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May 16, 2024

Best free Email Marketing tools

May 16, 2024
Email marketingi tools

A recent Google update led your content to fall in the search ranks. Your sponsored ad expenses are soaring, your Facebook ads aren’t producing leads like they used to, and you’re scared Twitter could implode any day now. Whatever the case, one thing is sure: if you don’t control the channels you connect with clients, the ground may constantly shift beneath you. Email marketing shines in this situation. The good news is that you can build up your email marketing using a whole ecosystem of free tools that contain all the functionality you’ll need and more.

Email usage is at an all-time high for many of us. In fact, email is used by over 3.7 billion people worldwide. So it’s no surprise that we have lots of potential in email marketing.  Email marketing tools help to strategize and plan email campaigns in a better way. 

In fact, email marketing tools are used by 86 percent of B2B marketers to promote new business. This begs the question, are you effectively using email marketing for your business? I examined and evaluated hundreds of free email marketing tools to uncover the best tools for various use cases and business kinds. Listed below are the top 20 free email marketing tools.

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

But before that, you must know

What Exaclty are E-Mail Marketing Tools?

Email marketing tools may help you manage your contact lists, develop and send attractive emails, and track how many of them were opened and read. The good news is that getting started doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. Many of the solutions in our overview feature low-cost starter plans, and some even provide onboarding services for new users.

The twenty products we’ve chosen include a wide range of self-service assistance and knowledge base articles for typical problems.

Today, numerous email marketing service tools are available to assist you with your email marketing, some of which are free forever. However, it is essential to note that not all free email marketing tools provide the same features.

So, why is there anutility of email marketing? Let’s see that.

Why are Email Marketing Tools are Required?

Before we get into the intricacies of each email marketing tool, let’s take a look at the utility of email marketing in general.

1. Effective administration

Email marketing solutions give users a centralized platform for administering email campaigns. They include tools like list building, segmentation, and contact management that make it simpler to organize and efficiently target your audience.

2. Automation

With these email marketing softwares , you can automate a number of components of your email campaigns, including the distribution of personalized welcome emails, planned newsletters, and triggered follow-up emails in response to user activities. Time is saved and timely and appropriate communication with your subscribers is ensured via automation.

3. Personalization

Providing personalized content to your subscribers is essential for successful email marketing. You may segment your audience using email marketing solutions based on their demographics, behaviors, or other characteristics to send highly targeted emails. 

4. Creativity and templates

The majority of email marketing solutions have a variety of pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop editors that make it simple to create emails that seem pleasant to the eye and are well-put together. To guarantee that your emails are optimized for all devices and screen sizes, these solutions frequently provide responsive design features.

Here are some examples that demonstrate the efficacy of email marketing tools in general:

  • According to Litmus’ State of Email 2020 analysis, the ROI of email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent.
  • According to HubSpot’s Not Another State of Marketing 2020 analysis, 78 percent of marketers have witnessed an increase in email engagement in the last 12 months.
  • According to a 2020 Content Marketing Institute report, 81 percent of B2B marketers utilize email newsletters for content marketing. Furthermore, email newsletters were chosen as the top medium for nurturing leads by 31% of B2B marketers.

With these data alone, it is clear that email marketing tools are still the king of all marketing channels. However, it is crucial to realize that the finest results are obtained by incorporating technical advancements into your email marketing efforts.

What businesses benefit the most from email marketing?

Email marketing greatly benefits companies operating in e-commerce, services-based industries, content production, and the nonprofit sector. E-commerce companies can advertise their products and boost sales. At the same time, service providers can communicate with their customers and offer special offers.

Content creators can develop an engaged audience and increase traffic; nonprofit organisations can create awareness and increase donations. We can say that Email marketing is a cost-effective and efficient method to connect with and reach out to groups, encouraging customer loyalty and helping boost business growth.

You’ll be shocked at how much you can obtain for virtually nothing! Some don’t even place a limit on the number of subscribers or emails you can send per month.

Other capabilities such as landing pages, transactional email, and automation are also sometimes included, so keep an eye out for these handy additions. The precise characteristics that appeal to you will be determined by your company’s demands.

Why Email Marketing Tools works for you?

  • Creating custom content.
  • Surveys and feedback are being collected.
  • Increasing sales.
  • Communicating with your target audience
  • Increasing traffic to your website.
  • Sending out campaigns on schedule.
  • Increasing the number of leads.
  • Getting in touch with the right people at the right time.
  • Creating cost-effective marketing efforts.
  • Adding extra value to your audience’s experience.
  • Having a place to promote oneself.
  • Possessing control over your media and contact lists.

