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August 12, 2023

How to start a Tiffin service business from Home

August 12, 2023

We all love food, right? Especially, the homemade ones. But some people miss the homemade food, all the time. They cannot have access to homemade food because they are working on their dreams here alone. But here are people feeding those dreamers while working on their own dreams. These are the people who are providing homemade food to those people in the form of tiffin services. 

The tiffin service business is not a new concept. It is being there for a very long time. People are serving homemade food to people who need it the most. And we know how people are always in a good mood to have good food. 

The people who love to cook for their families, friends, and guests can start their venture at home by starting a tiffin service business. You can help the people feed good food who are living away from their families and always crave homemade food. 

If you wish to do so, then here is the complete recipe for your own kitchen business which is called Tiffin service business. Continue to read the whole blog to know about How to start a Tiffin service business from Home

How to start a Tiffin service business from Home

What is the tiffin service business?

In simple terms, the women or men who love to feed others and cook for others start their own business where they make homemade food for people who are living away from their families and cannot have the homemade food, you can make it available to them by opening Tiffin service business

This business model is very prevalent in Mumbai, where people serve tiffin to students as well as corporate offices. Generally, a lot of ladies who loves to cook start their own business converting their kitchen into a business room and recreate their daily chores into business work. 

Is Tiffin service business possible from home?

 It is probably the most common question of ladies who are homemakers and want to start their career by cooking some extra meal for extra people but also wants to look after their family. They want to make sure that this business doesn’t affect their regular life.

So, to ladies who are keen to start their career as a working woman, this business can be in any way as you want it to be. You must be passionate enough to add extra love while cooking. 

Tiffin service business can be run from home with much ease, by setting few things up like watching the space of your kitchen if you get a lot of orders, bringing all the ingredients needed for your lovely recipe, and making sure the delivery of the tiffin. And there, you will be all set to start your own business with your favourite thing to do. 

Things to consider for successfully running the business

Starting a business may take few hardships but running it in the ultimate direction is the toughest and most important task to do. So, here I am helping you out with few things which you should know before indulging in this practice. 

Here is the list of things, which you should consider while running your business.

  1. Get the track of your target audience– When you are new to the business, it is very important to know who your target audience is and where they reside.

    When you are planning to start a tiffin service business, you must first make a list of all the people who you are going to feed like whether they are school students, college students, corporate employees, or people staying as paying guests in your area.

    If you will not decide before, you will not be able to serve even one person because things would get messy. Also, the people you are going to target must be living alone only then they would prefer to take tiffin service. 
  2. Add the right taste to your food– After when you will be set to start your business, you have to make sure certain things and out of them one is to keep adding different tastes to your food.

    By this, people will have different tastes and would love to continue with your food knowing that you have some real taste. Also, you must add that homemade flavor for which most people crave while living away from their families.

    That is the main reason they have chosen tiffin services to have that home food feel. 
  3. Keep trying different food– You know how human psychology works. People get bored having the same things time and again.

    So, to make sure that people continue to ask for your food, you have to make your menu which you will going to follow throughout this journey and will make necessary changes as and when needed.

    Offer your customers a different variety of food with extra hygiene and good taste. Adding different food will also make you a multi-maker. 
  4. Ask for their choices– It is another thing to consider when you are working as a business, you have to take care of your customer’s choices. So, it is good if you ask about their choices like what they would like to have for lunch or dinner.

    Sometimes, you will have a few customers who love to have non-veg. So, they would probably ask for that too. And there must be few people who are pure vegetarian and ask for only veggies.

    In such cases, try to make two different menus which you can forward to your customers and ask for their choices. 
  5. Take reviews– As soon as you deliver your first meal, make sure that you ask for their feedback or reviews about the meal. You can send them a card asking for it. Reviews help someone go the extra mile to have amazing feedback from their customers.

    Also, appreciation and criticism both help a person to grow into a better version of themselves. So, a little appreciation makes them do more better and little criticism helps them to make it much better anyhow. But yes, continuous criticism is harsh. That’s why feedbacks are important. 

Is Tiffin’s service business getting famous?

There was a time when hardly a few people know about this business. Not long ago, when people started to know that this kind of business model exists in society. People started to see what difference it is creating in the life of people who only depend on junk. This business as I have said above is not new, it existed but it is now gaining the popularity it always deserved. 

Tiffin services are needed almost at every place from school to institutions, colleges to corporate offices, everyone crave homemade food and healthy one. So, the tiffin service business feeds the need for homemade food by delivering them to different addresses.


They run their business from the kitchen of their homes and make different homemade dishes for people who have given orders. 

Day by day people is started to know this service exists and they are contacting these owners for supplying lunch box, dinner, or breakfast to them. Generally, they used to buy all this junk food from the market or order online, but with the rise and popularity of tiffin service, they are getting healthy and delicious food. 

How can you make the tiffin service business profitable?

There are many ways of making this business earn a lot more. So, you must have to find those ways and work on them. I am sharing a few of those ways which you can implement while doing the business.

