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March 22, 2024

How To Start a Pet Care Business

March 22, 2024

If you love mammals, opening a business that takes care of them is the best idea you can think of to help and nurture them. This business is called a Pet Care Business.

Earlier the pet care was limited to veterinary but at this instant, it’s being a fashion with the growth of humanization. Even pet lovers always care about their pets as much as their family members.

 But before starting any kind of pet care business you must know about the pets that they like and what they don’t like. Pet care business does not only mean taking care of them by giving them food and bathing them.

How to start a pet care business

It means to nurture them like playing with them, go on vacation with them, and make them exercise, etc. So a pet lover is the only person who can do all this and can start a pet care business as they have an interest in taking care of pets.

 According to Indian Pet Care Statistics by type forecast and opportunities it’s been said that the pet care business is increasing multifold and this is all due to the recent change in the attitude of people towards pets.

They grow humanity in themselves and start to treat animals as parts of their family which results in the growth of pet animals by 60000 pet adoptions every year which gives a very successful career in the pet care industry now.

India is the fastest-growing pet care business with a projected CAGR of ~17.0% (2018-2024) vis-a-vis global projected CAGR of 5.2% (2019-2025). (source: Global Market Insight and Euromonitor)

Thus with the increase in trend and humanization, the growth of pet owners and pet care businesses has grown. With this some of the additional factors are changing in taste and preferences of people, lifestyle changes, urbanization are driving the pet care business in India. So, continue reading, and for best knowledge about HOW TO START A PET CARE BUSINESS.

So for this purpose, you can choose a type of pet care business according to your niche.

1. Pet Sitting/ Dog Walking

It is a profession for those who are smitten by fur, feathers, or fins because here you have to foster people’s pets who are going out for one or more days or for some hours. In these services pet sitters play with pets, feed them, brush them, etc.

The same goes for dog walkers. They also provide service where they take pooches to a walk on their daily basis one or two times. Also, they include additional services like feeding, playing, bringing mails, etc which help them to become more desirable.

The icing on the cake here is that you do not need any kind of structural shops to carry this business because it’s mostly in the houses of clients. Thus in this business, you can do your marketing by word of mouth.

2. Dog Training

Dog Training is for the one who are skilled and love dogs. Because in this you not only have to give instructions but also to talk to dogs thus it is based on psychology. It also includes training of people who live with dogs and tell them how to deal with them patiently when they are furious. Also if you are a lover of pets and have a desire to help them you can get great success in this field. In this profession proper conduct of both pets and folks is important.

How to start a pet care business

3. Pet grooming and photography

The Pet grooming concept is common internationally but now it’s growing in India as well the statistics show that in the last 5 years there has been exponential growth in this field. The hectic schedule and the lifestyle of people make the demand for this profession.

It’s not only about giving bath to dogs but also their good looks and feel good. It also includes taking care of health issues of pets that are unintentionally ignored by pet parents. But before starting this business one should be trained enough to understand the needs of salon and spa, haircut and hairstyles, breeds and products.

How to start a pet care business

Also, learn about the do’s and don’ts of grooming pets. It’s not only making pets look good but also making them feel better physically and psychologically.

The parentful touch of the groomer makes the pet in a good mood and pleasurable.

Pet Photography is that in which professional photographer trained in pets photoshoots offers all kind of outdoor or indoor shoots for pets and their masters they can be done with props or in natural settings this also includes grooming of pets like making hairstyles and putting bibs, bounties and tiaras on pets to make them look more cute and attractive so as to capture the perfect moments of pet parents and pets.

4. Pet foods and treats

Nowadays pet owners are increasingly concerned about the quality of food they give to pets. They are more anxious about the additional health benefits that their pet’s food has. Thus the security business of pet foods also can provide a large amount of financial benefits to you and it can be one of the best to work for animal lovers.

As pet owners always treat their pets as the member of their family and love and care them in the same way thus they like to give homemade treats to their pets as they give to their children and they are conscious about the health of their pets thus one can be in a pet bakery service where they can make and sell high-quality healthy food product that provides them a treat. This service provides a lot of profit margin as people are willing to pay for their pet’s good treats.

