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February 29, 2024

10 Best Barcode Generator Software

February 29, 2024
Best Barcode Generator Software

In today’s world, where business is fast-changing, efficiency is important.

But nothing can beat the power of barcode technology regarding inventory management and speeding up checkout processes.

However, with many barcode generator software solutions available, selecting the best one might resemble finding the perfect one is a significant decision.

Fear not! We are here to make things simpler for you. Let’s explore the best barcode generator software together that will change your business.

What is Barcode Software?

Barcode software is a tool that allows the creation of the little black-and-white lines you see on items on many e-commerce sites or offline.

It will enable you to generate, modify, and print product barcodes.

You can enter information such as product names, prices, or inventory numbers, and the software turns it into readable code.

Barcode scanning is a straightforward procedure involving using a particular device called a barcode scanner.

The scanner proceeds to read the pattern formed by the dark and light spots.

Each code word stands for a specific number or letter, just like a secret code would.

The scanner quickly decodes the code and locates the embedded information in the barcode, such as the product name, price, or inventory number.

It helps business owners have real-time data about stocks, sales management, and payment processes.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Barcode Software


Ensure your software will work properly with your operating system and hardware devices like barcode scanners and printers.


Look for important features like barcode generation, customization options, database integration, and reporting capabilities.

Select software that has been designed to cover your needs precisely.

Ease of use

Choose human-oriented software with an easy-to-use interface and user-friendly navigation.

It will bring order to the barcode creation and control process.


Choose barcode software from renowned manufacturers and reliable vendors that have proven trustworthy and customer-friendly.

Make sure to read reviews and testimonials to get the users’ feedback.

Support and Updates

Verify whether the software vendor offers timely support and frequent updates for compatibility with emerging technologies and security upgrades.


Calculate the price of the software, which consists of licensing fees, subscriptions, and any other hardware or support service costs.

Select a solution that will be the best deal for your budget.

10 Best Barcode Generator Software

1. Codesoft

Best Barcode Generator Software- CodeSoft
Best Barcode Generator Software

Codesoft is a leading software solution for barcode labeling developed by Teklynx.

It stands out with its powerful and feature-rich capabilities.

It provides an interface with a rich feature set that is suitable for different-sized businesses.

Codesoft plays host to a wide range of barcode symbologies, among them 1D and 2D barcodes.

They will cater to a variety of industrial standards.

They can build up their labels by their own needs, making use of text, graphics, and variable data fields.

Furthermore, Codesoft will provide a more printing feature that allows users to create labels very often.

It will enable users to print their individual labels or batch prints.

Thus, they guarantee quality output, which leads to efficiency and reduces errors in processes.

Top Features
  • Advance printer support
  • Compatibility with external databases.
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Adding multiple databases to one template
  • Password protection

starts at $433.00/year

2. Labeljoy Barcode Label Printing Software

Best Barcode Generator Software- Labeljoy Barcode Label Printing Software
Best Barcode Generator Software

Labeljoy is a flexible barcode label printing software solution with the capacity to adapt to the unique requirements of a broad range of businesses in different industries.

Its user-friendly interface is coupled with an expansive collection of features.

It will make us a favorite for both small businesses and big companies.

Labeljoy is capable of creating barcode serialization through the auto-generation of sequential barcodes. 

Moreover, Labeljoy is adjusted to a multi-language and multi-user feature.

It will also make it a great choice for businesses working in a multilingual or team-based environment.

Whether one is printing barcodes, packing, or managing stock, Labeljoy ensures the necessary tools are provided for a smooth-running business.

Top Features
  • Generate over 25 types of linear and 2D barcodes (QR, Data Matrix, etc.).
  • Automatic checksum calculation for barcode accuracy.
  • Dynamic barcode population with data from linked databases.
  • Serialize barcodes with sequential or custom numbering.
  • Import barcodes from external data sources (Excel, CSV, etc.).
  • Over 8,000 pre-designed label templates for various uses.
  • Support for various label shapes and sizes (customizable).
  • Design tools for text, images, shapes, and barcodes.
Basic FullServer
$199 (USD)$329 (USD$1599 (USD)

3. iBarcoder Barcode Generator for Mac

Best Barcode Generator Software- iBarcoder Barcode Generator for Mac
Best Barcode Generator Software

iBarcoder is barcode-generating software that has been designed for use on the Mac system with a smooth and easy-to-use experience on the macOS platform.

A remarkable feature of iBarcoder is that it supports many barcode symbologies, such as UPC, EAN, and QR codes, to meet different barcode labeling requirements. 

The software has an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop capability that makes it possible for users to design and generate barcode labels for their items even without training or technical expertise.

Furthermore, the program integrates the facilities of batch processing, so it is still possible for the developer to create barcode labels on a large scale.

Top Features
  • Over 40 types of linear and 2D barcodes are supported (QR, Data Matrix, UPC, ISBN, EAN, etc.).
  • Supports barcode creation from different data sources:
  • Customize barcode properties like font, color, and size.
  • Easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Export barcodes as high-resolution image files (JPG, PNG, TIFF, EPS, PDF).

Starts at $49.99

4. Online Barcode Generator by Tec-IT

Best Barcode Generator Software- Online Barcode Generator by Tec-IT
Best Barcode Generator Software

Tec-IT’s Online Barcode Generator tool provides a simple and quick way of getting barcodes of excellent quality without having to download and install software.

The barcode library includes support for most barcode symbologies like this, allowing users to put in data, configure the settings, and generate barcode images in a fast manner.

This online tool is provided with options for resizing, rotation, and even margin adjustments, which makes the barcode design highly adaptive.

