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July 17, 2023

How To Start A Juice Company

July 17, 2023

By the growing number of people who prefer freshly juiced because juices are the best way to start your day as a healthy day many people prefer to have juices in every season especially in the morning as in winters it provides hydration to your body and you feel energetic with that in winters, it provides you different kind of vitamins which is good for your health during winters to boost up your immunity.

Also starting a chosen business can be e e beneficial because it has low investment and even the competition is low compared to other businesses.


So starting a juice company in today’s era is one of the profitable businesses because people are conscious about their health. Thus the demand for the juice business will never go downhills. Thus for starting a business you need to make business strategies and plans that will help you to become special and most light-liked for a juice business.


The Fruit Juice business in India is one of the fast-growing businesses, because packaged juice is easily available everywhere, and can be freshly available from small to big packaging.

This makes the potential of the fruit juice business in India rising more than ever with 75% of the fruit juice business being with the unorganized sector and the rest 25% by the retail shops, cafes, etc.

Apart from this, it is true that there is a shortage of Juice production in India because India is the second-largest producer of juice in the world, but not enough availability of Cold Storage, and due to lack of refrigerated vehicles, The juice has to be thrown away.

Yes, if the entrepreneur starts this business from a local area and gradually moves forward, then this business can be profitable. According to the business experts and market research, the current market size for the fresh fruit juice business in India is around 3200 crore.

The market is estimated to grow at the rate of 25%-30%, owing to factors like urbanization, increasing disposable income, and the entry of organized players into the market.

The majority of the fresh fruit juice business in India is still unorganized and dominated by roadside shops, run by sole proprietors.

However, organized players have begun penetrating Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India by establishing fresh fruit juice chains and distributing pre-packaged fresh fruit juices.

The potential for this business is vast but the setup of it comes a little pricey. Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, consumers have been looking for safety and hygiene more than ever so it is important to commit to these precautionary measures.

  • Using a PPE kit and shields
  • Washing the fruits with fruit sanitizers
  • Ensuring 6 ft distance with and among the customers
  • Recording body temperature of customers
  • Recording the contact details of the consumers 
  • Ensuring no contact delivery

Over the years, the demand for fresh fruit juices have been seen seemingly increased contributed by the following factors :  

  • Increased disposable income
  • Influence from the foreign consumption patterns
  • Benefits of fruit
  • Improving the standard of living
  • Diversion towards a healthy lifestyle
  • Incorporate a healthy diet
  • Need to try out exotic fruits
  • Western culture of detoxing and clean drinking
  • Substitute for alcoholic and soft drink beverages
  • Increased need for strengthening the immune system

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Firstly decide which type of juice business you need to open so that it can be run according to the demand of your targeted audience. Decide from a Juice shop juice bar or packaged juice bottle.

There are two types of juice shops, one is mobile and the other one is mobile. The mobile shop can be taken anywhere and can be moved according to the demand of the customers and the second one is a mobile which is made up of bricks and cement and cannot be moved according to the demand there are pros and cons of each of this type like if you select the mobile shop then yourselves is never restricted but if you go with the fixed one your sales is restricted but you can build a classy shop to attract your customers does choose wisely which kind of shop you want to build up.

Now again there are two types of juice bars one is the small cafe type another one is the street food type it is also like the mobile and immobile Juice shops but it includes eating items with the juice it has a wide range of juices with some items of food to eat.

Another one is bottle fruit juice where food processing technology school change and packaging methodologies have created this type of manufacturing of juice in geographical areas. This is also due to the current trend of eating healthy and fresh food to maintain the lifestyle.

Fresh juice bottles are replaced with fizzy drinks however this creation required a large amount of investment in equipment bottling plants, raw materials brandings distribution network, etc.

Select wisely which type of business you need to start for your juice business with concerns about all the other aspects for starting the business.


Once you are familiar with juice business types, you’ll need a juice business plan. Business plans are necessary for securing funding like a bank or small business loan.

Plus, having a business plan will give you an idea of what to expect financially, and help you iron out a plan to ensure your business becomes profitable.

This juice business plan will help you understand your business. However, it’s important to draft a thorough plan. 

As the business plan always acts as a road map of your business you need to be very sensible while drafting a business plan. Make a business plan in as detailed form as you can.

The business plan should not only describe your financial securities but should be a guide of how you can expand your business equipment and how you can plan out all the market strategies to open up a juice business.

Also, try to get aware of your competitors and select your goals accordingly try to get your expectations clearly on the board.

A working business plan should include:

  • Competition research;
  • Prospects for development.
  • Investment and monthly expenses predictions.
  • Profitability and payback calculation.

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Registrations and Licenses

As we all know that every business required a license ok legally e registration because every business is like a shoe without a lease if it is not registered whether you have everything in a place but you are registered nothing will be counted its equal to zero your business should be registered under a legal LLP. thus the registrations are license required for starting a juice business are as follows:

  1. Business Registration: It is one of the first steps to establishing a business. Your business needs to be registered under an artificial legal entity like a company or limited liability partnership where you and your business have different entities which help you to go legally without harming your personal property. 

