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December 6, 2021

10 Best Instagram tools that can help you make the best use of Instagram!

December 6, 2021
10 best instagram tools

Best Instagram tools

best Instagram tools for massive growth

Me: Closes Instagram

After 5 seconds

Me: Opens Instagram

I think most of you can relate to this meme. Instagram has become an important part of our lives. The platform is used by 1 billion people every month. Some use it for entertainment while others use the app to promote or run their business.

I am not saying that every niche must market their business on Instagram but there are a few businesses that must involve in Instagram marketing. For example, makeup artists, jewelry businesses or other service providers that need visual content to grow their business.

It is necessary for marketers to multifunction to grow their businesses. To function effectively, marketers go for tools for different platforms. Instagram tools are one of those tools used by marketers to improve their functioning.

But before we talk about the best Instagram tools, let’s talk about what Instagram marketing can do to your business.

Why Instagram marketing has become a great option for businesses?

stats of brands that are flocking to instagram

81% of people use Instagram to research products and services. You must have understood how important it is to mark your presence on the internet. The best part about using Instagram is more customers and businesses are joining. You can expand your reach and know about your competition.

You can judge the level of your competition and build something better. It is a great platform to build B2B connections and engage with your customers. You can produce user-friendly content by understanding their interests.

You can get in-depth insights into your audience and understand the type of age group that is getting involved with your content. This also helps you in defining your target market and the type of content you should produce.

This helps you in tapping untouched customers. It affects your sales by helping you generate valuable leads for your business. Instagram marketing has become an important part of marketing campaigns and using it effectively is more than important.

To use Instagram the best, you should make use of the right tools. Let’s check out the list of the best Instagram tools that can hamper your growth.

Best Instagram tools


This is one of the most beneficial Instagram tools for social media marketers, PR experts and small businesses. It can be used to track hashtags and hashtag campaigns. Using this tool, you can look for multiple hashtags and follow public accounts and videos.

Brand24 dashboard

This is the best tool to keep an eye on competitors’ content. It keeps you updated whenever your account is mentioned somewhere and help you in managing photos, videos and posts. You can also find engaging and highly-rated influencers using this tool.

You can use this apt to choose the hashtag that can work the best for your business. The tool offers you a 14-day free trial.


Personal Plus- $49 per month

Professional Premium- $99 per month

Professional max- $199 per month


ContentCal is one of the best Instagram tools and is heavily demanded by Instagram marketers. It is a go-to tool for content creation. It helps you in creating posts for your Instagram account as it has tons of eye-catching templates.

ContentCal dashboard

Using this tool, you can schedule your posts. You can create content for a month and schedule it to be posted on the relevant days. But to do that you should be clear of what you have to post and on which day.

You can also collaborate with your team as you can share ideas, give feedback and create content with your team. It also helps you in analyzing the performance of your posts. It can be called a one-stop solution for all kinds of Instagram tasks.


It has 4 paid plans.

Pro- $17 annual charges

Company- $47 annual charges, $59 per month (charges)

Premium- Custom plan

Enterprise- Custom plan

Creator Studio

Creator Studio was earlier used for Facebook. It has now started supporting Instagram as well. It is one of the most cost-effective Instagram tools that can help you in finding advanced solutions. You can do almost everything on this tool.

creator studio

You can schedule and manage your post. You can also manage multiple accounts using this tool. So, if you are a solopreneur, this is your go-to option. You can analyze the performance of each post and get clear insights into them.

Use this tool to manage your Instagram inbox and engage with an audience.


Planable is one of the high-rated Instagram tools. This is the best choice for big businesses. Using this tool, you can plan and manage large-scale Instagram marketing campaigns. You can also have a preview of your content before publishing.

Planable landing page

This tool allows you to schedule and collaborate on Instagram content without any difficulty. The solution supports videos, images, stories. You can easily edit, customize and integrate with other social media accounts.

