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March 2, 2024

9 Best CRM Tools You Should Not Miss

March 2, 2024
best CRM tools

Best CRM Tools- You Should Check Out

CRM tools

CRM is an abbreviation that stands for Customer Relation Management. It is defined as an organized approach for managing, developing, and maintaining a profitable relationship with customers. 

This is a system of calculating, tracking, and examining interactions with customers and clients. People think it is worth spending on CRM tools. Yes, it is a great idea to spend on CRM tools. It helps in assuring simplicity, security, and scaling of customer interactions.

CRM tools are chosen based on customer requirements. It fulfills several purposes like contact management, sales forecasting, lead management, email tracking, and integration with Outlook and Gmail, file and content sharing, and dashboard analytics. 

Different types of CRM tools include Operational CRM, Analytical CRM, and Collaborative CRM.  

Many CRM tools even allow a free trial to check the effectiveness. It is not easy to make a decision right after reading two sentences. 

Let’s talk about the benefits of using CRM tools and how it uplifts the efficiency of an organization.

Benefits of using CRM

Customer relation management tools help you in managing your interactions and communication with your clients and customers. This is why you should go for CRM tools to manage and maintain your relationship with your clients.

  • It improves your relationship with clients or customers. 
  • It reduces costs and manual efforts.
  • Your efficiency gets improved by using the right CRM tool for your business. 
  • It also affects customer satisfaction. 
  • It also improves cross-functionality and increases team collaboration. 

These are the benefits associated with using CRM tools. But do you know what you are missing by not using CRM tools? 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools

What are you missing by not using the CRM Tool? 

  • Management becomes hectic

It becomes difficult to manage customer details manually in excel sheets. It affects the overall management. 

  • Business lose track

By not being able to manage customer details efficiently, a business easily lose the track of deals. Small businesses face this problem a lot. 

  • Chaos in the company affects productivity

Not being able to choose the right CRM tool causes fights between multiple tools. This mismanagement leads to the chaos which in turn is going to affect productivity.

  • Impacts customer satisfaction

It increases manual efforts and leads to lesser accessibility of data. It also leads to lesser customer satisfaction. 

Let’s check the list of the best CRM tools that can be used to track, maintain and manage your relations with clients. We have provided detailed information on these tools. You can choose the tool that suits you the best with your requirements.

Best CRM tools 


The best CRM software is Monday.com. It allows you to manage the customer data, interactions, and processes. This tool keeps your data protected. This improves your efficiency and allows you to capture the leads through an integrated contact form. 


This is a private tool that allows free trials for their clients. You will be surprised to know that the client rating of monday.com is 9.5/ 10. Monday.com also allows you to import leads from various tools. This tool doesn’t cost too high. This is a must-buy CRM tool.

Monday.com is managed by people and for people. There are several qualities that make momday.com better than others. This tool is easy to set up and use and the team provides 24*7 support. The free trial is available for 14 days and costs around $8 per month. 


  • Session management
  • Advanced Account Permissions
  • It allows automating 100000 actions per month
  • Provides audit log 
  • Allows you to automate repetitive tasks
  • Provide a clear overview of sales, processes, performance


Pipedrive.com is the second best CRM tool to track, manage and maintain your interactions and communication. Like monday.com, its client rating is 9.5/ 10. It provides minimum input and maximum output. 


This tool is fondly used by salespeople. It helps you in managing, organizing, and tracking sales which in turn increases your productivity. You can manage your flaws using Pipedrive. It is commercial and costs $5 per month. It also provides a free trial version for its clients. 


  • Good sales pipeline and email integration
  • Provides settings of goals, contact history, API and mobile App.
  • Supports multi-environment with 24*7 support
  • Has god reporting, maps integration, email tracking, data import and export. 


Oracle is a well-known and trusted CRM tool. It gives you a complete, integrated, and extensible application suite for an amazing customer experience. Unlike Pipedrive, it provides reliable solutions for marketing, commerce, social platforms, services, CPQ, and sales. 

CRM Tools 4

It has received 8.2/ 10 client ratings and is commercial in nature. It has many deployment models and provides a free trial version. It helps you in creating healthy and good relationships with the customers. 


  • Starting: US$75
  • Standard Version: US$90
  • Enterprise Version: US$125


  • Good price and partner relationship management
  • Provides integration with Siebel CRM and CRM gadgets.
  • Open to supporting business intelligence applications
  • Social interactions with good integration of client data.


Nimble is another well-known CRM tool. It was developed for professionals to maintain a better client relationship. It allows you to monitor, track and maintain better relationships with customers. It provides a quick approach for monitoring, engaging, and increasing business relationships. 


It has been awarded as a NO.1 CRM tool by FitSmallBusiness in 2017. It helps to combine communications and customers into a single platform. It is a commercial as well as a private tool that runs on operating systems like iPhone, Mac, Web-based, and others. 


