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April 23, 2024

Future of Social Media Marketing for news Industry

April 23, 2024

The news industry aims at delivering news to the general public or target public. The news is delivered through different media like print media, broadcast news and the recent development is delivering news through the internet (online newspapers, blogs, etc). The Internet has become one of the most prevailing mediums of delivering news. 

Nowadays, social media has become another tool for delivering or promoting the news industry. But not every social media platform supports the growth of the news industry. For example, Twitter is the biggest supporter of the news industry, while other platforms like Instagram support content creators more than the news industry.

In this blog, we will be covering different aspects about Future of Social Media Marketing for news Industry, social media, and how social media is affecting the growth of the news industry.

social media

Let’s talk about the news industry

The news industry has its origin in Renaissance Europe. It kept evolving and today has become an inseparable part of our lives. We cannot even imagine our lives without the news industry. The news industry tries to deliver relevant information on different topics like economics, politics, entertainment, business, sports, lifestyle, etc. 

It can also be defined as a conglomeration of media corporations who collect, analyze and deliver the news to the general public of the target public. But since a decade, the entrance of convergence has turned tables. Earlier, the news industry was based on a model that focused on sources of information while the new model is focusing solely on the information.

Owing to the fact different sources of news like magazines, newspapers, televisions are not treated with the same respect. The content and the speed of delivering or receiving the news matter. Branding has lost relevance. Today’s technology-oriented customers prioritize the content, accessibility, and speed of the delivery of news.

The customer is least bothered about the source of information and instead jumps from one source to other in search of what they want to read. The increment in the number of sources has ejected the habit of remaining stick on one source to get the news. 

Customers prefer to rely on digital mediums for getting the news on relevant topics. They use different mediums to promote the news. They try to increase their revenue by using different techniques of promoting their news.

Driving Forces

The superiority of content is the result of three forces that favors convergence- consumer behavior, technology, and increased pressure of profitability. The new era of media news is still not clear to many media outlets. Here we provide you with a vague description of these factors.

  • Technology- Technology is the strongest driver of media towards convergence. It has contributed actively towards changing the business model. It has single-handedly managed to deteriorate the significance of sources and fueled the inclination towards accessibility and speed.

    The high-speed internet never fails to deliver the news before the reporters. Race is among the websites that distribute news. The news is available 24*7 which has increased the demand for digital sources. People avoid reading the entire newspaper for the information they want. They just make an organic search on search engines and read the relevant news. They want news instantly.

    Consumers are looking for news from the entire world. And the digital sources are working towards providing relevant news from different corners of the world as soon as possible. It has posed a great challenge on traditional media sources to compete with incessantly growing technology. 

  • Consumer Behavior- Change is inevitable. The change in consumer behavior is observed every time something new gets introduced to the market. Earlier, news served its purpose efficaciously. But as the news matured in the television environment, the line between entertainment and news became thinnest. Infotainment finds a space to fill the air time. People used to love this type of content.

    News outlets realized the importance of this type of content and understood their ability to draw the audience. Today’s generation didn’t understand the difference between infotainment and news. Their behavior has been duly noticed by the news distributors and they provide mixed content.

    As per the sources, the people above the age of 34 prefer printed newspapers or magazines to get the news while the youth-run towards the internet to find the relevant news. It is because they are inculcated with the habit of getting news from traditional sources right from childhood.

    Today we have coverage for all the events in the city but losing the traditional essence. The focus on gathering facts is replaced by the newly furnished content. If the news distributors aim towards earning a profit, they would have to change their models as per the taste and interest of the consumer. 

  • Pressure for profitability- News distributors’ motives is profit-driven. Most of the journalists consider it as a great source of generating revenue while others criticize the thought of generating profit. Today’s model expects a return on investment. The news media has found two sources of making money- advertising and selling their products.

    Advertising has remained a constant source of making money while the second idea lost its essence with the increase in technology. Today’s youth is driven by technology and is not ready to pay for any content.

    So, the news distributors depend heavily on advertisements. With the increase in competition, the news distributors are expected to find the most profitable segments and then cater to them accordingly.

These three forces have worked efficiently towards driving convergence. For a better understanding of the topic, we will be talking about the different segments of the market in the news industry.

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Market Segments in the news industry

  • Network Television-The nature and structure of TV network has evolved since the 1960s-1970s. It was an era when they ruled the news industry. With the emergence of new competitors, technology, and corporatization of network ownership, the attention is fetched by profit and other social factors which reduced the viewership of network television. Several changes have been noticed in the pattern of covering news. 