You can keep a vigilant eye on your Instagram campaign through this tool. Schedule, organize, and manage your Instagram stories and posts effectively.


Woorise is counted among the best Instagram tools. It helps you in creating Instagram campaigns that include giveaways, contests, landing pages, forms, and surveys. You can easily engage your customers. This is a great tool to collect leads.


Using this tool, you can connect with your Instagram connections and look for new ones. The tool has amazing features and provides a free, customizable bio link landing page to connect your audience. It works with other social media platforms as well.


It has a free plan and provides a good range of features. Pricing starts at $29 per month.


Awario is has a deeper interest in hashtags. It provides notification on every mention at every hour from every corner. It gives you Instagram analytics without any hassle. It also helps you in improving brand reputation by answering customer questions.


It is a choice for both big and small businesses. You will remain notified of customer comments and queries and can answer them on time. This is a great tool to grow organically. This is an affordable tool which is why this is counted among the best Instagram tools.


Pricing starts at $49 per month- $249 per month.


Hootsuite is one of the best Instagram tools. It can work well with other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook but as we are talking about Instagram, so we will focus on it. I won’t mind calling it a one-stop solution for Instagram management for both small and big businesses.


Using this tool, you can manage, schedule, monitor, and advertise your Instagram content as it gets integrated with everything. The best part about this tool is that it is affordable and has a simple user interface. It can be easily used on mobile phones.


The tool provides a 14-day free trial and pricing starts at $19 per month.


The list of the best Instagram tools is incomplete without Crowdfire. If you are looking for a tool that can help you in finding and sharing content, Crowdfire is the right choice for you. You can use this tool to look for the right content and share the targeted content easily.

Crowdfire dashboard

It has a clean dashboard that allows you to track mentions and comments in one place. Using this tool, you can schedule your content and analyze your performance easily. It also provides you with targeted hashtag recommendations.

When comes to integrations, it can integrate well with Shopify, WordPress and Etsy. It can help you in saving a lot of time that you have wasted in searching for the relevant content.


This is one of the most affordable Instagram tools as pricing starts from $9.99 per month.


This is called an influencer Instagram marketing tool. If you are one of those businesses that go for Influencer marketing, you cannot afford to miss this tool. You can use this tool to find, evaluate, screen and connect with influencers.


It is necessary to find genuine influencers as many influencers have gained fake followers. This can block the growth of your business. This tool helps you in getting clean dash, easy metrics and much more. It helps you in getting in-depth profile analytics.

It helps you in finding, managing and even measuring the success of each influencer campaign. What else one could ask for?

Don’t worry! They are still providing more. You can also use this tool for event marketing. It helps you in managing, marketing and sharing experiences for events like concerts, festivals, functions, online summits.


Pricing starts at $79.99 per month. The app also provides free trials.


Combin completes the list of the best Instagram tools. This tool works like a jet. It is the fastest way to gain likes, comments and find the relevant hashtags for your business. No, I’m not talking about fake likes. This tool is going to help you in generating organic likes.


This tool puts all posts in one dashboard so that you can like them all. The sad part is that the free plan is limited but contains most key features. You won’t disappoint buying the paid version as well.

By not using this tool, you have to search for relevant hashtags look for profiles and like and comment manually. Combin can do this a hundred times faster than you. This tool allows you to search hashtags at once and you can like and leave comments from the pop-up window.


Pricing starts at $30 per month.


One thing you should keep in mind while looking for Instagram tools- Not every business requires the same tool for their business. Most of these Instagram tools are affordable but along with affordability, you should look for other factors like the type of content you want to create, your needs and your requirement.

If you are looking for a tool that can manage your Instagram account, I would suggest you choose Hootsuite. And if you are looking for a tool that could resize your images and videos quickly, you can go for Instasize. This tool is not on the list of the best Instagram tools but it can work well for your business. And if you can afford more, you can go to Canva.

Drop the names of the tool that can work the best for your business.

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