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April 25, 2024

How to start an Air bubble packaging business

April 25, 2024

In recent years, E-commerce has risen exponentially so do the things attached to e-commerce. E-commerce is all about taking orders and delivering them to the respective customers. It includes every kind of order from hard to fragile. Each order call for extra care which gives rise to try different things for maintaining the originality of the order. 

Air bubble packaging comes into the picture to make sure that the package remains safe during transportation from one place to another. As you know, we don’t exactly know where our packages are coming from, they might be coming from the same state, or a different state, or even a different country. Just to ensure the safety of the fragile or any kind of package, air bubble packaging plays an eminent part. 

Air bubble packaging has been found the safest mode of safeguarding any package without the risk of being damaged. I know there are different kinds of packaging material present in the market, but air bubble packaging has better results than any of them. 

How to start an Air bubble packaging business

If you are wanting to start an air bubble packaging business after seeing its popularity in the market, then you must read this blog till the end to ensure that you don’t leave anything unread or unknown. I am going to share each and everything you will need to know about How to start an Air bubble packaging business. So, just be here completely and give attention to the details. Let us start our discussion. 

Who is the person behind the invention of air bubble wrap?

Air bubble packaging was invented by two people named Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in the year 1957. It was created in New Jersey, United States of America. Marc and Alfred wan trying to create wallpaper by sealing two shower curtains, but unfortunately their discovery of wallpaper is failed. So, they tried to sell it as a greenhouse insulator. But it was after several years when their invention was used as packaging and protection of different articles. 

IBM was the first customer who used air bubble wrap for protecting their computers during large shipments. Later, more than four decades it becomes the world’s best packaging material used by almost everyone for protecting the sensitivity of a product. It is now the most common way of packing the materials, today. 

It was an accidental invention that is now ruling the market by all its users. Sealed Air Corporation which was founded by Marc and Alfred in 1960 gave it a name which is “Air Bubble Wrap”. Who knew that an accidental invention will be popping everyone’s heart with bubbles in their hands? Every invention is mystical in its way. 

What is Air bubble packaging?

Air bubble packaging is a bubble plastic-made packaging material that is transparent and mainly used in packing fragile items. It is also known as Air bubble wrap. These bubble wrappers are available in different sizes for each material. Air bubble packaging can be used for every kind of material but it is commonly used for sensitive and fragile items, which have more chances of being broken during transit. 

There are also other wrappers available in the market but bubble wrapper is known for the best quality when it comes to safeguarding the materials. It is more convenient and stronger. Its demand has been continuously rising in the market. 

Air bubble wrap is most commonly used in the following items;

  • Items which are made of glasses
  • Items that are made of wooden
  • Items which are electricals
  • Books and delicate home décor 

You will see that these items must be wrapped under air bubble packaging for ensuring the safety of these materials. E-commerce has paved a for air bubble wrap in the world of market. And you know already that, this is true in every sense. 

Why air bubble packaging is used for shipping items?

You may have got an idea about why air bubble packaging is being used in the market? Still, I will explain exactly why you must use air bubble packaging if you are shipping orders. As you know, bubble packaging is being used for wrapping sensitive and fragile items for ensuring the safe transit of those items.

But you may think that there can be another packaging too which is equally effective for packing the sensitive items. So, the answer is NO. There is nothing as effective as bubble packaging. Not only in the terms of packing but it also has eco-friendly benefits. 

So, using bubble wrapping is a mindful idea in times where pollution is rising daily at a fast pace. Also, the bubble wrap is lightly weighted which makes it easy to carry without the use of a heavy vehicle. 

Let’s understand the major reason for using bubble sheet for packing;

  • Protects the delicate items– As you know already that it helps in protecting the delicate and fragile items which are in transit. When an item is in transit there are chances of it being broken or cracked due to unusual reasons. It is flexible, shock-absorbing, and wearing resistant.

    Safeguarding the item during transportation is the main task one can do, so to ensuring the identities of each item. It becomes of utmost importance to use such packing material which works like a shield and over a period bubble wrap has worked as a shield. 

  • Eco-friendly– Today, we all are concerned about the drastically degrading nature. To ensure that our mother earth remains safe and sound, we are shifting to eco-friendly ways. So, the use of bubble wrap in high capacity is the result of going environment friendly.

