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March 30, 2024

15 Best AI Tools For Keyword Research

March 30, 2024
Best AI Tools for Keyword Research

Whether you prefer it or not, you have to do keyword research in order to rank for the article you have written if you want to start a blog and get visitors from search engines like Google. For most bloggers, low keyword difficulty and medium search volume make for the finest keyword suggestions. I decided to list the top free keyword research tool for precisely that reason. to instantly provide those keyword suggestions to you for free.

What Algorithms Are Used By AI Keyword Research Tools

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

AI keyword research tools harness NLP algorithms to understand and interpret human language patterns, allowing them to analyze text data from various sources like search queries, website content, and social media posts.

Machine Learning (ML)

These tools utilize ML algorithms to continuously learn and adapt to changes in search engine algorithms and user search behaviors.

By processing vast amounts of data, they can identify trends and patterns to suggest relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition.

Sentiment Analysis

Some AI keyword research tools incorporate sentiment analysis algorithms to gauge the emotional tone and context of keywords.

This helps marketers understand the intent behind search queries and tailor their content to resonate with their target audience.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

LSI algorithms enable these tools to identify semantically related keywords and phrases that are conceptually similar to the primary keyword.

By expanding the keyword pool with LSI-generated suggestions, marketers can enhance the relevance and depth of their content.

Predictive Analytics

AI keyword research tools leverage predictive analytics algorithms to forecast future search trends and anticipate the keywords that are likely to gain prominence.

This proactive approach empowers marketers to stay ahead of the curve and optimize their content strategy for maximum impact.

15 Best AI Tools for Keyword Research

1. MarketMuse

AI Tools for Keyword Research- MarketMuse
AI Tools for Keyword Research

MarketMuse is an effective tool for content planning and optimisation powered by AI.

Its AI keyword generator, which makes use of sophisticated machine learning algorithms to comprehend the subtleties of your material and recommend the most powerful phrases, is its most notable feature.

This is useful because it makes it possible to conduct more intelligent and focused keyword research and provides you with a customized difficulty score based on your domain authority and current content.

By using this method, you’ll be able to choose keywords more wisely and achieve much better SEO results.

Top Features:
  • Topic research and suggestion
  • Content brief creation
  • Content gap analysis
  • AI-powered content generation

2. Keyword Insights AI

AI Tools for Keyword Research- Keyword Insights AI
AI Tools for Keyword Research

Another excellent artificial intelligence (AI) keyword tool that delves deeper into keyword research is Keyword Insights AI.

From determining the search intent to examining the target keywords of your rivals, it offers insightful information about the terms you have selected.

This aids in the decision-making process when creating your content.

Keyword Insights AI also steps up as an AI keyword finder.

It is effective in finding high-value but lesser-known keywords that other programmes might overlook for a lower price.

By grouping related terms, you may use their keyword clustering function to create a powerful content strategy that will increase your topical authority.

Top Features:
  • Keyword Discovery
  • Keyword Clustering
  • Search Intent
  • Content Briefs
  • AI Writer Assistant
TrailBasic ProfessionalPremium
$1/4 days $58/mo$145/mo$299/mo

3. GrowthBar SEO

AI Tools for Keyword Research- GrowthBar SEO
AI Tools for Keyword Research

GrowthBar SEO is an AI content writing tool with an integrated keyword creation capability for blogs and web pages.

It can create outlines based on the detected keyword and write entire blog articles in a matter of minutes, making the process of creating SEO content relatively simple.

GrowthBar SEO is a keyword research tool driven by AI, so it can do more than just generate random keywords.

Its special feature is its capacity to forecast a keyword’s profitability using a variety of metrics and intelligent machine-learning techniques.

Top Features:
  • SEO Writing Services
  • Google Search Console 
  • AI Writing Tool
  • On-Page SEO Audit Tool
  • Keyword Ranking Tool

4. GetGenie

AI Tools for Keyword Research- GetGenie
AI Tools for Keyword Research

GetGenie is a comprehensive SEO assistant that includes all the tools you need to create effective content.

Everything about blogging can be made enjoyable, from the initial keyword research to the creation of blog articles using WordPress integration.

GetGenie employs sophisticated algorithms to pinpoint crucial data, such as search traffic, competition, and cost-per-click (CPC) rates, for the phrase you have selected.

Additionally, it retrieves Google’s search trends directly, allowing you to track changes in your audience’s interest in a certain subject over time. For every seed keyword you provide, it also finds a tonne of related keywords.