Whether we are talking about product labeling, asset tracking, or document management, Tec-IT’s online barcode generator provides its users with a painless barcode creation experience.

Top Features
  • Supports 20+ codes including UPCs, Postal codes, 2D codes, and more
  • Online barcode generator
  • Banking code generator
  • Mobile tagging codes
  • Export to GIF, JPG, PNG, and SVG formats


5. Label Flow

Best Barcode Generator Software- Label Flow
Best Barcode Generator Software

Label Flow is a barcode that gives excellent value to manufacturing companies.

The software is capable of creating user-defined and predefined barcodes that also conform to the standards of the industry.

This barcode software differs from the others on the market in the sense that it can generate RFID codes as well.

Label Flow is the choice for large-scale manufacturing enterprises.

The barcode software can produce many of the codes in the thousands.

The codes can be linked to GS1 barcode database software, allowing users to design the barcode conveniently.

Top Features
  • 2500+ pre-defined label formats
  • Custom barcode label design
  • 1D and 2D codes
  • Integrate with spreadsheet, database, ERP, and warehouse management software

$ 399.99

Available on Request

6. Aeromium Barcode Maker

Best Barcode Generator Software- Aeromium Barcode Maker
Best Barcode Generator Software

Aeromium Barcode Maker is one of the more advanced budget barcode software with many functionalities.

The software package on the barcode system is user-friendly.

It provides high-resolution graphics and supports what the industry specifications are for bar codes.

The application supports different types of barcodes, e.g., EAN, Code 39 and 128, and Modified Plessy Barcode.

The Aeromium barcode maker online generator has a very intuitive interface and helps you create barcodes of any kind very easily and professionally.

It is also able to make labels for your needs, which will streamline the supply chain with third- parties.

Top Features
  • UPC support
  • Export to bitmap, PNG, and metafile
  • 24+ types of barcodes supported
Single user licenseCompany license

7. Barillo Barcode

Best Barcode Generator Software- Barillo Barcode
Best Barcode Generator Software

Barillo Barcode Generator is a comprehensive software that was designed to ease the manual task of creating a single barcode or various types of barcodes.

Users can create barcodes for retail products, inventory management, and others with simple, user-friendly interfaces and customized options.

The software supports the most widely used barcode formats, like UPC, EAN, and Code 128, guaranteeing their compatibility with industry standards.

No matter if it is for a smaller business or a larger company, our barcode generator software proves to be the most efficient and precise automation tool.

Top Features
  • Barcode Generation
  • Barcode scanning
  • Custom Labels
  • Label Templates


8. HandiFox

Best Barcode Generator Software- HandiFox
Best Barcode Generator Software

HandiFox is an excellent piece of software, among which is a barcode generator intended for warehouse management and sales order processing.

The application enables you to track and audit the inventory using a mobile device on the desktop.

It controls all processes regarding data, including those from the data warehouse to the office app for accounting.

HandiFox is a great tool for inventory control and sales thanks to its functionality in barcode making.

Even though this software is costly, it is a valid investment to make as the application features both advanced-level inventory control and sales functions.

Top Features
  • Barcoding
  • Inventory counting
  • Sales and customer order
  • Multi-location tracking

9. EasyLabel

Best Barcode Generator Software- EasyLabel
Best Barcode Generator Software

EasyLabel is an enterprise-level program for printing barcodes.

The software is supplied for free with a Thrao brand printer.

The software can generate EAN or UCC codes freely. You are also able to make codes that include application identifiers.

The app enables you to create custom contact addresses in a manner of your choice.

It works well when the barcodes are being printed on the detachable labels.

EasyBarcode Maker is the elite and professional software for barcode and RDID label making.

It provides a printing interface for IP and terminal network barcodes.

The software applies to medium-sized organizations and large companies that need complex barcode labeling.

Top Features
  • RFID and barcode label
  • Print logging and reporting
  • XML generate
  • IP label printing

Paid version: $245 to $2995

10. Barcode-Generator

Best Barcode Generator Software- Barcode-Generator
Best Barcode Generator Software

BarCode-Generator is an open-source and free barcode maker, which is incredibly convenient for online stores.

The online barcode software automatically generates QR codes for app stores, vCards, PDFs, and more in image formats such as JPG, EPS, and SVG.

Barcode Generator is a free and multiple-purpose tool that can help users generate codes for different situations.

Whether you are an airline company, a postal office, or a retail firm, this software will meet your demands for barcode generation.

Top Features
  1. Supports QR, UPC, IATA, Postnet, Pharma, and others
  2. JPG, EPS, and SVG output
  3. vCard code


Ending Note

To conclude, you can change the game with the right barcode generator software for your business.

Investing in the right tool is vital because it can simplify inventory management, increase accuracy in operations, and speed checkout processes.

Installing a good-quality barcode generator will increase efficiency, whether you are a small retailer or a big corporation.

It is also productive and moves your business forward in a competitive market.

Moreover, select the best barcode generator software for your business!


1. What is barcode creation software?

Barcode generation software is a program that allows you to create, edit, and print various barcode types.

These barcodes are used for product labeling, inventory monitoring, asset management, and other applications.

2. What qualities of software for creating barcodes need to I look for?

Important considerations include barcode symbology support (e.g., UPC, QR code, Code 128); customization options (e.g., size, color, and text); database integration for batch processing; label printer compatibility; and ease of use.

3. In what way can I choose the barcoding software that best suits my requirements?

Consider factors like the kind and volume of barcodes you require specifically, your budget, the ease of integration with any existing systems you may have, and the user-friendliness of the user interface.

The quality of the customer support offered, and any additional features you may want, such as batch processing and database connectivity.

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