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12 Best ChatGPT Plugins

Author :
Mansi Chakur
| Updated On :
June 21, 2023

ChatGPT has been a game-changer in assisting with daily tasks for all of us and ChatGPT is the best way to use ChatGPT to its full extent. As of now there are more than 200 plugins available. 

Now the question is where to start from? Well you don’t need to worry about it. In this article we have listed the top 12 ChatGPT plugins which are good for you to get started with ChatGPT plugins. So without further delay let’s dive in.

Benefits Of Using ChatGPT Plugins

The ChatGPT plugin streamlines communication by providing instant responses and suggestions, enabling users to communicate more efficiently and complete tasks in less time.

With its ability to understand context and user preferences, the ChatGPT plugin offers personalized assistance, providing tailored recommendations and solutions to individual users, enhancing their overall experience.

The ChatGPT plugin serves as a creative collaborator, sparking innovative ideas and facilitating brainstorming sessions. Users can bounce ideas off the plugin, receive prompt feedback, and explore new perspectives to foster a more productive and collaborative environment.

The ChatGPT plugin supports a wide range of languages, breaking down language barriers and fostering global communication. Users can interact effortlessly in their preferred language, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

12 Best ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 architecture, is a powerful language model that can generate human-like responses to various queries and engage in interactive conversations. To further enhance its capabilities, developers have created a range of plugins that integrate seamlessly with ChatGPT.

In this article, we will explore some of the 12 best ChatGPT plugins available, offering exciting functionalities and expanding the potential of conversational AI.

1. Instacart


The Instacart ChatGPT plugin enables you to communicate your meal planning requirements in natural language and receive an immediate “shoppable” list of the components or food products you need. The plugin creates an InstaCart shopping list with the precise amounts of all the materials you’ll need to prepare a meal. You may have all the materials delivered right to your house with just a few more clicks.

It is highly strong, adaptable, and simple to use. The plugin will probably start working after you indicate having plans to cook or prepare a meal in your prompt. You can specifically request ChatGPT to use it if it doesn’t.

2. Wolfram

wolfram Alpha

The capabilities of ChatGPT are significantly improved with the Wolfram plugin. By granting ChatGPT access to real-time data, better mathematical capabilities, and a sizable dataset of meticulously selected and mostly validated data, it significantly improves ChatGPT’s intelligence. Wolfram is therefore quite helpful when using ChatGPT to provide content that requires calculations or must be as factual as feasible.

3. ChatWithPDF

chat with pdf

The ChatWithPDF plugin performs the task for which it is named. By simply supplying a link to the PDF file, you can easily use ChatGPT to extract information from any PDF file. Simply share the PDF link in your prompt and start posing your questions; no further action is necessary.

Numerous use cases are imaginable. You may use the tool to extract the most important information from any PDF by telling it to do so. You can upload your class notes as a PDF and use them to prepare for tests, upload work papers and use them to make reports for work.

4. OpenTable

open Table

The goal of this OpenTable ChatGPT plugin is to make booking times as easy as possible for users. As a result, you only need to give ChatGPT the essential information, like the date, time, location, and total number of participants.

The plugin then uses the data to instantly locate particular restaurants. One of the greatest ChatGPT plugins for simple restaurant reservations, the links offered by the plugin even take users to pre-filled reservation data.

5. Zapier


One of the best ChatGPT plugins for working professionals and marketers alike, Zapier was specifically created to remove and simplify needless operations. In a nutshell, Zapier enables customers to engage with more than 5,000 distinct business apps without ever having to do additional actions. This contains all popular applications, such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and many others. Users only need to finish a one-time connection and give their consent for a few tasks.

Once finished, you may actually send whole Slack conversations or complete emails directly from ChatGPT. Then, Zapier collaborates with ChatGPT to make it feasible and also enables users to edit their own actions.

6. Link Reader

Link Reader

Even if some of the top ChatGPT Chrome extensions can read webpages for you, not everyone prefers extensions and prefers things to be made more straightforward. Link Reader may be among the top ChatGPT plugins for those users. Simply put, this plugin has the ability to read the text of any link, including those to websites, PDFs, pictures, and more.