    As I have told it earlier that bubble wrap has a green insulator that resists air leaks. The most important feature of a bubble wrap is that it is reusable. It can be reused or recycled. That is why people are shifting to air bubble wrap from normal packaging. 

  • Lightweight– Another reason for its high use is that it is light weighted. You will not have to bear extra weight besides the normal weight of the material. Don’t you think it is very cost-effective? As you don’t have to add an extra cost in buying a strong packaging material for your item. It is highly effective for every kind of E-commerce product. Due to its lightweight, you can easily transport it from one place to another without the use of any heavy shipping vehicle. 

These are the reason which proves that bubble wrap is unknowingly the best invention made till now. It has made everything easy and been protecting important items during transit. It has also gained the right popularity, which will help your business to gain a lot of profits. 

Do you know- how air bubble wrap is made?

We all wonder about a few things when we see them. Don’t you wonder when you look at certain things and think how they must have made? Who must have made it? How much time it must have taken? And what must be its process?

All these questions wander around our head because as a human we are all curious to know about a lot of things. So, we always ask questions that define our curiosity to know better and gain knowledge, which is a sign of wisdom. 

The manufacturing of air bubble wrap is one of such things we are curious to know because we always wonder what is the force behind those popping bubbles? So, here’s to the end of your curiosity. The bubble wrap’s origin was from tiny beads of resin pellets, which were converted into bubbly sheets.

Later, the resin was melted to form a thin sheet. Next, the sheet was flattened and goes through the rollers, which had small holes. Those small holes were filled with vacuum air to form the bubbles. When the air was blown into the sheet, more rollers were made and it was sealed with another layer of the sheet.

Once the second layer trapped the air, it was cut and made in large rolls for the use of industry. 

The process of manufacturing the bubble sheet roll was customized and can be changed in length, bubble size, or even the color of the bubble. 

This was all about how bubble wrap was made and how it is still in making. It is never out of trend and market. It is always there and even with high popularity use. I hope you have understood the process of manufacturing bubble wrap. It will be going to help you in running this business more efficiently. 

Is air bubble packaging eco-friendly?

Yes, there is no doubt about it being eco-friendly. It is not only good at protecting items but also protects the environment. Air bubble wrap can be recycled and reused. You can simply recycle it through the local council and other recycling facilities. 

This is the main reason for bubble wrap’s popularity because it gives reason to use it. And the utmost important reason is that it is environment friendly. We know the use of plastic is now banned in India, but bubble wrap is an exception because of its being eco-friendly. 

So, when everything is coming at the right cost to a consumer then why will they use it? They will be more than happy to demand such kind of packaging in the market. It will add to its acceptance in the market. 

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What is the Market potential of air bubble packaging?

If we talk about the market potential of air bubble wrap which is undoubtedly very high and dominant. This because bubble wrap has so many benefits and also due to the rising Indian market. The markets in India are growing at a rapid speed which is becoming beneficial for such businesses to build themselves. 

Especially, the packaging industry is growing at a speed of 18% annually, which is high for any business. It is because of the rise in trade around the country which is not confined to one city or one country instead spread across states and other foreign countries. There will be no item that doesn’t require packaging. Packaging is an essential part of any business especially in the case of goods. 

Let’s discuss the reason for the high market potential of the air bubble packaging business;

  • Eco-friendly– As we have already discussed that air bubble wraps are completely eco-friendly and don’t harm the environment in any way. They are also reusable and can be easily recycled.

    This is the main reason for its use and its high demand in the market. That is why this business has high market potential. Today, People are more inclined towards the safety of the environment along with the safety of their items. 

  • Online shopping– As you know, these days more and more people are preferring to shop online rather than going outside which is why the use of air bubble wrap has tremendously increased. Especially, the younger generation is shopping online more often.

    Most people buy online gifts for sending them to their dear ones at a distant place. In the times like this, where people are barely going outside, online shopping is becoming a boon to people. All these things are adding to the demand for bubble wrap and expanding the market for this business idea.

  • Relieves stress– A most of you already know this point because it is the most important yet most neglecting reason for its high use. A packer knows that the bubble wrap helps in relieving stress by popping those bubbles in the sheet.

    We also have seen people enjoying popping those bubbles and feeling happy doing that. If I share a real instance my mother loves to do this. She forgets everything and just enjoys that popping. It works as a stress buster for many people, which is why it is just best. 

