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March 30, 2024

Best App Store Optimization Tools

March 30, 2024
App Store Optimization Tools

Do you know roughly 3000 apps are added to the Google Play Store every day and about 1,000 apps are added to the Apple App Store? So it is extremely crucial to make your app’s lists at their best if you want them to stand out in this constantly evolving market. By the way, how can you stand out in a sea of more than six million apps?

The price of perfecting your mobile apps for stores to enhance their placement in quest results is known as app store optimization (ASO). Developers and requests may enhance the downloads and visibility of their products with ASO.

Are you ready to automate your ASP process?  So let’s get started!

What are app store optimization tools?

App store optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing your app’s conversion rates to encourage more downloads while enhancing its attractiveness and visibility in the app stores. The App Store for iOS apps and Google Play Store for Android apps are the two most extensively used app shops.

ASO emphasizes click-through rate (CTR) in addition to good rankings in app store search results. You must convert users to click on your app store lists after they detect it to optimize for high CTR. An optimized CTR  frequently comprises your app’s name, title, icon, screenshots, and rantings.

Why do you need tools for app store optimization assistance?

It can be tempting to want to manage all the ASO efforts for your app on your own. However, there are good reasons why you need assistance from app store optimization tools.

Improves Visibility

If people can’t locate your app, they won’t be able to download and use it. No matter how wonderful your software is, you won’t be able to increase the number of installs if it’s difficult to find.

Gaining constant access

Finishing your app is not enough; it must also be found by users who are looking for apps similar to yours. As it matches your software to pertinent terms, app store optimization helps you to reach the correct and most suitable users. People will use these steady terms to find your app.

Systematically increase organic app installation

Your organic installs will increase with sound ASO campaigns, and long-term success is guaranteed. Your app will appear in search results when consumers type in keywords associated with your application. Regularly improving your ASO will guarantee that you maintain good ranks.

With effective ASO campaigns conducted by an experienced ASO agency, you can expect a significant increase in organic installs, ensuring long-term success. Your app will prominently appear in search results when consumers search for keywords related to your application. Consistently optimizing your ASO will ensure that you maintain favorable rankings over time.

Reduce user acquisition costs to achieve ongoing growth

You can reduce your user acquisition costs by concentrating on organic growth with ASO rather than investing money in advertising. This ensures consistent growth while also saving you money. Therefore people often confuse SEO and ASO which are different things so let’s look at the matter of their differences.

Differences between ASO and SEO

ASO stands for App Store Optimization whereas SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. They are two unique digital marketing techniques that target various platforms and are focused on increasing exposure and customer attraction. SEO is mainly used for websites whereas ASO is abundantly used for applications.They provide different functions to the users. Here’s a detailed comparison of the two : 

  • Whereas the goal of ASO is to make the mobile app more visible and easier to find in app stores like the Apple App Store and Google App Store. SEO on the other hand makes a website more visible in search engine results pages (SERPs) on engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  •  Moreover, the words that users might look for when selling for apps are referred to as keywords in ASO. In order to increase search visibility within the app store, these keywords need to be put carefully. On the other hand keywords in SEO are the terms people type into search engines. Websites optimise their content to appear better in search results for keywords.

  • App title, app description, app icon, screenshots, app category, keywords ,ratings reviews and localization (translation into different languages) are very important components of ASO. On the second hand website content, meta descriptions, keywords, backlines, site speed, mobile friendliness, user experience and technical optimization are very crucial factors of SEO.

Therefore let’s get started with the best app store optimization tools.

10 best App Store optimization tools

1. AppTweak

App Store Optimization Tools

With your cutting-edge solutions, they assist apps and games in enhancing their app store visibility and body downloads. AppTweak is the go-to App store acquisition partner for mobile leaders around the world. For more than ten years, businesses like Uber, Adobe, and Zynga have relied on their distinctive measurements, practical insights, and experience to make wise choices and find lasting success in the cutthroat mobile market.


  • They configure and precisely measure a suitable engagement metric like average session length.

  • They give you the chance to measure the bounce rate of your app very profusely. 

$69 per month

2. Splitmetrics

App Store Optimization Tools

When it comes to ASO and other facets of all intelligence it is renowned for customer satisfaction and simple solutions. As a platform, Spiltmetrics assists users in improving their apps at every stage of development. It divides your journey into segments and aus in your mastery of each one.


  • They provide you with the features of an intelligent app and A/B testing

  • They completely isolated the testing solutions

  • They also give you the feature of comparing your application with your rivals

  • They always test apps before launching

$13,600 per year

3. AppFollow

App Store Optimization Tools

An extremely well-linked ASO and app reputation management tool is AppFollow. It offers a 360-degree solution for managing your app’s listings, reputation, exposure, and success and has the most features on offer. Leaders in the business, including Discord, Hubspot, HBO, Disney, Vevo, Lyft, and others.