  1. Keep juggling with your menu– When you will start getting the customers you will see, they are from different parts of India. To keep alive their tastes in good food, you have to keep rearranging your menu. You can add different dishes from different states of India to your menu. It will keep their interest alive in good taste, good food, and in your Tiffin. 
  2. Ask them what they want to eat– Sometimes, it is good that you asked about their choice of food. It will give them a home-like feel. And they would take part in it. You can choose any one day from a week, where you make their favorite dish. It gives a sense of belongingness. In this way, you will also get a lot of customers because they will recommend your service.
  3. Taking feedbacks– I have told you before how much the feedbacks matter. So, never forget to take feedback from your customers. You can also share those feedback as your customer testimonials which will give reliability to your business. Asking feedbacks intact the interest of your customers in you. 

So, this is how you can make your business profitable with just a few courtesy and friendliness. 

Is Setting Tiffin’s services business online a great idea?

This is the greatest of all ideas. A big Yes to this. As you know, how young generation is addicted to screens. They almost spend their whole time surfing on the internet. It would be great if you knock them there. For that, you must have an online presence to which people get attracted. Also, an online presence helps you to get a lot of customers. 

If you want to start your online journey from scratch and barely have an idea about how to do it, then believe in the services of Traffic Tail

Traffic Tail will help you get a website or an app, where people can see your menu, order food online, and ask for delivery. In this way, your business will reach a new height. 

Following are the services you will provide to your customers if you choose Traffic Tail for your online partner. 

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How to start a Tiffin service business from Home
  • Online menu– People can excess your menu online, where you must have written all the dishes you are specialized in and how often you make the same food. They can find this menu online on your website and ask for your services by contacting you on the number given on the website. 
  • Online orders– The major benefit you get from being online is that you will start getting the orders online. A lot of people search for food services online and place an order. If your business will fall there, which we guarantee you then the chances of getting online orders will rise. 
  • Delivery– When they will place an order online, you have to make sure that you deliver on time and value their time. The delivery must be hassle-free and in good condition. For this, you have to make a chain of suppliers who will bring your tiffin to your customer. 

This is how your business going to earn a lot of attention online and will also expand in a short period. Online marketing helps a business gain the popularity it deserves. 

Is registration and licensing necessary for the Tiffin service business?

A lot of people who run their business from home thinks that they don’t need any registration and license for the same. But it is not true. When you are running a business, whether it is from home or any office you must follow all the protocols needed for running the business. 

Before you dive into running your kitchen as a business, you must know all the legalities it requires to do so. Because once you will set as an organisation there will be a lot of formalities you have to follow. 

So, taking registration and license under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is necessary. There is a limit when you must have to take the license.

Also, you will have to take GST registration, no objection certificate from the society in which you are staying, and you must have to register the name of your venture. It is not easy to run a business even if it is a Tiffin service business

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Steps for starting a tiffin service business from home

Now, we will discuss step by step how you can start a tiffin service business from home. Knowing from where you must start will help you go in the right direction. And we are here to guide you the right way. Here are the steps to follow.

Design a business plan

A lot of people before starting write down the things they know about the business which they are going to start. I think this is the right way of going in the right direction. In this way, you don’t lose in the way. Because you already have a blueprint of how it’s going to be.

A business plan helps you research the market, finding your specialty, drafting the budget, analyze the market, and know about a lot more things. Designing a business plan is like designing a root to success.

Do a Market research

When you are starting a business, it is of utmost importance to research the market you are going to dive into. Researching about the competition you are going to face and the audience you are going to target, both are important for your business’s growth.

It also helps you to know the area which you have to target to stay in the market. Doing market research gives you an overall idea about the market where you are going to make your business stand.

During market research, you must find out that how you can affect the taste of your customers in a way that they don’t forget the good taste you have added to their lives. 

Find out the right working space

It is the next important thing you have to decide when you are opening your own tiffin service business from home. As you know, when you are working from home the kitchen you have, will going to be your working space or office.

You just have to make sure that the kitchen is broad enough to manage the number of customers you are going to have. In simple terms, if you are just starting you can work from your normal kitchen which might not be big.

But as you grow your business, you will have a lot of customers so to make the food for so many customers your normal kitchen might fit small. In that case, you will have to expand your existing kitchen space. In addition to this, you can buy stuff which is easy to fit. 

Make sure to get yourself to register

As we have discussed above, how important it is to get yourself registered as a business entity. Without registering yourself you cannot go any further, because sooner or later you will be charged for not registering yourself as an entity.

So, to avoid such kind of interference in your business that may affect your customer, it will be excellent to register yourself before jumping into the business. Also, a lot of customers only approach those businesses that are legally registered to run the business.

This is to ensure that they are not being entrapped of any fake business, also when it is about swallowing the food. Besides this, when you are working as a tiffin service business that falls under the food category, it is important to take a license under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

Plan your Investments

Before starting a business, you always plan about the expenses you have to incur to open and run the business. Planning investment plays an important role in your journey as a businesswoman or man.

You have to make sure that you have enough funds to survive and cater to the needs of your customer to grow as a business. When you are running a tiffin business your main area of investment is grocery shopping including vegetables and fruits.

