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December 1, 2023

Top 10 Best AI WordPress Website Builders

December 1, 2023
AI WordPress Website Builders

Building a website has never been easier, thanks to the innovative technology of AI WordPress website builders. These tools harness the power of artificial intelligence to simplify the process of website designing and launching a website. 

Whether you’re a small business owner, a blogger, or someone looking to establish an online presence, these platforms offer intuitive interfaces and smart features that enable you to create professional and stunning websites without the need for extensive technical knowledge. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 AI WordPress website builders that can help you bring your website ideas to life effortlessly. Let’s dive in and discover how these tools can revolutionize your online presence!

How does an AI WordPress Website Builder work

Initially, it gathers information from the user, such as preferences, industry type, design choices, and content specifics through a series of questions or prompts. Using this data, the AI system analyzes and interprets the user’s inputs to generate personalized website templates or design suggestions. 

These templates often come pre-loaded with layouts, color schemes, and other elements tailored to the user’s preferences, significantly reducing the time and effort required in the initial stages of website creation.

Moreover, these AI systems continuously learn and adapt based on user interactions and feedback. As users make selections, provide further information, or customize the suggested templates, the AI algorithms use this data to refine and enhance their recommendations.

Top Best AI WordPress Website Builders

1. 10Web

AI WordPress Website Builders
AI WordPress Website Builders

For the creation, hosting, and management of WordPress websites, 10 Web provides an extensive range of tools and services. 10Web-generated sites are sophisticated. It is noteworthy, nevertheless, that the AI website builder offers comparatively few customization choices.

Although you can drag and drop objects onto the page and change their orientation, you are not allowed to freely reposition elements. All in all, it’s a rather extensive tool that may be a little difficult for beginners to use, but it’s excellent for those with some experience in design.

With just the URL, this AI website builder can replicate your current WordPress website. From there, you may change the website using the 10 Web editor, which offers a wide variety of AI tools for tasks like SEO and content creation.

Top Features:
  • AI Web Design Tool
  • AI SEO Tool

2. Appypie

AI WordPress Website Builders
AI WordPress Website Builders

With Appypie, artificial intelligence is integrated right into the foundation of building websites and apps. On its homepage, Appypie asks you to write or talk to the program to describe what you want to construct. AI then creates the actual design. Technical knowledge or coding expertise is not necessary. 

One thing that sets Appypie apart is that it lets you put your intentions into plain language. It is optional to follow a series of steps when answering the questions the system poses. Alternatively, you can write a few phrases outlining your project’s goals; the system will then review your input and allow you to make any necessary adjustments.

Top Features:
  • Collaboration tools
  • AI Image Generator

3. TeleportHQ

AI WordPress Website Builders
AI WordPress Website Builders

For expert designers looking for an AI website builder with a high degree of customisation, TeleportHQ is a great option. Designers may upload their wireframe designs or mockups straight into TeleportHQ, thanks to its unique wireframe AI capabilities.

Furthermore, TeleportHQ provides the ability to incorporate custom HTML and CSS code, which makes it a great option for designers who want more precise control over the look and feel of the website. With its robust customization choices and wireframe AI capabilities, TeleportHQ helps designers of all experience levels to realize their creative visions.

Top Features:
  • Mockup Analyzer
  • In-built ChatGPT

4. Gamma

AI WordPress Website Builders
AI WordPress Website Builders

Gamma is an AI website builder that lets you quickly generate a functional document, webpage, or presentation in less than a minute. To begin, engage in a conversational conversation with Gamma by typing your goals in a chat window. This method makes the process of designing a website more user-friendly.

Just like you would with a human designer, you can convey your ideas to Gamma. Gamma can be asked to generate several different variations of a design if you are unhappy with the one it comes up with.

Top Features:
  • History Records
  • Mobile Friendly

5. Jimdo

AI WordPress Website Builders
AI WordPress Website Builders

You can quickly create a multi-page website with Jimdo. All you have to do is respond to a few inquiries regarding your objective and preferred style. Jimdo optimises your website from the outset for various devices. This AI website builder’s ability to use publicly accessible data about your company to inform its content development is one of its special website features.

You can select which pages to incorporate with Jimdo, and it offers suggestions. Customizing the color scheme, typeface selection, button designs, and animations is entirely up to you. Additionally, you can add or delete parts from the block design and choose other layouts for particular blocks. But when compared to other solutions, Jimdo’s design flexibility is a little bit more constrained.

