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March 28, 2023

How to start a coconut-based business

March 28, 2023

Who doesn’t know coconut? I guess, everyone knows. But everyone doesn’t know that coconut offers a lot of business ideas. Coconut gives rise to so many business opportunities along with health benefits. Coconut has been helping industries to produce a lot of coconut products to earn a livelihood. 

India falls third in the position where the coconut produces the most around the world. The production of coconut is generally happening in tropical zones. The more coconut production is rising the more it is benefiting the businesses to innovate different ways of earning money through starting a coconut-based business

There are numerous lucrative business ideas of coconut-based business which you can start and earn unconditionally. The coconut-based business plays a major part in the economy of a country. The coconut market is a growing market. 

How to start a coconut-based business

We can produce several products from coconut whose demand is huge in the market, which makes it a growing business choice. You can innovate and produce different ideas from coconut. 

If you are keen to start this business and searching for details about How to start a coconut-based business and its concept, then you can read this whole blog. You will find a lot of information regarding this business and ways to start this business in this blog. You can also learn about different coconut-based business ideas. So, let’s start the guide. 

How is the demand for coconut business in the market?

You already know about the demand for coconut business in the market, which is undoubtedly huge. Almost daily and in everything we use coconut products, whether while cooking or oiling our hairs. This directly relates to its demand. 

Coconut is a versatile fruit, which has so many uses. It is a natural fruit and it produces natural products whose demand in the market are high. Coconut is also used in medicinal produces. Owing to its health benefits everyone almost every day prefers to drink coconut water which is also known as coconut juice. This coconut juice is very healthy for every human body. 

The products derived from coconut are not only used in food and beverages but also medicine and cosmetic products. This is possible because the use of coconut has been widening over a period due to its multiple benefits. 

You can see how coconut-based products are ruling the market, that’s why its demand in the market is high. And this is why more and more people are preferring to start a coconut-based business. It has created a new business opportunity in the market for everyone, especially for the people who produce coconut in their field. 

If we see records, it is only rising and going up. It is also expected that it will be going up in coming years, too. 

10 Coconut-based business ideas in less investment

By this time, you have known the demand for coconut-based business is huge. So, it is quite obvious that it will have so many business options on which people depend and run their businesses.

We must focus on these business ideas if we want to start a coconut-based business and earn good money. All the business ideas we will be seeing here are required less investment, which is a plus point in this business. So, let’s start our discussion about coconut-based business ideas;

1. Coconut cooking oil 

Production and trade of coconut oil is the most common business idea we have. It is being there for a very long time. Also, it is widely spread among every market. Coconut oil is used as edible oil, it is used in snacks, baked food, etc.

coconut oil

This business idea has a huge market potential which results in a lot of profits. Also, it doesn’t require a lot of investment to start this business. If you are planning to start this business then you have to take the required registration and acquire machinery and raw material to produce coconut cooking oil. It is durable for many months, unlike other oils. 

2. Coconut milk

With the variety of milk coming up in the market coconut milk is also paving its way above all. Coconut milk has a lot of health benefits which makes it more demanding in the market among people who take good care of their health. It helps in both the physical and mental health of a person.

coconut milk

Coconut milk is also being used for different purposes like removing acne, growing strong hair, moisturizing the skin, and treats sunburn, etc. Owing to all these benefits it holds an important place in the market, which makes it a profitable business choice. It doesn’t require a huge investment and anyone can start this business.

3. Coconut Syrup

Coconut syrup manufacturing is another coconut-based business idea. This coconut syrup is used in many bakery products as a topping. People bought it on huge quantity because the demand of bakery products are high, which directly relates to its demand.

It has market potential and a profitable business. It requires very minimum capital and has a high rate of investment. This business doesn’t require any criteria to get started with it, anyone can start it anytime at their convenience. You must take a registration before starting this business. 

4. Coconut Candy

Who doesn’t love coconut candy? We all love it so much, that it never goes out of taste and market. It was there, it is still there, and it will be there always. We all have shared a different memory with coconut candy.

