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June 21, 2023

10 Tips you should know: How to get more online reviews?

June 21, 2023

Get more online reviews

I’m planning to buy a hairdryer online. Wait! The first thing I am going to do is check online reviews. This is what has become a trend. Before buying anything online, the first thing we want to do is check reviews of other customers. These reviews do not only help new customers but are beneficial for sellers as well.

get more online reviews

After getting reviews, business owners try to improve their services. In this article, we have discussed the importance of online reviews from both customers and sellers points of view. Not just sellers these days delivery boys have become serious about getting reviews on their services as positive reviews fetch them rewards.

It also helps them in knowing the quality of their services and where they can be improved. so, before going through the tips to get more online reviews, let’s understand why it is important to get customer reviews.

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Why it is important to get customer reviews?

get more online reviews

90% of customers read online reviews before shopping. It impacts buying decisions and the credibility of that business. It helps you in gaining customer trust and attracting people to your products. It helps you in engaging with customers. You can know why they are facing problems and how you can solve them. Giving a warm treatment can add to the reputation of your business.

Establishing connections with customers help you in generating 23% more revenue. 85% of people read customer reviews as if they are getting a personal recommendation. This is why it is important to get more online reviews.

On the other hand, a negative review can help you in knowing where you are lacking and where you can improve. You can rectify what is going wrong with your work. But negative reviews can impact the reputation of your business. One negative review can lose 22% of your customers while four negative reviews can lose 70% of your customers. So, you have to make sure you get more online reviews (positive).

Do not just get more online reviews but reply to your customers. It makes them feel connected with your company and maintain their interests in your business. Now let’s see how you can get more online reviews with the right methods.

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How to get more online reviews?

get more online reviews

Ask your happy customers to rate your business

One of the best ways to get more online reviews is to ask happy customers to rate your business. This is a great idea to generate positive reviews as they are already satisfied with your services and won’t mind giving positive reviews for your business.

You can also use a net promoter score survey to know the level of fondness for your brand. You can know whether they are going to recommend your company to others.

Running email campaign is not a bad idea

Email marketing has become an important part of the marketing field. People run email campaigns to get customer reviews online. This idea is used by big brands like Nike. They try to know about their customer preferences and product reviews through email campaigns. This is a cost-effective technique of generating reviews as you can do it in an automated way.

You can also run retargeted campaigns. Now you don’t have to send these emails to everyone, you can run ads for a targeted set of individuals. You can upload email addresses to Google or Facebook or any other platform you want to use. This is again an inexpensive method to get more online reviews.

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Can you consider missing social media?

get more online reviews

The answer is no! No one can afford to miss social media for collecting reviews at this point. Today, we can find any business on social media and we won’t mind commenting about their reviews and services.

Even businesses use social media to get more online reviews. Businesses try to engage with their customers by replying to their comments or personal messages. They try to solve problems faced by their customers. People who are managing their businesses through social media are using it as a primary method to get more online reviews.

Not just small businesses even big brands don’t mind collecting reviews through social media as it is an inexpensive and effective method to get more online reviews.

Reward for reviews

get more online reviews

Do not hesitate in rewarding people who are ready to review your product or services. Such people promote your brand for free. They share it with their friends and you can collect more reviews by giving small rewards.

Make sure these rewards are valuable and affordable. It should satiate your purpose and lure people. You can give coupons or goodies or small cash prizes for people who review your business.

For example, MyGlamm has introduced an offer according to which you have to complete a MyGlamm Survey and you will get a free lipstick worth Rs. 395. All you have to pay is Rs.99 for shipping. Using this method, MyGlamm has not only gathered customers’ views but also managed to generate a lot of revenue.

Pop-up messages

Instagram uses in-app pop-up messages to ask for reviews. Not just Instagram many other applications and websites ask for customer reviews or ratings. Sometimes users get irritated with such messages but sometimes they review your application.

Many blog posts have call-to-action like “was this helpful” “which part helped you the most” and many more. These are different ways to get customer reviews on products, services or even arts.

As a business owner, you cannot consider missing any affordable and effective method to get more online reviews.

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Customer support forums cannot be missed

Many customer support forums are built to favour customers in case of unhealthy experiences with businesses. You can use such platforms to ask for reviews for your products and services. These reviews can be used by other people as well.

This is a great method to promote your business if you manage to get the maximum number of positive reviews. You can even offer rewards on these sites.

Ask for reviews on events and in stores

This is an offline method to get more online reviews. Confused? Wait!

In this method, you can visit local events, put stalls and market and sell your product or service. You can ask for reviews straightaway from your customers. This can be done in stores as well. You can ask people to review your product or service online.

online reviews

Use review sites

You can also use third-party websites to get reviews. Often, companies avoid this method of collecting reviews on third-party websites. But this is a fantastic method to expand the reach of your product or service.

Never hesitate in getting yourself listed on these sites as they sometimes offer rewards for reviewing products and sending collection emails. This is a great idea for small businesses to get more online reviews.

Use innovative ways to get reviews

This is not a trick. This is a suggestion. You can explore and find different ways to get more reviews online. You can ask people to review offline. You can simply spread it in your network and get reviews. You can also get reviews by collaborating with other brands.

Sell your products in offers and attach a small review survey offline or online to know what people think about your product and service.

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 get more online reviews


Using these tips, you can get more online reviews. You cannot only collect reviews but engage with your customers, attend them by replying to their queries, make them feel important and grow your reputation. You can improve where you are lacking and positive reviews are like a pat on your back. You can get new customers by collecting reviews from your customers.

What are other ways to get more online reviews? Drop your suggestions in the comment section.

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