List of best free email marketing tools

Sr. No.ToolFree Or PaidRating
1SenderFree 15,000 emails and up to 2,500 subscribers monthly4.4/5
2SendinblueFree for unlimited contacts and up to 300 emails each day4.4/5
3ConvertkitFree up to 1,000 subscribers4.5/5
4OmnisendFree 500 emails monthly4.5/5
5SendpulseFree 15,000 monthly emails and up to 500 subscribers4.2/5
6EngagebayFree 250 monthly contacts4.5/5
7MailchimpFree Up to 2,500 emails each month4.8/5
8EmailoctopusFree 10,000 monthly emails and up to 2,500 subscribers4.4/5
9MailjetFree 200 emails each day and up to 6,000 emails/per mo4/5
10MoosendFree 1,000 subscribers maximum4.7/5
11HubspotFree monthly send cap of 2,000 emails4.5/5
12Benchmark EmailFree 3,500 monthly emails maximum4.2/5
13CleverReachUp to 250 subscribers and 1,000 monthly emails4/5
14FreshmarketerFree plan for up to 100 contacts4.2/5
16MailerLite12,000 emails and up to 1,000 subscribers monthl4.4/5
17AWebefree for up to 500 subscribers4.2/5
18MailgunUp to 5,000 monthly emails with a maximum of 5 Recipients4.3/5
19TinyLetterTinyLetter is cost-free4.7/5
20PepipostFor 30 days, you can send 30,000 emails4.7/5

1. Sender

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

This basic and easy-to-use email marketing tool comes with a large sending capacity as well as some useful extras such as automation and pushes notifications. Sender offers a wide variety of tools that help in efficient email marketing. The only restrictions on the free plan are the number of subscribers and the maximum number of emails per month. 

Users may compose emails with a professional appearance using Sender’s drag-and-drop email editor without any prior coding experience.

Main Features of Sender

  • Sender offers thorough reporting and analytics capabilities for tracking the effectiveness of your email campaigns.
  • The tool focuses on optimizing email deliverability to make sure that your emails get into the inboxes of your subscribers, 
  • Sender offers interfaces with well-known third-party tools and platforms, including content management systems, CRMs, and e-commerce platforms.

Pros and Cons of Sender

  • A simple drag-and-drop email editor, and a user-friendly UI.
  • Possibility of pre-planning and automating email campaigns.
  • Possibility of pre-planning and automating email campaigns.
  • For quick email generation, there are pre-designed templates accessible.
  • Template customization choices may constrain the ability to manipulate the design components fully.
  • The price structure could only fit some spending plans, which might make it less affordable for startups or smaller companies.
  • Complex email sequences and automation take time to develop.
15,000 emails and up to 2,500 subscribers monthlyMonthly rates begin at $8.33.

2. Sendinblue Or Brevo

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

If your company relies heavily on transactional emails, such as forgotten password assistance and invoice receipts, Sendinblue could be a good fit. You can integrate with their email system using their extensive developer APIs to achieve custom and required technical processes.

You’ll have access to many templates, personalization, A/B testing, contact management, a workflow editor, and real-time reporting with Sendinblue’s free plan.

Main Features of Brevo

  • Email campaigns that work on mobile
  • SMS customization for targeted messaging
  • Subscribers with advanced segmentation possibilities
  • Organize your contacts using contact lists and information
  • Transact business via SMS and email
  • Improve lead generation with an online form builder

Pros and Cons of Brevo

  • Deliver time-sensitive information quickly
  • Advanced Automation included in freemium
  • Track all customer interactions on one platform


  • Support may be poor
  • inadequate deliverability rate
  • Limited light and freemium plans
  • Ineffective drag and drop options


Free for unlimited contacts and up to 300 emails each day.

3. Convertkit

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

One of our favorite email marketing providers is ConvertKit. It’s an excellent pick for all types of creators. Influencers, bloggers, video makers, musicians, artists, and others are all included. 

This is because their platform focuses more on engaging and nurturing your audience through landing pages, eCommerce systems, and membership sites. You can generate leads from casual visits to your social media accounts, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook pages, and other websites.

