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February 16, 2024

How Real Estate Companies can use Digital Marketing for boosting sales?

February 16, 2024

Hello, realtor! The hunt for some effective marketing techniques to boost your sales or improve your functioning must have brought you here. You must have experienced major changes in the last 10 years in the market. The way people deal, express, and look has changed drastically.

We will be covering different aspects related to the real estate business and the benefits associated with digital marketing. We at Traffic Tail, support real estate businesses digitally and help them to reach the top. So, continue to read this blog to get whole information about digital marketing for real estate agents.

digital marketing for real estate agents

What is a Real Estate Business?

A business that deals with the buying, selling, managing or investment of real estate properties. The term real estate means real or physical property. Real estate is a property that consists of land and buildings on it. It also includes natural resources such as crops, minerals or water. There are 4 types of real estate that includes-

  • Residential Real Estate– It includes the construction of new homes and resale of old ones. Different types of homes are constructed like single-family homes, triple-deckers, high-value homes, townhouses, multi-generational, and vacation homes.
  • Commercial Real Estate– Buildings that are used for commercial purposes come under this category. This includes shopping malls, medical and educational buildings, hotels and offices, and many more. Even apartment buildings come under this category. These buildings are used for residential purposes but they are owned to create money.
  • Industrial Real Estate– It includes the buildings and property used for manufacturing purposes. It also includes warehouses. The buildings that are used for research, storage, production, and distribution fall in this category.
  • Land– The vacant land lies in this category. The unused or undeveloped land, working farms, ranches are encapsulated in this category.

How the Real Estate Industry Works?

Before beginning with the benefits of digitalizing the real estate business, we should know, how it works. Here we go with a brief description- “How real estate industry works?”.

  • Construction of new buildings– When you enter in real estate business. You can either start with reselling or constructing. Construction of new buildings includes residential, commercial, and industrial. It is also a component of Gross Domestic Product.
  • New home Building– This includes the construction of single-home buildings, townhouses, and condominiums. The National Association of Homebuilders avails monthly data on home sales and average prices.
  • Real estate agents– The work of a successful real estate agent is to assist and guide homeowners, industrialists, investors, and businesses in buying and selling all four types of properties.
  • Sellers Agents– Sellers’ agents help in finding buyers. They do so either by using multiple listing services or professional contacts. They advertise your properties and make them appear best in front of customers. They price your properties, using comparative listings of the recently sold properties.
  • Buyers’ Agents– They help the home purchasers in finding sellers. They understand your requirements and guide you accordingly. They are well-aware of the city, property, and the market. They know the area you can afford and suggest the best one. They even compare the prices of the houses.

This is how the real estate business works. People are actively entering into real estate world. As it is one of the most promising industries.

digital marketing for real estate agents

As you are apprised with what is real estate business and how it works, the next point of concern is what is digital marketing. How does it work? How can it help your business to grow? What are the benefits associated with digital marketing? Here we go-

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a component of the market that makes use of the internet and different technologies to promote products or services. Online marketing efforts can be referred to as digital marketing. Social media advertising, email marketing, PPC, local citation can be cited as examples.

Every business has different requirements. One technique may do wonders to a business while it performs worst for others. The choice of the technique should be done cautiously. Here is a list of few digital marketing methods to promote a business-

  • Website– Having a website has become a necessity. Every business should develop a website. It marks your online presence and allows your customer to trust your business. You can find customers, service providers and get connected to other businesses through the website.
  • Social Media– Who is not acquainted with the magical powers of social media? Social media can do wonders. You can understand the tastes and preferences of your customers. You can get feedback and improve your mistakes.
  • Email marketing– This is a great way of supplying information to the customers. All you need to do is extract their email id when they sign in. After that, you can send them emails containing the details of the latest trends, which offer everything.

Many digital marketing techniques can be used to advertise your business. We at Traffic Tail, provide a guide on which technique should be chosen and why?

You can use both traditional and digital methods for promoting your real estate business. Traditional methods do not involve the use of the internet or online methods to promote a business. The scope of traditional methods is a bit small. Here we go with the small comparison between traditional and digital methods of marketing.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing methods

Traditional Real Estate Marketing Method:-

  • Traditional mediums that can be used to convey your messages include mobile phones, prints, pamphlets, outdoor and broadcast, and many more.
  • Traditional methods of marketing are quite expensive and rely on selling techniques.
  • You cannot analyze the performance of your methods.

