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February 3, 2023

Top 15 App Development Companies in Canada

February 3, 2023
Top App Development Companies in Canada

Do you want to find the best app development companies in Canada? Then search no further, since we have compiled a list of Canada’s most notable mobile app developers. The country is well-known for being the birthplace of well-known firms such as Blackberry. Canadian app development firms have established themselves as viable competitors, and the country is now home to a number of skilled entrepreneurs such as Shopify, 500px, and Venngage. 

Through a strategy of accepting skilled immigrants, Canada has positioned itself as a future mobile app development powerhouse. To capitalize on this opportunity and assist your clients in locating the finest mobile application development company in Canada, we have conducted extensive research and identified the top Canada-based app development service provider organizations.

How to Select the Best Canadian App Developers

Imagine how many app development companies there are in each Canadian province, let alone the country. As a business owner, you must hunt for the best company to give you the top digital solutions in fact we have mentioned top digital marketing agencies in Canada in our previous blog you can check it out you are searching for best company. Such solutions from the best app development companies in Canada will help your company grow vertically.

App development firms in Canada adhere to the most recent and greatest resources for software development methodologies. These companies in Canada produce mobile applications that boost user engagement and retention with data-driven solutions and a forward-thinking approach.

Top 15 App Development Companies in Canada

All the companies featured here are industry leaders in app development, and you can rely on them to create your own app.

1. Traffic Tail

Traffic Tail App Development Company in Canada
App Development

Get top-notch app development services in Canada with Traffic Tail. Specializing in news portal development and digital marketing, we’ve successfully delivered over 1500 projects to satisfied clients. Traffic Tail is your one-stop-shop for app development and digital marketing services in Canada. Our team of experts delivers top-quality solutions with a proven track record of successful projects. Our only goal is to provide a rich client experience and better, innovative solutions by delivering on time and providing post-development support.


Agency Highlights

  • Affordable Solutions
  • Result Oriented
  • 18/7 customer support
  • successfully done 1500 plus projects
  • 360 ̊ Digital Marketing Service

Address: Floor B-15, Lane 2, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, New Delhi, 110030

Contact: +91 – 8770247277

Email: [email protected]

Website: traffictail.com

2. FreshWorks Studio 

FreshWorks Studio App Development Company in Canada

FreshWorks Studio, one of the best app development firms in Canada, has been determined to work with all types of organizations from various industries since its inception. Its commercial operations for many verticals have made the app agency incredibly versatile and knowledgeable about the type of work it does. Solution Architects, Mobile Developers, UX/UI specialists, QA Analysts, Full-Stack developers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners make up the FreshWorks Studio team. This top development company in Canada can be your ideal app partner with excellent communication.

Address: 1815 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC, Canada

3. Nventive 

Nventive App Development Company in Canada

The basis of Nventive’s goal is to assist and guide businesses through their digital transformation. Inventive is a great partner for multinational organizations, offering services ranging from planning to the implementation of value-added digital experiences. To date, the company has developed over 1,000 mobile and online apps, as well as cloud connectivity. This top development company in Canada has developed frameworks and designs for a variety of mobile applications, websites, games, and specific client requirements.

Address: 215 Rue Saint-Jacques Suite 500 Montreal, QC, H2Y 1M6

4. 14 Oranges Software 

14 Oranges Software App Development Company in Canada

14 Oranges Software has an incredible growth story, having completed over 1000 projects and working with hundreds of clients. Productivity thrives in the workplace as this one of Canada’s top development copmany continues to give digital solutions to customers in industries such as retail, cable, mobile employees, telecom, government, and associations. It is smart, inventive, and to the point since it is mobile-first. As an app development agency, it will assist your company in increasing its ROI.

Address: 14 Oranges Software Inc. 525 W 8th Ave #800 Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1C6

5. Plank 

Plank App Development Company in Canada

Plank has almost two decades of experience in the software development industry and has developed remarkable expertise in its field. The best app development company in Canada provides excellent quality app development services that lead to increased revenue and branding. Plank, one of Canada’s top mobile development businesses, has collaborated on a number of cultural and educational projects, making it one of the few app firms to do so. It is also useful in graphic design, user experience/user interface design, responsive web design, custom CMS development, & CMS creation.

Address:372 Ste-Catherine West, Suite 101 Montreal, QC H3B 1A2.

6. Guarana

Guarana App Development Company in Canada

Guaraná Technologies is one of Canada’s few app developers who are as fluid, efficient, and precise as they are. This top app development company in Canada averages more than 40 apps per year and has exceptional developers for cutting-edge technologies such as React Native, IoT, Beacons, Apple Pay, wearables, and smart devices. All of its solutions and products have assisted the app development company in reaching 35 million consumers.

Address: 250 University Ave, Suite 200 Toronto, ON, M5H 3E5, Canada

7. A.Y. Technologies 

A.Y. Technologies App Development Company in Canada

A. Y. Technologies provides a one-of-a-kind set of services that provide the highest standards for design and development solutions. It leads clients through Roadmap Workshops for entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises in order to clarify the process and reduce risk. The app agency also offers UI/UX design services, web development, mobile game development, and disruptive technologies.