Main Features of Convertkit

  • Create automated email processes and sequences to provide relevant and customized information to recipients.
  • Create forms and landing pages that you can customize to collect leads and expand your email list.
  • Segmenting subscribers based on their interests and behaviors can help you create and deliver customized email campaigns and aesthetically appealing newsletters.
  • Design and deliver customized email campaigns, create eye-catching email designs and divide subscriber lists into groups according to their interests and behavior.

Pros and Cons of Convertkit

  • Users can easily access and set up email marketing campaigns with ConvertKit’s simple, user-friendly interface.
  • The platform has powerful automation tools that let customers build intricate and customized email sequences without requiring technical knowledge.
  • A helpful tool for developing good landing pages and forms to gather leads and grow email lists.
  • Few options for landing page and email template design modification.
  • Fewer advanced functions for more complicated marketing automation requirements.
  • Limited alternatives for creating visual content, such as built-in picture libraries or image editing software.
  • Little customer service is available, and some consumers say it takes longer to respond.


Free PlanCreator PlanCreator Pro
Up to 1,000 subscribers$15 per month$29 for 30 days

4. Omnisend

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

Omnisend is an easy-to-use email marketing tool designed specifically for e-commerce sites. They provide various options such as automated email and SMS marketing to convert leads into consumers.

They combine text messages, web browser push alerts, email marketing, Google Customer Match, and Facebook ad retargeting to ensure you engage with as many customers as possible.

Main Features of Omnisend

  • Automation and integration across several channels, including push alerts, SMS, email, and more.
  • Consumer journeys that are coordinated and personalised across several touchpoints.
  • The capacity to create and automate sophisticated procedures using several channels.
  • Better consumer experience and constant communications.
  • Enables companies to create targeted marketing strategies that are well-coordinated.

Pros and Cons of Omnisend

  • Implementation of SMS marketing
  • Reach out to sync for advertisements
  • Integrating online stores
  • No restrictions on RSS features the use of blogs in campaigns
  • Support may be poor
  • Only the Pro package offers unlimited email sending.


Free Paid
500 emails monthly maximumMonthly rates begin at $16

5. Sendpulse

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

Send Pulse offers more than 130 templates to choose from, or you can create your own using the drag-and-drop editor. You will have access to Send Pulse’s highly regarded support team, including live chat support, as part of the free plan.

Send Pulse has a “Resend” feature that allows you to resend unopened emails with different subject lines, which is useful for time-crunched marketers. They also provide web pushes, SMTP, Viber, and other services.

Main Features of Sendpulse

  • Edit HTML
  • Web push notifications
  • Grouping and customization
  • Integrations with online storefronts such as Shopify and Woocommerce

Pros and Cons of Sendpulse

  • Designed to work across platforms, including email, chatbots, and SMS
  • Excellent email editor
  • Integrated sales elements for lead generation
  • Messenger campaigns with chatbot integration
  • Price range is restricted.
  • The free plan has tight restrictions.
  • Customer service might be sluggish and unhelpful at times.


15,000 monthly emails and up to 500 subscribersMonthly rates begin at $8

6. Engagebay

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

EngageBay provides a variety of products for attracting targeted site visitors, engaging and capturing leads, nurturing, and converting them into satisfied customers. Email marketing is included in their Marketing Bay and All-in-One Suite plans.

To meet your company’s needs, you can select from a variety of email marketing templates. You can utilize pre-designed templates or create your own to match your needs. Create a template that meets your company’s requirements using their drag-and-drop interface. Create eye-catching email templates with sophisticated text formatting.

Main Features of Engagebay

  • EngageBay provides an all-in-one CRM system for managing customer relationships, tracking interactions, and organizing customer data.
  • Customers can automate their marketing activities with capabilities like email marketing, landing pages, and lead nurturing procedures.
  • EngageBay offers sales automation capabilities such as lead scoring, pipeline management, and email monitoring to help expedite the sales process.
  • A helpdesk tool is included in the platform to manage client inquiries and support tickets, guaranteeing adequate and fast customer service.

Pros and Cons of Engagebay

  • One dashboard gives users access to all functions on an integrated platform.
  • Designing interactive emails is simple.
  • The customer service staff responds quickly.
  • There are extremely few templates for landing pages.
  • No SMS capability.
  • Some functionality needs to be improved, including Google Meet and location information for calendar events.


250 monthly contacts maximumThe Basic Marketing plan begins at $12.74 monthly and is billed every two years

7. Mailchimp

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

Email marketing capabilities such as list segmentation, A/B testing, contact profiles, and more are available through Mailchimp. However, it’s vital to know that the free plan includes Mailchimp branding in your email footers and does not include access to premium support.