Digital Real Estate Marketing Method

  • The use of social media, websites, and other digital platforms is made to convey the message.
  • You can analyze the performance of your website and other digital methods to make further improvements.
  • Digital marketing methods cost lesser than traditional marketing methods.

When digital marketing was not in trend, people used to promote their businesses using traditional methods. Some of them like billboards, radio, prints are very effective but change is the rule and dynamism is the essence of business. So, if you want to offer heavy competition, you need to move according to the trend.

Real Estate and the Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing techniques have performed out-of-the-way to grow real estate businesses. Realtors are crazily getting into the world of digitalization. Social media is one of the most prevalent methods of promoting a real estate business.

You can purchase Facebook ads, Instagram ads to fetch the attention of the users. Even YouTube can be used. You can purchase YouTube ads and even start your channel. All you need to do is find the right technique for your real estate business.

digital marketing for real estate agents

Digitalizing your real estate business can add a lot. You can experience growth in your business. You can find customers, selling agents, and other professionals on the internet. So, if you are planning to develop an edge over your competitors and rule the market, use the following tricks.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Business

1. Develop Email Campaign

An email campaign is a great option for every kind of business. It is a great tool for connecting your businesses with new leads and remaining connected to past clients. If you want a business to grow, you should try to maintain contact with your customers.

And if they find your content relevant, they will get indulged with your business. All you need to do is understand their requirements. A well-rounded campaign with potential clients goes well through predetermined actions based on their buyer profile.

2. Having a website

Developing a website is a must. A well-developed, user-friendly website can add a lot. Having a website marks your presence on the internet. It does not guarantee the visibility of your website.

You need to develop a responsive and user-friendly website. Studies revealed, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to open, it experiences a low conversion rate. So, the website should load easily. Responsiveness is another important factor.

Half of the websites are mobile-friendly, as people do not prefer to open laptops or computers for every small thing. Apart from that, the choice of colors of the website is also an important factor. It should comply with the theme of your business.

Content is king. A website with supreme quality content can elongate the stay of the user. You need to provide relevant and user-friendly content on your website. It should induce the interest of visitors. The information that should be available on your website include-

  • Details of the property
  • Links to relevant related services like lawyers, home inspectors, and other
  • A list of new listings
  • Buying procedure
  • Latest updates

 All of the above-mentioned details should be available on your website. Apart from that, you can mention what you feel is relevant and must be communicated to your potential customers.

You can add certain features like chatbots, that require 24*7 availability. Many features can be added as per the requirement of your business.

3. Creating and Posting Blog Content

Blogs are chasing the limelight these days. Regularly posting blogs can level up your SEO and strengthen your online presence. It also provides your clients with the required information. Many-a-times visitors get answers to their questions through blog posts. This increases the stay of the visitor. It even brings them back to your website.

All you need is to develop a responsive website and regularly post the content on your website. It helps real estate professionals to develop an edge over their competitors. Make sure the blogs you post should be relevant to your business and must serve as an answer to the questions of searchers.

4. Pay-per-click Advertising

One of the best digital marketing techniques for your real estate business is Pay-per-click. It is an impeccable strategy to generate leads based on ads. You earn on every click the ad gets. You can find potential clients through this technique.

Although, many a-times you have to deal with ungenuine clients the coin has two sides. You can also get a genuine and positive response through PPC advertising. PPC ads are often targeted towards individuals who have searched for keywords in the search engine.

5. Social Media

Social media is a boss. If you want to see promising results through digitalization, plan your social media marketing strategy cautiously. Posting once in a while and moving as per the strategy are two utterly different things and the difference between the results is sizeable. You must be wondering, what all things can be posted on social media accounts to grab the attention of the users.

  • Relevant images and videos
  • Short stories
  • Team bio
  • Blog posts

You should try to offer varied content on social media. Your pictures, videos must be catchy and convincing. It should fetch the attention of more and more visitors.

digital marketing for real estate agents

One thing that should keep in mind while resorting to social media for promotion is the optimization of social media accounts. Your social media accounts should be well-optimized. This enables the users to recognize your brand easily.

If you are not new to digital marketing, you must be apprised of the difficulties that are faced by users to follow the strategy. Different tools can smoothen your work. 