Address: 510 W Hastings St., Unit 803, Vancouver

8. Macadamian 

Macadamian App Development Company in Canada

With nearly two and a half decades in the software development industry, Macadamian has made significant contributions to digitally transforming the Health Tech and telecom sectors. From major corporations to ambitious startups, everyone prefers to work with a Canadian app development business because of its experience and skill in Cloud Computing, Big Data, and IoT. Macadamian believes in collaborative efforts that strive to deliver user-friendly answers to complex questions.

Address: 179 Promenade du Portage 4th Floor Gatineau, Canada, J8X 2K5

9. Pyramidion

Pyramidion App Development Company in Canada

This top app development business in Canada is a reliable choice for world-class digital solutions. The app development service company in Canada offers expertise in Blockchain, Customer Software Solutions, and other areas. This one of the finest app developers in Canada adheres to values like as clear communication, dedicated teams, regular updates, and more to ensure that clients receive the best result possible.

Address: 600 Matheson Blvd W Unit 5, Mississauga, ON L5R 4C1

10. Oracast 

Oracast App Development Company in Canada

Oracast has a track record of success in the industry of mobile app development in Canada. Many firms from many industries have found the organization to be a successful digital partner. Its approach is supported by extensive research, the Agile development process, and goal-oriented delivery. Oracast has a team of the most talented iOS and Android developers in Canada who can create innovative Native and Hybrid apps using frameworks such as Cordova, Ionic, React Native, and others.

Address: Suite 202, 2041 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, V1Y 6G7

11. Sidekick Interactive 

Sidekick Interactive App Development Company in Canada

 Sidekick has a diverse portfolio, having taken on challenging projects in industries such as MedTech, Tourism, Smart City, 3D Scanner, Management, and Construction. The app development business carefully considers your concept and maintains it in mind till the application is completed. It has a distinct custom development procedure. It invites you to a co-creation session where you will interact with specialists who will provide you with incredible ideas and tactics based on their knowledge.

Address: 460 Saint-Catherine St W #424, Montreal, Quebec H3B 1A7, Canada

12. Tech To U 

Tech To U App Development Company in Canada

Tech To U is a renowned IT firm based in Calgary, Alberta that has been dedicated to the success of their clients for over 24 years. Their services include network design and setup, IT support, custom software development, cloud services, and much more. They take special delight in delivering good service on schedule and within budget. They excel at providing exceptional IT services to small to medium-sized enterprises in Calgary.

Address: 5160 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2E 6V1

13. Synergo Group

Synergo Group App Development Company in Canada

Web and Mobile Applications, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, Data Science, the Internet of Things, DevOps, Software Integration and Administration, APIs, Data Modeling, and Migration are all areas where the Synergo Group excels. Synergy Group offers expertise for your software products at every stage: concept, design, development, deployment, and maintenance.

Address: The Exchange Tower, PO Box 427, 130 King Street West, Suite 1800, Toronto, Ontario M5X 1E3, Canada

14. Net Solutions

 Net Solutions App Development Company in Canada

Net Solutions is an international digital product development firm with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Net Solutions is a full-service agency that can take projects from concept to completion, including low and high-fidelity mock-ups, clickable prototypes, MVPs, and continuous tweaks and optimizations. They have teams dedicated to app development, business analysis, design, user interface, and user experience (UI/UX), engineering and development, quality assurance, testing, and data science. Net Solutions has earned numerous honors for its competence in customer experience, mobility, product development, and e-commerce.

Address: 111 Queen Street East South Building Suite 450 Toronto, ON M5C 1S2 Canada

15. Demac Media 

Demac Media App Development Company in Canada

Deman Media is a Canadian company with a dynamic team of strategists, designers, and developers who work hard to provide best-in-class outcomes for your eCommerce business. Their efforts are aimed at recruiting more customers, monetizing them, and achieving the highest possible conversions. They believe that Magento is the most powerful eCommerce technology for turning your website concept into a profitable enterprise. Platform development, system integration, site hosting, UX optimization, interface design, AWS management, and development are among their top offerings.

Address: 351 King St E 6th Floor Toronto, ON M5A 2W4 Canada


We took an in-depth look at the top app development businesses in this post. Choosing a specific company may differ from one user to the next depending on their needs, demands, and budget. Taking into account all the criteria, one can easily select the desired company from the above list. If you want information about digital marketing agencies in Canada apart from app development companies, then you can read our previous blog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the app development process?

The following steps are commonly included in the app development process:

  • Concept and idea generation
  • Prototyping and wireframing
  • User interface (UI) design and development
  • Database integration and backend development
  • Quality control and testing (QA)
  • App store deployment and submission
  • Maintenance and updates

What is the cost of developing an app?

The cost of app development varies substantially based on the app’s complexity, the platforms for which it will be produced, and the location of the development team. A simple app can cost between $10,000 to $50,000, and more complex software can cost $100,000 or more.

How much time does it take to create an app?

The length of time it takes to develop an app can vary substantially based on the app’s complexity and the size of the development team. A simple app can take weeks to months to develop, whereas a more complex app can take months to over a year.

What platforms should I create my app for?

IOS and Android are the most popular platforms for app development. However, the platform(s) of choice is determined by the target audience and the app’s specific requirements.

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