A beginner’s guide: How to start a blog in India for Free

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August 12, 2023

Earlier, blogging confines sharing only personal experiences. But with the rise of digital marketing and online marketing, blogging has changed its meaning to so many things. Now, it’s not just confined to sharing personal thoughts and experiences rather sharing buying and selling experiences, feedbacks, reviews, starting a business, etc. 

If you are here, you must be wondering how to start a blog in India for free. So, we are here to address your numerous queries on starting your blog from beginning to end. 

Blog Idea

Technology Communication Icons Symbols Concept For that, you have to keep reading the whole blog because you will not get your answers in one or two lines rather you will get them in bits and pieces. 

If you are a budding writer and wants to give your career a start, then you are in right place. Blogging is the best way to kickstart your career as a writer. 

Do you know what does blog means?

The blog is a website platform where you can either write about your personal experiences or your professional experiences. A blog has become that platform where people from different background write about various things like travel experience, reading experience, product using experience, food experience etc. 

A blog is emerging as a place where you can find any kind of information you need. Even Google itself post a lot of blogs daily which ranks on google and read by everyone around the world. 

I guess the people who are keen to share the kind of information and experiences they have gone through will start a blog to make it their full-time career. 

Can everyone do blogging?

This is the most confusing question which you will find in almost everyone’s mind. But there is no reason to be confused about anything. A person who has a keen interest in writing can do blogging perfectly and regularly.

A person who doesn’t have any interest in writing a blog daily will not make it along, he will probably stop writing after sometimes. And that’s not how you will going to make it your career. 

For doing blogging there must be passion. Without passion, you would not go a long way. “Passion helps you endure your capabilities and leads you to an ultimate direction of success”. All you need to find that passion within you, which follows the way of success. 

A lot of people say “you don’t need passion to earn, you only need have a certain mindset to grab every possibility laying in front of you”. Do you agree with this? You may or may not be. I am partly agreeing with this.

Because I believe, if you have passion for something, in particular, your ways start opening for that. If you want to pursue writing as a career, there surely be a passion behind it and a mindset to follow along. What you only need to do is to find out what kind of writing do you like. 

Similarly, if you don’t have a passion for writing and you are only doing it for earning it won’t give you the kind of satisfaction you need. You will always find yourself struggling. On the other hand, if you have passion and interest in the same you will create wonders. 

If you have dedication, you probably have passion too.

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4 Reasons to start a blog

Today, social media is emerging as everyone’s platform. There are billions of people using social media on daily basis. Due to its uprising, blogging has reached its peak. It is not limited to a single niche rather it has been juggling with a lot of different niches. If you know why you are beginning blogging you will land at the right place. 

Here are a few reasons as to why you should start blogging;

1. To hop into new skills

  1. When you start blogging, you hardly know a few things. As you go further on this journey, you realize that you are learning new skills you are no longer confined to a few things. When you search for how to start a blog in India for free, you know how to run it. But later after using, you learn about the following things;
  2. Designing and choosing a theme for your blog
  3. How to optimize the content through SEO
  4. Content management
  5. E-mail marketing
  6. Using graphics and images

These are the few things you learn on this journey of blogging. Also, the regular content you post makes you learn a lot of new things. When you research the content, you learn a lot of new areas. 

2. To make money

This is the most common reason why most people start a blog. Because they know, they can earn good enough money through blogging. Some people are making success through their blog careers.

All they need is a little investment to be able to expand their blogging career. But it is not an easy success, you have to put a lot of regular efforts into your blog to earn handsome money. For earning, you need to make yourself specify what kind of services you are giving into the market. 

3. To create an online brand

Like in a previous point, we have talked about how starting a blog can earn you money, it is also important to understand that it will be possible if people would know you in the market. And how you can make people know you is through building a brand in the market.

For this, you have to write as much as possible about the niche you are building your brand in. Through this, you will add value to your readers who would soon recognize you as a brand. Building an online brand is important for earning through your blog. 

4. To get better at your writing

When you will continue to pour new content into your blog, you will learn a habit of writing better every other time. Writing almost daily helps you improve your vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. At first, it will sound nerd but eventually, it will get better and easy with time. You will also start exploring different writing styles which have been approaching by people.  

4 Reasons to not start a blog

As there are reasons, why one should start a blog, likewise there are reasons to not start it. I am writing here, why you should not choose blogging as a career because there are things you must need to know before getting into it. If you are patient and dedicated, you should go for it but if you are not, then you must have to stop and think about it again. 

So, here are the reasons you must consider before starting a blog;

1. There is a lot of hard work

Diving into blogging would not be easy for anyone, who is striving to make it a career. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, efforts, long hours, and weekends to reach where a successful blogger is right now. Their work may look easy but it is not, trust me.

They have reached that stage after going through a whole lot of hard work. You have to put in continuous efforts, irrespective of anything. Making yourself stand among people who are already there is not like eating a cup of cake, you have to be determined enough.

