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July 4, 2023

Top 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

July 4, 2023
Chatgpt Chrome Extensions

Are you a ChatGPT enthusiast?  ChatGPT has developed into a potent tool for a variety of applications, including language learning, content creation, and communication, thanks to its capacity to recognize and interpret human language.

But are you making the most of ChatGPT? Well, in this list, we’re going to see some pretty strong ChatGPT extensions that will let you utilize ChatGPT to the fullest.  So let’s look teach of them separately.

Why Should We Use ChatGPT Chrome Extensions?

ChatGPT chrome extensions offer invaluable advantages in online communication. These enhancements enable dynamic and contextually relevant interactions by utilizing the sophisticated features of the ChatGPT language model. 

Users can get immediate help, learn things, and work more productively with seamless integration into web browsing. Extensions for ChatGPT revolutionize online interactions and improve the whole digital experience. They are appropriate for a variety of professional and private scenarios.

Top 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

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✓ WebChatGPT
✓ ChatGPT For Search Engines
✓ Merlin
✓ ChatGPT History
✓ ChatGPT Writer For Gmail
✓ YouTube Summary With ChatGPT
✓ ShareGPT
✓ Prompthesus
✓ Fancy GPT
✓ Summarize

1. WebChatGPT

Chatgpt Chrome Extensions WebChatgpt
Chatgpt Chrome Extension

The fact that ChatGPT was discontinued in 2021 is one of its main flaws. By requiring ChatGPT to get its response from the first page of search results, WebChatGPT partially resolves this problem.

For more precise and current interactions, WebChatGPT augments your cues to ChatGPT with pertinent web results. Alternatives of ChatGPT To get more pertinent results, you can also filter the results by region and time.

To customize how you wish to receive the most recent information, the extension provides new buttons inside the ChatGPT web interface. The amount of results, time frame, and region are all editable. Additionally, it is set up to provide thorough responses to each inquiry.

The best part is that it includes source citations for everything it publishes, allowing you to determine whether the material is accurate.

2. ChatGPT For Search Engines

Chatgpt Chrome Extensions ChatGPT For Search Engines
Chatgpt Chrome Extension

In ChatGPT for Google, responses are displayed alongside search results SERP tracking tools from well-known search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. With ChatGPT, you may ask questions and get responses.

You can take advantage of ChatGPT’s power directly from the popup window thanks to this Chrome extension’s support for the official OpenAI API. It offers a customized experience with markdown rendering, code highlights, and dark mode.

A dark mode, markdown rendering, code highlighting, and a custom trigger mode are additional features. Additionally, it provides a mechanism to provide feedback for ChatGPT enhancements and supports ChatGPT Plus and GPT-4.

3. Merlin

Chatgpt Chrome Extensions Merlin
Chatgpt Chrome Extension

Merlin, which smoothly integrates into your browser, is essentially a better version of ChatGPT. It is incorporated into well-known websites like LinkedIn, Google Search, and Gmail. Typically, it displays a tailored text box where you can run your entered query through ChatGPT.

You can always use Ctrl+M to open its interface and ask inquiries even if it isn’t incorporated into your preferred website. The website you’re on might provide personalized prompts to help you achieve better results. Even better, you can make your own prompts and store them for future use.

4. ChatGPT History

Chatgpt Chrome Extensions ChatGPT History
Chatgpt Chrome Extension

A Chrome plugin called ChatGPT conversation history makes it easier to access your ChatGPT chat history. You may quickly discover the information you require by searching through your chat history using this addon.

Additionally, the extension loads the entire discussion history automatically, saving you the trouble of continuously clicking “Show More” manually.

It instantly loads the entire discussion history from your ChatGPT chat history. Access all of your chat history easily and without delay. Find the information you require fast to increase productivity. Simple and clear user interface.

5. ChatGPT Writer For Gmail

Chatgpt Chrome Extensions ChatGPT For Gmail
Chatgpt Chrome Extension

A free Chrome extension called ChatGPT Writer uses ChatGPT AI copywriting tools to create full emails or answers based on the user’s input of keywords. It is completely free and fully integrated with Gmail for the greatest user experience.

All widely used languages are supported, and it does not access any private email information. It does not gather any user data and does not have any adverts, analytics, trackers, or cookies.

Once the extension is installed, all you need to do to activate ChatSonic’s AI is click the CS symbol on the Compose Email pop-up.