All that is required is to send it a link and request information. Following that, ChatGPT communicates with Link Reader and offers a thorough response to the question. So this plugin is a good option if you need a fast summary.

7. MixerBox OnePlayer

MixerBox One Player

Previously, ChatGPT could only direct customers to well-known music-related websites. With the help of this ChatGPT plugin, that has now improved. An all-in-one music compilation tool called MixerBox can assemble tracks and make playlists in response to user requests.

Users simply need to specify their preferences for the ChatGPT plugin to begin working. When finished, MixerBox also provides listeners with direct links to the tracks. The fact that songs are free and linked to YouTube videos is the finest part.

8. QuestMate Forms


Questmate will prove to be one of the best ChatGPT plugins for you if you frequently create infographics and forms outside the classroom. All forms may be swiftly and conveniently distributed for you by the AI-powered buddy. While you can accomplish it using a tool like Google Forms, no one wants to do that much work.

Simply enter your precise needs in as little or as much detail as you’d like to begin using Questmate. A thorough form that you may access in another window is quickly created by ChatGPT through an interaction with the plugin. As you can see, Questmate Forms rapidly produced a useful form based on our request.

9. LikeWise


If you enjoyed Instacart for suggesting recipes and ingredients, you will enjoy Likewise, one of the best ChatGPT plugins for finding podcasts. Naturally, LikeWise searches podcasts for various ambiances and genres using its own database. Simply indicate the podcast you want to listen to, or ask the bot to offer you a list of the most popular episodes.

LikeWise, generates a list of potential podcasts for you in a matter of seconds and provides links to those podcasts. But keep in mind that some of these might be compensated. Nevertheless, this ChatGPT plugin should be used by individuals looking for podcast recommendations.

10. World News

World news

Due to its timely news delivery, ChatGPT’s new World News plugin has emerged as one of our most popular. Users can ask the plugin for the most recent news from around the world, and they will receive a lovely listicle in response. 

This great ChatGPT plugin displays news in various languages and source links because it is based abroad. World News is essential for anybody who wants to stay informed, while not being particularly helpful in the traditional sense.

11. Kayak


One of the greatest travel planning plugins for ChatGPT is Kayak, which enables customers to quickly book flights and accommodations as well as receive recommendations for their entire trip. It still needs your basic information, like your starting and ending points as well as your arrival and departure times. When you’re finished, Kayak will walk you through all the flights that are accessible from your location.

The information covers the overall cost, anticipated stops and delays, well-known airlines, and more. Once you’re satisfied with your choice, ask Kayak and ChatGPT to create linkages.

12. Stories


One of the best ChatGPT plugins for writing stories actually is called Stories. This creative plugin needs a prompt to use as the basis for its story. After receiving that, Stories starts to write a lovely story. The plugin’s placement of its story and photographs in a vintage-style book, however, is the greatest part. AI is also used to create the images, which are logically positioned next to the text. By only clicking the margins of the pages, you can flip through them. 

If you’d like, you can even order a hardback copy of your generated story. However, keep in mind that these tales are largely of a creative character, so they might not be to everyone’s taste.


In conclusion, adopting ChatGPT and AI-powered technologies will help you optimize your job, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. They are revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape. We are sure that you have chosen the ChatGPT plugin that best meets your needs after reviewing some of the best ChatGPT plugins. Let us know which plugin you enjoyed in the comments area.


1. Does the ChatGPT plugin respect user privacy and data security?

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, takes user privacy and data security seriously. The plugin follows strict privacy guidelines and does not retain user data beyond the session. Your conversations are treated with confidentiality, ensuring a secure and trustworthy experience.

2. Can I customize the ChatGPT plugin’s behavior to align with my preferences?

Yes, the ChatGPT plugin offers customization options. You can provide feedback during your conversations to improve its responses. Additionally, OpenAI provides guidelines on how to fine-tune the model to align with your specific needs, allowing you to tailor the plugin to your preferences.

3. Can the ChatGPT plugin help me improve my writing skills?

The ChatGPT plugin can assist you in enhancing your writing skills. It can provide grammar and style suggestions, offer alternative word choices, and even help you structure your ideas more effectively. It’s like having a personal writing coach at your fingertips.

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