If you are planning to start a coconut-based business with coconut candy, then I must say you would not only be going to be children’s favorite but their parents as well. Coconut candy has a huge demand in the market for ages.

coconut candy

It is made with coconut meat and coconut milk. Its manufacturing process is very simple to follow. Also, it is a profitable business idea. It requires very minimal investment. And anyone can start this business. 

5. Coconut Juice

Coconut juice is also known as coconut water, which is one of the healthy juice people prefer to drink every day in the morning. You must have seen people selling coconut juice on the roadside. But never thought that it can be a business idea.

Nevertheless, it is the most profitable business one can start. It is very demanding for everyone because it covers a lot of natural health benefits. In recent years, coconut juice has increased its sales by so many numbers.

It also gains a significant profit globally. Due to rising health trends, it is getting more and more attention from people. You can start a coconut juice business with very less investment and can earn a lot from it. 

6. Coconut hair oil

Again, one of the most demanding coconut products in the market. It is used by every household for different hair purposes and is very healthy for hair growth. It gives protein to the hair.

A significant number of women put their trust in coconut hair oil because it has natural properties and is chemical-free. If you are planning to start a coconut-based business then I must suggest you start with coconut hair oil manufacturing.

This can be a profitable business choice. It requires very little investment. Its natural properties already have a huge customer base. 

7. Coconut vinegar

You must be hearing this thing for the first time, but it is there in the market with the same demand as other kinds of vinegar have. It is used for the same purposes as other kinds of vinegar-like, dressing the salad, making a healthy drink, marinating, etc.

As a lot of people don’t know about coconut vinegar, you can make them aware of its numerous health benefits. You can manufacture coconut vinegar and sell it widely in the market. This product is good for diabetic patients.

This product also has an export potential, which means you can export it to different countries. It doesn’t require a lot of investment and money. You just need to start it with focus. 

8. Coconut Honey

You already know how effective is honey in our lives. But what if it comes with coconut to make it healthier for us. It can substitute to other sugary products in the market consisting of a lot of health benefits.

Coconut honey has a low glycemic index, which is best for diabetic patients to have coconut honey when they crave some sugar. Coconut honey can be produced from coconut water, it has benefits like fructose and glucose.

coconut honey

You can start with less investment and earn a great income. It has a simple manufacturing process and can be a successful business.

9. Coconut biscuits

Another lively memory of our childhood days, when we used to have coconut biscuits with our evening tea. These biscuits still hold a huge marketplace in the market with different new varieties.

We cannot beat the kind of attention coconut biscuits have in the market. This business is very easy to start and has a huge potential to earn you a good profit. This business doesn’t require a huge investment and has a high rate of investment. 

10. Coconut fiber business

Coconut fiber business refers to a business where we make ropes from coir of coconut husk. It is extracted from coconut and uses to manufacturing ropes. These fiber ropes are used in high quantity at construction sites, where they are used to load heavy material.

Besides, fiber ropes you must have seen doormats, mattresses, furniture, etc made from coconut coir. This business idea can be profitable and also demanding because of the high usage of these fibers. This will not require a huge investment and can be started by anyone. 


These are the 10 coconut-based business ideas, which you can start anytime without thinking much about the investment procedure. Also, all these ideas are profitable in their way and competitive in the market.

Is the coconut-based business profitable?

Yes, with the huge demand and so many health benefits, it can easily be said that coconut-based business is profitable in the market. It can earn profit in both the short and long run. Coconut products are highly demanding in the market which adds to its popularity and likewise to its profit. 

Let us discuss some of the major reasons for it being profitable;

  • The scope is wide– There is no doubt that its scope is pretty wide than any other product in the market. This is because it produces so many products which are healthier and beneficial. A person can start a multiple-product business from coconut if he has the potential to run it like a boom. Also, the demand for a product plays an important role in its scope. 

  • Less investment– Another reason for its being profitable is that it doesn’t need to have a lot of capital investment. You can easily start a coconut-based business with less investment. All this business requires is proper planning and focus on creating a customer base. Also, whatever investment you will invest in will certainly give you a high return on that. It is because this business has a wide scope in the market.

