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July 4, 2023

How to start an online business in India?

July 4, 2023

In 2020, Around 700000000 people use the internet in India and this number is going to be 974000000 in 2025 as projected. So if you are thinking to start an online business in India then it’s the best time and India is a great place to do so.

how to start an online business in India

Worrying about how to start an online business in India?

Be with me few more minutes and I am going to answer this question.

How to start online business in India easy steps

India is 2nd largest online market in the world according to the reports from 2019. The number of smartphones and devices is continuously increasing here and so are the internet users.

The scope of online business is also growing faster than our imaginations with the number of internet users.

The process of buying and selling and doing business operations online entirely or partially and generate revenue by it is known as an online business and it is growing as one of the best lucrative trends in India.

Benefits of starting an online business in India:

Low investment-

In online business, the owner has to invest less money as compared to offline and traditional business. Your home is your office and inventory and warehouse and your customer is on the internet.

Wide customer reach-

This is one of the biggest advantages of starting an online business in that it gives you an unlimited customer reach as compared to traditional business. Every person who is using the internet can be your customer by putting some effort from your side.

You have only to worry about your quality and service and marketing in this mode and customers will come automatically.

Work on your own terms-

In an online business, you can work according to your own thoughts and views without worrying about work hours as the office is at your home.

Growing demand-

India is the fastest growing online market and it means the demand for an online business is growing fast and the opportunities for starting are also.

Process of starting an online business in India:

Plan your business model and strategy-

It’s one of the most important and crucial steps in starting your online business. You have to plan for your business concept and market research. You should also plan about your investment and from where to get it. You have to research and learn about the basics of the online business before starting it and made your mind clear about it.

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Decide your niche-

After knowing the basics of online business and planning for it you have to decide what products or services you want to sell online. You should decide your niche only after knowing its demand and margins. You can conduct your own market research or you can use secondary data. You can choose one or multiple products or services to sell according to your interest and capability.

how to start an online business in India

Choose the platform for selling-

This is the next important step in starting your online business in India. You can create your own eCommerce website for selling or you can try selling by creating a seller account on multiple established websites like amazon or Flipkart.

Invest your capital wisely-

While starting your online business you should invest your capital very wisely and according to your need. You should avoid unnecessary wages in the starting and go for the needs of the business.

Complete legal formalities-

This is a very important step and should be followed. You should complete all your legal formalities like GST registration and getting tax identification numbers and you should also get all legal permits and licenses required.

Payment Gateway

You must need a payment gateway in your website to make an order successful, because without payment gateway user will not be able to proceed the process after he/she has selected to checkout the order. The documents you need to get a payment gateway are:-

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Memorandum of Associtaion (MOA)
  • Bank account in the name of the business
  • PAN card of the business
  • Terms and conditions of website
  • Certificate of Incorporation

Pricing, and discounts-

Decide prices of your products and services according to quality and demand and you can also try giving discounts on off-season products and services. Your pricing plays an important role in attracting customers.


Marketing is one of the basic requirements of a business and must be followed as a process of business. You can try digital marketing as your marketing campaign. It is a very cost-effective and very effective marketing strategy too. It can make your website user-friendly and well-designed also.

how to start an online business in India

It can help rank your website on google and get you unlimited reach for your business. It will help you increase sales and you can earn good revenue. You can hire a good digital marketing agency for this purpose. It will cost you very minimally and it’s a must recommended service.

Retarget Your Customers

Retargeting means when a customer visited your site and leave the site without placing an order or buying any of the products, so with the help of cookies that is a small piece of data is stored in users pc or laptop so where the user surfs on the internet you can show your products to them again and again with the help of cookies.

Test your website-

Before starting and launching you should test your website and run it for checking any defects and loopholes.

Process Of Delivey

It is the most important thing that how would you deliver the product and within how much time? So, this process can be time and cost consuming so it is better to collaborate or outsource a company that deals in this process, that will help you out from this process. The company will provide their own boxes, persons, and other stuff.


Now, the wait has ended and it’s time to launch your website and online business for selling and generating revenue.

List of ideas for online business:

Affiliate marketing –

how to start an online business in India

Affiliate marketing is basically a commission-based online business where you don’t have to do anything you only have to promote the product to your digital platform and generate leads to bring sales for a brand. Or in an easy manner, you just have to refer a particular product to your friend or relative or any person and tell that person to refer that product further with the provided link, this will generate you commission on the basis of people that purchased that product with your link,

eCommerce Store –

how to start an online business in India

If you want to take your business at the height digitally than
You can sell a unique product that is popular in the local area, you can list your product
on store built with Shopify, Wix, and create your online store. E-commerce is the future so it is not a bad option to invest in, it may provide you good results if done with proper marketing and research.

Social Media Manager –

how to start an online business in India

As, sharing pictures on Instagram, updating status on Facebook considered to be children’s activities but really if you are a creative person and understand social media users then can become social media manager and promote as many businesses online.

Digital Marketing/SEO Agency-

how to start an online business in India

Today social media, SEO, email marketing become most powerful assets for business as digital marketing help small business to grow and earn six to seven figures per year.

So, if you are good at optimizing a website you can have your own SEO agency where you can optimize for keywords, landing page built organic traffic for the business and something result-oriented for the future.

App development –

how to start an online business in India

In the current market mobile phone has become a part of our daily routine and the first thing we see to. If we talk about market requirements then organizations achieve better consumer engagement and expand audience reach. So their app development is not like an opportunity to do but a requirement in a market with long-term prospects through a side hustle.

Final Words

Online shopping is a growing need for people in India and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to cash it by starting online business ventures. It is a very lucrative form of venture and can generate revenue in millions and it has a very low risk to fail if you put proper efforts from your side.

So start giving direction to your dreams and grow by starting your online business.

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