features:
  • Live chat with team members
  • Real-time meeting summaries

7. Verbit

AI Meeting Assistants

Verbit can be added to other video conferencing applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others. It provides transcription in real-time while you hold your meeting. If you would rather use a more exact method, there is also human transcribing accessible. If you ever need assistance with their platform, live support is offered around the clock.

Their offering complies with ADA regulations. According to these requirements, captions must be perfectly aligned with the video. This service does not, however, always comply with them.

Additionally, there are a remarkable amount of connectors. Your transcriptions will effortlessly sync to your preferred platforms thanks to this software.

Top Features:
  • 24/7 Support
  • Live captions and transcription

Available on request

8. Airgram

AI Meeting Assistants - airgram
AI Meeting Assistants

It can convert every voice into written text and extract various data such as individuals, places, and currency mentions. Once you sign up for one of the paying plans, you may access them and view everything in a list. 

This is especially helpful if you want to record and monitor the information, analytics, and insights that are shared during your sessions. Even though there aren’t any capabilities that allow you to examine the data using an analytics dashboard, you can still view them for each meeting individually and proceed accordingly.

Top Features:
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Connects with Microsoft Word and Google Docs

9. Avoma

AI Meeting Assistants - avoma
AI Meeting Assistants

Avoma is aware that improving sales conversations, UX interviews, or internal meetings requires more than just transcriptions. Because of this, it provides a variety of tools that enable you to utilize AI in every meeting fully.

Teams that interact with customers, whether in sales or support, will find Avoma to be a wonderful fit because of its toolkit. Increasing manager visibility is a terrific way to make better decisions and inspire success in your team. To ensure that you concentrate on continuous optimization rather than never-ending administrative tasks, the development team has made a major investment in native Salesforce, HubSpot, Copper, and Pipedrive connectors.

Top Features:
  • Talking to listening radio tracker
  • Monologue tracking statistic

10. Rewatch

rewatch e1703154236179
AI Meeting Assistants

Rewatch automatically joins and transcribes all sessions when you combine it with your video conferencing program. In the future, you can include a description of the meeting and click to create AI meeting notes as well, allowing you to quickly review the contents of each one.

To let you know which portions of the video were amazing or deserving of confetti showers, your team can work together on each transcript by either highlighting and adding these remarks or by leaving a trail of emojis on the timeline. Each video has the option to be divided into chapters, which is helpful if you have a meeting that you frequently refer back to because it will make it simpler to locate all the information you require later on.

Top Features:
  • In-depth meeting search results
  • Lots of native integrations


In conclusion, the world of meetings has been revolutionized by AI meeting assistants, making collaboration and communication smoother and more efficient. From scheduling appointments to transcribing discussions, these 10 top-notch AI-based meeting assistants have showcased their prowess in enhancing productivity and easing the burdens of administrative tasks.

As technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative solutions to further streamline our meetings, saving time and allowing us to focus on what truly matters – meaningful discussions and fruitful collaborations.


Can AI-based meeting assistants adapt to different meeting styles and preferences?

Many AI assistants for meetings can adapt to diverse meeting styles and preferences. They often offer customizable features, allowing users to tailor settings for specific meeting types, adjust language preferences, and personalize functionalities to suit individual or team needs.

Is data security a concern with AI-based meeting assistants?

Most reputable AI assistants for meetings prioritize data security and employ encryption measures to safeguard sensitive information. Before selecting an assistant, it’s advisable to review the vendor’s security protocols and ensure they comply with industry standards and regulations.

Are AI assistants for meetings only suitable for large organizations?

AI assistants for meetings can benefit organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re a small team or a large corporation, these assistants can help streamline meetings, improve communication, and boost productivity by automating tasks and providing valuable meeting support.

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