Top Features:
  • On-page SEO score
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Advanced Writing

5. ContextMinds

AI Tools for Keyword Research

ContextMinds combines AI keyword generation with the ability of concept mapping.

When it comes to content planning, it essentially becomes your co-creator, offering relevant keyword suggestions for every topic you add to your content map.

After you’ve finished brainstorming, ContextMinds can help you develop content for your blog, social media accounts, landing page tools, and other platforms by creating a blog outline based on the keyword cluster. 

Top Features:
  • AI idea generation
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Related keyword exploration 
  • SEO-optimized content suggestions 
  • Content mapping

6. Surfer SEO

AI Tools for Keyword Research- Surfer SEO
AI Tools for Keyword Research

It creates a tonne of other relevant keywords and arranges them into what are known as clusters based on your single seed term.

With a data-supported content strategy that has a high probability of success in search engines, you may effectively filter the clusters in any way you choose, for instance, based on search intent or search volume.

The enchantment of the surfer doesn’t end there. Based on the keyword cluster you’ve selected, it creates a content editor that guides you through the entire process of creating SEO-friendly material.

Additionally, you can create SEO-optimized content with only a few clicks using their recently released Surfer AI, saving you many hours of labor-intensive writing.

Top Features:
  • SERP Analyzer
  • LSI Keyword Discovery  
  • Content Editor
  • Outline Builder
EssentialScaleScale AIEnterprise

7. Google Keyword Planner

AI Tools for Keyword Research- Google Keyword Planner
AI Tools for Keyword Research

This is one of the most popular tools for both novices and experts in SEO.

However, as the name suggests, it is primarily restricted to keyword planning and research.

This Google keyword research tool provides you with a list of keywords and pertinent information about each once you type your search term or topic into the search box.

You can discover high-quality keywords for your website’s content and advertising campaigns by using our keyword recommendation generator.

The keywords can then be arranged into various lists for various kinds of advertising campaigns.

Additionally, you have access to a refined keywords tool that allows you to filter keywords according to particular term properties.

Top Features:
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Search Volume Estimates
  • Competition Level
  • Forecast Tool
  • Campaign Creation
EssentialScaleScale AIEnterprise


AI Tools for Keyword Research- SEO.AI
AI Tools for Keyword Research

This AI-powered tool for keyword research and SEO tactics was created by SEO.ai.

It analyzes vast amounts of textual data from search engines using big data analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easier to explore and choose keywords. High-value keywords are identified by the programme by taking into account user intent, search volume, and competition.

This artificial intelligence (AI) tool for keyword research recommends long-tail keywords that have less competition but higher conversion potential.

It also tracks seasonality and patterns in Google search traffic, and it helps optimize content by suggesting keyword density and placement.

For marketers and SEO experts looking to make data-driven decisions and increase the success and visibility of their websites, this is a crucial tool.

Top Features:
  • AI Article Generator
  • AI Headline Writer
  • AI Writing Detector
  • Content Optimization and Editing

9. Keyword Sheeter

AI Tools for Keyword Research- Keyword Sheeter
AI Tools for Keyword Research

Keyword Sheeter is the solution for you if you’re searching for a keyword research tool that gives you real-time insights into what members of your target audience are putting into search engines.

The application generates a list of keywords at a rate of 1000 ideas per minute once you enter the seed keywords.

This implies that you are not restricted to 50 or 100 keyword ideas on your list.

You are free to investigate any number of keywords.

Additionally, it has a positive and negative filter that is helpful in removing any superfluous terms.

This tool’s lack of competition levels and search volume information for the keyword phrases is its lone drawback.

Top Features:
  • Bulk Keyword Generation
  • Various Filters  
  • Basic Google Search Results
  • Search Volume and CPC (Paid Add-on) 
  • Competition analysis 
  • SERP analysis


10. KWFinder

AI Tools for Keyword Research- KWFinder
AI Tools for Keyword Research

With all the information you want to identify the ideal keywords for your content, KWFinder is an excellent tool for keyword research.

To help you make wise selections, it provides information on search volume, domain authority, keyword difficulty, and other crucial factors. 

You can forget about estimating which keywords will perform the best because KWFinder has you covered!

You can spy on the websites of your rivals to see what keywords they rank for and where they appear in search results.

While you choose what you should be doing, it’s a great approach to remain ahead of the game and observe what methods are effective for them.

