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December 6, 2021

9 Best Video Marketing Tools You should not miss in 2022!

December 6, 2021

Best Video Marketing Tools

Video marketing has become an integral part of marketing campaigns. Marketers use video marketing to promote their products and services. It is believed that videos leave better impacts on the minds of customers.

video marketing tools

Video marketing is not as simple as it seems to be. You can not produce a video and post it any time you want. You have to make a video marketing strategy and align it with other strategies. You can use different video marketing tools to create unique and attractive videos.

Video marketing can add a lot to your business. The list of benefits of video marketing is quite long. It helps in growing your revenue by influencing buyers’ decisions. It improves your ranking on search engines and increases traffic on your website.

You can create videos for social media accounts using the right video marketing tools. Social media is the best platform to post your video content. You can drive valuable traffic to your website using social media.

Before we begin with the list of the best video marketing tools, let’s have a glance at the stats of video marketing. These stats are enough to acquaint you with the advantages of using the right video marketing tools for your business.

Stats on Video Marketing

 Stats on Video Marketing
  • 91% of marketers believe video marketing is important for brands and leaves greater impacts in minds of customers.
  • 72% of people said that video reduced their stress during the lockdown. Video marketing upsurged amid pandemic.
  • 86% of marketers believe video marketing has better ROI than Google ads.
  • 93% of marketers consider video creation as an important part of marketing campaign.
  • 84% of marketers managed to generate leads through video marketing.
  • You can add videos to emails. By adding videos to emails, you can increase click rate by 300%.
  • 78% of marketers said video marketing has directly helped in increasing sales.
  • 66% of consumers watch videos on mobile phones.

Now you must have understood the power of video marketing. You must have noticed that most of the consumers watch videos on mobile phones. You need to prepare videos optimized for mobile phones.

Let’s see the video marketing tools that can be used to create videos for all kinds of devices.

Best Video Marketing Tools


Animoto is the best video marketing tool as it is a one-stop solution for your video marketing campaign. It can help you in creating videos for different devices. You can create small clips and long videos.

Animoto dashboard

The tool has several photos, clips, music, fonts that can be used to create videos for websites or social media platforms. The tool has dozen of features in the unpaid version but if you want to make professional videos it is advisable to go for the paid version.

Free videos have a watermark and they can be removed by subscribing to the paid version.


The first plan costs $15 per month with unlimited videos without a watermark.

The second plan costs $39 per month with multiple users, the ability to sell videos, access to more videos, and everything included in the first plan.


Viewbix is ranked among the best video marketing tools as it is a platform that provides you with video analytics. This tool can help you in getting valuable results. You can evaluate what your customers are liking and can produce videos accordingly.


It helps you in adding apps, sharing videos, and working on different devices. This is an amazing tool as you can directly link your video player and offer coupons that help you in growing mailing lists.

If you are looking for a video marketing tool that can give you the right analytics and increase your reach, Viewbix is the best choice for you.


This is an affordable video marketing tool that is free for 2 users and 10k impressions per month. The paid version costs only $10 per month and increases according to needs and requirements.


Vimeo is one of the best video marketing tools as it can tell you who is watching your video at what time. This tool has the fastest and customizable ad-free player. Using this tool you can make your video brand.


It can help you in creating high-quality videos and has huge storage. You don’t have to worry about your privacy, it has enough Maintainance. It has review tools, cloud transcoding, team collaboration, Email marketing, Google Analytics, social sharing, post-integration, and many features.

This tool can be used for video collaboration and ultimate video marketing.


Plus: $7 per month for 1 user

Pro: $20 per month for 3 users

Business: $50 per month for 10 users

Premium:$75 per month for unlimited users.


Promo is a commonly used video marketing tool. This has been a marketing partner for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Using this tool you can edit videos and add licensed clip art and adjust it according to different social media platforms.


This tool can be used by both small and big businesses. Using this app, you can create marketing videos or other videos just to engage your customers. It has a “swipe up to shop” feature to enhance the value of this tool.


The plan varies from $39 per month to $249 per month. Features vary from plan to plan.

Wave Video

Are you looking for video marketing tools that can help you in starting from scratch? Wave video is the one. This tool has a plethora of templates and you can use simple basic video for different formats.

wave video

This tool is used by both big and small businesses. You can create high-quality videos and has a list of amazing features. You can upload logos to the platform and can be used later for the video.

It allows integrations with different platforms like Facebook, Hubspot, YouTube, Google Drive, Twitter, Dropbox, and many more. Other amazing features include video hosting, content calendar, landing pages.


The tool also has a free plan (limited). The paid plan starts from $20-$0 per month. It is counted among the most affordable video marketing tools.


Filmora has features that make it perfect for beginners. An easy-to-use interface and customizations have made it one of the best video marketing tools for beginners. It allows you to add different styles and effects to a video.

video marketing Tools 7 1

You have to install this tool on your laptop. Also, it is more like an old video editor that has features of the camcorder, smartphone. It is the right choice for people who don’t want to spend their time learning the basics of video making and rather focus on the main task.

Other important features include split-screen, advanced text editing, video stabilization, and many more.


Monthly- $7.99 per month

Lifetime- $59.99

Annual- $39.99 per year

Video Marketing Blaster

As the name itself suggests, Video marketing blaster is one of the most amazing video marketing tools. This tool can make your video marketing strategy better than the best. It helps you in ranking on the first page without having SEO knowledge.

Video Marketing Blaster

It is an easy-to-use video marketing tool that helps you in finding the right keyword and managing your video content. It will help you in driving free traffic from Google and YouTube. You can get relevant titles, descriptions, and tags.


It is one of the most affordable video marketing tools as it asks for a one-time payment of $27. It also has 60 days money-back guarantee.


This is a video marketing tool that can help you in harnessing the full powers of YouTube. Because YouTube is not just a platform for entertainment. It has become a professional platform where people can upload their content and engage viewers and generate money.


This tool helps you in optimizing your YouTube videos in the best possible ways. It gathers competitors’ and other important information to help you in reaching your target audience.


The tool offers a free version and 3 paid versions.

First plan: $7.5 per month

Second Plan: $39 per month

Third Plan: $415 per month


Videoscribe completes the list of the best video marketing tools. It can be used in creating high-quality videos and whiteboard animations. You can create all kinds of videos using this tool. All you need to know is the art of creating.


It helps you in getting attention, influencing buyers, and boosting conversions. It has 5000+ images, a music collection, recording options, music, and many more. You can create unique and innovative videos and pull the attention of your customers.


This is counted among those video marketing tools that provide quality at a low price.

Monthly: $17.5

Quarterly: $35 for 3 months

Yearly: $8 per month


Video marketing has become an inseparable part of digital marketing. If you haven’t started this for your business, do not wait anymore and start video marketing. Choose the tool that works the best for your business. Check your requirements and choose the tool that suits your budget and requirements.

Which tool do you think is going to work the best for your business?

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