If you run an e-commerce store, Mailchimp connects with e-commerce suppliers such as WooCommerce and Magento. Furthermore, if WordPress is your preferred CMS software, the tool connects with it. 

Finally, Mailchimp provides email reporting and analytics to help you find areas of opportunity.

Main Features of Mailchimp

  • Organize your connections with list management tools
  • Templates available for introductory email newsletters
  • Single-step automation Integrations with widely used program
  • Use behavioral targeting to create emails with more pertinent content

Pros and Cons of Mailchimp

  • Numerous automation, some of which you may also automate
  • Even people who lack artistic ability may send attractive emails thanks to Creative Assistant.
  • There are several ways to send mailings to the appropriate recipients.
  • No services are offered for configuration or onboarding
  • A lower level of subscriptions with little support
  • Workflow is not clear.


Up to 2,500 emails each monthBegins at $13 per month

8. Emailoctopus

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

A refreshingly straightforward email marketing tool with extremely reasonable prices. It doesn’t have many features, but what it does, it does well. You may use Zapier to connect it to a variety of different programs.

EmailOctopus, which began as a part of Amazon’s SES service, has established itself as one of the greatest free email marketing platforms, boasting the simplest email builder and UI. Despite having few capabilities, EmailOctopus is one of the greatest free email blast providers.

The maintenance of email lists is also quite simple to understand, allowing you to easily add fields, import data, and export lists. You may send better email content that speaks to your audience if you use the segmentation and personalization tools included in the free edition.

Main Features of EmailOctopus

  • 30 day storage period for statistics
  • Email editor with drag-and-drop
  • Simple customer service
  • List management for emails

Pros and Cons of EmailOctopus

  • Cost-effective price and a strong pro plan.
  • Top Class Customer service via live chat and email.
  • Good gadget responsiveness across the board.
  • Lacks a landing page builder.
  • Minimal segmentation.
  • Not available for direct integration.
10,000 monthly emails and up to 2,500 subscribersPrices start at $8 monthly

9. Mailjet

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

A platform called Mailjet was initially an email service for transactions. Later, it transformed into a platform for email marketing with cutting-edge email marketing tools, APIs, and Webhooks.

The drag-and-drop email builder is easy to use, and the service’s essential segmentation tools will enable you to construct more individualized email campaigns for your target market. Additionally, MailJet allows you to interact with your colleagues via emails, helping you alter several components simultaneously.

Mailjet’s free plan gives you access to an unlimited number of contacts, APIs and webhooks, a powerful email editor, and statistics. However, there are no A/B testing or automation tools available with the free account.

Mailjet’s interface is simple to use, and because the tool provides complete API access, it is suitable for enterprises that require technical modifications.

Main Features of Mailjet

  • Mailjet provides a feature-rich email marketing platform with comprehensive segmentation and targeting capabilities for creating and sending personalized email campaigns.
  • Mailjet has collaboration tools that let numerous team members exchange templates, work on email campaigns together, and cooperate effectively.
  • Order confirmations and password reset emails may be sent using the platform’s dependable infrastructure, guaranteeing prompt and correct delivery.

Pros and Cons of Mailjet

  • Provides a solid infrastructure that guarantees excellent deliverability rates.
  • The platform provides sophisticated segmentation features, enabling users to target particular audience segments with tailored and pertinent information.
  • Email templates offer fewer possibilities for personalization, which may make it challenging to develop highly personalized designs.
  • Some customers have complained of waiting too long to obtain help or of needing help getting help right away when they need it.
200 emails each day and up to 6,000 emails/per monthMonthly rates begin at $15

10. Moosend

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

This is another of the best email marketing and marketing automation platforms is Moosend, which enables you to build beautiful email marketing campaigns, automate your marketing activities, and increase lead production. The drag-and-drop email builder will allow you to become a creative pro without any technical knowledge, thanks to a range of responsive email newsletter templates you may use on the free edition.

Aside from offering limitless email campaigns, Moosend offers free trial periods for its robust segmentation tools and marketing automation processes, allowing you to explore how to increase conversions and open rates.

Moosend is ideal for those who want to get their feet wet in the world of email marketing tools. The free tier is feature-rich, but it is limited to 1,000 subscribers and does not include a dedicated IP address.