  • Cable News- Another market segment is cable news. Today cable news is catering to the number of customers with entertainment and other relevant information. It is not the ideal source of getting news, despite untiring efforts. The plausible reason behind this could be a reflection of one viewpoint while network television exhibits multiple viewpoints.

    It has marked commendable achievements but with the change in technology and consumer behavior, it is facing some issues. Journalists have realized that methodical sourcing and getting the story is no longer fruitful.

  • Newspapers- The newspaper industry is also in trouble. It has remained a constant source of fetching information. The time has gone where newspapers are going to experience non-stop growth. The world has gone digital.

    Many newspaper companies are providing their newspapers online to gain the attention of users. Companies are realizing the importance of digitalization. With time, the news that gets published in the newspaper has become stale as the online sources provide them as early as possible.

    But this can be rectified, by releasing online newspapers along with print newspapers. It doesn’t mean print newspapers shall be stopped. People above 34 years still prefer newspapers to get the required information. The students who are preparing for competitive exams also prefer the printed news.

    People who are not comfortable in getting information from screens purchase newspapers to get the required information. The right strategy is the combination of both digital and traditional methods.

  • Radio- Radio is a traditional source of news broadcasting media. It has been stable right from the beginning. But now, the tables have turned. Several competitors are emerging and somehow challenging the radio industry’s business model.

    During the global pandemic, the radio industry decimated in terms of revenue. Although by 2024, it is expected to fetch the revenue of 44.5 billion, which is a good amount as the industry is facing multiple challenges. Also, Nisha Narayan, Director, and COO of Red FM and Magic FM added that she does not see a revival (in terms of revenue) until the year ends.

    As per the sources, the industry is losing the deals of government ads which is one of the biggest contributors. While in 2021, the radio industry is back with a bang. During the lockdown, it has experienced a rise in listenership. As per the sources, in January 2021, they noticed a growth of 4.6% in listenership.

    Many brands have come back and collaborated with the industry. The reason could be the podcasts, news and other relevant information are provided. Again, the mixed content gets valued.
  • Online News– The future of the news industry is online, for sure. The online news industry is expected to grow with flying colors in the coming years. Today, newspaper companies are posting on their websites without subscription but still the great source of earning comes from print newspaper and subscription fees.

    The possible reason could be the online news industry is not able to come up with a promising business model. People are actively investing in the online news industry. They are just providing the content the customer wants to read but not focusing on how they can earn. 

    Now, I’ll be distracting from the topic for a moment.
    Consider yourself as an online news distributor and think why customers will pay for your website. What can you do to outshine your competitors? There is a UK-Based Financial newspaper that charges from its customers who read more than a certain number of online articles per length of time.

    It allows 10 articles every 30 days for free and for unlimited access they charge an amount of $3.59 per week. But the thing is they offer quality and people are ready to pay as they guide people to take meaningful decisions in the world of finance. To earn a bit more, you need not offer a niche.

    If everyone will start offering niche, who will provide general news. All you need to do is develop a strong business model and offer what people want uniquely and innovatively. Choosing the right strategy to run your online news business is more important than it seems to be.

    You need to explore and find the best way to promote your website. You can go for social media, as it is actively contributing towards the growth of the news industry.

Before discussing the benefits social media can offer, let’s talk about social media and its general potential.

online news

What is social media?

Social Media allows people to interact with others. It allows people to promote their products, business, and services. People are earning through social media. Social media is used by billions of people and is one of the fastest technologies of this era. Today, Facebook has 2.38 million active users and by 2022, social media is expected to have 3,29 billion active users, which is 42.3% of the world’s population.

Social media does not only include Instagram or Facebook, it consists of websites and other applications that facilitate communication, interaction, content-sharing, promotion, and collaborations. People look up to social media as a tool for making friends and interacting with them, but it offers much more than that.

Many people earning their survival from social media platforms. Different types of social media include social networking, social bookmarking, microblogging, forums, etc. The accessibility of social media has been facilitated by mobile phones, laptops. Some of the greatest platforms of social media include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. 

Social media has evolved a lot. It has become everything like content, information, people, organization. It has no geographical or technological boundaries. 

Current scenario of social media

Before discussing the different promotional strategies, let’s understand the current scenario of social media. 