Top Features:
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Long-tail Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Analysis and Metrics
  • Search Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)

11. GetKeywords

AI Tools for Keyword Research- GetKeywords
AI Tools for Keyword Research

One of the best free keyword research tools for local SEO is GetKeywords.

Keyword metrics for more than 100,000 locations are supported, and search results can be restricted to specific nations, regions, or cities using filters.

In addition, it supports up to 45 languages and offers stats that are typically not available in free keyword tools.

Furthermore, unlike many other keyword programmes that rely on saved data, GetKeywords distributes real-time data. 

Top Features:
  • Analyze Your Competitors
  • Thousands of Keyword Ideas
  • Measure Ranking Difficulty
  • Accurate SERP Analysis

12. Sonar

AI Tools for Keyword Research- Sonar
AI Tools for Keyword Research

Sonar is a great option if you’re looking for a simple keyword research tool for Amazon.

Over 180 million keywords are available in Sonar’s multilingual, real-time database.

With its reverse Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) lookup, you may find and monitor the terms used by your rivals.

Sonar provides you with a list of keywords that the product is ranking for when you enter the competitor’s ASIN.

Top Features:
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Walmart Advertising
  • Target Advertising
  • Instacart advertising

13. WordStream

WordStream e1709369364186
AI Tools for Keyword Research

For many years, WordStream, a Google partner, has been creating marketing tools.

They have an amazing drive and fervor for helping marketers increase their return on investment.

And while WordStream is heavily involved in the advertising industry, they also create tools for SEO professionals.

Their free keyword tools, in particular, are fantastic solutions that you should integrate into your regular process.

WordStream offers a free keyword research tool, although it has certain limitations.

It can seem slow at first with only 30 results each search, but if you don’t want to buy other tools just yet, this is an excellent substitute.

Top Features:


14. Soolve

AI Tools for Keyword Research- Soolve
AI Tools for Keyword Research

Soovle extracts keywords from a vast array of sources.

Wikipedia, Google, Answers.com, Bing, YouTube, Overstock, Buy.com, eBay, Yahoo!, and Amazon are all included in the whole list.

As you can see, Soovle offers a wide range of eCommerce platform integrations.

Thus, it is essential to include this tool in your keyword research workflow if you operate with eCommerce.

And it’s quite easy to use. Simply navigate to the website, enter a keyword, and click the Soovle button.

Real-time keyword extraction allows you to quickly examine an overview of the most relevant terms.

Top Features:
  • Identify User Intent
  • Generate Long-Tail Keywords 
  • Compare Keyword Performance  
  • Free and Paid Plans


15. Keyworddit

AI Tools for Keyword Research- Keyworddit
AI Tools for Keyword Research

Keyworddit finds keywords and gives you their search volume by looking through Reddit posts, titles, and comments.

If you’re not familiar, Reddit is a vast online community where users may join groups for almost anything, known as subreddits.

Certain subreddits, like r/funny, are quite popular, but r/businessowners is a rather specialised subreddit.

Instead of typing in a specific term, you may use this tool to select a subreddit and it will extract keywords from posts and comments within that subreddit.

Top Features:
  • Reddit Keyword Research  
  • Search Volume Estimation
  • Basic Trend Analysis
  • Free Chrome Extension


Ending Note

In conclusion, these 15 AI tools for keyword research offer powerful solutions to help you optimize your content and reach the right audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, incorporating these tools into your strategy can make a significant difference in driving traffic and achieving your goals.

So why not give them a try and see the impact they can have on your website’s visibility and success?


Can AI Tools for Keyword Analysis guarantee success in SEO?

While AI tools can greatly enhance your SEO efforts, success ultimately depends on various factors such as content quality, website authority, and competition.

These tools provide valuable insights and recommendations, but their effectiveness also relies on how well you implement their suggestions.

Are these AI tools suitable for beginners with limited technical knowledge?

Yes, many of these AI tools are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to beginners.

They often come with intuitive interfaces and clear instructions, making them suitable for those with limited technical knowledge.

Additionally, some tools offer tutorials and customer support to help users get started.

Can AI tools for keyword research adapt to changes in search engine algorithms?

Yes, reputable AI tools are continuously updated to stay aligned with the latest trends and changes in search engine algorithms.

They leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze data and adapt to evolving SEO strategies, ensuring that your keyword research remains relevant and effective over time.

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