  • They provide you with complete and specialized ASO information and reports

  • It offers the feature of complete keyword research 

  • Keep an eye on the agent’s performance

  • Their semantic tags are highly driven by AI

$69 per month

4. AsoTools

App Store Optimization Tools

The simplicity of AsoTools is reflected in its name. It specializes in ASO and similar techniques that enable you to cut through the noise and concentrate just on improving your listings. Tools for evaluating app performance access categories, locales, and other variables are available, as well as for keyword research.


  • The tool is essentially cost-free

  • They provide you an accessible Chat GPT extension

  • Moreover, detailed app data analytics are also available

  • They also possess the keyword intelligence

$9 per month

5. Autodesk

App Store Optimization Tools

For all of your demands relating to the app store is a complete solution. Many well-known companies like Yandex, Mamba, Verv, and Kaspersky among others, trust it. It is a comprehensive solution for companies searching for ways to increase app presence and goes beyond merely ASO.


  • The tool delivers a business individual algorithm-based reports that aid in the decision-making process for their app

  • They provide you with a real-time observation based on your app performance

  • They operate through intelligence and analytical keywords

  • They also give the opportunity to the performance of your rivals

$47 per month

6. AppRadar

App Store Optimization Tools

It is an analytical tool that analyses your ASO performance and provides you with personalized recommendations for how to work with it. It was developed by ASO experts and works for users of all skill levels, including beginners and enthusiasts, and has many optimized apps in its backend. The platform’s algorithm offers incredibly precise information on keyword impressions and search volume, live search results, ranking history, competitor analysis for the App Store and Google Store, and more.


  • The  tool provides you with detailed app data analytics are also available

  • The apps have expertise in providing you with revenue management which refers to the professional management of your revenue that ensures the growth of your company

  • They configure and precisely measure a suitable engagement metric like average session length.

  • They always test apps before launching

$24 per month

7. Storemaven

App Store Optimization Tools

Storemaven created App Store A/B testing in 2014. Today, over 60% of the biggest app publishers including Google, Zynga, and Uber rely on their technology and knowledge to test their marketing materials for the app stores and analyze user behavior. The methodology is supported by an appropriate ratio of human and technological input.


  • Their technology users unique machine learning algorithms and predictive t testing to inform you exactly which designs are optimal for your app store page 

  • Their top-notch professional services, backed by unrivaled data and experience, direct you in testing the most effective marketing materials and creating a solid, effective brand.

  • Their long-term approach to app store optimization results in ongoing success

  • They also give the opportunity to the performance of your rivals

$83 per month

8. Sensor tower

App Store Optimization Tools

Consumer lifecycle information (CLI) is a brand new type of market information created by market research firm Sensortower which will help your business stay on top of important strategies and trends. Through mobile applications, social media, websites, digital payments, and more. Their CLI platform demonstrates to the brand how customers engage with businesses in the global digital economy. This includes app usage, sales, advertising impressions, and more.


  • Sensortower ‘s ethically generated insights add outside viewpoints to company data

  • They will help you shape your strategies and data efficiently 

  • The app-efficient algorithm also measures the bounce rate very profusely

  • App testing is done before every launching

$83 per month

9. Adjust

App Store Optimization Tools

With tools for campaign measurement and optimization as well as data security. Adjust is the mobile marketing analytics platform relied upon by growth-driven marketers all over the world. With intelligence and automation already built in. Adjust powers thousands of apps and is supported by helpful global customer service.


  • It is a top platform for marketing software offering options to developers that are strong and integrated

  • They operate through intelligence and analytical keywords

  • They also give the opportunity to the performance of your rivals

  • It increases the visibility of the app

Needs to be inquired

10. Data.ai

App Store Optimization Tools

The consonant which was founded in 2010, unveiled the first mobile market insights solution. The first startup in its field to give a side-by-side view of market insights b and enterprise data to support mission-critical Business choices was data.ai which introduced Ascend, an advertising tool in 2020. The most comprehensive mobile performance platform in the business is made up of these products.


  • They improve the ratings of your app

  •  The people keep coming back and speed up your app download and revenue strategy

  • They will optimize your acquisition campaigns and launch strategy through analytics

  • Compare your mobile performance to that of rivals

$79 per month


Even with the best ASO technologies, you can’t be expected to fill every position on your team, whether you’re a marketing expert or an app developer. Working with an app store optimization service allows you to remove ASO from your routine and hand it over to the hands of professionals. You can direct your attention elsewhere for your betterment other than concentrating on the ASO. this includes fixing bugs updating your app and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Use any of the best tools for app store optimization and bring success to your door instantly.


  • What are app store optimization tools?

    App store optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing your apps' conversion rates to encourage more downloads while Shai enhances its user attractiveness and visibility in the app stores.

  • Is it worth it to invest in an app store optimization tool?

    It's worth it to do so as it adds to your profits largely by enhancing your visibility online, analytics, and many more.

  • Which is the best app store optimization tool?

    AppTweak, Spiltmetrics, and Data.ai are the various best app store optimization tools available and there are many more.

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