6. Host a Webinar

The global pandemic has brought the whole world to the internet. In that scenario, you can organise webinars to share the knowledge and the benefits associated with the real estate business. You can promote your business through webinars. You can reach a large audience through webinars.

The real estate business is all about generating leads. Webinars can help you in generating leads and increase your online reputation. You can also get the feedback of attendees after the webinar and work towards your betterment, in case you got some negative reviews.

7. Host Virtual Tours

Hosting a virtual tour can generate revenue 49% faster than non-video users. All you need to do is to organize5 a virtual tour for the home or the property you are trying to sell. Now the client will get an idea of what you can offer him.

This helps you in winning the trust of customers. It can ease the process of purchasing a home or property. If you are a beginner, you must not be having a clear idea of what should be shared through video. Here we go with the relevant content that should be shared through the medium of video-

  • Cover the relevant information of the house in the video.
  • Make sure the video is interactive as there are chances of losing interest in the video
  • The video should be real. Do not add digital illustrations to make it look attractive.

8. Search Engine Optimization

Having a website can mark your presence online. It does not guarantee visibility or success. So, if you want to gain more traffic and increase your rankings on search engines you should go for an SEO-friendly website.

An SEO-friendly website offers conversions and increases lead generation. Ans real estate business runs on leads. For using the right SEO techniques, you must consult an SEO company. As it is not easy to identify for everyone, which techniques go well for your business.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is the choice of keywords. You should choose relevant keywords and the density of those keywords should be measurable. While choosing the keywords, make sure you are choosing high-ranking keywords. Other elements of SEO strategy include-

  • Local Citation
  • Social media pages
  • Backlinks
  • Online directories

Keep posting blogs embedded with relevant keywords. This can also help in increasing the ranks of your website.

9. Google Search Ads & Display ads for a real estate

Google search ad is the right place to spend your money. It works like most of the popular search engines. When a person enters a text, your text ad appears if it is relevant to the search query. These ads are text-based.

On the other hand, a display ad is a method of attracting the audience of social media, website, or other mediums so that they can take the required action. These display and online advertising campaigns are usually charged on a cost-per-click or Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM) basis. Display ads are of different types which include-

  • Banner ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • Video ads

10. Real Estate Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great tool for building awareness. A site with crispier content can do miracles. All you need is cautious and strategic content marketing planning. Real estate agents have to plan what to present, how to present, and which medium is the best. You can consult digital marketing agencies to provide you with complete guidance.

Two ways to start content marketing are blogging and social media. When you go for content marketing, you make an effort to attract prospects, produce leads, and fetch new customers. As you all know, content is the king. Content is the lifeline of digital marketing efforts. It improves the buyer quality and creates product awareness.

You can use these digital marketing strategies to grow your business. There are many more strategies that can be used. You can consult digital marketing agencies to show the right path. You must be contemplating the benefits associated with digitalizing the real estate business.

Here we go with the benefits associated with real estate digital marketing.

  • Good Return on Investment– It offers a promising return on investment. You can enjoy heavy returns on a small investment. You can deliver your content through a web-based platform, in mobile apps, or even through social media. All you need is the right strategy and the game is yours.
  • Save time and money– Digitalizing your real estate business can help you in saving a lot of time and money. You don’t have to use traditional methods of promoting your business. Studies revealed digital methods cost 61% lower than traditional methods of marketing.

    You can host a virtual tour to show the property. You can avoid visiting the actual site and this can save your time visiting the site. This enables your clients to judge the properties accurately.
  • Easy to use– Once you get used to it, it is not difficult to use digital marketing techniques to promote your real estate business. You can learn the techniques or you can hire the experts. You can also outsource this department to digital marketing agencies.
  • Boost sales– You earn through sales. Using digital marketing strategies can boost your sales. Social media and other digital marketing strategies can help you in generating leads. Leads are the potential customers. Through social media, you can find your leads and boost your sales.
  • Develop an edge over your competitors– By using the new and innovative digital marketing techniques you can develop an edge over your competitors. The real estate sector is extremely under-digitalized. By choosing the right digital marketing environment for your real estate business, you can offer a great competitive advantage.