Social media has two aspects. The first aspect is the major and minor established and emerging platforms that encapsulate the social media ecosystem. And another aspect is how people are using social media and its applications to have the best experience. 

The fondness for social media has been noticed for the past two decades. Earlier, there were platforms like MySpace and Friendster that were popular. But after the launch of Facebook, they lost relevance. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter supports videos, images, and sharing of other types of content with the mass audience due to which the prominence of these platforms has risen.

Advertisements have become a great source of earning through social media. Digital marketers have developed promising business models for social media that monetize the users. Social media facilitates acquisitions and sales. As per the research, different kind of social media interactions like tag your friends, etc has led to significant marketing outcomes.

Although many social media platforms fail and grow, the prevalence and usage of social media platforms have kept on increasing. Nowadays, how people use social media platforms matter more than what it offers. People use different social media platforms for different purposes like the news feed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, professional networking on LinkedIn, webinars through Google meet or Zoom.

They promote their businesses through Instagram, Facebook and for hiring purposes they look up to LinkedIn. Social media platforms are used for three purposes- communicating and interacting with friends and family, interacting with people of common interests, promoting their work, and providing content such as news, write-ups, etc. 

This is the current scenario of social media. This article contains every aspect of social media and the news industry. Keep reading you will find answers to all your questions. One of the important points of social media is what are its business applications. So, here we go with a small discussion on business applications of social media.

Business Applications of Social Media

Social media is used to display and promote brands. It allows businesses to get connected with the customers and understand their tastes and preferences. Social media contributes a lot to understanding the attitude of customers towards a particular brand. 

Social media is also used for crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing means when an individual or an entity requests the relevant resources to form a crowd to fetch ideas on specific matters. It is also used for collecting money and promoting information. Sometimes customer input is also considered in crowdsourcing. 

Other business applications of social media include-

  • Social Media Marketing– Social media marketing uses social networking to promote the brands. Social media runs on content. It makes the use of content to promote a particular brand. They create images, videos, captions that provoke users to share the brand and purchase it.

    One of the most important components of social media marketing is Social Media Optimization. SMO is a strategy of drawing more users to the website. It can be done in two ways either by adding social media links to the ads or websites or by promoting activity through social media by sharing through stories, posting blogs, tweets, etc.

  • Social Media Analytics- It is a process of collecting data from blogs and social media websites and analyzing the extracted data to make business-related decisions. Social media analytics is an important business application as it helps in supporting marketing and customer service activities. 

  • Social Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)- Social customer relationship marketing is a great business tool. Customers can join groups or conversation or follow those brands on social media platforms which they love. For getting the information related to the brand and provide feedback customers can join conversations using social media sites. 

  • Enterprise Social Networking- Enterprise social networking allows a company or a business to get connected with individuals who share common business interests. The benefits of enterprise social networking are enjoyed both internally as well as externally.

    Internally, the employees of the company can get information, connect deal with business problems collectively. Externally, it allows the company to stay connected with their customers and eases the research work which would help them to improve business process and operations. 

What is Social Media Marketing?

In the previous section, we got a brief idea of what is social media marketing. In this section, we’ll be discussing it in detail. And in the coming section, we’ll be talking about the future of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing refers to the process of making use of social media platforms to connect with potential customers and drive traffic to your website. As we all know, social media runs on content. This could be done only after offering high-quality, engaging, and convincing content on social media platforms. It also includes analyzing the results, running advertisements, and promoting your brand effectively. 

Social media is much bigger than it appears. Several social media tools help you in making fuller use of social media to get the best results. Some of the lesser-known social media tools include Buffer, EditFlow, TweetReach, HootSuite, Sprout Social, ReFollow, Traackr, etc. 

social media marketing

Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing

  • Strategy- Strategy is the base of social media marketing. You cannot post anything, anytime. If you want to drive the right traffic on social media platforms, you need to consider the following points.

  • Goals- One of the most important points to be considered is the goals of the business. Your social media strategy should be in alliance with the goals of your business. Some businesses use social media for increasing brand awareness while others use it for generating sales. Some businesses use it for increasing engagement, creating community, and serving customers.

  • Which platform is best? After considering the goals, you should consider which platform is best for your business. Your goals help in deciding which platform is best for your business. The major social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit. It is advisable to use a few social media platforms in the beginning and fetch the target audience for your business.

