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February 20, 2024

11 Best Amazon PPC Software Tools

February 20, 2024
Best Amazon PPC Software Tools

Do you ever wonder what strategies Amazon marketing companies and Amazon ad specialists employ? Compared to your internal team, they appear to be a lot speedier and more adept at optimizing campaigns. And there is an easy solution. They can automate a lot of the research and campaign optimization with the aid of AI tools and specialized software.

Beyond Seller Central, Amazon PPC software aids Amazon sellers in managing and optimizing their Amazon advertising campaigns. These tools run on AI and machine learning and are useful for performing the simple functions and rules of daily operating routines. The use of PPC software by sellers trying to optimize revenues from their Amazon ad campaign is nothing short of a magical resource. It’s all based on insight regarding Ads and Campaign Administration.

In this article, we’ve brought to you the best Amazon PPC software tools that will provide you with all kinds of assistance you’re looking for. 

Let’s begin!

How do I choose the right Amazon PPC software tools?

Choosing the best Amazon PPC tool will depend on the specifics of your particular organization. Budget and functionality are the two primary deciding considerations. You may narrow down the market’s plethora of possibilities to those that are best for your company by considering these two things:


Indeed, there are free tools you can always rely on. On the other hand, if you are looking towards moving away from reporting to automation and advanced analytics, then it is going to require an investment. Naturally, this will come down to your present earnings and targeted sales. After you’ve decided on a budget, features take center stage.


PPC tools are mostly used for three purposes by Amazon sellers. Those are to automate, analyze, and improve. A useful tool will undoubtedly assist you in analyzing campaign results by condensing the frequently complex data available in Seller Central. Then, with in-tool bid adjustments, keyword modifications, and campaign management, it ought to assist you in optimizing such efforts.

To enable you to “set and forget” your PPC campaigns, several technologies help you automate the aforementioned adjustments.

With that being said and done, let’s see what we got in here. Here are the top 11 Amazon PPC software tools for you!

11 Best Amazon PPC Software Tools

1. Trellis

Amazon PPC Software Tools - trellis
Amazon PPC Software Tools

For Amazon advertisers seeking accuracy and effectiveness in their PPC efforts, Trellis appears as a top option. To achieve the best RoAS and ACoS results, Trellis uses AI-powered advertising automation, dynamically computing bids, and revealing new keyword opportunities.

Full-funnel targeting on the platform, which catches shoppers through a unique discovery method based on keywords, audiences, and rivals, is a game-changer. This guarantees tailored campaigns with excellent conversion rates.


  • PPC Optimization: Trellis’ Amazon PPC Optimization simplifies campaign administration. Advertisers can set up integrated campaigns with a variety of goals, and the system skillfully re-allocates expenditures between branded and generic keywords for the greatest possible sales impact.
  • DPRS: The Dynamic Promotion and Relegation System (DPRS) is a noteworthy component. By automatically categorizing products based on performance and improving PPC results without manual adjustments, It increases catalog productivity.
  • Set of tools: Trellis provides a complete set of tools for managing and combining AI-driven insights with dynamic catalog management to produce better advertising results.

Price: $299 from the beginning

2. Sellozo

Amazon PPC Software Tools - sellozo
Amazon PPC Software Tools

A platform for automating and improving your Amazon PPC advertising for growth is Sellozo. It asserts to be the only premium Amazon advertising program that charges a flat fee rather than a percentage of ad sales. It makes use of AI to assist Amazon sellers in boosting earnings, lowering ACoS, and automating campaign optimization.

With the support of industry professionals, you can make sure your ads are tuned to work at their peak with Sellozo’s Amazon PPC Ad Automation technology. Sellozo can be of assistance anytime.


  • Lots of capabilities: It has capabilities like automated negative keyword management, campaign and ad launch automation, bid optimization, and more.
  • Betterment of marketing campaign: With the use of visually-driven tools created exclusively for Amazon sellers, you can plan, outline, and improve your next marketing campaign with Sellozo’s Campaign Studio feature.
  • Campaign modeling tools: It provides visual campaign modeling tools, pre-made and customized campaign templates, and search term and keyword research tools based on algorithms and machine learning.

Price: A customized price option is available.

3. Aihello

Amazon PPC Software Tools - aihello
Amazon PPC Software Tools

AiHello is a platform specializing in Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) automation and optimization, offering tools and solutions to enhance advertising campaigns on the e-commerce giant. With a focus on maximizing ROI (Return on Investment) for Amazon sellers, AiHello provides comprehensive support for managing advertising costs and improving sales performance. Moreover, AiHello’s expertise extends to reducing ACoS on Amazon (Advertising Cost of Sales), ensuring efficient ad spend management and higher profitability for sellers.


  • AI-Powered PPC Automation: AiHello utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to automate Amazon PPC campaigns, reducing manual efforts and optimizing ad performance 
  • Data-Driven Insights: The platform offers in-depth analytics and reporting tools, providing sellers with actionable insights to refine their advertising strategies and improve campaign results [3].
  • ACoS Optimization: AiHello specializes in reducing ACoS on Amazon, helping sellers minimize advertising costs while maximizing revenue and profitability

Price: Starting from $37.00 per month, with a pricing model offering both free and subscription options, and a free trial available.

