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May 21, 2024

13 Best Employee Monitoring Software

May 21, 2024
Employee monitoring software

In the wake of a rapidly changing work landscape, where traditional office settings, remote work, and hybrid team structures are becoming the new normal, finding the right tools to manage and monitor employee performance has never been more crucial.

As the working world adjusts to post-COVID realities, the need for effective employee monitoring software is more critical than ever.

This article introduces the 13 best solutions, tailored to boost productivity and ensure efficient management, no matter where your team is located. Explore how these software options can simplify operations and support your team’s success in the new workplace landscape.

How Employee Monitoring Tools Are Transforming Workplaces

Employee monitoring tools are catalysts for change in workplaces today. They facilitate remote work, enhance project management, and promote transparency. By replacing traditional supervision with data-driven insights, these tools are reshaping the modern work landscape.

Beyond streamlining operations, these tools cultivate trust between employers and employees. They represent a cultural shift toward autonomy and results-oriented work. Employee monitoring tools and employee attendance trackers are not just optimizing productivity; they’re reinventing the way we work and manage teams.

13 Best Employee Monitoring Software for Office/remote/Hybrid Teams

1. Insightful

Employee Monitoring Software - Insightful
Employee Monitoring Software

This application shows you how employees and independent contractors spend time, apps, and websites while providing thorough employee monitoring and computer activity tracking. Proof that workers are doing their duties according to expectations during the day is provided by periodic or rule-based screenshots. Based on activity, the work of employees is tracked automatically.

You can add projects and tasks, assign employees, and ensure that work is being done. Your funds are kept on track through precise project budgeting, which also removes uncertainty. You may monitor progress and make sure that every second is taken into account with the aid of project insight reports.

Top features:

  • Simple marking of ineffective apps
  • system resources are scarce
  • silently performs background work


Employee MonitoringTime TrackingAutomatic Time Mapping

2. Time Doctor

Employee Monitoring Software - time doctor
Employee Monitoring Software

One of the most effective time-tracking programmes is Time Doctor, which makes it simple to monitor your employees’ production levels. It employs effective time-tracking techniques to determine how your staff spend their workdays.

The time-tracking app has excellent usability. Simply by starting and stopping the timer, workers can have the app track their working hours. The app is compatible with a variety of devices and aids in tracking the websites that employees view while on the clock.

Additionally, the inactivity trackers and timesheet reports will record all the moments when employees are inactive and guarantee their productivity.

Top features:

  • Central user and device management
  • Real-time monitoring of user activities
  • Remote settings management for employee computers



3. Harvest

Employee Monitoring Software - Harvest
Employee Monitoring Software

Harvest is a modern software solution that employs incorporated technology to produce the greatest outcomes. It assists you in managing the payroll system, keeping track of employee working hours, and syncing with other devices all at once.

The app may be used to seamlessly interface with over a thousand different items, including video conferencing equipment, project management software, and more. To improve outcomes, you can also simply modify the invoice options and billing rates.

The automatic syncing features support a flexible work schedule that encourages people to perform at their highest level.

Top features:

  • Administrative keyword and phrase banning
  • Time scheduling for monitoring and usage control



4. Teramind

Employee Monitoring Software

Every activity performed by remote users, including vendors and third parties, is visibly captured by this software application. You can set up rules and policies to collect information on any user action and track all activities, even those performed in bespoke apps. 

You can monitor every user’s behavior while observing any applicable rules governing employee privacy. Work performed on local computers, distant domains, servers, or terminal servers can all be observed by the software. You can ask for a breakdown of tasks that are work-related versus unrelated to work, and you can also get hourly trend graphs that indicate how much time is spent on various projects.

Top features:

  • website monitoring
  • application monitoring 
  • email monitoring



5. DeskTime

Employee Monitoring Software - Desktime
Employee Monitoring Software

This programme automatically monitors employee activities and computes productivity. You can see exactly which websites, programmes, and applications your employees use thanks to the URL and app tracking tools. You can classify these as productive or unproductive. 

Additionally, you may view the specific documents that employees are focusing on. Projects, tasks, and time are all tracked through the integrated web time tracker. Employees can take time off when it’s authorized since the timer is broken. Its features include document title tracking, automated time monitoring, offline time tracking, and private time settings.

Top features:

  • custom reports 
  • cost calculations
  • shift scheduling



6. ClickTime

Employee Monitoring Software - Clicktime
Employee Monitoring Software

With the help of the reliable time-tracking application ClickTime, you can make sure that your staff is meeting deadlines.

You will have a clear understanding of the current work situation thanks to the app’s well-organized dashboard and project insights. Although it is rather pricey, the automated design and the specialized working resources are well worth it.

Your team will be on the correct track thanks to the prompt notifications. This may also serve to spur them on and advance the company.

Top features:

  • Employee monitoring keeps track of team activities to ensure productivity and efficiency.
  • Activity tracking to monitor tasks and progress to stay on top of project timelines.
  • Remote task management to manage remote teams with ease.


StarterTeam Premier

7. Toggl

Employee Monitoring Software - Toggl
Employee Monitoring Software

Toggl is the ideal monitoring tool because it handles project management and time tracking in an easy-to-use manner. It has excellent functionality and supports more than a hundred distinct tools.

You can have administrative access to the actions of employees when they are on the clock with the use of the specific keyboard tracking option. Businessmen benefit from the user-friendly UI and automated virtual timesheets.