  • Type of content you want to share- The content is the lifeline of social media. So, this is one of the most important factors to be considered. Your content is going to get you the right traffic. The images, videos, write-ups should be shared. Your content should be relevant to your business goals. It is not necessary to remain stuck on a single strategy. Social media is dynamic and has room for innovations. You can use different strategies according to the performance of your social media posts

  • Planning and Publishing- Consistency is the key. You can promote your business on social media effectively only after having consistency in your work. You need to plan every move. You can outsource this work. Several digital marketing companies provide this facility. Traffic tail is one of those companies. We can guide you in formulating the right strategy for your business. 

By remaining consistent, you provide your business with an opportunity to get discovered. Publishing on social media platforms is not difficult. It is just like you are posting for your accounts.

But your content should be pre-planned and uniform. By uniformity we mean, the same content should be posted on different social media platforms to increase the reach. It should be done at right time and should reach the right audience. If it does not perform as expected, you should try to find out where you are lacking.

Do you know the time of posting matters? Several social media scheduling tools can be used to maintain smoothness is in the work. These tools help you in posting content across all the platforms at the preferred time. This helps you save time in posting separately on different platforms. Now you can actively engage with your customers right after the posting. 

  • Listening and Engagement- Once your brand gets promoted and starts growing, people will start commenting on your posts, they will start tagging their friends, or will message you directly. You have to listen to their comments and conversations and react accordingly. If the reviews are positive, then you should work towards making their experience even better.

    And if the reviews or comments are negative, you should understand their grievances, provide them with the necessary support and try to rectify your services. Though you can manually check all the notifications, once your activity increases, it is difficult to keep an eye on every notification and there are chances of missing relevant notifications as well. For this purpose, you can use social media listening and engagement tool to remain updated with all the relevant tags and mentions.

  • Analytics- We do things for results. If we are using social media strategy to promote our brand, we would want to know our performance. We would try to find answers to several questions like, are we reaching the desired number of people, are we reaching our target audience, how many positive reviews we are bagging and what is the status of negative reviews. How many people are using our hashtags? And many more.

    Although social media platforms provide you with basic insights, if you want a detailed analysis, you can always use different social media analysis tools. 

  • Advertising- Social Media Advertising is a great tool to promote your brand. Start with organic sharing and other methods of promoting your brand. Once you managed to get enough funds, you should go for social media advertising. It allows you to reach more people.

    You can reach out the people who are not even following your accounts. Social media platforms have become so strategic that you can even filter your audience based on the demographics, behavior, interests, and activity of the people. You can ensure the smooth running of your social media advertising campaigns by using relevant tools. 

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Social Media Marketing Resources

As we already said, social media is dynamic. The trends keep on changing. So, here we go with a list of a few resources that you should know before starting-

  • Social Media Marketing Blog- You can go through various social media marketing blogs to remain updated with the tools that could improve your experience.
  • Social Media Marketing Guide- Several social media marketing guides are available in the form of articles, videos, audios to clear your doubts.
  • Social Media Analytics Guide- To get the analysis of your social media activity, you can use the analytics tool and choose the right tool you can consider reading guides or tips. 

As of now, you are well-acquainted with social media and social media marketing, the next important point is the future of social media marketing, the very purpose of writing this article.

Future of social media marketing

Social media has become an effective tool for promoting every kind of business. It is dynamic and the trends get updated. When you are planning to promote a news website or industry through social media, you should know about the latest trends. And why one would not consider the authenticity of the same in the future? 

  • Influencer Marketing- The effectiveness of influencer marketing is continuously increasing. It has even surpassed print marketing in terms of popularity on Google Trends. People with a large audience collaborate with brands to promote with them. The charges of these influencers depend on their reach.

    Some influencers charge heavy amounts owing to their popularity. You can promote your news website through influencers by creating a video talking about your website. You can collaborate with influencers according to your budget to promote the news website. Influencers can talk about the type of news, blogs, and other matters covered by your website.

  • Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence- Chatbots can be labeled as the future of social media marketing. The news website can’t answer all the queries at the time when customers ask. So, there is an alternate. You can power your chatbots with artificial intelligence. The answers to common queries can be given without human intervention.

    Many brands are using AI-powered chatbots on Facebook to meet the queries of their customers. This makes the customers feel connected with the website and believe that their grievances are getting addressed. Several news websites have already added this feature and if you have not done it yet. Get it installed now.