4. Helium 10

Amazon PPC Software Tools - Helium 10
Amazon PPC Software Tools

The all-in-one platform Helium 10 comes with many features to support Amazon sellers. Every stage of the seller journey is covered by their solutions, from locating profitable goods to selling to boosting your conversions. Adtomic, a platform for AI-powered Amazon advertising that aims to enhance ROI and reduce waste, is one of Helium 10’s tools.

Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACoS), among other high-level organic metrics, is included in Adtomic’s PPC data visualization tool. Give it a shot and find out today if helium is the cure you forever need!


  • Customizable optimization: It features sophisticated automation for optimization as well as the freedom to customize performance choices based on precise statistics.
  • Keyboard recommendations: To eliminate the guesswork and tedious labor involved in PPC optimization, Adtomic provides precise keyword bidding recommendations.
  • Templates: Adtomic offers three alternative campaign templates based on your objectives and level of PPC expertise. It certainly makes your job easier!



5. Pacvue Commerce

Amazon PPC Software Tools - pacvue
Amazon PPC Software Tools

The extensive set of tools provided by Pacvue Commerce for managing retail operations demonstrates their deep awareness of the challenges faced by Amazon sellers. This is not to imply that sellers on Walmart and eBay don’t encounter the same difficulties, but by a wide margin, Amazon is the market that brands and sellers are concentrating on.

The fact that Pacvue gets to the heart of what can make succeeding on Amazon so challenging shows that’s what the software developers concentrated on as well.


  • End-to-end retail data integration: it supports brands and sellers of all sizes in expanding their businesses on Amazon and other marketplaces. It integrates end-to-end retail data with actionable recommendations and automation tools.
  • Variety of tools: Rule-based automation is a collection of if/then logic workflows that offer you control to alter bids. As well as targets, and budget at whichever level you need.
  • Optimization and PPC: keyword, product, ad group, or campaign—can help you optimize and manage your campaigns effectively. The Amazon PPC tool has a set of pre-built rule templates.

Price: $500/month

6. Zon.Tools

Amazon PPC Software Tools - zontools
Amazon PPC Software Tools

Here, thanks to Zon, your quest for the managing PPC tool is over. You can launch and automate your PPC campaigns with the help of these tools. The technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically and continually optimize your PPC ads, helping vendors increase sales while also saving time. For their Amazon products, sellers may immediately start effective PPC ads.

This act will drive sales and spread the word about their brands and goods. The tool handles your concerns regarding Amazon PPC campaigns and even controls your ad spending budget.


  • PPC management: For Amazon, Zon. Tools offer enterprise PPC management and automation software. It enables you to manage your campaigns and automates best practices for Amazon-sponsored products.
  • Algorithmic engines: They contain a variety of exclusive algorithmic engines. They are KeyWord Miner, Target Miner, Bid Gambler, Term-Inator, ASIN-Ator, KeyWord Guardian, KeyWord Recycler, and Bid Nailer, among others.
  • Customization: Rules and criteria can be set up at the campaign level. As well as the ad group level, or even more precisely, by creating unique thresholds for each keyword.

Price: $500/month


7. SellerApp

Amazon PPC Software Tools - seller app
Amazon PPC Software Tools

An AI-powered eCommerce intelligence tool is SellerApp. It enables retailers and sellers on Amazon, the largest global marketplace, to reach their full potential. In a straightforward SaaS interface, SellerApp, founded in 2017, uses next-generation optimization and ML models to help businesses drive revenue. To aid in the expansion of your organization, they mix data analytics, automation, and a knowledgeable team. 

They are dedicated to utilizing potent algorithms, marketing tools, resources, and knowledge to provide sellers all over the world with the best-in-class marketing solutions.


  • PPC analyzer: Your Amazon business’s operations, sales, and marketing are all integrated into a single platform by SellerApp, ensuring growth. The PPC Analyzer by SellerApp is a crucial tool
  • PPC optimization: You can streamline and improve your Amazon PPC with the help of SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Optimization Tool. It involves the use of digital technology. It is to increase Amazon’s advertising revenue.
  • Other tools: automation of Amazon advertisements, negative keyword optimization, one-click keyword harvesting, and advanced analytics are all included in this.

Price: custom

8. Teikametrics

Amazon PPC Software Tools - teikametrics
Amazon PPC Software Tools

You may utilize Amazon Flywheel, an AI-powered platform from Teikametrics. You can use it to optimize and expand your eCommerce business on Walmart.com and Amazon.com. It may be extremely useful to create, improve, and evaluate your Amazon advertising. Flywheel will automatically develop ad groups and campaigns that are targeted to the appropriate audiences. 

It’ll activate once you provide it with your business objectives at the product level. Use it today to create product-specific campaigns for product launches, sales expansion, profitability, and other purposes.


