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March 28, 2023

Best Guide On How To Get More Traffic On Your News Website?

March 28, 2023

Just like a brick-and-mortar establishment, an online business also requires more customers. And by more customers we mean, the traffic. Be it an e-commerce website or a news website, each one of them loves traffic.

In this blog, we will be talking about different ways on how to get more traffic on your news website. Most of us believe, Search Engine Optimization is the best or only way to increase the traffic on the website. SEO is great and offers promising results, but this is not the only way of enhancing traffic on the website here in this post we will cover the best and most effective ways that will resolve your problem about how to get more traffic to your news website.

Let’s talk about a few effective and efficient ways on how to get more traffic to your news website:

importance of seo

1- Creating a top-notch SEO strategy:

One of the most talked-about ways on increasing traffic on the news website is Search Engine Optimization. SEO enhances your visibility by ranking your news website above your competitors.

Creating a top-notch SEO strategy could be one of the best things you can do for your business. SEO is composed of different elements like relevant keywords, content and putting them together in a string is the real task. Stringing these elements effectively can get you the finest SEO strategy for the news website.

Importance of SEO

SEO is a multifaceted creature. It enhances your visibility, which increases the traffic on your news website as people prefer visiting the sites that appear on top.

SEO is a great tool of digital marketing that creates brand awareness, builds relations, increases visibility which in turn enables users to find you easily on the search engine. Do you know 33% of clicks are received by the first page and 75% of them go to the first five websites?

The aim should be positioning your news website among the first five listings. All you need to do is choose the best set of SEO practices for your business to experience amazing results. The effectiveness of your SEO efforts is directly proportional to the rankings of your news website.

A new concept called authority has been introduced in SEO, which is gaining importance these days. The authority in SEO defines the relevance, trustworthiness, and quality of your website.

As we said SEO is a multifaceted creature, it, in turn, offers multiple benefits. It creates a better user experience and also facilitates lead conversions. Search Engine Optimization is a valuable tool that serves multiple benefits on the platter.

Now we’ll talk about the benefits of ranking higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Benefits of appearing higher on SERP

Do you know 60% of clicks are generated by the first three SERP results? The benefits of ranking higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are beyond amazing.

Now let’s get acquainted with why marketers are going crazy behind improving the rankings on SERP.

  • Appearing higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) can help in increasing the organic traffic on the news website.
  • A higher ranking guarantees a better online reputation. And we do not need to mention the importance of goodwill for any kind of business.
  • Conversions are a blessing for a website. And better ranking increases the conversion of traffic.
  • A website with a strong SEO strategy offers a better Return on Investment (ROI).

Impact of SEO

Search Engine Optimization can leave startling impacts on your news website. The right set of SEO strategies can multiply the success rate of your business.

Improved ranking could bag additional visitors to your website and if your news website is a pro at converting traffic into leads you can have hundreds of leads each month.

SEO contains one more element called complexity. Basic knowledge may not offer extraordinary results. You would require an expert solution for the effective functioning of SEO. And when we talk about expertise, the traffic tail is the first digital marketing company that triggers the mind. The traffic tail offers the best SEO services at affordable rates as per the requirements of your business.

2- Using the immense strength of paid advertisements

Paid advertisements are gaining immense importance these days. You can consider using paid online advertising space to elevate your news website. For an instance, if your news website fails to get ranked on the first page, paid advertisements can come to your rescue.

Often paid advertisements are mistaken as Pay-per-click (PPC advertising)

  • Benefits of paid ads

Paid advertisement enhances your reach and makes the best use of your content to strengthen your brand and bring qualified leads to your website. Most people misunderstand paid advertising as PPC advertising. PPC is just a part of paid advertisements.

Paid advertisements bring new customers as it is displayed on several platforms. Although Google is a great platform for paid advertisements but platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram is gaining immense importance these days.  