Moosend features a drag-and-drop editor, email marketing automation triggers, real-time analytics, and list segmentation. Moosend does not provide a CRM, but if you are only interested in email marketing, it could be a good place to start.

Main Features of Moosend

  • Fully customizable email newsletter templates
  • Drag-and-drop campaign builder for quick creation
  • Marketing automation to make laborious processes easier
  • Segmenting email lists to keep lists clean

Pros and Cons of Moosend

  • Nobody can easily explore and set up email campaigns without technical knowledge using Moosend’s user-friendly interface.
  • The platform offers robust automation tools that let customers design intricate and unique email sequences for engaging and nurturing subscribers.
  • Users have complained about being unable to customize email templates.
  • Learning and mastering Moosend’s more complex features and functions may take some time.
  • Moosend’s customer service is only sometimes available promptly or without issue.
1,000 subscribers maximum, monthly emails limitlessPrices start at $9 monthly

11. Hubspot

Email marketingi tools
Email Marketing tools

If you want a free email marketing platform to power your whole marketing funnel, HubSpot is the one for you. The device is a complete growth platform that aids in expanding and scaling your organization.

The intriguing thing about HubSpot’s free email marketing software is that it includes many additional marketing tools that increase the effectiveness of your email marketing. The CRM and robust marketing automation platform offered by HubSpot are renowned for providing insight into your audience and how your marketing activities affect them.

Main Features of Hubspot

  • Forms to increase email subscriptions
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn ads
  • Reporting and conversion analytics
  • Landing page builder to boost conversions

Pros and Cons of Hubspot

  • CRM, marketing, sales, and service on one platform
  • An easy UI with simple functionality
  • Many options for integrating with different programs and platforms
  • Capabilities for robust analytics and reporting for data-driven decision making
  • Pricing for small enterprises might be high.
  • Advanced features could need more education or technical expertise.
  • Limited ability to customize some aspects
  • Some users find the learning curve very high for complicated operations and automation.


Monthly send cap of 2,000 emails per toolPremium marketing options that begin at $540 per year

12. Benchmark Email

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

Benchmark is a useful free Constant Contact alternative that supports SMBs. One of the free email marketing providers, it has a significant following in more than fifteen nations. This tool is simple to use. Super easy. Simple, however, need not be bad, and Benchmark’s free email marketing tool is well-known. Using the simple email editor, you will save a lot of time, and the responsive templates will also look good.

Benchmark Email will provide you access to minimal reporting, rudimentary lead generation, and a starter-level version of its marketing automation services in addition to email marketing. 

Main Features of Benchmark Email

  • Comparative Email Features
  • Basic registration forms and drip campaigns
  • Real-time engagement metrics
  • Tools for email delivery management
  • Surveys and polls

Pros and Cons of Benchmark Email

  • Drag-and-drop email editor and user-friendly interface
  • Pricing options that are reasonable for small enterprises
  • Strong segmentation and automation capabilities
  • Including popular third-party applications like Shopify, WordPress, and Salesforce in your integration
  • Fewer template choices than on other email marketing platforms
  • Response times for customer service might be lengthy.
  • Some users mention intermittent deliverability problems.
  • There might need to be more advanced tools for more sophisticated email marketing campaigns.


3,500 monthly emails maximumMonthly rates begin at $8

13. CleverReach

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

One of those free email marketing firms that began as something else is cleverReach. In this instance, the tool is an email marketing technology service provider that has developed into most popular free email marketing tools.

But are CleverReach’s free email tools as intelligent as they promise to be? CleverReach gets merits for having a simple, clear user interface and a quick learning curve. Although the drag-and-drop builder is quite simple, there is still some space for improvement.

Main Features of CleverReach

  • WordPress, Shopware, and Salesforce plugins
  • View the contacts who have unsubscribed
  • Campaign in HTML import
  • Automatic email reminders

Pros and Cons of CleverReach

  • Simple interface for creating and sending business emails
  • Plans with reasonable prices and substantial subscriber limitations
  • Advanced personalization and automation features
  • Detailed analytics and reporting for monitoring email campaign performance
  • Fewer opportunities for integration than on other email marketing platforms
  • Options for template modification might be limited.
  • Occasionally, some users report spam filters and deliverability concerns.
  • Response times from customer service may vary and become slower during busy times.