2. There is no fast and easy money

Before you go any further on how to start a blog in India for free, to earn from it. You should know that it is not going to be as fast as starting it. It will take time to earn a satisfactory amount. If you will see around there are a lot of bloggers doing great with their blogs, if you aspire to reach there, then you have to put your efforts into the blog.

You need to plan, be creative, and innovative with your work. And the most important thing is that you have to be patient, you cannot afford to be impatient. 

3. There is no regular income

Another thing you have to absorb while on this journey is that you cannot have a fixed income or any regular income. There will be a time when you will not be earning any income and you must have to be fine with this fact because if you will hustle you might lose the game.

Everyone goes through this time on their journey of blogging, no one reached straight at peak they worked hard and remained patient. Some people are now earning a good amount because they stick to it and didn’t give up. You have to be that stiff. 

4. There is a time consumption

When on days you will have work, you have to give it an extra hour. And you cannot deny it because it is what you always wanted to do. You sometimes have to forget your food, vacations, family time, hangout time, etc. just to make sure that you stay at what you are doing.

Making blogging a full-time career is not an easy choice to make, it takes your time sometimes and you have to give it. 

Is social media engagement necessary for your blog?

This is again the most common thing that lies in the heads of people thinking of starting a blog. Of course, at the end of the day, you look for people to connect with your blog. And how and where you will find them?

On the internet, using social media, right? Correct. If you want your blog content to get engaged with the right audience or a lot of audiences, then you need to use social media for engagements. 

To get connected with social media, you need to make a social media account where you can share your blog and ask people to read it. Also, you can add sharing button on your blog where the blog you will publish directly shared to your social media platforms. 

Social media engagement is necessary for your overall growth. The public you are looking for is on social media. If you feed them good content there, they will likely want more which will be good for your blog. 

The more you will make your content engaging, the more it will gain the right attention. So, focus on your content and make sure that you connect it to social media. 

Can a blog make money?

Yes. It is a big yes. If you are planning to start a blog to earn an amount from it, then you have to work on that direction itself. You will be able to make money only if you are;

  • Consistent– You must have to share one blog a day. If you break the consistency, you will start losing all of it. Consistency is the key to earning. 
  • Patient– Patience is another important factor that can make you a lot of money. You have to be patient with whatever you are working on. You must not expect a thing in a consistent flow, because some things take time to happen. 
  • Strong-willed– It is about being determined to your goals. You must be continuously working on them, even the results are not in your favor. But you must be strong enough to pursue, anyway. 

If you have these qualities in you before starting a blog, then you are going to be devoted to your all-over success. You will be going to make it big with your high dedication. A blog can make you a lot of money only if you become the right one to grab.

Step-wise guide to starting a blog in India for free 

If you got all your answers to queries relating to how to start a blog and want to go further to executing everything in the blog. Then, here is the guide on how you can run a blog for free in India;

Step 1- Decide your niche you 

Want to start a blog is one thing and what it is going to be about is another. So, this way you need to know both things before indulging in a blog. Deciding about what niche you are going to follow is completely going to be your decision.

You have to choose the right niche for yourself. A niche you are good at, passionate about, and love to indulge into. You have to make up your mind before jumping into blogging. Also, you have to keep exploring new ideas and creativity with that niche. 

Step 2- Select a name for your blog

Do you know what people notice first about your blog? Of course, the name. So, the selection of a name is one of the critical tasks to do because it somewhere creates an identity for your blog.

Your name will be something which people going to search for, so it must be easy to read and pronounce so that they can easily find you on the internet and suggest to other people. 

You can either name your blog over your name or you can name it about your niche. 

Step 3- Select a website for blogging

As you know, there are so many free websites in the market from which you can start anytime. But still, deciding which website will be best for you is your call to make.

And you shouldn’t be hesitant to make this decision. The name of the few free websites is, WordPress, LinkedIn, Medium, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.  But the most used website among them is WordPress.

It is also the most profiteering website where people are earning. But to use the few features of WordPress, you have to pay a certain amount which will be your investment because your output going to be huge. First, you can grow yourself on a free platform and then invest in its advanced features to make money out of them. 

Step 4- Create Your Blog Account

After, selecting which website you are going, to begin with, the next task would be to create an account there. You can sign-up with your existing G-mail account or you can create a new account.

Then, you have to manage few settings, put up a name for your blog, and there you are ready to start with your free blog. There is no cost in creating your account, it is completely free to go with. You will look at few features of your blog, how you can post blogs and maintain your blog. 

Step 5- Selecting a theme and designing your blog

The next step would be to design your blog, select a few themes, and here your blog will look beamingly beautiful. Designing your blog helps you look great in the eyes of your readers. So, maintaining it with both content and themes is a good idea.

To design your blog, you don’t need to be professional or need any other professional, you can make it beautiful on your own. Just try to focus on adding different things to your blog or your creativity. And you will see the results. 

Step 6- Optimise your content

When you have done with designing and selecting a niche, you are now set to start posting content. But before posting content, you have to make sure that you optimise your content with search engine optimisation.

Because if you will not optimize your content it would not be able to generate the kind of traffic it requires. 