  • Potential market– You cannot deny the fact that coconut-based products have a potential market. A market where the demand for such products is constant and very high. Coconut can produce so many products that each product has its demand chart. And when there will be a potential market, there would be a potential customer to purchase such products. This automatically creates a lot of profit from the market. 

  • Multiple uses– As you know, coconut products are used for multiple purposes which define their popularity in the market. The same popularity plays an important role in earning a lot of profit from the coconut-based business. A coconut can be used as cooking oil, hair oil, vinegar, honey, biscuits, candy, etc. It shows how coconut-based products are ruling the market. 

  • Health benefits– Coconut has a lot of health benefits which also makes it more eminent in the market. When we know this fruit has so many health benefits then we always prefer to use the products related to that fruit. It increases its demand and as result, it becomes more profitable. There is no doubt that coconut fruit has a lot of health benefits and is a useful fruit. 

These are the reasons which say that starting a coconut-based business can be a profitable idea. Besides these, more such ideas talk about the profitability of this business. So, don’t hesitate and start your coconut-based business idea to earn a huge income plus profit. 

Advantages of coconut-based business

I have discussed so many good things about coconut-based business, so it would be useless to say that there are no advantages of this business where there are so many. So, now let’s move forward to those advantages one by one;

  • Demand is high– This business has a huge demand in the market. You can see coconut-based products floating over the market at every time. They never go off any season. Their demand is constant and increasing only. It has a moving demand, not still. This is what adds the advantage to this business. So, this is the first and very important advantage of the coconut-based business.

  • Health benefits– As we have discussed above also, that coconut is a healthy fruit that possesses so many health benefits. All these health benefits transfer to coconut-made products. That is why the coconut-based business is also one of the healthiest businesses in the market. Today, people are more health-conscious so they prefer products that consist of health benefits. So, having a business that has a health benefit is one of the major advantages. 

  • Profitable types– This advantage refers to the type of coconut-based product you are deciding to produce. Every coconut-made product differs from one another in so many ways. So, their qualities and benefits also differ. If you are choosing a type of business that has more qualities than the other then it can also become the major advantage of your business. 

  • Huge market size– You already know that coconut-based products on the market and hold a major part of the market. It results in targeting a huge market. Coconut-based different products play an important role in creating a potential market for its business. It targets more customers and makes a huge customer base.

These are the few advantages of starting a coconut-based business

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What is the registration required for a coconut-based business?

There are several registration and licenses which you have to acquire before starting your business. These registration and licenses are necessary because they define the legality of your business. It protects you from future uncertainties. So, make sure to acquire the following registration and licenses;

  • Registration of business entity– The first and the most important registration you will acquire is of a business entity. You first have to decide the form of business entity you are going to start with and then make it available for registration under a valid law. You can choose to form a sole proprietor, partnership, company, LLP, etc. 

  • GST Registration– With the rollout of GST in our country, it has made necessary to acquire a GST registration under the GST Act. To take the GST Registration it has a certain limit which if met makes it mandatory to have a GST registration. This registration regulates the indirect tax regime in the country. 

  • Trade license– Trade license is required for trading in a state or a country. If you want to trade legally anywhere in the country, you need to require a trade license. For taking the trade license, you require the approval of the authority of the state to trade in that state. That’s how you can trade without restrictions. 

  • Import Export Code (IEC)– In case if you thought of exporting your coconut-based products to different countries, then you must possess an IEC code for doing that. Some people plan to expand their business to different countries, so to do it legally you must have to take Import Export Code. 

These are the registration and licenses you would require to run a coconut-based business

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Steps to start a coconut-based business

When you have discussed the options, advantages, scope of a coconut-based business, it’s now time to talk about the steps which you can follow to start a coconut-based business. I have simplified all the steps which you can easily follow and witness the wonders of this business. 

Let’s start discussing the steps of this business;

Step 1 – Choose one coconut-based business idea

If you want to go ahead with this business model, then first you must have to choose one business idea among those which I have mentioned above. You can start multiple coconut-based products but when you are starting it is advisable to go with one.