Up to 250 subscribers and 1,000 monthly emailsMonthly fees for plans begin at $10

14. Freshmarketer

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

With Freshmarketer, it’s simple to design engaging email campaigns, automate engagement, gain a deeper understanding of your audience, and expand your customer base. You may upload your HTML code to generate your email or use the drag-and-drop builder to create email campaigns from the start. 

Additionally, Freshmarketer offers pre-made email layouts. The innovative drag-and-drop customer path builder in Freshmarketer makes it simple to communicate the correct message to the right audience at the right time.

Main Features of Freshmarketer

  • Email campaign creation tool with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • A/B testing features let you try out various email iterations and improve performance.
  • Emails can be personalized depending on consumer characteristics and behaviors.
  • Features for advanced analytics and reporting to monitor critical parameters, evaluate the success of campaigns, and make informed decisions.

Pros and Cons of Freshmarketer

  • Simple setup and lots of features
  • The use of forums to analyze marketing processes
  • Outstanding client service
  • Simple A/B testing software
  • As the platform is still being developed, users can encounter issues.
  • Inadequate speed
  • Service to customers might be sluggish.
  • Subpar optimization of conversion rate


FreeGrowth PlanProEnterprise
up to 100 contacts with the essential email buildercosts $19 a monthcosts $149 monthly$299 monthly
  • Free Plans: Freshmarketer provides a free plan for up to 100 contacts with the essential email builder, tracking for online forms, contact and list management, and some conversion optimization capabilities.
  • Freshmarketer offers three premium plans:
  1. The Growth plan costs $19 a month (billed annually). It includes all of the features in the free edition, including a drag-and-drop builder, segmentation, conversion rate optimization, and other features. 
  2. The most popular plan is the Pro, which costs $149 monthly (paid yearly). 
  3. The Enterprise plan costs $299 monthly (paid yearly) and covers all of the software’s features.

15. Campaigner

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

Campaigner allows you to use customer data to personalize interactions for audience engagement, business growth, and increased customer lifetime value. Create engaging email and SMS automation workflows that drive successful converting campaigns with Campaigner’s user-friendly drag-and-drop visual builder.

 It enables you to access various events, triggers, and conditions, such as email activity, conditional logic, and conversion tracking, to start new activities or processes and improve the frequency and timing of your message sending.

Main Features of Campaigner

  • You may develop and send highly personalized messages to start more insightful dialogues. 
  • Use personalization tools like segmentation, dynamic content, and geolocation to generate one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing emails tailored to your audience’s needs. 
  • This tool enables you to do tests and experiment with features like name testing, delivery time testing, A/B testing, and content testing to examine certain components of your email campaign.

Pros and Cons of Campaigner

  • Lengthy free review period
  • Intuitive interface and user-friendly
  • Wide range of features
  • No forever-free plan for small users
  • Accessing the free trial isn’t always as simple as you’d expect
  • Template navigation can be challenging


30-day fully functional free trial onlyUp to 5,000 contacts starting at $59 monthly

16. MailerLite

Email marketingi tools
Email marketingi tools

MailerLite is a different platform included in this list of free email marketing providers. To help organizations grow, MailerLite was created in 2010 as an easy-to-use yet effective email solution. It is available for individuals with fewer than 1,000 members and only needs a basic free subscription. The sole difference between paying plans (apart from the ability to send unlimited emails) is the number of subscribers.

Additionally, the advanced text editor and integrated photo editing functionality make MailerLite a fantastic free choice for bloggers and creatives that want to produce newsletter visuals that reflect their brand.

Main Features of MailerLite

  • Page builder for unsubscribes
  • Making eye-catching emails with built-in photo editing
  • Managing subscribers to keep your listings clear
  • A/B testing to determine which components perform better
  • Tracking your email performance using reports and surveys

Pros and Cons of MailerLite

  • Email creation is made simple with a user-friendly UI and a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Affordable price options, including a free plan for new and small enterprises.
  • Capabilities for automated creation of personalized and targeted email messages.
  • Robust tracking and reporting features to evaluate campaign effectiveness and improve outcomes.
  • Comparatively few template choices to some other email marketing systems.
  • For more complicated campaigns, advanced customization possibilities could be constrained.
  • Deliverability and spam filtering have occasionally caused problems for some users.
  • No live chat assistance is accessible; customer service response times might vary.


Prices start at $9 monthly12,000 emails and up to 1,000 subscribers monthly

17. AWeber

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

AWeber provides everything you need to get started with email marketing since its free plan allows us to add up to 500 subscribers and send up to 3,000 emails monthly. It also includes newsletters, automation, segmentation, and a vast stock photo collection. It has one of the most comprehensive collections of responsive email templates, with over 200 alternatives.

