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August 12, 2023

Are you also a creative person who loves to transform any regular thing into an attractive gaze? Well, I also love it. But have you ever thought; how you can earn money from it? And what if you get the business opportunity to create a different world for budding entrepreneurs?  How about helping them while helping yourself? Sounds interesting, right?

Although, there are many ways people can earn money using their creativity in today’s time. But today we are going to discuss how to start a Packaging Business and make money out of it? 

How to Start a Packaging Business

If you are willing to do so, then here is a complete guide for starting your packaging business. Read till the end to explore all the factors you need to start a packaging business. 

But before proceeding directly on steps to start a packaging business, let’s learn all the important aspects of the Packaging business.

What is the meaning of Packaging Business?

Packaging simply refers to the process of adding value to the product by enhancing its external qualities. 

Or in simple terms, it refers to the designing, wrapping, packing of a product to make it more considerable for end-users. And dealing in the same industry for earning products is called Packaging business. 

Why should you invest in Packaging Business?

Many times, people ask why they should invest in the Packaging Business? Do you also want to start a packaging business and in doubt whether you should invest in it or not? 

This is the only industry that is not going out of the trend. Whatever we buy today, comes with a package. Starting from daily eatables such as milk, bread, butter, eggs, fruits, vegetables everything comes in the package.

Also, let’s take another example, whether it is makeup or furniture, everything comes in a packing. We can take the packaging business as a helping hand for many other businesses. 

So, it is needless to ask whether you should invest in the packaging business or not? Rather I will say that starting a packaging business is a profitable decision that will benefit you in every situation and season regardless of unfavourable conditions.

Even you have noticed that people are considering buying packaged items more in this pandemic period.  

Difference Between Packing and Packaging 

Many times, it happens that two terms look identical but the truth is they aren’t.  The same happens in the case of Packing and Packaging. Before planning to start a Packaging Business, it is essential to understand the difference between Packing and Packaging.

While Packing is only used for outer physical appearance, Packaging is a broader concept. It includes:

  • Type
  • Features 
  • Specification
  • Design
  • Physical Operation
  • Distribution Channel
  • Shipping Network

Who can Start this Business?

We have mentioned 5 categories that can Start a Packaging Business:

College-Going Students

We are in 2024. And in this era, every student is aware of the fact that there are very few opportunities for a job in the market. No one goes to college just to gain bookish knowledge rather they are more focused on gaining practical skills. Even we saw many multi-millionaires who started their career with their college life and today play as the big fishes of the pond. 

One of the biggest examples we have today is Mark Zuckerberg. He was in his college when he founded Facebook

How to Start a Packaging Business

So, it is no wonder if you are a college student and are willing to start a packaging business.


We always saw our mothers taking care of us and the whole house regardless of any situation. And we became so fantasized by their housewife role that we forget their actual strength and sometimes they too. But we shouldn’t forget that history has the names of so many powerful women who fought for us bravely.

Even if I talk about businesses, so many ladies set an empire as being “just a housewife” for many people. One of the best examples of successful housewives is J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter).

How to Start a Packaging Business

She was a divorced & mother of young kids when she decided to restart her writing career. And there are many more examples too that you can easily find on the internet.

So, the days are gone when the housewives are taken as the caretaker of the house. You can easily kickstart your career by opting for the packaging business.

Budding Entrepreneurs 

Well, starting a packaging business is a good option for budding entrepreneurs who have a desire to shine in the business world. If you are looking for an evergreen industry that will not fade in any circumstance then the packaging industry is the best option for you. 

Don’t doubt yourself and your capabilities by investing in any random and seasonal industry and kickstart your career with the packaging business.

Even you can take the help of Traffic Tail for the best guidance for starting a packaging business in India.

Startup Enthusiasts

Are you the one who believes in creating jobs rather than opting for one? And planning to start your business? Then you are at the place. Starting a packaging business will be the best option and the most demanding one. You can start it even from the comfort of your home.

And even if you are planning to buy a workplace then you can choose the affordable one. It means you didn’t need any lavish workplace for starting a packaging business.

Business Explorer

 A business explorer is  engaged in exploring different industries for finding the best. Are you the one? And looking for the opportunity to explore the Packaging Industry? Then this blog is for you. 

Generally, a businessman wishes to invest in an industry that never goes out of trend and comparatively easy to start. Luckily, the packaging business fulfils both conditions.

The packaging business is the most profitable and evergreen industry for businesses. You can start it from anywhere on a low budget. 

Now, let’s understand every small detail about the packaging business. 

Different Types of Packaging

 Till now, we have understood the meaning of Packaging. Before starting a Packaging business, it is important to know the different types of Packaging. There are mainly three types of modes that are necessary to understand and these are;

Based on Industry

For starting a Packaging Business in India, initially, it is important to choose a suitable industry. Although, there is almost every industry that requires packaging business. Still, we have mentioned a few industries below that require Packaging services for their effective functioning. 