Further, when you will settle into one type of product you can start expanding with multiple coconut products. So, you can start with anything like coconut oil, coconut hair oil, coconut vinegar, coconut syrup, coconut candy, coconut juice, etc. These are the few business ideas available under coconut-based business. 

Step 2- Draft a business plan

When you have decided the type of coconut product you will be going to manufacture, it is now time to draw a business plan. You know how significant a role a business plan plays in the business.

A business plan eases a lot of tasks of a person while setting up a business. For example, you have decided to start a coconut oil business, a business plan will help you write down things that you have to do and mark the things you already have done for that business.

It helps you to write sources of investment, name of the business, accounting, etc. A business plan does everything to run a business smoothly.

Step 3- Do market research

This point is co-related to the first point, where if you have decided the type of coconut product then you can do the market research about the same. Market research is a very important phenomenon in the life of a business.

Without market research, you will not be able to analyze and adapt to the trends and changes going on in the market. You need to see what your competitors are doing, how they are taping on customers, how they are broadening their customer base. The market research gives you an in-depth knowledge of the market, which is precisely required. 

Step 4- Calculate the investment

You know the investment is the backbone of a business, without investment, a business cannot survive. So, to know the exact amount of investment needed in your business, you have to calculate it.

You have to see where you will invest, in what areas you will need money to spend. You will have to make a draft plan for it. You will write down the sources of investment from where you can borrow money, or can take from any friend or relative.

Also, if you want to buy a space for your business so you will need money and that must come from your investment. So, calculate before spending. 

Step 5- Choose a business space

If at the start or at any point in time, you think that you need a space to set up your business, then you should see places for the same. The space you will buy must be according to the size of your business, it must not be large or small, it just has to be right.

But if you think that you can manage to open your business at home, then you should not spend money on buying a space outside your home. Later, if you want to expand your business and have earned a lot then you can buy a good place for the expansion of your business. 

Step 6- Register the business

As we have discussed above as well that how important it is to acquire registration and license for your business. We have discussed in brief the significance of registration in a business.

trademark egistration 2

Without registration, your business will not be called a legal business and can be shut at any time by authorities. So, to avoid such circumstances it is important to acquire a valid registration under a valid act for the business entity. Besides, the normal registration you would require a trade license, GST registration, IEC code, etc. for valid and legal trade. 

Step 7- Name your business

Have you ever heard of a business without a name? I guess, no. Every business has its unique name which identifies its uniqueness. So, the next step in this process would be to give a name to your business.

While naming your business you must keep in mind that it should be unique, simple, and easy to pronounce. You can take a name that represents your nature of business i.e coconut-based business. Also, you should not use a name that is in use by someone else.

Further, after giving a name to your business you must make sure that you register your name under the law so that someone else would not use your name and if they do, you can take necessary actions against them. 

Step 8- Purchase raw material and equipment

It is also the most important step in this journey because, without the raw material in hand and the right equipment, you cannot manufacture anything. So, if you have decided on your coconut-based products you must buy raw material and equipment for the same.

For example, if you want to start a coconut oil business, then you must purchase raw material and equipment like dry coconut, dry copra, copra cutter, oil expeller, bucket elevator, baby boiler, filter press, crude coconut oil, wooden storage drums, etc.

These are the things you would need if you choose to start a coconut oil business. If in case you choose any other business, then do proper research about the raw material needed.

Step 9- Choose a place to sell 

Can you think of a business without trading? Of course, not. Everything we are doing and learning to do is for making sales. If we will not make sales then how will we earn? So, choosing a place to sell all those things which you have manufactured is an important step to do.

Now, the question is where to sell? I would suggest you choose a place which will be profitable and where you can have a wide audience. You have the following places to choose from;

1. You can choose to sell at a retail shop where daily a lot of customers come to buy things.

2. You can open your online store and tap the audience who is online. It can earn you a lot of profit.

3. You can also open your shop and sell directly to customers. 

These are the major options available to you, so choose wisely.

Step 10- Create a website

Creating a website is a digital way to make people aware of your business. You can target a lot of customers at once and attain huge traffic to your business. You just need to create a website and add every little detail about your business and the products you are dealing in.

