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Digital Marketing with Traffic Tail

If you are looking for a company with astonishing results on a small budget then you are in the right place. Traffic tail is one of the best digital marketing company in Kanpur. We provide fast, flexible and unique services at affordable prices. We aim at gratifying our client and leave no stone unturned to accomplish it. A team of experts has been deployed to assist the clients. Our creatives and techies never fail to come up with amazing and innovative ideas. If your budget is small and dreams are big then Traffic tail is a solution.

Traffictail- #1 Digital Marketing Company in Kanpur Offering Incredible Services At Affordable Price Model

Traffic Tail is the best Digital Marketing company in Kanpur. We ensure on-time delivery of the services. We never compromise with quality and security and satisfy the demand of the client. We implement unique strategies but never forget to consider the requirements of our client. Our services are fast and flexible. 

How we work

We analyse your project to get acquainted with its pros and cons. This helps us to design future strategies.

After analyzing the project we seek for unique and innovative ideas to make your project better than others.

We optimize the project based on the constructed plan. Things are ranked organically on the website without giving money.

We design the website as per the requirements of the customer and enables them to accomplish their goals.

Our goal is to satisfy the client. So, if you are looking for something extraordinary results then get connected to Traffic Tail- best digital marketing company in Kanpur.

Premium Benefits

Best Digital marketing company in Kanpur

Traffic Tail is the best Digital Marketing company in Kanpur. We ensure on-time delivery of the services. We never compromise with quality and security and satisfy the demand of the client. We implement unique strategies but never forget to consider the requirements of our client. Our services are fast and flexible. We always stand up to the expectations of our customers. We maintain a tone of professionalism during the work and welcome the suggestions of clients. We, at traffic tail, provide best digital marketing services at affordable prices.

Best Digital Marketing Company in Kanpur provides

digital marketing company in kanpur

  • Link Building- Link building is a trend these days. We remain updated and provide the latest services to our clients. Link building enables your website to get connected to another website through a link on another object. Now the visitor can catch the relevant site through your website. Link building saves increase your traffic and prevents a visitor from wasting time in searching for the relevant site.
  • Guest Post Outreach– Guest Post outreach is a strategy of promoting your post, blog through another website. You act as a guest on another website and this is how you manage to expand your reach. You can get connected to your target audience.
  • Digital Advertising– Traffic tail facilitates digital advertising of your business. Now you can promote your brand using unique and innovative digital marketing techniques.
  • Search Engine Advertising– This serves as a significant source of generating revenues. Advertisements are posted on search engines and then these ads come forth pushing back the competitors. Traffic tail provides this service and enables the client to generate more revenue.
  • Application Development– We also help you in developing an application that eases the utility value. Our applications are responsive and 100% bug-free.
  • Landing Page Creation– This page is specifically designed for marketing or advertising campaign. This is a place where a visitor lands after they click on a link in an email, ad, or anywhere else.
  • Web Designing and Development– Traffic tail provides website development and designing services. We develop SEO-friendly, responsive, and secure websites.
  • Online Reputation Management– Managing a reputation is the first concern of a business. We consider the concerns of our clients and assist them in maintaining their reputation online. Our services promote interest as well as the brand of the client.
  • Social Media Marketing– Social media is a significant tool for promoting a business. We integrate your website with different social media platforms and promote your product through it.

Why Traffic Tail?

  • Creative Strategy– Traffic tail is prominent for its unique and creative strategies. We display our uniqueness through creativity. We add catchy visuals to attract visitors. We maintain readability and typography throughout.
  • Experienced Team– A team of experts has been deployed to assist your projects. Our techies provide 24*7 technical support to the clients. Our team is one of the core reasons we provide the best digital marketing services.
  • Guaranteed Results– You can trust our digital marketing services as we guarantee results. Our services are worth it. Don’t wait anymore and get associated with Traffic tail- the best digital marketing company in Kanpur and experience amazing results.
  • Strategic Control– We strategically control our activities and remain stuck to the deadlines. We move as per the strategy and never fail to execute them most productively.

Our Process:

  1. Concept– The very first task of a website designing company is to build a transparent concept for the website. We analyze the project and cautiously hear the goals and objectives of our client. We, at traffic tail, develop unique and innovative strategies to assist our client to achieve their objectives. We deliver fast and secure services within a prescribed time-frame. Our services are affordable and enabled us to bag the title of the best digital marketing company to prepare. We cautiously develop a concept and layout of how things should be done effectively and efficiently.
  2. Process– After the preparation of the layout and building of the concept, the whole process of website development starts. We run according to the plan and cost-effectively imply the strategies. Customer-satisfaction is our prime motive and we conduct the tasks accordingly. The team of technicians leaves no stone unturned to prove their efficacies. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who guide and assist the clients.
  3. Results– There is a saying “Once you see results, it becomes an addiction”.  Traffic tail reveals the best results and the results are addicting. So, if you are looking for excellent digital marketing services at affordable prices then get associated with traffic tail and taste the results we bring. We remain stuck to our deadlines and consider the requirements of our customers. Our services are flexible as well as reliable. Join the best digital marketing company in Kanpur and rock the stage as a digital marketer.

Our Happy Clients

Best Digital Marketing Company in Kanpur Helping with Your SEO Needs

We collaborate with influencers to promote brands on different social media platforms so to gain high exposure of brand

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is prevalent. It is a form of marketing your products through endorsements and product placements. Influencers, people and big organizations that possess great social influence are involved here.

2. Digital Advertising

Digital advertising means promoting your brand digitally. Traffic tail implies unique strategies to promote your brand or business digitally.