  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Medical Devices
  • Retail Products
  • Ecommerce 
  • Handicraft
  • Cosmetics
  • Stationary

Based on Model

 There are three types of Models in the Packaging Business that are as follows:

  • Primary Packaging Model

This model refers to the basic or the initial level packaging of the product. For example, if you are dealing in a beverage packaging business, then its basic packaging in a bottle or paper box is called Primary Packaging.

  •  Secondary Packaging Model

This model refers to the intermediate packaging of the product. For example, after the basic packaging of a juice in a bottle or paper box, labelling & additional specification and more creativity is necessary to make the product more attractive. This model is known as Secondary Packaging.

  • Tertiary Packaging Model

Tertiary Packaging refers to the final packaging of the products for making them ready for transit & storage. And, also to make the products ready to sell to customers. For example, packing juice bottles in big boxes for delivery is known as Tertiary Packaging.

Based on Materials

Finally, the third thing that is important to opt to start a packaging business is the right kind of material. Below-mentioned are the different types of materials that are important to understand and these are;

  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Polymers (Plastic)
  • Aluminium Foils
  • Aluminium Cans

Hope you have cleared with all the factors that are required to understand while starting a Packaging Business in India. 

Now, you must be wondering why packaging is important for the smooth running of a business, right? I have listed down the functions of the Packaging Business that you must know before opting for it.

Functions of Packaging Business

Functions of Packaging Business are as follows:


The first and the most important function of Packaging is to protect the products from Climatic as well as Mechanical factors. It is beneficial for protecting the product from any kind of loss.


Another function of Packaging is that it helps in preserving items to make them usable for a longer period. It has a specific model that can preserve perishable goods for a little longer.

For example, if you would go to buy a mixed fruit juice from a normal juice corner, you have to intake it within a few hours otherwise you can’t have it. But if I talk about “Tropicana” mixed fruit juice, you can have it at least for a month. 


 It is not a shocking point that packaging makes a product more presentable. And, people give more priority to presentable goods. So, with the help of Packaging, one can improve the presentation of their products.

Imagine, you are going to buy a dress for your birthday party.  When you enter the shop, you fantasize about the presentable dress rather than the dress in the closet. Hence, presentation matters a lot for running a business effectively.


Packaging products in a good way can make them more convenient to carry in the long journey. We prefer to carry packaged food for long journeys because it is convenient to carry. 


Another function of Packaging is, it helps in the easy identification of products. Packaging consists of various specifications and features that make a product easily identifiable.


Packaging helps in the proper labeling of the products. It includes everything starting from manufacturing date, components included in it, brand name, marketing partner and many more.


A very few of you knew this function of packaging. But it is true that packaging also serves considering the economic factor. It states how a product can be sold in different markets. 

How to Start a Packaging Business

Advantages of Packaging

Before planning to start a packaging business, it is important to understand the advantages of Packaging on the various businesses. 

Makes Product More Attractive

Many people say that looks don’t matter but the truth is just the opposite of it. Frankly speaking, whether it is about a person or a product, only presentable ones get consideration. So, the foremost benefit of packaging is that it makes a product more attractive and considerable.

Attractive packaging helps to enhance the appearance of the product and is helpful to deal in the competitive world.

Helps to get the Good Price of the product

The above-written point states that packaging improves the outer look of the product and makes it more attractive. Automatically, it increases the price of the product. Just remember, the time you go shopping when you visit the local market, you are willing to pay the low price or I could say affordable price.

But when you visit malls and brands, you already have a mindset that you need to manage a high budget because this stuff has a brand value and is comparatively more considerable. 

It doesn’t mean that local markets have low-quality stuff rather it is simply a matter of packaging and brand value.

Helpful to maintain a good User Experience

Another benefit of packaging is that it is helpful to maintain a good user experience by improving the appearance of the product. And people love to opt for products having a good appearance.

You can start a Packaging Business anytime from anywhere

It is not less than a blessing for a businessman who gets the opportunity to start a business at any time from anywhere. The same happened in the case of the packaging business. You can start a packaging business from anywhere and the best thing is it is required in every season. 

Points to keep in mind while starting a Packaging Business

There are certain things that you should consider before starting a Packaging Business and these are as follows;

Quality Control

The first thing that you should consider before starting a packaging business is the quality of your services. It means you need to maintain the quality of your services and should check on it regularly.

Maintain Creativity

Packaging is all about creativity. creativity enhances the appearance of the product. So, don’t forget to maintain the creativity of your packaging. Use creative ideas and good material to make the product more attractive.