You have the choice to generate real-time reports in several file types, such as PDF or CSV files, allowing you to conduct an analysis whenever it is most convenient for you. It comes in various variations, each with its features and characteristics.

Top features:

  • The remote employee monitoring feature suits organizations with remote teams well, ensuring engagement and productivity.
  • Then there’s activity monitoring and reporting, which will help you get details into your employees’ activities and generate reports.



8. Hubstaff

Employee Monitoring Software - hubstaff
Employee Monitoring Software

Hubstaff’s remote employee monitoring software allows you to track the time spent by your staff members and produce accurate timesheets. To make sure that people remember to track their time, you may also set up automated reminders.

The software directly monitors website and app activity, providing you with information about any distractions. To monitor user activities, you can set up automated screenshots.  

The software monitors keyboard and mouse use but never collects sensitive information. Instead, it counts how often something happens.

Top features:

  • Mark and manage unproductive apps effortlessly, staying focused on what matters.
  • Enjoy performance without slowing down your system.



9. ActivTrak

Employee Monitoring Software - ActivTrak
Employee Monitoring Software

With the help of ActivTrak, you can see what is being done online and strike a balance between employee wellbeing, productivity, and flexibility. The software examines data on daily work activities to provide insights into resource shortfalls, time and technology usage, and productivity patterns. 

Employees who work remotely or in hybrid arrangements can track their daily work activity, as well as their online activity and present focus. To analyze usage, you can also group apps and websites by group, role, or job function.

Top features:

  • ActivTrak is an easy-to-use platform. The navigation is simple.
  • The dashboard gives you a clear overview of employee activities



10. Timely

Employee Monitoring Software - Timely
Employee Monitoring Software

Modernized methods are used by timely software to track time effectively. Therefore, it will lessen the difficulties HR managers face. Bills and payment history are simple to keep track of, and you may rate each employee’s performance and effort.

Detailed timesheets and reports can be utilized to inform future decisions, increase team productivity, and facilitate communication. The dashboards’ complex features make them a little challenging to use at first, but with practice, they will get easier.

The software features excellent data networking capabilities that can make working more convenient and adaptable.

Top features:

  • Verified attendance to make sure to have accurate attendance records and avoid any confusion.
  • Project budgeting to stay within budget and allocate resources wisely for successful project



11. Timeneye

Employee Monitoring Software - Timeneye
Employee Monitoring Software

A specialized time-tracking programme called Timeneye offers thorough individual time reports. It is simpler to develop strategies to deal with poor time management and put restrictions in place to improve employee performance by analyzing the performance graph of each person’s work habits and analytics separately.

Making decisions for a better working process will be made easier with the help of a specific option for a calendar view of reports that will provide a clear image of the work details.

However, the software doesn’t allow offline features and doesn’t generate invoices, making it a little pricey. It offers specialized free plan alternatives, and the cost is determined by how many employees your business has overall.

Top features:

  • Complete feature set
  • Affordable pricing
  • User-friendly interface



12. Veriato

Employee Monitoring Software - Veriato
Employee Monitoring Software

Veriato assists you in efficiently managing remote teams by identifying underperforming team members and increasing overall productivity. For dealing with intricate business and regulatory compliance needs in sectors like healthcare, law, and financial services, the software is appropriate. 

With real-time warnings, individualized reporting, and dashboards, Veriato facilitates auditing and compliance. You can monitor discussions, take automatic screenshots, and keep tabs on how much time an employee’s computer was used during the day. Additionally, deciding when tracking begins or ends and setting flexible start and completion times are both simple.

Top features:

  • email & chat monitoring
  • web & app tracking
  • automatic screenshots
  • idle & active time-tracking

Pricing: Available on request

13. Monitask

Employee Monitoring Software - Monitask
Employee Monitoring Software

This programme maintains track of the start and end times of workdays for remote workers. Additionally, it keeps track of remote workers’ working hours and guarantees they complete their assigned shifts. Team members are kept focused and free from interruptions thanks to employee productivity tracking. 

Additionally, when sensitive information is to be viewed outside of the secure website, their staff monitoring system aids in maintaining its security. The system keeps track of any transmission of such private information by email, cloud storage, or USB storage. Admins are informed as a result.

Top features:

  • Easy to set up
  • Offline time tracking
  • Keeps everyone productive

Pricing: Custom pricing available on number of users


In conclusion we’ve explored the 13 best options available, each with its unique features and advantages. From remote employee tracking to time management and productivity analytics, these software solutions cater to various needs. 

They offer a helping hand to managers and employees alike, helping to maintain a balance between efficiency and employee well-being. Remember, the right monitoring software for employees can make a world of difference in streamlining operations and promoting a positive work environment.


How can employees benefit from software for employee monitoring?

While the primary aim is to boost company productivity and security, employees can benefit from these tools as well.

It provides insights into time management, identifies areas for improvement, and helps reduce distractions, leading to a more balanced and efficient work environment.

What are the potential drawbacks or concerns with employee monitoring software?

Some concerns include invasion of privacy, potential for misuse, and negative impacts on employee morale.

To address these, it’s crucial for employers to be transparent about monitoring practices, use the data responsibly, and strike a balance between monitoring and respecting employee privacy.

What should companies consider when choosing software for employee monitoring?

When selecting software, companies should consider their specific needs, including the type of work, team structure, and compliance requirements.

Key factors to evaluate include data security, ease of use, reporting capabilities, scalability, and cost. It’s also important to involve employees in the decision-making process to ensure a smooth transition and a positive impact on the workplace.

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