If you have already digitalized your real estate business but are not sure about its competency and effectiveness, you can still improve. It’s never too late. Here is a list of improvements that can be made-

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Digital Marketing Improvements

  • Develop ideal clients– Buyer profile or ideal clients are the people who lie in your target market. They include new homeowners, existing agents, and others. You should spare enough time to figure out your target audience.
  • Relevant Content– Start posting relevant content today! Powerful content can attract a large number of users. Either you can post a blog with the right keywords or any kind of content you feel can attract searchers. Try to post one or two blogs in a day. This maintains the regularity of the website.
  • Invest in digital marketing– The whole world is on the internet. Your competitors are joining the internet. So, if you want to remain in the race invest actively in digital marketing. Either you can train your present employees or outsource this work.
  • Work on SEO– Increasing your rankings on search engines is necessary. You cannot make a website and wait for miracles. You need to put effort and work into Search Engine optimization. Analyze your performance and do the needful. That is the key.
digital marketing for real estate agents

Therefore, these are certain improvements that can be made to your existing real estate digital marketing strategy.

How to generate leads through digital marketing?

As it is said, digital marketing has become a great tool for businesses to promote their business and produce leads. Studies revealed 77% of realtors use digital marketing methods to promote their business. Here is a list of methods through which you can generate more leads-

  1. Inbound Marketing- Inbound marketing will is a great tool to generate leads. Attractive landing pages and the lead magnet will bring potential clients to your website, who can then get converted into subscribers. This is a method where you can integrate sales and digital marketing tactics to work together.
  2. Content Marketing- Is there anything, which content marketing cannot do? Probably, the answer is no. The reason why content is called king. Content marketing helps in generating leads as it is revealed that buyers go through content before getting indulged in the sales activity.
  3. Marketing Automation- Marketing automation makes use of AI to track user behavior and engagement on your site. Messages are given with special offers based on a visitor’s browsing history. It will increase engagement on your website that will enhance the number of likes, shares, comments, which in turn will generate leads for your real estate business.
  4. Affiliate Marketing- Let me share one of the easiest methods of generating leads for real estate business. You can contact influencers and promote your business. This is a two-way method of growing as both the influence and your business will find exposure.

These methods yield effective results if implemented properly. If you are new, you may face difficulty in using real estate digital marketing strategies, but investment in these methods is worthy. We at traffic tail, guide the real estate companies to generate leads and boost sales eventually.

Do you Know?

  • According to the National Association of Realtors, there were 5.34 million existing homes sold in 2018
  • Real estate business can boost their sales even through YouTube
  • In 2018, real estate construction contributed $1.15 trillion to the nation’s economic output.
  • 92% of people find their dream home from online searches
  • 86% of homebuyers use video to research a particular community and 70% use it sees the inside of homes.

You must have got a clear idea of what is real estate marketing and how it works. You need to find the right strategy for your real estate business. Before finalizing, research and choose the best digital marketing agency to assist you in growing your real estate business. You can get connected to Traffic Tail- One of the best real estate digital marketing agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. 1- What is a real estate business?

Ans. A business that deals with real property are known as a real estate business. Precisely, a business that deals with selling and buying old and new properties is called a real estate business.

Ques. 2- Is it beneficial to do this business?

Ans. Yes, the real estate business is one of the most profitable businesses in India.

Ques. 3- Is it beneficial to digitalize my real estate business?

Ans. Yes, it is the best way to grow your business. All you need is guidance and resources to digitalize your real estate business.

Ques.4- What all digital marketing techniques can be used?

Ans. These techniques of digital marketing can be used-

  • Develop email campaign
  • Developing a website
  • PPC advertising
  • Blog post

Ques. 5- Can social media help?

Ans. Yes, social media can help a lot. You can make use of user-generated content on social media to grow. Other techniques can also be used.

Ques. 6- Which real estate digital marketing strategies can be used?

Ans. Real estate digital marketing strategies that can be used include-

  • Blog post
  • Developing user-friendly website
  • Google Ads and display ads for real estate
  • Social media
  • Hosting virtual tours

Ques. 7- Is it worthwhile to use real estate digital marketing strategies to grow?

Ans. Yes, it is a great way to promote your real estate business. You can lift your business to great heights using these digital marketing strategies for your real estate business.

Ques. 8- Which Real estate sites are best for listing?

Ans. Here is the list of the best real estate portal sites-

  • 99 Acres
  • No broker
  • Housing
  • Makaan
  • Nest Away
  • Magic Bricks
  • Prop Tiger
  • Sulekha Properties
  • India Property
  • Common floor
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