  2. Trademark Registration: it is highly recommended for a new juice company to have a unique name and make it register under a trademark registration to save us from copying the brand name or logo. This will also save us as we ensure our brand originality from the competitors and can for the franchise ourselves. Does it is compulsory for every business to register their trademark under the trademark department?

  3. FSSAI License: Registration or licensing with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a must for all juice shops or juice businesses. Whether to take an FSSAI registration or FSSAI License will depend upon the type and scale of the fruit juice business you settled.

    Bottled juices are testing for safety in Consumption and various other parameters. The process includes manufacturing, raw materials, processing, mess, canteen packing, and distribution as well as the agencies who have authority to sell them.

  4. GST Registration: After the implementation of GST, it is mandatory for every business carrying out a taxable supply of goods or services and a business needs to get a 13 digit GST number for this purpose it is compulsory for the one whose turnover is increased above 20 lakhs but it is not comp compulsory for the one whose turnover is below 20 lacs.

  5. PF Registration: it is also. one of the registration needs to be taken if your company has more than 20 employees to take EPF registration.

  6. ESI Registration: it is compulsory to have ESIC registration for every business in India that employ more than 10 employees in the business

  7. Register with your local Council – In this, A food and hygiene officer takes a visit to your home/kitchen/food truck and gives you a rating by checking all your hygienic stuff. This rating is very very important because if you don’t have this rating you will be automatically at zero hygiene no matter how clean your business is. 

  8. Shop Act – Shop Act is compulsory in the unorganized sector of employment. The entrepreneur has to register his shop under the Shops and Establishment Act, depending on the state in India in which his/her business is set up.

Shop Act helps in regulating the condition of work and provides guidelines for the employers and marks the rights of the employees working for the business.

Sounds like a long list and an arduous task, doesn’t it? But you will be happy to know that all of the legal licenses can be obtained online and the procedure is hassle-freeThere are many registered sites online to help you with this purpose.

You can go on this site and take the help of them to do all registration in a little amount.


The success of a Juice shop or juice business depends upon the location you choose if you choose the location that has a high amount of interested candidates in juice then your juice business will grow up and vice versa does a location that you choose will make or break your business for that you need to narrow down your geographic areas considering some practical points to choose your locations which are as follows

Health-conscious consumers: the select area where there is a yoga studio Jim spa wellness business etc because normally health-conscious for person prefer juice centers 

High-traffic areas: you can also select an area where you can find high traffic every day like a shopping mall area or a main street of the locality as this will help you to show your business to as many as people you can.

Sidewalks and foot traffic: during the time of summer or winter juice businesses are mainly attracted to the people who are pedestrians thus try to impress them and open your business on sidewalks 

Parking availability: make sure your business is to be available for all the customers and also accessible for them so drive your business where there is plenty of parking availability availability

Other juice bars: never open a juice bar near to the existing juice business because that will give you a negative advantage from the beginning itself 

Your budget is the other important element to consider when choosing a location for your juice bar. so select your business in such a way that even your budget did not get affected by it normally the thumb rule is 6% of your monthly gross sales is used for renting purpose.


The menu is the foremost thing that attracts your customer in the juice business so select your menu in such a way that represents your uniqueness with the quality and quantity you give in a particular amount.

These days juices are made by squeezing one from fruits and are a combination of different materials and even different fruits making amazing cocktails. Even to expand the range of menu, many Juice shops do offer beverages such as tea, coffee, and other mixes.


So select your menu to be according to your targeted audience like if your targeted audience is youngsters then let the menu be fancy enough but if you are targeted audience is health freak then let your menu be having the names of healthy dishes rather than funny and fancy dishes.


Agreed, that your Juice business might need less seed money but it will need some equipment depending on the size of your business. If you want to run your business on wheels then you would need a cart or a van that can support all the equipment and which is also easy to roll from one place to another.

Apart from this if your business is large probably the largest share of your expenses will account for the basic equipment like multifunctional juicer citrus juicer automatic fruit and vegetable peeler cash register bar counter showcase blender shaker ice machine close it to the store inventory, cutting board knives spoons bottle cleaning capping machine glasses, etc.


A business is well run and by your staff, you hired so make sure to hire an expert who knows all your business like beverage manager if you are one of the startups and hiring for the first time.

The manpower required to set up a fruit juice business would be :

  • manager
  • Cashier 
  • skilled workers
  • Packers and movers
  • for processing, 
  • billing, 
  • serving, 
  • cleaning, and 
  • other tasks.

These workers must be provided with training in equipment handling and machine usage and also about the safety and hygienic conditions to be observed. It again comes to the point of how big you expect your business to be. The bigger it gets, the more staff you need.


Marketing means opening your business officially to the public. In the world of technology, you should go with online and offline technology to market your juice business. You can use both ways to inform your customers about your juice business opening. You can go with some of the catcher things to market your business like

  • Come up with a catchy name.
  • Design a bright, attention-grabbing sign.
  • Create a logo that looks equally cool on employee uniforms, cups, and the counter.
  • Diversify the menu and create your unique positions.
  • Create and promote an Instagram account.
  • Offer special deals and run these campaigns right in your POS system.