Pack Small

Another factor that you need to keep in mind is to focus on small packing. Try to emphasize attractive packing by making it smaller in size. As small size packings are more considerable than the large size. And generally, small packages are convenient to carry for long journeys and outings. 

Choose Effective & Appropriate Colour Composition 

People are emotional and often relate themselves to different colours. It is your responsibility to choose effective colour composition for the packaging. Don’t go for offensive and unmatched colour composition as it can harm your business identity. 

Remember the case of the Myntra logo? It was a case of logo colour by a person who finds it offensive. So, select colour composition wisely and effectively. If you’re having trouble, consider using HubSpot’s colour palette generator to get some ideas.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Ways

Although, it is not a point to mention and everyone knew about it, but it is important to opt for Eco-Friendly ways while starting a packaging business. It is important to think about our environment, our society and our people.

If you will use Eco-Friendly ways for your business then it will be helpful for you to shine in the eyes of your customers. And they might opt for your services again and again.

Biodegradable Nature

Do you want a healthy environment for yourself? 7.9 billion others also want. Hope you are working on it. One of the most important points that you should consider is the Biodegradable nature.

You should choose the nature of the material wisely for your packaging business. It leads a good impression on your customers and will be helpful for you in the long run.

 Make sure to consider all the above-mentioned points before starting a packing business.

Till here, we have explored all the important factors for starting a Packaging Business. Now it’s time to discuss all the steps needed to complete for starting a Packaging Business.

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Steps to start a Packaging Business

I have prepared a 21-steps guide to start a Packaging business. Perform the step by step properly to achieve desired results.

  1. Conduct a Thorough Market Research 

The first step for starting a Packaging Business is to conduct detailed research as it is necessary to understand the needs and requirements of the market. You can design a proper agenda of your research listing some questions that you want to find out after the research.

It will help you to conduct productive and meaningful research. Some questions I have written below that can ease your research process. 

  • Is there any need for my idea in the market?
  • From where I can start?
  • When could I start?
  • Why will other businesses opt for my services? 

You can prepare for more questions as per your understanding and requirements.

2. Understand the Needs of your Clients

After researching your market, you will find some businesses or people that need your packaging services. Now in this step, you have to analyze your clients individually. Don’t forget that every person is different and so are businesses. And every business has different requirements.

So, you have to understand each business differently instead of pitching the same services to every business.

3. Formulate your Packaging Business Plan

After doing proper Market research, it is essential to formulate an effective and appropriate plan while starting a packaging business. It doesn’t mean that you need to fill hundreds of pages stating every step rather it requires the detailing of some necessary segments. Your business must include the below-mentioned points for designing an effective business plan.

4. Material 

It is important to mention which kind of material you are going to opt for in your packaging business.

5. Product

Another important ingredient for an effective business plan is to choose a particular product that you are going to target.

6. Industry 

It will be beneficial to choose a particular Industry in the beginning and then expand later.

7. Branding

Choose your Branding properly while starting a Packaging Business.

8. Name of your Business

The name gives us Identity. Whether a person or a company both required a name to make its identity in the crowd. So, choose a good and appropriate name for your business. 

9. Marketing Strategy 

Your marketing strategy says a lot about your brand. So, it is important to choose the right marketing strategy for your business. 

10. Find out the Right Working Space

Although, the best thing about starting a packaging business is that you can start it from anywhere. However, it is important to find out the right working space. Choose the right workspace for your packaging business that is comfortable and is compatible with your work activities.

11. Investments/ Capital

Capital is the most important factor without which no business could be established. So, it is important to plan the proper capital structure for starting a Packaging Business.

How to Start a Packaging Business

Consider accumulating all the activities and tools that require special attention. Making the different lists of fixed & recurring expenditure would be much better for effective utilization of capital.

12. Legalities

If it isn’t legal, you cannot run it for longer. Every business needs to fulfil all the legal conditions for the smooth flow of its activities. Legalities that are essential for starting a packaging business are mentioned below.

13. Basic Registration 

First of all, it is important to register your business by opting for the perfect model. All businesses having an annual turnover of a minimum of 12 lakhs per annum are required to go for the basic registration. 

14. Small- Scale Industry Registration 

This registration is done by the Ministry of MSME. The main objective of this registration is to keep a proper count of the statistics of such units and give proper support.

15. NOC from the Municipal Body

No objection certificate is important for re-labellers and repackers.

16. GST Registration 

Every business that wants to run a legal enterprise, requires GST registration and is liable to file a proper return depending upon registration requirements.

How to Start a Packaging Business

17. Trademark Registration 

Trademarks are important to protect businesses from copyrighting matters. It is helpful to secure your unique USPs, brand value and slogans from your competitors.

