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April 20, 2024

9 Best Landing Page Tools You Must Include in Your Marketing Strategy in 2024!

April 20, 2024
best landing page tools

Best Landing Page Tools

A landing page is a web page that a customer can land on but in marketing. The landing page is a term that stands for a page distinct from the homepage or any other page that serves a single purpose. The Landing page has become an essential part of digital marketing.

Best landing page tools

Landing pages affect conversion rates and generate sales. It is one of the best ways to drive traffic, improve SEO and build your brand. You may or may not be knowing it can become a part of an effective PPC campaign.

Most marketers are well-aware of the benefits of creating landing pages but resist making these pages. Because creating a landing page is a lengthy process and people fail in managing their landing page tools well.

This problem can be dealt with using the right landing page tools for creating landing pages. In this article, we have brought the list of the best landing page tools that help you in creating flawless landing pages.

Before we begin with the list of the best landing page tools, let’s know how landing page tools can add value to your business.

Why using landing page is a great idea?

Often, people wonder that the main aim is to get traffic on the homepage so what is the purpose of building a landing page. A home page provides all kinds of information and directs users to multiple pages which may reduce their interest.

choose your template

Here landing page comes to the rescue. Landing pages eliminate this step and direct users to the page that interests them. The benefits associated with using landing pages include:

  • Landing pages offer one simple and clear call-to-action.
  • It helps in capturing leads and conversions.
  • Landing pages helps you in generating sales.
  • There are types of landing pages that allows you to collect data.

Now let’s check the types of landing pages that can be created to improve the performance of a business.

Types of Landing pages

Lead Generation– A lead generation or lead capture landing page is used to collect through data capture form. Generally, these pages are used in the middle of the process where customers either convert or walk away.

Click-through Landing page– This works on clicks. It acts as a middleman between the advert and the page to which you wish to direct your customers.

Squeeze page– This page is also used to collect data. As the lead generation landing page is used in the middle, it is used at the top of the sales funnel and its only aim is to collect the email address of potential leads.

Sales Page– This is the most difficult landing page to design. This page is used at the bottom of the sales funnel and this page is used after generating leads. The task of this page is to convince people to buy.

Types of landing pages

Now let’s check the list of the best landing page tools that can be used to create different types of landing pages flawlessly.

Best Landing page tools

To improve your performance, sales, and productivity choosing the right landing tool is very important. Choose the tool that works the best.

1. Instapage

Instapage is a top-rated landing page tool. This is an easy-to-use landing page-building tool that can be used by all kinds of businesses. From individuals to big agencies everyone can use this tool to build attractive landing pages.


Using this tool is not hectic. You don’t have to code HTML, CSS, or hire a developer for designing your landing page. Studded with impressive features, it has integrations with tools like WordPress, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and many more.


  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Customizable templates
  • Interactive widgets
  • Bigstock image Library
  • Unlimited A/ B testing
  • Customizable landing page forms
  • Conversion analytics


The core plan costs $99 per month that offers standard features while the enterprise package is quote-based and offers advanced features.

2. Leadpages

Leadpages is one of the most affordable landing page tools that comes with amazing features. Leadpages help you in designing mobile-friendly pages and include over 160-page templates.


If you want to design a basic landing page, Leadpages is a great option for you. But if you are looking for a builder that can help you in designing advanced and better-looking pages you should go for other landing page tools. They provide a free trial for 14 days to check whether it suits their customers’ requirements or not.


  • Social Media Integrations
  • A/B testing
  • Mobile-responsive templates
  • Integrations with WordPress
  • Offers plugins for form creation


Standard: $25 per month

Pro: $48 per month

Advanced: $199 per month

3. Unbounce

Unbounce is one of the best landing page tools used for the creation of impeccable landing pages. This tool is used by over 1500 brands across the world. Using this tool you can create customized landing pages and you can even publish and test your landing pages.


This tool provides a free trial so that you can test whether this tool is going to be the right choice for you or not. It consists of several features that make it better than others.


  • Easy to use and drag functionality
  • Custom domains
  • Cleint management
  • Dynamic keyword insertion
  • Automated SSL encryption


A free trial version is available. Other plans are:

  • Launch- $72 USD per month
  • Optimize- $108 USD per month
  • Accelerate- $180 USD per month

It is advisable to go for the first plan at the initial level. It provides 500 conversions as compared to the second which provides 1000 conversions.