  • Rise in E-commerce operators– We all know how e-commerce has emerged as rising online marketing in just a few years. Its emergence added a new peak to the market of air bubble wrap, which is only going up.

    There are so many e-commerce platforms available in the online world for different purposes. They are doing so well that people are now shifting from traditional shopping to online shopping. That is why the market potential for this business is only growing wider. 


These are the foremost reasons for expanding market potential for the air bubble packaging business. It is rising at a high pace. Businesses are always juggling with new ideas to pack the items which satisfy their consumers. 

Pros of starting air bubble wrap business

As you know, everything has its pros and cons and here we will talk about its pros only. Let’s focus on what good resides in this business. Like any other business, these positive points will help you know that why you should start this business. Let’s discuss the pros of having an air bubble packaging business;

  • It is re-usable– As you know, it can be recycled and re-used anytime which is the positive point here in this business. If you have a used bubble wrap, don’t throw it away unnecessarily. It can be reused unless it is completely damaged. If the bubbles are intact, you can use that wrap again and again for guarding your items.

    This is what makes it more eco-friendly than any other packaging item. If a person wants to take his item to some other place, he can do so easily with the same bubble wrap without looking for more. It saves the cost of both buyer and seller. 

  • It is cost-effective– When you know you can re-use an existing bubble wrap with the same capacity, then don’t you think it is a cost-effective option. It saves time of manufacturing it along with the cost of manufacturing the bubble wrap more often. You cannot get a better deal than this. It is completely affordable and assures the worth of money spent. 

  • It is lightweight– It is very flexible and is very light in weight. The weight of shipping plays an important role in its cost. If the weight will be light then the cost will be good. It is light weighted because it is generally has filled with air and layers of plastic for sustainability.

    It is really helpful for business owners who are shipping in large numbers, it gives you a permanent customer and him, an affordable deal. This is how it becomes an advantage. 

  • It is a stress reliever– When any package arrives with bubble wrapping, the center of attraction becomes the packaging with air bubble wrap. Why so? Because we enjoy popping the bubble on the wrap.

    It makes us happy and relieves our stress. From children to grandparents, everyone loves to pop the bubbles. This fact is already known that whenever you are under stress or feeling frustrated you can simply pop those bubbles on the wrap to feeling relieved. 

  • It keeps the goods safe– This is the foremost important pros of bubble wrap, which is to keep the items safe and secure inside the packing. It is arguably the best packing material for every kind of item from sensitive to strong. Especially, it helps to protect the fragile and sensitive items from getting broken during transit. It is best to use bubble wrap if the item is glass, wooden, electronic, etc. 

These are the pros of starting an air bubble packaging business. 

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How to pack a parcel with air bubble wrap?

We all know, that using bubble wrap can help an item to be protected. But how many of us know how to pack an item with bubble wrap? I guess, very few of you. So, no worry I am here to tell you how can you pack the items to ensure the best safety possible. Also, you need to know the way of packing an item, because you are going to start this business.

So, here’s how you can do it;

  • First, always pack the item with a layer of bubble wrap before putting it into a box. It will ensure that the item would have a strong coating of bubble wrap
  • If you have multiple items in the same box which need the same protection then wrap each item with bubble wrap before putting it into a carton. It will ensure that the item will not get in touch with one another
  • At last, use packing tape outside the bubble wrap to ensure the high protection of the item. If it will be loosely wrapped with bubble wrap then it may slip away during unusual transit.

Besides the bubble wrap, there are also other bubble wrap items available such as bubble wrap bags which ensure excellent protection towards sensitive items. This is how you can ensure the best delivery of items with air bubble wrap. 

Types of an air bubble packaging

There are several types of air bubble packaging which you can choose to provide. It is directly related to the size of a packing item because you will not be going to have the same size of items always. The dimensions of air bubble packaging will depend on the size of the items. So, we are going to learn about the types of bubble wrap we will have according to the item’s size;

  • Large bubble wrap– Large bubble wraps are generally used for items that are big and need more protection. Such as the wooden furniture like almirah, showcase, tables, chair, etc., also the glass items which are big and need high protection from getting broken. This large bubble wrap comes in large rolls which we fold against the item to protect it from outside impact. 

  • Soft bubble wrap– Soft bubble wraps are generally used for items that need an alternative way to wrap. These wraps are generally used to protect delicate items from getting any scratches and unusual marks. It is a modern wrap for woolen blankets and furniture for long-lasting use. 