  • Employee Advocacy- With the increase in the number of influencers, several fake influencers exist in the market. By collaborating with the brand, they increase their reach and become real influencers. In this situation, your employees can come to the rescue. Your employees can promote your website.

    The work of an influencer can be done by your employees. Either you can offer them incentives or a free subscription (if any) to your news website for promotion. You can save a lot of time and effort by doing so. You can reach the employee with the highest social media following and ask him to talk about the types of news your website is providing. Like other websites, news website is open for innovation. You can use different strategies to promote your website.

  • Importance of Engagement- Engagement is a very important factor in social media marketing. For an instance, if your content is not getting engagements, why are you doing social media marketing? Engagement is not possible without the content. It is not enough to ask people to like, comment, and share the news content.

    You should produce content that is worth sharing. Your content should be unique, genuine, and informative. Because people follow news websites for getting the latest information. It is an unavoidable point to be considered by all the news websites that are trying to promote themselves through social media marketing.

  • Social Media Analytics and Insights: Alongside incorporating social media walls and engaging content, it’s crucial to analyze the performance of your social media marketing efforts. Utilize social media analytics tools to track key metrics such as reach, engagement, click-through rates, and audience demographics. Insights from these analytics can help you refine your social media strategies, identify trending topics, understand audience preferences, and optimize content for better results. Incorporating data-driven decision-making into your social media marketing approach ensures continuous improvement and maximizes the impact of your efforts, especially when utilizing a social media wall for news industry updates and trends.

  • Stories- Stories are a great feature of promoting your news website. These vertical stories last for 24 hours and get a lot of engagement. As per the resources, about 500 million people watch Instagram stories every day.

    Every day 60% of Instagram stories get viewed, 48% of Facebook stories get viewed and 53% of Snapchat stories get viewed. The plausible reason behind high engagement in stories is the shorter duration. You can post stories talking about headlines or the blog you have recently posted on your website and how it is going to help people.

  • Live Videos- Live videos are getting a lot of attention these days. As per the resources, 95% of marketers add live videos to their social media marketing strategies. People conduct live videos and talk about their brands, products, or services. Sometimes people talk on general topics to increase their engagement and get the attention of users.

    Live videos provide you with a chance to get connected with your customers. You can even conduct question and answers sessions to deal with the queries of your customers. For example, if you are running a financial news website, you can talk about finance-related topics on your live videos to keep the followers engaged.

  • Content Marketing News website love content marketing. Apart from providing, daily news you can also post blogs on topics that could induce the interest of your followers. You can post views and opinions of barons of the respective field (type of news you are providing). This could help you in fetching the interest of the followers.

You can always use these techniques to promote news websites. Now we will be talking about a few websites that have a huge fan following on social media accounts. This is probably because they have chosen the right social media strategies since the beginning to promote their websites. 

Top running news websites in India and their social media following

  • Times of India– Times of India is a Delhi-based newspaper and provides news on sports, business, health, fitness, entertainment. It has 11.1M followers on Facebook, 13.5M followers on Twitter.
  • NDTV News– NDTV news cover Business, Technology, Bollywood, Cricket news. It has 7.8M followers on Facebook, 1.5M followers on Twitter, and 1.5M followers on Instagram.
  • India Today- India today has a frequency of posting 30 times a day. It has as many as 10M followers on Facebook, 5.6M followers on Twitter.
  • The Indian Express– The Indian Express covers the latest news from India. It covers current headlines and hot topics. It posts 30 times in a day and has 7.2M followers on Facebook, 3.8M followers on Twitter, and 472k followers on Instagram.
  • The Hindu- The Hindu is the favorite newspaper of UPSC aspirants. It covers politics, business, sports, environment, cinema, and arts. It has 5.4M followers on Facebook, 6.8M followers on Twitter, and 887.2k followers on Instagram.

Apart from running print newspapers, these websites are performing exceptionally well on their digital platforms. This could indicate the relevance of social media marketing in the news industry. Let us talk about a few strategies to promote your news website.

Ways to promote news website 

People think that promoting news website require different social media or digital marketing strategies of promotion. But this is not true. The techniques of promotion remain the same most of the time. In short, you can use the same methods of promotion for a news website and e-commerce website (cited as an example). Here we go with the best ways to promote your news website:

  • Run a strong SEO Campaign- Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of your website. In the case of a news website, this can be done by optimizing the headlines and content with popular keywords. This could help you in increasing the visibility of your website. 