  • Nimble Contact: US $9
  • Annual Revenue: Approx $100 to $500 USD per year


  • Tasks can be assigned to anyone with improved sales pipeline tracking and reporting
  • You can check signals, set reminders and extend nimble with more tools. 
  • Provides good customer contact management for a multi-environment
  • And also provide social listening and engagement.
  • Allows social media searching
  • API, custom fields, Email signature capture, Smart App, group messages and many more. 


SAP CRM is a well-known CRM tool known for improving your efficiency and performance in client relationship management. It provides you with amazing customer interaction which in turn offers better business growth. It is a commercial as well as private CRM tool released in 2008. 


SAP CRM can be used either in the cloud or on-premise depending on the customer requirement. It helps in increasing customer engagement, sales, and marketing. It is a one-stop solution for all customer-facing activities. 


  • No pricing details are available. The customer needs to consult the company for pricing details. 


  • Supports tracking of time, pipeline and marketing Emails. 
  • Can give sales report and helps you in managing marketing tasks
  • Supports automating Salesforce with lead management.
  • Helps to recover contact history, contact and document management. 


Sugar CRM is a leading CRM tool. It is one of the best rising customer management tools that can be used by all kinds of businesses. Its features make it the optimum choice for medium-scale industries. 


It is an amazing CRM tool that has multiple communication options. The best part is you can enjoy these benefits at affordable prices.

The best part about CRM is it allows its customers to choose the deployment method. It is a commercial as well as a private CRM tool. 

They have renowned names in the list of clients: Coca-cola, Reebok, the List, Zenoss, VMware, Linder, Loomis, LUEG, Marathon. 


  • The trial version is free. 
  • The professional version costs the US $40. 


  • It provides good sales, support automation and lead marketing. 
  • It has cloud-based deployment and has impressive support and customization services
  • Sugar CRM API and reporting is impressive. 
  • Offers reference integration with SQL, MySQL and Oracle support. 
  • Offers centralized storage with expanded workflows and role-based views.  


Salesforce CRM has emerged as one of the best cloud-based CRM tools that provide creative CRM solutions. It can be used by both small and big businesses. 

Salesforce CRM is an easy-to-use and scalable tool. It is a customizable platform for growth and upgrades. It supports mobile and integration. 

salesforce services

It helps the user to understand their customer requirements, solves their issues faster, and provides a clean and quick deployment. The user can easily track, monitor, sell, serve and market anything. It is a public CRM tool. 

They have a list of big clients: Spotify, Amazon, US Bank, Toyota, Accenture, Adidas, American Express, AT&T. 


  • The lightning essentials cost the US $25 and keep increasing as per the requirements. 
  • It is free of cost.


  • It provides chatter, analytics and real-time visualization. 
  • Supports email integration.
  • And helps to run applications. 
  • Provides communities and markets for sales and leads. 
  • Helps in forecasting and provides online support.

Engage Bay

Engage Bay’s CRM & Sales Bay helps you track deals in your sales pipeline. It also helps in building better relationships with your customers. It is a private CRM tool. 

CRM Tools 9

This tool is specifically used for sales. It helps in eradicating miscommunication and confusion. The CRM and Sales bay is great in aiding sales growth and improving customer relations. It is not an old CRM tool and was invented in 2017. 

The list of features is quite long. 


Annual revenue: $0.5 Million+ (approx)


  • Contact Management
  • Sales reporting
  • Team Management
  • Email Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Task Management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Visual deal Pipeline
  • Automated data entry

Other Features

  • Allows you in making and receiving calls from within CRM.
  • You can easily synchronize with the marketing and Support departments.
  • The tool helps you in managing and tracking deals.


Keap is a software that provides CRM, sales, and marketing automation tools. It can be easily used by small and big businesses. The tool is available in different editions for solopreneurs, growing businesses, new businesses, and established businesses. 


There is an advantage for established businesses. They can optimize the sales pipeline and grow online revenue. The tool aids in securing payment platforms, e-commerce, and advanced automation. 

It is a private tool that has an annual revenue of $100 Million. 


This tool offers a free trial for 14 days. 

Pricing plans:

Lite: $40 per month

Pro: $80 per month

Max: $100 per month


  • Lead Scoring
  • Landing pages
  • Sales Pipeline
  • A/B email testing
  • You can create a personalized marketing process.
  • You can send emails, make calls using Keap
  • CRM, sales and marketing automation, email marketing, payments etc. 
  • Contact segmentation
  • Offers functionalities for creating the custom forms and allows inserting them to website or landing pages. 


We have curated the list of the best CRM tools after researching. Most of these tools support both android and iOS. Different CRM tools vary slightly based on functioning and the type of service they support. Most organizations are already using CRM tools and if you are not using these tools you are missing a chance to improve your productivity and performance. 

CRM Tools 11

We have also provided the best tools based on the type of business you are running.

For small-scale industries: HUBSPOT, Nimble, CRM creation are the most affordable CRM tools in the market. 

For Medium Scale Industries: monday.com, Hubspot, Nimble, SugarCRM, ZOHO can work well for medium scale industries. 

For large-scale industries: monday.com, SAP, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Oracle CRM can work well for large-scale industries. 

Which CRM tools do you think are going to work well for your industry? Drop the name in the comment section.

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