5. Upscale pet products

The urge to brage on pet clothes, toys, beds, color, and other goodies has been started by the Hollywood actors keeping their pet in fancy and stylish bags, with silk and designer comfortable beds. This increases the demand for these goods in India too.

Now pet parents also want all kinds of luxuries for their pets. Thus a luxury pet products business can be a good idea for the one who loves pets and wants them to be high maintenance. One can manufacture one’s own pet products or can buy them from existing manufacturers

It’s cost is comparatively low.

Chris Masanto, the CEO and co-founder of the world’s fastest-growing pet supplement online business, PetLab Co., says, “Launching PetLab unveiled the extraordinary diversity and untapped potential of the pet care niche, a sector fueled by pet owners’ increasing demand for quality and innovation.

Diving into this market, we realized the importance of pinpointing emerging trends, like the surge in eco-friendly pet products, specialized training services, or the need for advanced pet tech solutions. For those exploring new ventures, focus on areas that reflect growing pet owner values, such as sustainability or technology-enhanced pet care, which are yet to be explored.

These segments promise growth and offer the chance to make a meaningful impact. The pet industry is not just expanding; it’s evolving, presenting a prime opportunity for businesses ready to innovate and resonate with modern pet owners’ expectations.”

6. Poop cleaning services

In this service, you clear a poop of pets. You can start this service from your neighborhood. This service is always optional but you can earn a lot from it. You don’t have to invest anything in this service and you can earn maximum without investing much. Even you don’t have to give full time to this service.

7. Exotic fish and aquarium

This service provider gives exotic fish and aquariums on rent. As you know that every office, restaurant, doctor clinic, home, and hotel have an aquarium you can give them on rent for a month or according to the contract you have with them.

How to start a pet care business

Business Plan

The strong growth in the pet care industry shows how important our pets are for us. It’s not hard to decide why pets are so important and are pampered because they also love their parents unconditionally and also provide them a sense of well-being.

The pet care business can be a billion-dollar Industry but putting your shoes in it is a difficult task. You need to know all about pets, their likes, and dislikes. So for starting a pet care business you need some steps to plan which are as follows:

1. Research and planning

For starting a pet care business you need to know about recent trends, what is in demand this research will help to set up your business. After finding all the things now plan your business according to your research.

Planning will include what type of business from the above classification you need to do, what will be your location, find the customers and the financing, etc. Also plan about the legal requirements to be done to start the business.

2. Establishing an idea

Now compare your business ideas with the competitors and make yourself ahead of them by doing additional research and making creative businesses that provide a niche. Like, add some more features to your business to be ahead of your competitors.

As you know, pets can be any type of dog, cat, rabbit, tortoise, parrot, bird, fish, etc. So be aware of all their needs and want to come up with some unique ideas.

For example, incorporating AI tools like a dog breed identifier can significantly enhance the value proposition of a pet care business by offering personalized insights and care based on the breed-specific characteristics of pets.

3. The Target market

Now find the market where you can find the customers so target them according to your business who take care of their pets and want their pets to have all luxuries.

4. Establish the brand

The first and foremost thing is to Name your business . Select the company name that is simple and easy that can be remembered easily. It also includes legal formalities and licensing for your business.

5. Marketing of business

Now after selecting the name it’s your turn to market your business. You can market the business online or offline, can choose any model to build reputation and relationships with customers.

One can come into notice if you do something unique and come out of the box, so to market yourself provide the services that are unique from your competitors to get focused on by customers or targeted audiences.

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Location for pet care business

After finding the type of store you want to open then find out what kind of location you will choose to enter the market. Decide it with the help of understanding your business needs and your competitors so as to know how you can move further.

In the location you can choose the traditional way, that is brick and mortar shops, or websites, or a hybrid model of both. This can be decided by analyzing the factors of location that are state policy, size of business, space required, the services and products you are selling, etc.

1. Brick and mortar shops

It is a physical shop in which you sell your services and products on physical location.