Do you know Facebook users are now viewing only 2% of organic pages? You must have got an idea of fondness for paid advertisements in the market. The reasons behind this ever-increasing usage of paid advertisements by businesses include:

  • It fastens the results and thus businesses are inclining towards paid advertisements.
  • They offer sizeable benefits at an affordable price. And the best part is you can even keep track of the money you spent on different platforms.
  • Quality traffic is something offered by paid advertisements. It brings the filtered audience to your news website that can add value to it.
  • Paid advertisements can be displayed on several platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, YouTube and many more.

There are a plethora of paid advertisement campaigns like Pay-per-click (PPC advertising), online partnerships and many more. Just choose the right campaign for your news website to witness the best results.

Paid advertisements method of enhancing traffic on the news website can be used by both small and big ventures, as it is an affordable and promising method. All it demands is the right movement in the right direction. And for the right direction, you would require expert services.  

3- Use social media to spread your content

use social media to get more traffic

`Social media is the best platform to locate and reach your target audience. Using social media to promote and spread your content could be the best gift to your news website.

Currently, social media has more than 4.2 billion active users. Social media can offer exceptional benefits and by using the right social media strategy you can spread your content effectively. Social media is a fast and inexpensive form of digital marketing that allows you to reach almost half the population of the world. What else one can want?

Now we will talk about the best ways to use social media platforms to witness extraordinary results.

  • Do not forget to share your posts on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit.

Use the right content strategy to shine on different platforms. Maintain uniformity by using a scheduling app.

  • Engage your visitors by providing extraordinary content. The content should be interesting, informative and convincing.
  • Remain active on different social media platforms and try to address their queries. Consider replying to the messages of the visitors, make them feel connected with your business or news website.
  • The comment section is the key. Keep replying to the comments of the users. Address their queries, thank them for supporting, appreciate their efforts in connecting with you.

You can also conduct contests through the comment section to create engagement. Go live and answer the questions of users.

By harnessing the powers of social media marketing, you can get the most effective results. Choose the right set of social media marketing strategies for every platform to witness the best results.

4- Creating the most creative, interactive, and unique content:

content is king

Content is the king and by content, we don’t mean a string finest vocabulary, impeccable grammar and sentence.

Content is everything you offer to the users. From YouTube videos to blogs on the news website, everything is content. Make sure you are providing amazing content.

Your moves should follow the latest trend. Make short reels on Instagram, create YouTube videos with crazy thumbnails, produce interesting blogs, create posts, present opinions to engage the users.

Let the user fall for your content!

Many-a-times people get bored of written content and don’t mind leaving without reading completely. What can be done in that case?

Video Marketing

Promote your website through engaging videos. Post these videos on different social media platforms. You can consider advertising through short stories. Add interesting music to the ad. Sometimes people remember ads or even brands due to music.

Add emotions and truth

On a news website, the first thing people look for is truthful and reliable content. Make sure your content is reliable, relevant and informative.

Add emotions to your content to make the users feel connected with your website. By adding the element of honesty, you upsell your business.

People love to visit such news websites that offer truthful content without exaggerating the matter.

Using the most sensitive and creative heading to get the best CTR

A creative and sensitive headline is capable of grabbing the attention of the users. Use the relevant, expressive and creative headlines for your content.

A headline can either make or break your content. Many-a-times people don’t read the content if the headline does not provoke them.

Increase your Click-through rate by offering amazing content led by a creative, sensitive and expressive headline. You can even optimise the news website using headlines.

Why powerful headlines?

  • Increases Click-through rate.
  • Generate a need for knowledge
  • Helps in gaining readership

5- Drive traffic from third-party platforms

  • Now you can make use of other platforms to drive traffic to your website. Consider replying to the questions on Quora and add links to your news website. Serve solutions to the problems generated on Quora, Facebook groups, Reddit and other community platforms.
  • Consider joining different community-based platforms like Reddit, Facebook Groups, Telegram to drive the relevant traffic to your news website through relevant links.
  • Guest posting is a great way of inviting traffic to your website. You can produce blogs, articles for other websites to divert traffic to your website.
  • Blogger Outreach is a technique of getting your content written from influencers and offering them free access to the services.