  • Small bubble wrap– Small bubble wraps are generally used for items that are small in size. Small bubble wrap covers the items such as electronics and protects them from getting static damage.

    The small bubble wraps rolls range from 500mm to 750mm and up to 1000mm. It allows tight packaging for excellent protection. Also, it is eco-friendly for those who want protection as well as want to meet the environmental impacts. 

  • Multi-purpose bubble wrap– The multi-purpose air bubble wrap is used to protect the items which are of medium size and light-weighted. This is best for such shipping which is frequently happened. That’s why it is mostly used by e-commerce operators. 

  • Customized bubble wrap– This kind of bubble wraps are very popular in the market because of its different color and sizes. These can be slit in different sizes and lengths. We can customize these bubble wraps for different products. 

  • Metalized Foil bubble wrap– The metalized foil bubble wrap is laminated with foil to control temperature. This is why it is also known as Foil bubble wrap. It regulates the temperature of the product inside the bubble wrap and protects sensitive goods. These wraps are generally used for packing food items, paintings, etc.

  • Bubble bags– The bubble bags are a cost-effective and protected package solution. These are bubble bags are in different sizes and can be customized according to the needs. Bubble bags are made between the range of 10mm to 20mm. There is also a secured seal present in these bubble bags.

These are the several types of bubble wraps available in the market. You can choose to sell all these or any of them. All these air bubble packagings is made to protect the items during transit.

5 steps to start an air bubble packaging business

 Now, we are on a verge of ending our discussion and I still have few steps to share to start this business. These steps will help you in setting up your business. The importance of these steps you will realize when you will read them and start executing. So, let’s see the following steps to ensure the existence of the business;

1. Do market research

Doing Market research before starting your business will help you in knowing the important areas of your target market. You will draft a plan after seeing the trends of the market. It will help you analyze the potential of your business in the market.

It will tell you the statics about how potential this business idea is? You will know it only after conducting market research, where you will see the market potential of this business. You will know what people are going to expect from you and what tricks your competitors are using to attract customers. The knowledge of all these things will help you in running your business competitively in the market. 

2. Draft an investment plan

You know how important investment is in any business. You should have a strong investment plan to make sure that you invest the right amount in your business. For that, you first have to calculate the investment.

Like, where you will going to set-up your business, what will be the set-up cost for your business, from where you will arrange the money, will you need a space for your business if yes then you have to rent a space, etc all these things involve money, which you have to arrange for your business.

This is what an investment is about, writing down the resources and expenses you will incur while setting up this business. 

3. Name your business

The next important task you have to ensure while setting up your air bubble wrap business is to name your business. Can you think of a business without a name? I guess, no. No business in the world doesn’t have a name. All businesses are uniquely named. So, to make sure that your business will be known by its name you have to give it a name.

A name must be simple, unique, and easy to spell so that people recognize your business easily. You can also give a name that represents your area of work. Before choosing a name, you must make sure that you don’t copy a name from someone else.

Because it might land you in a big problem. Also, for safeguarding your business name makes sure you register it under valid law so that no one takes it away from you. 

4. Acquire registration and licenses

For running a business lawfully, you must register it under the various laws. If you have chosen the form of the business entity then do register it under valid acts. After registering the form of business, you will also require a “GST registration” for paying taxes on time. The GST registration has been mandatory since the rollout of GST in India.

If you are falling under the limit prescribed under the GST Act, then you must have to take the GST registration otherwise, penalties will be liable to you. You will also require a “Trade license” to trade in a state without any hurdles.

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For making sure that your air bubble packaging business doesn’t discharge any harmful chemicals, you will require to take the “NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE” from the state government. All these registrations and licenses are important for running a business legally. 

5. Start the business

Now, when you have done every required thing to run this business peacefully, it’s time to start your business. Buy the raw material required for making the bubble sheets and start the process of making bubble sheets from them. Make sure to use the high-quality raw material to ensure the high quality of the output.

You will also require the equipment for making the bubble wraps. When you start making the bubble wrap then plan for its selling. Choose a marketplace for selling your sheets, where the demand for these is high. Then you will start making profits and a reliable income.

These are the steps you are required to follow after acquiring every important detail regarding this business. I hope these steps will help you in starting your air bubble packaging business more efficiently. 

How to reach more clients?