  • Keyboard target: To gain new clients and outperform the competition, target customers with keywords. They are about to upgrade to Flywheel 2.0 on their platform. 
  • Keyboard bidding: It uses algorithmic keyword bidding. The self-learning models from Teikametrics use information about your product margins, lifecycle stage, conversion rates, sales, and pricing adjustments.
  • Automation of campaigns: Administrators can automatically create campaigns and optimize bids by analyzing client search behavior.

Price: $250/month

9. PPC Entourage

Amazon PPC Software Tools - PPC entourage
Amazon PPC Software Tools

With the help of software from Entourage, businesses can create successful brands on Amazon by increasing ad income, lowering ACoS, and increasing profit margins. PPC Entourage is one of their instruments. Without the need for complicated spreadsheets, you can use this to quickly optimize and extend your Amazon advertisements. 

To manage the bid price, eliminate search phrases that are a waste of your ad expenditure, and more, you can employ as much (or as little) automation as you’d like.


  • Bulk optimizer: You can use the bulk optimizer of this tool. It is extremely useful and effective to quickly and efficiently optimize each of your campaigns.
  • Find search words: Find underutilized search words that Amazon buyers are now using to buy products similar to yours. The program collects these search terms that lead to sales and converts them into keywords you can use in your ads.
  • Dashboard: You may quickly identify the goods, targets, search phrases, and ASINs that are underperforming. Those that are with your ACoS targets, by using each campaign dashboard.

Price: A free trial and customized price options are available.

10. Perpetua

Amazon PPC Software Tools - Perpetua
Amazon PPC Software Tools

Venture capital firms support the business Perpetua.io, which has locations in San Francisco, Toronto, and Portsmouth. Perpetua.io’s extremely intelligent and trustworthy AI engine enables brands and businesses. As well as any Amazon seller to achieve the highest level of interaction and visibility on Amazon. Perpetua.io is extremely helpful in automating the optimization process.

You can rely on it whether you are from sponsored brand campaigns, sponsored product campaigns, or sponsored display ads. This will free up your time so you can work on other, more crucial tasks.


  • E-commerce optimization and intelligence: To scale expansion on Amazon, Instacart, and other marketplaces effectively, Perpetua provides tools for e-commerce advertising optimization and intelligence.
  • Efficient ad engine: Give Perpetua’s ad engine your strategic goals (growth, profitability, brand defense, awareness), and trust it to carry them out tactically.
  • Smart bidding algorithms: It provides contextual, conversion-based bidding algorithms. As well as customizable, AI-powered smart recommendations. These are created to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget.

Price: starting at $250/month

11. PPC Scope

Amazon PPC Software Tools - PPC scope
Amazon PPC Software Tools

You can optimize Amazon-sponsored advertising with the help of PPC Scope. The solution offers an analytics and optimization platform for Amazon Sponsored Products (PPC) advertising. It aids in raising sales while enhancing ad performance and audience targeting. You can use the PPC SCOPE optimization method to consistently launch profitable advertisements.

You can utilize the default optimization filters in PPC SCOPE to enhance your campaigns. It warns you when advertising or deals aren’t working, so you can take action right away and save money.


  • Easy dashboard: View all of your crucial performance indicators in a single, easy-to-use dashboard and quickly determine which campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are most effective for you.
  • Developed data history: The longer you use PPC SCOPE, the more your data history develops with you, unlike Amazon’s Campaign Manager. Take advantage of your data’s potential and eliminate guesswork from campaign optimization. 
  • PPC optimization tools: There are self-service PPC optimization tools and dashboards for sponsored brand ads. Sponsored product ads are included with your PPC SCOPE subscription.




eCommerce is dominated by Amazon. Indeed, according to the most recent data from Amazon, the company still controls a sizable 37.8 percent of the U.S. eCommerce industry and is likely to rise. Naturally, Amazon doesn’t limit its sales to just itself. It enables third parties to sell on their marketplace. 

You will likely have a lot of competition with these many sellers unless your product is distinctly unique. As a result, Amazon vendors must find a strategy to differentiate themselves from other users of the site. Advertising for the most pertinent keyword terms is a requirement for any serious merchant. As a result, the amount of Amazon PPC management software and solutions accessible to sellers has skyrocketed, giving them an advantage over rivals by placing creative bids. Use the listed tools to boost your job and have smooth sailing anytime!


Is it simple to learn Amazon PPC?

It can take some time to fully optimize your PPC ad expenditure using Amazon PPC. Because it can be rather challenging to understand. You can better learn how to use PPC ads by taking an Amazon PPC course, which will also help you organize your Amazon marketing campaigns.

What about Amazon PPC? Is it good?

The advantage of Amazon PPC ads is that you can advertise your products in a prominent place. They also permit adjustable budgets and a wide range of analytics to assess the overall performance of your ads. Sponsored advertising targets specific items or shopping queries.

Why should I employ an Amazon PPC specialist?

To assist merchants in promoting their goods, an Amazon PPC specialist makes use of Amazon’s advertising options and resources. This can be achieved using several techniques, such as keyword research, bidding, improved ad text, and others. Increasing traffic to your products on the market is the main objective of Amazon PPC professionals.

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