Give specifics, such as whom you want to contact, decide on your tone, and then click the Write button! It will connect you with a thoroughly detailed email and a compelling subject in a matter of seconds.

6. YouTube Summary With ChatGPT

Chatgpt Chrome Extensions Youtube Summary With ChatGPT
Chatgpt Chrome Extension

ChatGPT is used by YouTube Summary with ChatGPT to quickly summarize YouTube videos using automatically generated transcriptions.

A summary in the form of a paragraph, an article, or bullet points will be displayed on the right side of each video. From the settings, you can modify how you want to view the summary.

In addition to the like/dislike buttons, the extension will also add a “Summarize” button that you can use to create the summary. Additionally, you can choose to have a summary generated for each video you play.

You can also use this ChatGPT extension for Chrome to obtain the information you need from a variety of videos. The dialogue box and transcript are attached to the side. YouTube, however, already offers the transcripts.

Simply provide your prompt, Tools for YouTube creators and this AI tool will assist you with summarizing the information. Many people use the ChatGPT Chrome addon, which helps them save a tonne of time.

7. ShareGPT

Chatgpt Chrome Extensions ShareGPT
Chatgpt Chrome Extension

ShareGPT may come in handy for someone who enjoys sharing fascinating ChatGPT conversations with friends. With only a click of a button, this plugin enables you to instantaneously share your chats.

When ChatGPT is installed, a tiny share button automatically appears in every chat, and all you have to do to create a shareable link is click it. It’s an effective approach to share interesting ChatGPT talks without having to export or take screenshots.

8. Promptheus

Chatgpt Chrome Extensions Promptheus
Chatgpt Chrome Extension

Promptheus enables ChatGPT to take input through a microphone, transforming it into a voice assistant. Your ChatGPT experience can be made significantly more enjoyable and effective with Promptheus.

Instead of typing to ChatGPT, you can speak to it by merely holding down the space bar. As a result, conversations can go more quickly and naturally because they are no longer bound by keyboard speed.

By selecting “Promptheus Options” in the top-right corner, you can easily change the language settings.

9. Fancy GPT

Chatgpt Chrome Extensions Fancy ChatGPT
Chatgpt Chrome Extension

Similar to ShareGPT, but fancier, as the name suggests. Using the ChatGPT Chrome extension, you may share discussions as links, photos, PDFs, and text files.

Your ChatGPT threads will look more professional because of FancyGPT, and you may save them with cool graphics, searchable PDFs, and text files for later use or to share with your friends. To save the chat as an image, PDF, or text file, select one of the styles from the top row.

10. Summarize

Chatgpt Chrome Extensions Sammarized by ChatGPT
Chatgpt Chrome Extension

Summarize” Chrome extension works on any page with a single click, unlike YouTube Summary with ChatGPT. Summarize has you covered whether you’re reading news, articles, blogs, or research studies.

The summary software is driven by ChatGPT and is skilled at producing thorough, superior summaries. In order to make it accurate and current, it is regularly updated with summaries written by humans.

You can swiftly navigate around your open tabs with the ChatGPT Chrome extension, freeing up more time for the things that matter most. Keep up with whatever you wish to read, and you can easily avoid missing important insights.


Finally, ChatGPT is a dynamic virtual assistant that will assist you in better managing your personal and professional lives. By using the right Chrome extensions, you can unlock even more of its potential and get more done in less time.

A ChatGPT Chrome extension can be useful if you want to automate your company procedures, develop communication skills, or streamline your workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions-{FAQ}

1. Can ChatGPT chrome extensions help me with creative writing?

ChatGPT chrome extensions are an excellent resource for creative writing. Whether you need inspiration for plot ideas, character development, or dialogue, the extension can provide valuable suggestions and prompts to fuel your imagination.

2. Can ChatGPT chrome extensions assist me in language learning?

The extensions are a fantastic language learning tool. You can practice conversation skills, ask questions about grammar or vocabulary, and even receive real-time feedback on your writing. It’s like having a language tutor right at your fingertips.

3. Can ChatGPT chrome extensions be used for research purposes?

These extensions can be your research companion. They can help you find relevant information, summarize articles, and even generate citations. Say goodbye to tedious web searches and hello to streamlined research!

4. Are ChatGPT chrome extensions suitable for enhancing productivity at work?

These extensions can significantly boost productivity. Whether you need assistance with drafting emails, brainstorming ideas, or organizing thoughts, ChatGPT chrome extensions can offer valuable suggestions and help you stay focused and efficient.

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