  • Interact with People on Social Media-Social media is actively supporting people to grow their businesses. It supports the news website as well. Facebook and Twitter are labeled as great mediums for reaching out to people with news. You would be surprised to know that many news organizations are working through social media only.

    They don’t even have defined websites. Posting and publishing content is not the only way of engaging people, you need to interact with people to keep them engaged. You can consider replying to their comments or messages.

  • Run Ads to promote your site- Running ads for promotion is not a new technique. But it is an effective method of promotion. You can run news on websites or promote calls to action. This means you can direct people to the contest or quiz related to your website. You can also run these ads on social media platforms like Facebook. It has a high chance of getting caught on social media platforms.

This is how you can promote your news website. You can also use other social media marketing techniques to promote your news website, as you know you have scope in this area.

Future of Social Media Marketing for news Industry

Do you Know?

  • Advertising on radio fell by 82% between March and May 2020.
  • By 2022, social media is expecting to cover 42.3% of the total world population.
  • In 2021, 67.9% of US companies use more than 100 employees for influencer marketing.
  • As per resources, social media campaigns can have a great contribution in generating traffic for businesses. It could range from 16-24%, depending on the potential of the firm.
  • By FY 2022, the share of the digital news industry is expected to grow to 13%.

Social Media Marketing started with sharing and publishing relevant content. Businesses begin sharing relevant posts to get the attention of customers. But social media has now grown up. It has much more to offer. It is just not a place to broadcast your content.

Businesses use social media for different purposes. Like they will hear the conversations using social media tools, reply to the comments, consider tags and mentions. Businesses do not refrain from conducting social media contests for engaging their potential customers.

The news industry has dramatically evolved. Not just news distributors are getting digital, even customers are also getting digital. Today’s fast generation does not consider reading the newspaper for getting the relevant news. Instead, they use websites and social media platforms to get the news.

These sources can provide them with the latest news fast. The source has lost its relevance and the content rules. Many companies are running their news business from social media itself. So, this is enough to make you understand that social media marketing has scope in the news industry. 

All you need to have is a strong business model for your news website and quality content. Make use of the right social media tools to promote your news website. This is how you can enjoy success in the news industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. 1 What is the future of social media marketing in the news industry?

Ans. Social media marketing has a great scope. It is catering to almost every industry including the news industry. News distributors, journalists, or owners are resorting to the use of social media platforms to market their content. For example, Twitter (social media platform) is the biggest supporter of the news industry.

Ques. 2 What is convergence and what are its driving force?

Ans. Convergence refers to bringing multiple forms of media together to witness substantial results. The superiority of content is the result of these forces that driven convergence-

  • Technology
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Pressure for profitability

Ques. 3 What are the future trends in social media?

Ans. Social media is planning to adopt the technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). These technologies can offer engagement on social media platforms. This is going to be beneficial for your news website as well. 

Ques. 4 How online news industry is doing in India?

Ans. The online news industry has the potential to grow but they lag somewhere. Either they don’t have a promising business model or the planning is not appropriate. By offering quality content and a strong business model, the news industry can do well. As people look up to digital sources for fetching the news on different topics like economics, business, politics, sports, entertainment.

Ques. 5 What is social media marketing?

Ans. Social media marketing refers to the practice of making use of social media to promote their business. It allows businesses to get connected with potential customers and communicate about their brand.

Ques. 6 Why blogs are important for a news website?

Ans. This is why blogs are important for your news website-

  • You can get the traffic from people who are not fond of reading the news.
  • A well-described blog induces a visitor to visit your site multiple times.
  • It can be created as a hub for discussions in comment sections.

Ques. 7 What type of content performs the best?

Ans. Content that offers solutions or answers the questions. Content that praises third party’s achievement and content that offers a unique perspective perform the best. You should consider these points while producing content for a news website. News website favors the content of such kind.

Ques. 8 How digital marketing companies help in promoting my news website?

Ans. Digital marketing companies can guide you with the right social media marketing and other strategies to be chosen for your website. Traffic tail does this for you. We guide news companies to choose the right strategy to promote their website and increase traffic. 

Ques. 9 How psychology will shape the future of social media marketing?

Ans. This is how psychological factors impact your social media strategy-

  • Use emotions as a tool of promoting your business
  • Understand the importance of choosing the right colors
  • Invest in consumer motivations
  • Collaborate with trusted influencers

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