It can be a great decision to start a brick-and-mortar shop if you research your market and find that pet parents are underserved and want more luxurious services for their pets. The cost is not extraordinary.

You need to find out the good decision like if you want to open a large general store for pets then find the location that has a need for this kind of store and there is not any pet store in that area and also there are a lot of pet owners in that area who are finding this opportunity. Even this will include rent cost, furniture, and fixtures cost, electricity cost, and services cost are added to it.

2. Internet sites

As the use of the internet is increasing and everyone is on the net now, only web-based services and products are being sold by pet care businesses. In this, you have to make a website for your business and sell your products and services through that. This location is considered to be easy and offers a great margin of profit.

It costs only for Marketing that you do to enhance your business through website design and SEO. Also, the main advantage is cost-effectiveness because you can directly contact factories to dispatch their products directly to you.

And if you give services you do it at the pet owner’s house which saves your cost of physical space. So your main cost is only on making a website for your business.

3. Hybrid shops

A hybrid shop means the business that is done both physically and on the web. For this business try to figure out your products and services and then figure out the cost to minimize it.

If you sell products and provide services to both parents you should go for this location because you can promote your products and services through the internet and can provide products offline. This will save a lot of money and will be a cost-effective technique. This will require extreme focus and you will have to generate credibility for it.

4. Financial Factors

 Before starting any kind of business you need to know what all it will take to start. The financial needs could be different for the different services you provide.

Like if you are starting a business from home then the cost required will be less but if you are starting from a place away from home the cost will be high. Again if the place is your own the cost will be less but if the place is rented the cost will be high.

If you are going for a retail store the cost will be less but if you are going for a manufacturing store the cost will be high. Again if your business is online then you can get it at a low cost but if you want a physical structure for your business your cost will be high.

 If your services are more of the kind in which you have to go to pets owners house then the cost will be low but if your services are more of another place then the cost will increase

So you have to clearly define what kind of business plan you will make to gain knowledge about all the work and plan accordingly for financial services.


After you decide and organize everything the next step is to market your business which is the most crucial part of your business which can be done in many different ways, so select the ways that can provide your business significant growth by taking advantage of them.

 Logo and slogans

For marketing your pet care business make the logos that define your goals of caring pets make it even unique to get recognized. For first use, the logo and dress it with a pics art app but as your income increases, change your logo so that you recognize it with the help of a logo designer. This distinctive logo design can give a lot of marketing advantage to you.

 Also find a tagline that suits your pet care business and tells about your aim . After finding it, include it on all your paper, on websites, advertisements etc that should be catchy enough to gain people’s attention and to make an image in everyone’s mind.


There are a variety of ways to name your business in advertisements. Use the method that is inexpensive and people will see first when they are in need like telephone directory, newspaper etc. Also make your advertisement look different from others to stand out of the crowd . Also add some special services you provide with not just caring for pets to highlight.


If your business is more local then brochure marketing will work . Here make a brochure of you pet services and share it in the locality where you are hoping your business will give you more demand . Also ask a nearby office, or veterinary clinic to paste your brochure there. Also be sure that you put some facts and figures about your services provided to pets to boost up your importance in the market .

Newspaper advertisement

Newspaper advertisements are also one of the most important ways to popularise your petcare service. As because every house has one or two newspaper services . Also before providing any ads in newspapers do some research and check which paper is most popular in your targeted segment or area.

Even ask the newspaper editor if there is any special blog or page for animal care and tell them to give your advertisement on that page. This will give an impact on your business and you will get more clients. Yes, newspaper advertisements are a little costly but if it is done with proper research and checks then the result that you get can minimize your expenses.


Nowadays everyone is busy online and wants things online . This making websites for your business is the best way to promote it because more and more people nowadays search on the internet before going for a yellow page search.

How to start a pet care business

So for the promotion of your pet care services make the website starting with one page which tells about you and your services. Later you may add additional information about you with facts and figures. Also can add frequently asked questions and reviews of people. This is one of the cheapest and the best ways to gain more popularity.