So, making sure that you learn a few tips on SEO which you can execute on your content to make it reach the people. You can perform keyword optimization, add meta description, and focus on its length. 

Step 7- Start posting regularly

The important part of starting a blog is to post regularly. You cannot take a risk to post every occasionally on your blog. If you do so, you will lose a lot of traffic. And when you are just starting it becomes extremely important to post regularly to gain an audience.

At the start, you just focus on gaining an audience who would be interested in reading your content, so making sure it happens you need to post very regularly. As I have said above, “Consistency is the key to success”. Follow this and you will witness the results. 

Step 8- Choose a domain name

I am adding this point here because when we are talking about free blog, domain name would cost you an amount, which you may or may not be ready to pay. If you are not ready to pay the cost of a domain name, then we have discussed it above enough.

But if you are ready to pay the amount to buy a domain name to earn more, here I am stating a few things for the same which you should know. 

A domain name is that name by which people find you on Google and search about your blogs. A domain name is your online identity which ends with .com, .org, etc. 

If you want to buy a domain name at affordable prices, then you can contact Traffic Tail. We will let you choose your domain name which will stand different among others in the market. 

Step 9- Choose a web hosting

Like we have said in the previous point, if you want to invest some amount in your blog to make it more profitable then you can choose a web hosting for your blog. Choosing a web host will be the most important decision you will make.

Because the performance of your blog depends on the web hosting you have chosen. A web host makes sure that people find your blog available 24/7 to read it.

If you are stuck as to which web host you should approach because your web host must be someone who is well reliable. Because you are trusting him with everything you have in your blog.

So, you can find us at Traffic Tail we are the best web hosting company in India. We can be your most reliable web host. The people who have taken our services say everything about us, you can check the testimonials on our Traffic Tail website before choosing us. 

I hope these steps will help you make your blog amazing and will earn you a good amount. All you need to do is to follow all these steps for a better blogging experience. 

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Start promoting your blog

After, when you are all filled-up with each piece of information on How to start a blog in India for free, the next puzzle comes that is how you can promote your blog within India and across the world. It is another one of the important phenomena of blogging.

Because there are going to be a few people who will not reach your blog until you make them so. To make it happen, you need to see how you can promote your blog to increase traffic to your website. 

So, here are the few tricks you can use to promote your blog;

  1. Build your Inner circle– It is very important to have an inner circle where you can promote every new blog. They will further reshare it with their inner circle and you would get good traffic at your blog.
  2. Use social media– The most impactful way to promote your blog content is to share it on social media. On social media, a lot of people are gaining huge traffic on their websites. So, you should also learn ways to share your content on social media for better post engagements. 
  3. Try to promote the same post more than once– Don’t make yourself restricted to promote your one blog at one time. You can share your blog more than one time. Especially, when you want to gain traffic, it is recommended to promote the same blog twice or thrice. 

So, the promotion has a lot to do with your blogging career. Promotion is important and how you manage to do it, is also important. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does blog refer to?

The blog refers to an online platform where people share their personal, professional, food, travel, and other experiences with the public at large. People write blogs about different things which they do and share the experiences of doing that with people to give them details. Also, online marketing is happening through different blogs. 

Q2. How to start blogging in India for free?

We have written a step on how to start a blog in India for free which are as follows;

  1. Decide the niche
  2. Select a name for your blog
  3. Select a website for blogging
  4. Create your blog account
  5. Select a theme and design for your blog
  6. Optimize your content with SEO
  7. Start posting regularly
  8. Choose a domain name (if you want)
  9. Choose a web hosting (if you want)

Q3. Will I make money from a blog?

Yes, you can make money from your blog. All you have to do is to invest a little amount over a few things, which will help you earn in a long run. Also, you have to be patient and dedicated to your blog. You have to post the content regularly because that’s how you going to earn.

Q4. Which platform to choose for blogging?

If you want to start a blog for free, then you have to choose the websites which are free like WordPress, blogger, Medium, Tumblr, etc. These websites are free where you can publish your blogs and also earn money. 

Q5. What are the reasons to start blogging?

If you are wondering what benefit you will get if you start a blog, then here are the following reasons;

  • To hop into new skills
  • To make money
  • To create an online brand
  • To get better at your writing skills

Q6. What are the reasons to not start blogging?

If you are planning to jump into blogging, you must know what you have to put to get results. Here are the following reasons you must consider before starting a blog;

  • There is a lot of hard work
  • There is no fast money
  • There is no regular income
  • There is a time consumption

Q7. Who can start blogging?

Anyone can start blogging. There are no criteria to be followed for starting a blog. If you have a keen interest in blogging and want to make it a full-time career, you can do it without any second doubt. Also, if you love to write and want to make it a career choice you can think about starting from blogging. 

Q8. Do promotion is necessary for my blog?

Yes. It is a clear yes. If you want to make a name or want your blogging career to take a turn, you have to promote whatever blog you are publishing. You have to make efforts to put it in front of people. For that you can use social media, build an inner circle and try to share it more than once.

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