18. Setup a Website

Can you imagine any business running in this era without having a perfect website? Your answer is no, right? So, what you are waiting for. Go and set up an attractive website including all the necessary features like a chatbot, payment gateway, portfolio section and many more. 

You can choose Traffic Tail services for designing a website for your packaging Business like other 500+ clients ranging from individuals to Multinational from all over the country.

19. Design a Remarkable LOGO

Undoubtedly, LOGO represents a brand and symbolises it. So, it is important to design a compatible LOGO for your packaging business. If you look for MacDonald’s, you will see that bold M as its LOGO. Similarly, if I talk about Facebook, it has its LOGO as f. 

You will see every brand has its LOGO that is acting as its face. 

Make sure your LOGO represents your brand completely and is made up of effective colour composition.

20. Strategy for Delivery

Now, the next step is to prepare an effective strategy for delivery. Delivery strategy plays an important role in Packaging Business. Also, it is essential to appoint your delivery partners carefully. Choose the proper delivery mode, deal and vehicle also. Choose small vehicles for small orders whereas large vehicles for big orders. 

21. Marketing Strategy 

Now, the last step for starting a Packaging Business is to determine the perfect marketing strategy. In the current time, there are lots of marketing platforms but the trick here to choose the most compatible marketing platform while preparing your strategy. 

Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing are the strategies that you should choose for starting a Packaging Business. Also, choose a marketing strategy to build an engagement with your users. 

You can share various blogs on self-packaging ideas, decorating your home blogs, and many more.

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6 Golden Tips for Effective Packaging Services

Till now, we have discussed everything that you should know for starting a packaging business. Now, it’s time to know the golden tips that help you for the effective running of your business.

1. Use the right size Material

The first factor that demands your attention is using the right size of packing material. Don’t use oversized material and even undersized material too.

2. Pack items Neatly & effectively

No one likes tidy things. And it is your responsibility to give your users the best experience they deserve. So, another factor on which you should focus is packing items neatly and effectively.  

3. Don’t forget to Pack your business card

What if one of the customers finds your packaging service way too attractive? And now he is planning to make another deal with you? But oops! He doesn’t have any way to contact you. Unfortunately, you lost your deal. 

It’s always better to pack your business card smartly into your packaged items stating your contact details. So, your customer can freely contact you anytime.

4. Use Stylish Ways of Packing

Opt for stylish ways of packing rather than sticking to old traditional ways. It will help to enhance the user experience and also to grow your business.  

5. Use Quality Material

As we have discussed above, a quality check is important for running a packaging business. Invest in using quality material for the packaging business for the safe delivery of the items.

6. Timely Delivery 

Customers love speed. Especially ordering for their favorite stuff. No business can play for a longer time by working on over-promise and under-delivery fundamentals. 

So, you must make all deliveries on time to generate goodwill and maintain a reputation in front of your customers.

Don’t forget to implement the above-mentioned 6 golden rules for the effective running of your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is starting a Packaging Business require lots of capital?

Well, you cannot establish without having a good budget. So, you need a good amount of capital for starting a packaging business. But yes packaging business is comparatively cost-effective and you can start it even on a low budget.

Q2. Can I start a Packaging Business from Home?

If you have space and you can manage it, then yes you can start a packaging business from home as well.

Q3. How much does it cost to start a packaging business?

The costing of a packaging business depends upon the size and nature of its functioning criteria, model and vision. 

If you are a person who wants to start a packaging business as a sole proprietor then it would not cost much. But if you are planning to start a private limited company and want to broaden it globally then it would cost more. So, it completely depends upon your decision. 

Q4. How to market a packaging business to get a good number of clients? 

Marketing is a craft and can be done with the help of a good artist. Make proper strategy, use effective modes and hire a good team for effective marketing of your packaging business in India. 

Q5. How can I start a packaging business from home?

You can start a packaging business by completing the below-mentioned steps.

  • Do a thorough market research 
  • Understand the needs of your client
  • Prepare a packaging business plan
  • Find out the right working space 
  • Fulfill legal procedures 
  • Plan investment
  • Set up a website
  • Design an attractive LOGO
  • Develop a perfect delivery strategy
  • Design your marketing strategy 

Q6. You can name some packaging companies in India?

Yes, the below mentioned are the few packaging companies in India.

  • Uflex Ltd
  • Essel Propack Ltd
  • Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd
  • Kanpur Plastipack Ltd
  • Aditya Polymers Ltd

Final Words-

Starting a packaging business means supporting hundreds of small businesses that can’t afford expensive services to emerge in this competitive world. Work on every single aspect while starting a packaging business. 

Hope you have got the answer on how to start a Packaging Business? Don’t forget to comment and share this article with your family and friends who are willing to start a packaging business. We are connected with you in the comment section. 

It is better to hire the services of a website designing and digital marketing company for organizing successful campaigns.

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