If you don’t know how to create a website, then you can take the help of a digital marketing agency like Traffic Tail. Traffic tail is one of the leading marketing agencies in India that will build your website and attract a lot of traffic to your website. 

Step 11- Promote your business

Without promoting your business, you cannot reach too many people. So, to make your business reach so many people you can do things to promote your business. You can promote your business on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

These are the platforms where you will find a lot of customers daily. If you will be successful in taping these customers, your business would rise. You can also take the help of Traffic Tail for promoting your business at different places through different tools.

Step 12- Market your business

The last step in this process is to market the business. You have to use different marketing tools to market the products you are selling and manufacturing. You can either tell people about your business, who in return would tell others this is called marketing through words of mouth.

You can build your brand and let your business gets the right recognition that is needed. You can also do online marketing to make people know about your products. If you want to use the digital way you can take the help of Traffic Tail for launching marketing campaigns. 

These are the steps you must follow while starting a coconut-based business. These are the simple steps that anyone can follow. I hope it will simplify your tasks and help you get the right attention. 


Coconut is full of nature’s benefits and is used in many things. If you are planning to start something with coconut-based products, then this blog is everything you need to know. I have shared everything regarding the coconut-based business and what types of coconut-based products you can manufacture. 

If you persist any doubt in your mind regarding anything, you can come to this blog and clear all your doubts. This blog will wholly help you to start your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What products does coconut make?

A list of coconut-made products is given below;

  • Coconut cooking oil
  • Coconut milk
  • Coconut syrup
  • Coconut candy
  • Coconut juice
  • Coconut hair oil
  • Coconut vinegar
  • Coconut honey
  • Coconut biscuits
  • Coconut fiber 

Q2. How much investment should I make to start a coconut-based business?

The amount of investment completely depends on the type of coconut-based business you are starting. Every business has a different investment structure according to its need. But one thing is sure here that investment would not be much. It would be less than any other business. So, if you want your investment to be less and profit to be more then choose a coconut-based business type wisely. 

Q3. Are registrations and licenses necessary for coconut-based businesses?

Yes, they are a very important part of any business. We have also discussed in the middle of this blog that how mandatory it is to take the registrations and licenses. Acquiring registration and licenses shows that you are complying with all the laws. It depicts that your business is running lawfully. If in future any mishappening happened you can lawfully claim your rights, if you have registered your business. 

Q4. Are promotion and marketing important for coconut-based businesses?

Yes, the promotion and marketing of your coconut-based business are important. Without promotion, how people will know that your business exists? You have to make them aware of your products and how your products can add value to their lives.

Similarly, marketing is important for targeting more customers for your business. Promotion and marketing both are the backbone of every business. You can promote your business through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

For doing marketing you can take the help of Advertising both online and offline, you can create a website, words of mouth, etc. 

Q5. How can I create a website for my coconut-based business?

Creating a website can help you reach more customers. If you have basic knowledge of creating a website then you can create on your own by learning from different sites. But if you do not know about creating a website, then I would suggest not take risks instead take the help of a website developer.

If you are not aware of the website developer then let me tell you that we at Traffic Tail develop an engaging website for various clients. You can contact us anytime. 

Q6. How do I start a coconut business?

You can start your business in simple steps. Below are the following steps required to start a coconut-based business;

  • Choose a type of coconut-based product
  • Draft a business plan
  • Do market research
  • Calculate the investment
  • Choose a business space
  • Register your business
  • Name your business
  • Purchase a raw material and equipment
  • Choose a place to sell
  • Create a website
  • Promote your business
  • Market the business

Q7. In which area coconut-based business would be more profitable to start?

Although, the coconut-based business is profitable all over India. But still, there are few places where its profits are higher because of its large production in those states. Such states are;

  • Maharashtra
  • Goa
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Kerala
  • Karnataka
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Odisha
  • West Bengal 
  • Gujarat
  • Puducherry
  • Lakshadweep
  • Andaman and Nicobar

These are the states involved in the major production of Coconut. Because of its wide production in these states, the profits are on the higher side in these states. So, if you want to open your business in these states you will be going to have more profit than in a state where its production is very rare.

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