AWeber also provides infinite landing pages, an e-commerce solution, over 1,000 app connectors, and email marketing. However, the free plan only provides access to basic subscriber and message statistics.

Main Features of AWeber

  • A comprehensive collection of professionally designed email templates for creating aesthetically attractive campaigns.
  • Follow-up emails are automatically sent based on subscriber activities, providing timely and personalized contact.
  • Subscribers are segmented based on several parameters for targeted messaging and improved campaign success.
  • Insights into open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and other metrics, allowing for data-driven decision-making and campaign optimization.

Pros and Cons of AWeber

  • User-friendly UI with a simple setup and an intuitive email editor.
  • Robust automation tools like autoresponders and behavioral triggers are available to improve email marketing campaigns.
  • Integration with prominent third-party tools and platforms is extensive.
  • Excellent customer service includes live chat, phone, and email help.
  • Compared to other email marketing systems, there are fewer template modification choices.
  • Pricing plans may be more expensive as compared to rivals.
  • Some users have encountered intermittent delivery troubles.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics options may be needed for further in-depth campaign research.


Free for up to 500 subscribers$12.50 monthly

18. Mailgun

Email marketingi tools
Email marketingi tools

Mailgun is email marketing and automation software designed for developers. Because the platform lacks a drag-and-drop interface, it may not be suitable for users with basic technical knowledge. However, because this platform was designed for developers, you will have total flexibility to design your campaigns and emails precisely how you want them. 

Mailgun provides a dependable API-first design and a strong sending infrastructure with comprehensive email validation, so you can send transactional emails in bulk without worrying about them being bounced or ending up in the spam folder. 

Main Features of Mailgun

  • High deliverability rates and a solid infrastructure for transactional and marketing emails.
  • An effective API for smooth customization and integration.
  • Analytics and real-time tracking of emails for performance evaluation.
  • Scalable design for simple handling of high email volumes.

Pros and Cons of Mailgun

  • Dependable infrastructure with high email deliverability rates for marketing and transactional communications.
  • Powerful API for smooth application and system integration.
  • Analytics and tracking for tracking email performance in real-time.
  • Capable of handling high email traffic and scalable design.
  • For huge email volumes, the pricing structure might be complicated and costly.
  • Technical expertise is necessary for appropriate setup and configuration.
  • Limited customer service choices and longer response times for free plan customers.
  • According to certain users, deliverability and spam filters have occasionally been causing problems.


Up to 5,000 monthly emailsMonthly paid plans begin at $35

19. TinyLetter

Email marketingi tools
Email marketingi tools

TinyLetter is completely free. You may have up to 5,000 contacts, anything more, and they encourage you to sign up for Mailchimp. TinyLetter allows you to design multiple forms that allow user ople to sign up for your email newsletter, complete with a custom backdrop and some branding, but that’s all the personalization you will get. 

Its Tiny Letter’s email editor is straightforward and similar to Medium’s post-editing tool. Type up your thoughts, format them, and send them out. You will receive statistics on how many individuals opened each of your emails, but that is it. If you’re searching for a straightforward answer, this is it.

Main Features of TinyLetter

  • Individual newsletters and small-scale email campaigns may be created using this free and simple platform.
  • With few setup and integration choices, the UI is straightforward.
  • For tracking email performance with basic tracking and analytics options.
  • Economical choice for one-off events and modest marketing

Pros and Cons of Tinyletter

  • It is cost-effective for individuals and small-scale email campaigns because it is free.
  • Interface that is simple and easy to use and requires little setup.
  • Integration with well-known systems like MailChimp and WordPress.
  • Features for basic tracking and analytics to track email performance.
  • Less functionality than email marketing solutions with more advanced capabilities.
  • Lacks sophisticated segmentation and automation capabilities.
  • Limited possibilities for email design modification and template selection.
  • Support is only available via email, and response times may be delayed.


TinyLetter is cost-freeNo premium subscriptions

20. Pepipost

Email Marketing tools
Email Marketing tools

Pepipost is an automated SMTP relay service that delivers emails to their intended recipients in less than three seconds. After you’ve sent your emails, check the dashboard for real-time information on the performance of your email campaign. The number of delivery, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces will be displayed. 