Besides, grocery you need a lot of utensils to cook the taste you are wishing to give your customers. And there is no doubt that it takes a lot of investment even when you are running your business from home. So, plan smartly. 

Make a list of recurring costs

Recurring costs refers to that costs are recurring in nature i.e continuous. It means that the cost of a few things is recurring which will incur time and again. The things which involve recurring costs are grocery shopping, delivery, employee’s salary (if you have any), electricity, gas, etc.

When you are working alone, you need people to help you with cleaning and delivering the food, for that, you must hire people and if you are hiring, then must have to pay them. 

Plan the menu

As we have discussed before, Menu plays an important role in your tiffin service business. Planning a menu every day would become a difficult task for you, so it is good when you plan your monthly or a week’s menu.

It would ease your work and will let you work at the right pace without any hustle. If you will work in a planned way, you will see the next step you will have to follow. But if you choose to work like a hustler you will see things vaguely, there would not be any clarity as to what you have to do next. So, plan your menu and follow it strictly.

Take care of safety and hygiene

The most important phenomenon of the food business is to maintain safety and hygiene while you are working. It is the most important thing to do. Even a lot of customers focus on your hygiene level, they would check whether you are working with maintaining hygiene or not.

So, to keep the hygiene make sure you use gloves and wash the vegetables before chopping them down. Also, in the time of the pandemic, it becomes of utmost importance to focus on hygiene by using sanitation, wearing masks, and checking the temperature. 

Set-up a website

I have told you before, that it is good if you also run your business on a digital platform. Today, a lot of business is earning a great number of customers online. Everyone is always online; it helps your business to grab the attention of those customers if you also go online.

The digital platform has become the new age market. You can go online and start your business by opening a website. If you are new and don’t know whom you should approach, then you can contact Traffic Tail, one of the leading digital marketing agencies.

We have a great track record with our previous customers. And we are always available to set up your business online with huge traffic on your website. 

Strategy for delivery

As you will start working as a Tiffin service business from home you will also have to focus on delivering the food at the right door despite making amazing food. For this, you need a strategy to follow.

Like you to decide on a few things, which are to track the time involving in a delivery, route tracking, how many people you need for delivering, time of delivery, etc. In this way, you will be able to strategize the right way of delivering to your customers. 

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Is marketing important for the tiffin service business?

I guess no business would be successful without marketing. Marketing has become an important need of every business. Without focusing on marketing, you hardly manage to gain the results you are looking to reach.

So, ever wonder how you can market your business? Maybe yes or maybe no. Not an issue, we are here to guide you on this. There are the following ways by which you can market your services;

  1. Social media– Try to promote your services by using social media. Social media is one of the most prominent ways of promoting your business among a wide crowd. Today, billions of people are using social media almost daily.

    If you promote there, they will know about your venture and will approach you. Also, the people who are living alone mostly spend their time searching for food online on different pages.

    If you make your page, they will surely come along. You can approach Traffic Tail for handling your social media for reaching a wide audience. We are doing it for a very long time. 
  2. Advertisement– Second way, which you can use is the way of advertisement. Advertisement has been an important source of marketing your business. The only difference that occurred is that you can advertise online, too. This is the modern way of advertising.

    Generally, advertising used to be through posters and newspapers but these days advertising has screens. You will see a lot of advertisements online. If you want to start an advertisement campaign, you can contact Traffic Tail for planning your whole advertisement campaign. 

These are the most common ways of marketing your business among a large audience. 

Frequently Asked questions

Q1. What is the tiffin service business?

It refers to a business venture opened by a person who loves to cook and feed others. They start it to provide homemade food to people who are living away from their families.

Those people are generally students, paying guests, or corporate employees working and studying away from their homes and miss the taste of homemade food. The specialty of this business is homemade food served in tiffin with a home-like taste. 

Q2. Can I start this business from home?

Yes. There is no doubt about it. Tiffin service business can be run from home and even it is mostly run from home. There is no need for any other special place, you can start your business from the cosy space of your kitchen. 

Q3. Why is the Tiffin service business gaining popularity?

This business is gaining popularity because today a lot of people are staying away from their homes and crave home food. So, to cater to their need a lot of tiffin services are being opened to provide fresh homemade food to these people. Because they know, this business has a huge customer base. 

Q4. How can I earn profit from the Tiffin service business?

There are a lot of ways to earn a profit, among them a few of those I am sharing below;

  • Keep rearranging your menu
  • Ask them about their choices
  • Take feedbacks

Q5. How can I start my tiffin service business from home?

I am stating the steps how you can start your tiffin service business from home;

  • Design a business plan
  • Do a market research
  • Find out the right Working space
  • Make sure to register yourself
  • Plan your investments
  • Make a list of all the recurring costs
  • Plan the menu
  • Take care of safety and hygiene
  • Set-up a website
  • Strategy for delivery

These are the steps you can follow to start a tiffin service business from home

Q6. Do I need to market my business?

Yes. Once you start working on your business you need to market your services to people so that you get the attention you want.

For marketing your business, you can hire us for managing your business and marketing every aspect of it from advertisement to promotion, Traffic tail knows how to do it. Without marketing your services, you will not reach the kind of success you want to attain. 

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