4. SendPulse

landing page tools - sendpulse

SendPulse’s website builder has pretty straightforward drag-and-drop functionality that allows users to quickly create landing pages, simple websites, and bio link pages for all sorts of business needs.

The platform offers a plethora of pre-made website and landing page templates that can be altered to match your business’s brand image. The best part is that this landing page or website integrates seamlessly with other marketing tools available on the SendPulse platform: subscription forms and pop-ups, CRM, messenger chatbots, etc.


  • intuitive drag-and-drop landing page builder
  • niche specific templates 
  • pop-ups, widgets 
  • email marketing automation
  • CRM
  • A/B testing

Pricing: The free plan comes with one free website or a bio link page. Paid plans start at $6 per month and include two landing pages or two websites with up to 50 pages.

5. Ucraft

Ucraft is a user-friendly landing page tool that consists of dozens of impressive features. This tool helps in creating attractive and fully-responsive pages. The standard plan doesn’t offer a good range of features but advanced plans are awesome.


Ucraft allows integration with Google Analytics, Zendesk chat, Intercom, and other essential tools. The tool also provides a free domain name with all of the annual plans.


  • Drag and drop editor
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • Page app that allows you to add, remove and rearrange the pages on your website.
  • Designer tool allows you to customize the templates as per your needs.


Pro website: $10 per month

Pro shop: $21 Pro shop

Big Commerce: $39 per month

6. Get Response

Get Response is counted among the best landing page tools. It is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of tools. It allows you to build landing pages and automate your marketing endeavor. You can manage your emails using this tool.

Get Response

This is an easy-to-use landing page tool where you just have to select a template customize the landing page and publish it without any difficulty. You also get multiple tools at the price of one. So, it is a great tool for all kinds of businesses.


  • Countdown time to encourage leads to take action
  • Intelligent list automation
  • Analytics and testing
  • Customer service
  • Mobile-responsive landing page templates with over 5000 Shutterstock images


Basic: $15 per month

Plus: $49 per month

Professional: $99 per month

Enterprise: $1199 per month

7. Hubspot

Hubspot can do everything. It is a renowned name in the world of the SaaS and B2B marketing industry. It is a one-stop solution for all your digital problems. You can use it as a CRM tool, marketing automation tool, and landing page tool.


It has multiple ranges of features and is a powerful landing page builder. It can be used by individuals, big firms, and small businesses. It can also be labeled as a freemium software that has all different free tools to run a basic marketing campaign. This is one of the most commonly used landing page tools across the country.


  • List segmentation
  • Pages are responsive on all devices
  • Solid A/ B testing features
  • Personalized landing pages content
  • Allows you to create professional landing pages


Starter plan: $50 per month for access to 1000 contacts

Professional plan: $800 per month

Enterprise plan: $2400 per month

8. Landingi

Landingi is a flexible platform that does not require coding. This is one of the best landing page tools generally used by small businesses. The tool is designed to serve small businesses effectively. It is used by 4000 companies including Paypal, Sony Music.


You can easily create, publish and optimize landing pages. The features are almost similar to Instapage but you need to spend on a higher-tier plan to get the same level of services.


  • A/B Split testing
  • Simple drag and drop editor
  • Organic Rank Optimization
  • Tracks conversion rate
  • In-built web analytics tool


Core: $29 per month

Create: $45 per month

Automate: $59 per month

Suite: $209 per month

9. Wishpond

Wishpond has emerged as one of the best landing page tools. The interface of this tool is intuitive and optimized for conversions. This tool can be used by beginners and advanced users. It can be used by both small and big firms.


The tool is counted among the most-demanded landing page tools as the team provides unmatched support. You can set up the tool within a few minutes and create stunning landing pages.


  • Integrations with major marketing platforms
  • Templates are responsive
  • Landing page template gallery for different events, industries and purposes
  • Live chat support available
  • Allows easy add-ons of pop-ups and forms, even for non-developers


Starting plan: $49 per month

Everything you need a plan: $99 per month

Rapid Growth Tier- $199 per month


By building the right type of landing page you can increase your sales. To build an amazing land page, you need to choose the right landing page tool. We have curated the list of the best landing page tools after researching.

Choose the tool that suits you the best you and your requirements. Drop the name of the tool you are planning to buy.

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