3. Web Development

Web development is different from website designing. It includes the construction of a website or adding life to the design constructed by designers. We, at traffic tail, provide the service of web designing as well as web development.

4. Web Designing

Web designing is a process of creating a design of a website through which you are going to promote or run your business. Traffic tail provides you with the best website designing services at an affordable price.

5. Guest Posting-

Guest posting is a process of posting your blogs articles or other informative material on other websites. It means promoting your website through another website. Traffic tail assists you in following this technique of digital marketing.

Grow your sales!

We believe anyone can get a successful business with a strategy.

Link building services enable you to get connected to another website through a link. A link provided on your website, when clicked, would direct the visitor to another website. This digital marketing technique has come in prominence and traffic tail provides you with this service.

On-site SEO is a technique of optimizing elements on a website to rank higher. This is a technique of fetching the right traffic on the website. Being the best digital marketing company, we provide this service to our clients.

This is not a direct form of marketing. A type of content like blogs, audios, and videos are structured to arouse the interest of visitors. Direct promotion of the brand isn’t the motive. People are induced to visit a website by offering relevant content.

Traffic tail imparts you with the best advertising solution. We provide a unique and innovative strategic solution for advertising. If advertising is one of the weakest points of your company then don’t wait anymore to get associated with the best digital marketing company in Kanpur.

E-mail marketing enables a company to keep its customers updated through emails. When a visitor comes across any Website he is asked to sign in through which the company manages to get the mail I’d of the customer and gets updated through it.

It refers to producing content on events, products, or services and submitting it to Press release sites. We assist our clients by providing a relevant platform.

This page is specifically designed for marketing and advertising purposes. It is through the click on the link in email or ads from Google, Bing, Facebook, or any other site a visitor land over there.

This service enables you to outshine in local search results. This helps you to have an edge over your competitors. If you want to run ahead in the race then join the best and outshine the rest. Traffic tail one of the best digital marketing company in Kanpur is waiting.

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

We are here because of our clients who believe in us! We’ve served over 100+ clients ranging from Individuals to Multi-National Companies!

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What we do as in digital marketing agency

  • Facebook Ads– We provide numerous services one of them is constructing Facebook ads. Facebook is a largely used social media platform and the best medium to fetch customers.
  • Google Ads– Google ad is a digital marketing technique of promoting a product, service, brand, business and increasing traffic on your website. These ads can be changed anytime as per the latest trend.
  • Linkedin Ads– Linkedin ads is a technique of promoting a company, business, or brand through Linkedin. It is becoming prominent gradually. These are paid form of advertisements run on LinkedIn to reach potential customers.
  • SEO– Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique of getting your website rank higher than others in the same field. We hold expertise in constructing SEO-friendly websites. Traffic tail guarantees positive results and aims at providing the best digital marketing services to clients.
  • Local SEO– Local SEO enables you to shine above when a local google search is conducted. This is a great technique of running ahead of your local competitors.
  • SMO– Social media optimization means making optimum use of social media platforms to promote products and services. It helps a business to expand its reach and get connected to the target audience.
  • SMM– Social media marketing involves using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin to promote the brand. We integrate your website to these platforms, which in turn, expand your reach.
  • YouTube Promotion– YouTube videos are designed to promote a product or service. The content is uploaded in the form of video to target the users. YouTube promotion can also be done through ads that either play before the video or can be seen alongside a video on its watch page.
  • Lead Generation– Lead Generation enables a company to get connected to potential customers. It is a process of identifying and then converting a visitor into a potential customer.
  • eCommerce– E-commerce is a technique of running a business through an application or website. It is a method of promoting, running, and nurturing businesses using online methods.
  • Content Marketing– Content marketing is not a direct form of marketing. We assist our clients in developing content in the form of blogs, videos, or audio to arouse the interest of the visitor and increase the traffic. People are likely to visit the website in such a scenario.
  • Web Development– We are prominent in providing website development services to our customers. Our designers produce the best designs and technicians add life to these designs using the latest technical methods.
  • Mobile Application– A mobile application is designed to increase the utility value. By downloading an application, a user does not have to open the website every single time to buy products or get some information. They can directly open the app and do the needful.
  • Lead Automation– It is a developed method of lead generation. Nowadays business prefers to automate the whole process of lead generation to prevent wastage of time and effort.
  • 2FA-Two-factor authentication ensures the safety of the website. A user is granted access to the website only after providing two pieces of evidence. We, at traffic tail never chose to compromise with the quality of services, therefore we provide a two-factor authentication service.
  • Campaign Management– It includes the whole process of identifying the strategies you will use to achieve your goals. The designing, planning, monitoring of the campaign is done. accordingly. Traffic tail provides the best campaign management services to ensure reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

An answer to this question is a big Yes. You should invest in PPC as it allows you to generate more revenue at less cost.

Social media is a great tool for promoting your brand or business. It expands the reach and enables you to connect with potential buyers. It facilitates interaction with customers.

Yes, affiliate marketing is a good marketing stream as it enables you to earn whenever you promote someone else’s product.

Email marketing can be labelled as an effective marketing stream as this enables a business to establish direct contact with the customer. A business can send emails promoting their product and keep the customer updated.

The statement is true. Video marketing enables a business to gather maximum traffic. People get attracted to videos and prefer them over other forms of content.

Online reputation management helps you to gather more traffic on your website. It even polishes your offline reputation.

Search Engine Optimization takes time to reveal the results. You need to have some patience if you are choosing this method of digital marketing. It takes 4-6 months to show noticeable results. It gets better with time.

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