Promotions are the ways in which you possess some unique ideas to promote your business . It can be in the form of coupons, discounts or special events , or thank you cards etc. People get attracted towards it as it has a fun element. Like you can provide thank you cards to every client of yours with the message that give an impression that you love pets a lot.

Referral discount

Referral discount means to get some kind of privilege when you talk about the services to a new person and he or she takes our services. This is mainly for those who are already taking our services and are loyal to them.

You can provide a discount of 50% for the next pet service they take or you can provide them one-day free pet walking. This will encourage clients and they will be loyal to you always.


The licensing is not for all type of business. It Depends upon the scale of the business and services being offered . There can be variation in the registration and legal formalities according to the services and activities they provide.

If you are planning to open a pet shop or pet stuff shops then the business needs to be registered under the Shop and Establishment Act. In case of indoor kennels, there is a certain specification for the size of the kennel spaces.

 Even no one can operate the pet shop unless and until they have a certificate of registration from the concerned state animal welfare board. And application for the same is of rs 5000which is non refundable amount. Which will give a certificate valid for 5years , which will be given after inspection by the appropriate authority.

They should even maintain the record book annually with the submission of an annual report to the state board with the details about the total number of animals boarded, traded, or exhibited by them in the previous year.

 And if there is violation of any law this will give a state board the authority to  seal the pet shop.

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As now people’s interests are being renewed to adopt pets because people love to have a company by their side as the pets get friendly and do the same actions as the humans do. Also, animals like dogs provide safety and security.

But lifting animals at home alone is very difficult thus animal care businesses are emerging nowadays. There are some things to consider while taking care of animals which are as follows:


Everyone says that knowledge is power. Thus if you love animals and you want to start a pet care business then firstly you should remember that you will have to deal with every kind of pet and every pet has its own characteristics, like its food habits, temperament, first aid, etc.

Thus anyone starting a pet care business should have knowledge about every kind of pet and about everything the pet needs to handle them.


Location is one of the important factors for the business to grow. Thus the location should be most preferable for your business where you can get more customers or clients for your services and it should be such that it can be easily accessible by pet parents.

With the location there should be enough space for pets to play, roam, it should have a fenced yard to make their mood refresh, even a small pool can increase your visibility.

Fun facility

As animals are always proactive thus they want to play or do fun activities all the time. So a pet care business should have such facilities as cage-free where pets are divided into groups and play some games.

Even pets should have some activities with which they can learn different things and can grow themselves. They should have activity areas also. With that, a webcam should be there in the shop with live streaming features so that pet parents can log in and see their pets whenever they want.


You need to advertise your business to reach potential customers to make them aware of your services. You can advertise it in magazines, newspapers, you can make a website to promote, brochure, etc.

How to start a pet care business

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What product can I use easily to help keep my animal joints healthy?

Ans. Traffictail Easy Treat or Beaphar Joint Sticks are great tasting treats that can be used as a reward or snack every day.

Q2. Should I limit my animal’s activity if he has joint problems?

Ans.  Yes, you can limit the animal’s activity until it gets diagnosed by a vet and he gives some plan to work on. If a vet diagnoses a problem that causes instability, excessive movement can do a lot more harm to the joints. But if he doesn’t have much problem then limiting activity in the longer term can lead to poor health, weight gain, and behavioral problems.

Q3. Why can’t we use human mouth products on my animals?

Ans.  Because Foaming ingredients in that product can cause severe sickness in animals.

Q4. Do I have a choice about who is taking care of my pets?

Ans.  Absolutely! Traffictail will never allow someone access to your home or your pets that you have not met in person unless you otherwise instruct us to do so (i.e. a last-minute emergency). We bring a team of our pet sitters to the initial Meet & Greet so you and your pets can meet our team and go over your pet’s routines and care instructions. And you can choose the one you want to take care of your pet.

Q5. What kind of animals do you care for?

Ans.  We take care of all kinds of pets. Yes, dogs and cats are by far our most common clients but believe it or not, we have also cared for birds, chickens, hedgehogs, rabbits,  fish, rats, hamsters, etc.

Q6. What form of payments do you accept?

Ans.  We accept cash or cheque. Also both credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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