Pepipost optimizes your emails using AI-powered servers based on the metrics for the kind of email. Using predictive engagement capabilities, for example, will automatically prioritize distribution to people who are most likely to engage with your email marketing.

Main Features of Pepipost

  • High email delivery rates and stellar reputation management.
  • Simple to integrate with well-known programming languages and frameworks.
  • A scalable infrastructure to manage high email volumes.
  • Analytics and tracking for tracking emails sent in real-time to track the success of campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Pepipost

  • Excellent reputation management and email delivery rates.
  • Simple integration with widely used frameworks and programming languages.
  • Scalable infrastructure to manage high email flow.
  • Email analytics and tracking in real-time for tracking campaign results.
  • Less flexibility and possibilities for email templates in comparison to certain rivals.
  • Some users have occasionally observed email delivery delays.
  • Pricing schemes might not be as economical for companies with lower email traffic.
  • Response times from customer service are only sometimes fast enough to address urgent demands.


For 30 days, you can send 30,000 emails, 100 emails daily after free plan$25/month for 50,000 emails every month

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Tool for Your Needs

Email marketingi tools
Email marketingi tools

The greatest email marketing tool accessible will be unique to you. After all, the multi-million dollar information product corporation will have quite different requirements than the lowly blogger.

However, there are some specific characteristics that we take into account because we believe they are the most crucial for most firms.

I’ll go over the steps we used to create this list and explain what counts, what doesn’t, and what you need to know to choose the best option for you.

  1. There are numerous email templates available.

There are numerous reasons why you might wish to use an email marketing provider. You should consider developing your first sales funnel and including email into your marketing plan. 

Or perhaps you just want to send out the occasional newsletter to your subscribers. Whatever the reason, you want your emails to appear beautiful while you’re sending them.

That is why you should look for an email marketing solution that eliminates the stress of formatting and typesetting by providing you with a collection of outstanding email templates for any of your demands.

  1. Basic Segmentation

As your company grows, you’ll want to target different segments of your audience for different items. After all, not everyone on your list will desire the same thing if you offer a variety of services and products.

A good email marketing tool allows you to segment your audience in simple but effective ways.

  1. Analytical Depth

“If you can measure it, you can improve it,” as the old adage goes. To that end, a reputable email marketing provider will supply you with all of the SaaS reporting tools you require to provide you with detailed data and KPIs. Knowing this information will provide you with critical information on where your subscribers live, who they are, and what they expect from your company.

  1. Simple Automation

Nothing beats the “set it and forget it” attitude to business. When you use an automated email marketing tool, you don’t have to worry about placing each of your new subscribers in the appropriate sales funnel. Once you’ve configured it, they’ll receive the emails they’re supposed to receive automatically.


You should now have a better understanding of the top free email marketing tools available to you. Fortunately, you are not required to perform any service. Because these tools are free, you may test them out to see which one best suits your needs, then choose the best one for you.

The majority of these free email marketing tools provide powerful capabilities that are available without the requirement to upgrade to a paid plan. Small businesses and marketers should be able to maximize their use while saving time and money. 

Even if you need to upgrade to meet your company’s requirements, you’ll find that many of the paid options are inexpensive and flexible enough to satisfy your demands.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Which is the best free email marketing tool?

Many email marketing tools will provide free levels with limited usage. SendinBlue is the greatest free email marketing tool service since their free plan has no limit on the number of subscribers. Free email marketing service options are also available from HubSpot, MailerLite, and MailChimp.

  1. What is the cost of email marketing tool?

The cost of email marketing is totally determined by the number of subscribers you have, the total number of emails you send every month, and the email platform you utilize. On average, a small business email marketing costs between $20 and $300 per month if they manage their own campaign. If you employ an email marketing agency, your monthly cost could be closer to $500 or higher.

  1. Can email marketing assist in SEO?

Email marketing has no effect on SEO. However, it can assist you in increasing traffic to your website, which can lead to additional shares and, in certain cases, backlinks/mentions. Google and other search engines rank web pages based on social signals such as shares and mentions. As a result, email marketing can indirectly enhance your website’s SEO results.

  1. What is the finest email marketing tools/software?

This article has discussed ten high-quality free email marketing tools. The finest mass email software is a matter of personal preference, and there are several excellent products to consider. Large-scale email marketing companies are unlikely to employ free software and will instead pay for a heavy-duty product. Many of the programs on this list include paid plans with additional features for individuals with significant needs. 

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