This is the most juggling question when it comes to attracting clients. Because at the end of the day we all are working to gain a customer base for the longevity of our business. To ensure that we earn profits by engaging more people in our business, we need to look at marketing and promoting tools. 

We have to learn how these tools can help us in gaining customers, who remain loyal and for long period. 

For promoting your business, you can take the help of social media marketing. Through social media marketing, you can reach people who are using social media platforms daily. You can target them and let them know about your business.

Social media platforms are the eminent medium of reaching many people. You can share your business posts and business-related information on your social media platforms. If you know how social media marketing is done then you can target more people in real-time. 

Below are the marketing tools you can use to market your business to a wide audience;

  • Create a website– Creating a website is the most efficient way of tapping on many customers at once. You can create a business website for your air bubble wrap business where you can add all the details of your business and target the right customers for your business.

    Your main and focus customers generally will be e-commerce operators. If you have no idea how to create a website, then you can take the help of Traffic Tail, which is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India. Traffic Tail will make your website efficient and generate huge traffic on your website.
  • Advertising– You can advertise your business on online and offline platforms to make people aware. You can use the help of posters, billboards, hoarding, etc. for advertising your business. Advertising is the most important tool of marketing, which is been used for so many years. 
  • Words of mouth– It is another impactful way of doing marketing about your business. In this, you tell people about your business who are your relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. who will tell their friends and family. It creates a network of people and your business gets recognition. It is a traditional way of doing marketing but it is still efficient. 

  • Cold Email Outreach– Beyond these methods, cold email outreach comes as a powerful method to reach potential clients. By sending personalized emails to carefully selected prospects, you can introduce your business and highlight the unique benefits of your air bubble wrap products. This method relies on writing messages that resonate, aiming to convert recipients into interested customers through targeted cold emailing. Using a cold email software can easily help you reach out to those potential clients.

These are the ways of doing marketing where you can reach so many people at once. You can also take the help of digital marketing for doing marketing campaigns etc. All these are effective for every business to survive in the market. 


Talking about everything about air bubble wrap, I can say that it is easy to establish but hard to maintain. But if you are dedicated and passionate about your business, you can nurture it for many profits. You just need to focus on key areas of this business.

Bubble wraps are everywhere in the market, enjoying and cheering by everyone for their amazing qualities. If you want, you can make a difference by starting this business. I have written everything in this blog which you should know before entering into this business. So, considering everything I think it is enough to discuss it. Rest is on your shoulder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How effective is bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is the most effective protection which is used for safeguarding sensitive or fragile items during transit. It wraps around the item and puts it inside a box or carton to ensure the high safety of a good. It protects the item from getting broken or scratches during transportation. 

Q2. What is the correct way of using bubble wrap?

The correct way of using a bubble wrap is to wrap an item with the bubble wrap first and then put it into the carton. Then, tightly seal the box and send it for shipping. Before wrapping the item do make sure that you wrap the item with enough bubble wrap to ensure its safety. 

Q3. Do the bubbles on the bubble wrap are on the outside or inside?

The flattening part of bubble wrap must be wrapped up on the item, which means the bubble part will be outside. It will protect your item during shipping and the bubbles are most likely to get popped while in transit. 

Q4. How much investment is required for starting a bubble sheet business?

The amount of investment depends on multiple factors like cost of raw material, cost of machines, cost of renting a space (if needed), cost of other expenses, etc. All these things define the amount required for starting a bubble sheet-making business. If you can calculate the cost of all these things then you will be able to find out the right amount. 

Q5. What are the uses of bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap has multiple uses such as;

  • Protecting the fragile items from breaking
  • Protecting plants from getting frosting
  • Insulating grocery bags
  • Used as a padded hanger
  • Keeping things in shape
  • Keeping your card windshield clear
  • Keeping frozen foods frosty
  • For an amazing camping adventure
  • Preventing dishware from scratching
  • For heating the greenhouse

These are the few uses of bubble wrap which are very relevant and adds to its benefits. 

Do you know?

  • The air bubble wrap market will be growing at a CAGR of 3% in the next ten years.
  • Jiffy Packaging Co. is furnishing green bubble, which is made from 50% recyclable materials.
  • Bubble wrap was accidentally made. The idea was to make wallpaper which was later converted into bubble wrap.
  • IBM was the first customer who used the most bubble wrap in 1959 for shipping its computers. 

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