Top Features:
  • Logo Generator tool
  • Free Image library

6. Elementor AI

AI WordPress Website Builders

Without the need for coding knowledge, users can construct aesthetically pleasing and responsive websites using Elementor AI, an AI-powered website builder. It makes use of artificial intelligence technologies to speed the web construction process, make intelligent design recommendations, and deliver customized recommendations depending on user preferences.

Elementor AI is an invaluable tool for novice and seasoned web developers alike, as it enables users to create polished websites quickly and easily with its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and sophisticated AI capabilities.

Top Features:
  • Catchy animations
  • Easy custom navigation creation
  • Scroll sections

7. ZipWP

AI WordPress Website Builders
AI WordPress Website Builders

The most AI-driven website builder on the market is ZipWP. In just sixty seconds, it can create a first draft website that is fully functional. This platform includes all the features you require, regardless of your level of experience. With AI, you can quickly construct a whole website and let it handle everything.

You must provide answers to a few questions, such as your industry, company name, and business description, just like on other platforms. Everything else is taken care of for you.

Top Features:
  • Built-in AI Content Writer
  • Supports Multiple Websites

8. CodeWP

AI WordPress Website Builders

CodeWP is a premium option for AI website builders. Your creations can be transformed into responsive WordPress themes using our unique AI technology.  You submit your design to CodeWP, and the builder magically converts it into a dynamic WordPress theme that is prepared to wow your audience.

The main focus of CodeWP, which was designed exclusively for WordPress developers, is writing code for WordPress. It covers a variety of topics, including WooCommerce, JS, and PHP. CodeWP is revolutionizing the WordPress website development process with its sophisticated AI and multilingual capabilities.

Top Features:
  • Sharable codes
  • Multiple customization modes

9. Divi AI

AI WordPress Website Builders
AI WordPress Website Builders

With only one click, Divi AI generates content and graphics by integrating AI deep within Divi’s code. Based on the title, tagline, or surrounding content of any page on your website, this tool can propose and create content. Anyone wishing to quickly and simply create a stunning website can use Divi AI, a potent AI WordPress website builder.

The software comes with an all-in-one optimisation tool called PageSpeed Booster and can use AI to replicate any website.  Notably, it’s a great option for people who want to switch from Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify to WordPress for their website.

Top Features:
  • In-built SEO feature
  • Supports multiple platforms

Available on request

10. Hostinger Website Builder

AI WordPress Website Builders - Domain Registration Platforms in India
AI WordPress Website Builders

Known for WordPress hosting, Hostinger also provides a powerful AI website builder. With just a few clicks, Hostinger’s AI assistant can generate a completely functional WordPress website. This feature is now accessible with its Business and Cloud Startup plans.

Hostinger is a great option for anybody searching for inexpensive, high-quality hosting and simple website development, and it will soon have an image production capability.

Top Features:
  • Marketing Integrations
  • Drag and Drop editor



In conclusion, AI-powered WordPress website builders offer an incredible array of features and functionalities, making website creation more accessible and efficient for everyone. With their user-friendly interfaces and intelligent algorithms, these tools simplify the process of designing and managing a website, even for those without technical expertise. From customizable templates to seamless integrations and automated processes, these platforms empower users to create professional and visually stunning websites with ease.


How does an AI WordPress website builder differ from traditional website builders?

An AI WordPress website builder stands out due to its use of artificial intelligence algorithms. Unlike traditional builders where users need to manually design every aspect of the site, AI-powered builders utilize machine learning to offer personalized templates, streamline design choices, and automate certain processes based on user input. This smart technology significantly reduces the time and effort required to create a website.

Can I customize the designs offered by AI WordPress website builders?

Absolutely! While these builders provide pre-designed templates based on your preferences, they also offer extensive customization options. Users can adjust layouts, colors, fonts, add or remove elements, and upload their own content. The AI algorithms learn from these customization choices to provide more tailored suggestions in subsequent iterations.

Are AI-based WordPress website builders suitable for beginners with no technical knowledge?

Yes, one of the key advantages of these builders is their user-friendly interfaces designed to accommodate beginners. They offer intuitive drag-and-drop features, straightforward navigation, and guided prompts that make it easy for anyone to create a professional-looking website without needing extensive technical expertise.

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