You can also market your business on different platforms like online and offline platforms

On an online platform, you can make a website of your business or can post different kinds of advertisements with a unique selling proposition on different social media.

And in offline platforms, you can use newspapers and televisions billboards word of mouth publicity, put posters of your business in the health centers like gym Zumba classes, etc this will help you to grow your market and put form a better strategy to attract customers

Also so you can provide some kind of discounting promoting methods like discounting for the new customers and also for the old customers who bring some new customers this will have to generate new customers with brand value.


Having a juice shop is not something very new in the market. When you get down in the competition, you might find it hard to gain profits because there are already many juice shops in the market and some of them had already become a brand therefore the only way to Excel easily and efficiently is to sell something unique that attracts the customer some of the ways are as follows:

  • Use a multifunctional juicer Tu to make a juice rather than using a traditional hand mixi electric juicer to serve juices because these machines will help you to make juice in no time
  • Try to make your place look according to the targeted customers if you have a younger generation target then make it fancy and cool but if you have a health freak person in your target list then make your place which has some of the gym equipment.
  • Also, try to give a signature style to your juice like how you prepare it, or provide a message with a name of a customer on the container you provide to them like Starbuck

As because nowadays the world is the fancy world does everybody want some unique to be there to come to you try to find out that uniqueness you can give to your customers to attract them and to make yourself a brand.


Every business whether it is a small or a large business always have two sides of a coin one is pros and another one is cons everywhere you need to face consequences with everything you do it can be negative consequences or positive consequences in the same way juice business also have pros and cons which are :

Juice business Pros:

  • Fast payback. You can get your investment back in a year or two when you start a juice business this is the best part of it.
  • High profitability. as above I told you that there is a low investment to make in the juice business but the profit you get is much higher than the investment you do.
  • Constant demand. S I mentioned above that juices are the need of people on every season whether it is summer or winters does the demand for juice and smoothies are constant

Juice business cons:

  • Freshly squeezed juice and smoothies are quite expensive. As injustice business you need to provide the fresh-squeezed juice and smoothies does it cost much higher and sometimes people want how to invest fewer rupees in juice 
  • There are always a few risks: for every business, you need to be prepared for every kind of risk same is in the juice business you need to prepare for the rice at the cost of ingredients and reliable suppliers reduced demand bad location choice, etc.

How profitable business is juice business (forecasting)

Many people think that a juice business can never give a profit but you are completely wrong a potential fruit juice business can grow at a high rate also study shows that the Indian juice sector is expected to grow at a cagr of 15% in the next 3 years even known alcoholic beverages including water packaged juice and retailed Juice corners has shown the value of almost fifty thousand crores. so even if you are a newcomer in this field you can make a profit margin of at least 50 to 70% but make sure to plan your business carefully so starting a juice business can be a profitable business for many reasons shown above.


If you are planning to start a new business try to look and start up the juice business because it is a profitable business with low investment also it is a legal business but you need to plan for starting this business because there has been shown significant growth in a juice business because of people becoming health conscious and your business will never attend any kind of recession because the demand of juice never decreases in any season it is always liked whether it is winter or summer.

Thus above we have shared with you all the steps that are needed to start a pure fruit business with low investment. Thus think wisely before starting any kind of business and invest your money after thinking wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Juicer is better to use?

Ans: nowadays many kinds of futures are available in the market you can choose a juicer which is in your budget and provide good quality and if you are going for a vegetable juicer make a special requirement which can peel your vegetables too. 

Q2. How to attract more crowds at the shop?

Ans:  to attract more crowds at a shop you need to Tu have a brand value of yours this can be done by providing a good quality of drinks you provide mainly with the freshly squeezed fruits. even this will help you to get a fixed customer for your shop also try to give them healthy environment so that they can get relaxed while enjoying your juice.

Q3. Is a Juice Shop a limited idea?

Ans: as the sky, there is no limit for any business nowadays just think about the unique idea you can give and make yourself different from others like you can provide UN environment with Wi-Fi or you can n think of ideas like make your place the eco-friendly place which Can attract your customers. you can even think of delivering your juice online.

Q4. How much investment does such a start-up need?

Ans: the investment required for starting up a juice business is much lesser than any other business at an initial level you need to invest only in a place or a card to set up your stall with a juicer is machine some fresh vegetables and fruits and after you get some profit you can expand your business easily and effectively. The best investment you need to do for the start-up is low.

Q5. What could be a correct marketing scheme for a juice shop?

Ans: marketing is one of the important factors of your business to grow to choose your schemes wisely for marketing to make a brand value the best way with minimal investment is to promote yourself on social media and also so take the help of your family members to get you promoted on their social media because this social media will not charge any amount and also every single person is 1 on one or more social media nowadays.

Also tried to give some promotional activities to your customers like if they bring new customers to you you can give them 50% off to make your brand value. Also if you have a regular customer give them some discount on your regular prices. 

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