For an instance, the news website offers premium features on subscription fees, you can pay a subscription for those influencers in return.

This increases your reach as the content is shared multiple times.

  • Article submission refers to the submission of SEO-friendly articles to popular article submission directories to divert traffic to your news website.

6- Putting easily visible sharing options under the post:

 how to get more traffic to your news website

While offering amazing content on your news website, make sure you are providing sharing options right below the post. If people love the content, they avoid refraining from sharing it. This would draw traffic to your news website.

This is not a new technique of drawing relevant audiences to your website. These sharing options should be visible. Users don’t like ransacking for them and they may leave the site even without sharing.

7- Email marketing

email marketing on how to get more traffic to your news website

Update your audience with your newest development and services. Share your recently developed service or blog to draw traffic to your website. Tell customers about the contest.

All you need to do is get the mail I’d of the users during signing in and thus you can promote your news website through e-mails.

E-mail marketing is one of the least expensive and time-saving techniques of diverting traffic on your news website. Make sure you are using it in the best possible manner.

8- Linking internally

internal linking

Link your content internally to derive relevant traffic to your content. This is a link from one page to another on your website. You can produce a blog on a particular topic and add a link to another blog related to the previous one in the suggestions.

This increases the engagement on the news website. Users will read one after another content on the same domain. All you need to do is offer relevant, crispy, and interesting content.

9- Keep an eye over competitor strategy

Look what your competitors are doing. Keep an eye on the strategies of your competitors. Competitor analysis acquaints you with their strategies, developments.

Check what platforms they are using and which is producing the most effective results. You can consider adapting their techniques innovatively to experience the best results

 how to get more traffic to your news website

10- Use your website analytics to take better steps

Checking your website performance is very important. It apprises you of your strengths and weaknesses. Website analytics provides you with insights and data that can be used to improve your performance.

You can check where you lack and work on that area to offer the best UX. Before optimising your website, make sure you understand the customer behaviour. Plan your moves, design effective strategies, execute them and experience the best results.

11- Check and audit your website vitals and user experience-

The quality of a website is also a determinant of traffic. And the quality of a website is stated through the following points:

  • Speed: If a website does not open in 2-3 seconds, users leave the website and hunt for other options. Make sure your news website opens in less than 4 seconds.
  • Responsiveness: Your news website should open on mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices without disturbing the layout. Responsiveness is a very important aspect as it is not possible to open laptops or computers for every small news. Mobile phone is the biggest contributor of traffic. So, your news website should be optimized accordingly.
  • Theme: The theme of your website should be simple, elegant, and classy. It has a big role in seeking the attention of the users.
  • User experience: Do we need to talk about how important user experience is for your news website? The design should be user-friendly and interactive. A website that offers good UX experiences good customer retention.
  • Navigation: The navigations of a news website should be finely defined. Different tabs for different categories like sports, entertainment, technology should be there. A separate tab for blogs, payment, and other matters should be present on the website.
  • Interaction: Your website should be interactive. It should establish interaction between users and the content. This allows users to have a personalized experience, which in turn, increases fondness for your business.

12- Organise the podcast, invite influencers & host webinars.

 how to get more traffic to your news website

Consider organizing podcasts, inviting influencers, hosting webinars to draw traffic to your news website. Podcasting is gaining immense importance these days.

People are developing a fondness for podcasts as they can easily connect to the audio and listen to them at work, dining halls, bedrooms, everywhere.

It is beneficial for both business and customers as it is a cost-effective method of gaining traffic and provide knowledgeable content to the customers at least or at no cost.

Amid global pandemic, webinars are gaining attention. Invite influencers, host webinars and communicate with users. You can reach hundreds of people at a time without spending a lot and get massive traffic to your news website.

You can use all of these ways to get traffic on your news website. You can consider choosing a combination of a few strategies according to your business. Find the right team of professionals to gift your website with extraordinary services.

Get connected with the traffic tail, as we guarantee results and work according to the demand of the owner and the need of the customers.

these were the best tip on how to get more traffic to your news portal

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