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August 29, 2023

How to start an online clothing business from home?

August 29, 2023

Start a Successful Online Clothing Business

Clothing isn’t a word that needs an explanation of a few paragraphs. It is the essence of styling. Clothes capture the major part of styling and people spend lots of money only to look classy and trendy. The movie industry has played a huge role in injecting a craze of clothing style in people. 

From a business perspective, clothing is one of the topmost niches of online business. We’re in 2021, and you can assume the revenue of the clothing industry by social media platforms and surveys. Even after the pandemic of 2020, expected growth in sales was $713 billion by 2022.

There is a lot more potential in the clothing business if you are looking to invest in it. And approximately 75% of businesses are not yet completely established. 

Do you know why 75% of clothing businesses do not succeed despite being one of the most popular niches?  The reason is that sometimes they fail to serve the best quality products to customers. And most of the time they don’t understand the current needs of the markets and fail to adapt to them.

You can buy everything from groceries to furniture online in this digital era. Then Why can’t you sell clothes online? 

You must be wondering that you have already heard about the online clothing business. But you don’t exactly know the process…right? Or might be you don’t know the exact benefits of starting an online clothing business from home. It is also possible that you are not sure that it sounds a little tricky and you can’t run it in the right way. And last is that you need someone who can help you as a family to start an 

How to start an online clothing business from home

online clothing business from home…right?

We understand you and your concerns completely. And today we are here to share every information to start an online clothing business from home? But before proceeding, we would like to tell you who we are?

Who We Are?

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Let’s understand everything before starting an online clothing business from home.

1. Selling clothes online vs. offline: 

Finally, if you have decided to start a clothing business; now, the main question is how you are going to sell it? Selling is the most essential step of the whole business process. It determines the growth and profitability of your business. If you can’t sell it then you can’t run it for longer. 

Choosing the right mode of selling is an essential part of the sales process. Coresight Research report in March 2020 states that 15000 stores will shut down in 2020 and more in 2021. Whereas online clothing sales is foreseen to grow in 2021.

  • Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, online clothing businesses are cost-effective and do not need a high setup cost.
  • Online clothing businesses are 24/7 available. Hence, you can manage them anytime from anywhere.
  • Online clothing store businesses capture a high target audience from different parts of the world.
  • Online clothing store businesses give better insight into customers.

2. What are the advantages of online stores?

Whether you are running a brick-and-mortar store or establishing a new one, the online store is the need of the businesses. Check all the below-mentioned advantages of the online store if you are before you are planning to start an online clothing store from home.

  • It is a Low-Cost Model of Selling

Setting up an eCommerce store is more preferable because of its low-cost nature. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, it doesn’t need heavy expenses on setting up the store and you can run it even from the comfort of your home. 

  • It helps with Useful Customer Insights

Every business person wishes to have all the insights on customers behaviour, their likes and dislikes, preference and many more things. This information can help him to grow his business and give more focus on more likeable items by customers. 

Luckily, online stores can ease this. You can have every useful and better customer insight with the help of online stores.

  • Nurture Better Engagement With Your Customers 

According to the survey, online platforms nurture better engagement with customers. Online stores development includes incredible content marketing strategies that provide an extra space for providing the key content to its customers.

Key content strategies include product description, pricing, related useful content, comparison chart and many more things; which can help customers to make buying decisions. Apart from this, email marketing and social media channels add more to it.

Suppose you are running an online clothing business from home and currently you have made huge sales of the summer collection, then sharing a blog or story on “how to wear summer clothes in a more stylish way?” can increase your engagement rate with the customers.

  • You Can Sell From Anywhere

In offline mode, you need to set up a proper store for selling your products but the opposite is true in the case of online stores. If you are willing to start an online clothing business from home, then you must be happy that you can sell your products 24/7 from anywhere. 

Whether you are making your home your office or rent a new one, you can meet customers wherever they want to buy.

  • It Helps to Reach New Customers

Online clothing business helps to reach you to the new customers who were unaware of your brand till now. E-commerce includes different social media platforms and each platform has its customer base. So, it is easy to capture a higher target audience in no time.

  • Easy Set-Up Criteria

Starting an online clothing business from home follows easy set-up criteria. The best part is; it can be set-up  hassle-free, unlike traditional offline stores. There are various platforms and agencies like, Shopify, etc that helps to set-up an online clothing business from home without any issue. 

Hoping that till now, you have understood that starting an online clothing business from home will be the turning point for you.

3. Points you should consider while making an online clothing store business plan?

Starting an online clothing store business isn’t a game of kids. You required the proper knowledge of essential factors while establishing it; here we are jotting down are the important steps that you should consider while describing the plan:

  1. Identify your clientele and research your market.
  2. Choose the best online clothing store business model and identify the startup capital.
  3. Flaunt your USP and decide on the brand name.
  4. Decide the best eCommerce platform for selling online.
  5. Get your domain name.
  6. Design an attractive and informational website.
  7. Choose a suitable delivery mode.
  8. Rank on the top page of search engines.
  9. Launch your online clothing store
  10. Promote your online clothing store business using all the channels.

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Steps to start:

1. Choose Your Online Clothing Store Products

The clothing niche isn’t small and comprises various categories. For running a successful online clothing store from home, you must choose your products with effectiveness.

How to start an online clothing business from home

The clothing niche is divisible into the below-mentioned categories;

  • Women’s Wear
  • Kids Wear
  • Ethnic Wear
  • Men’s Wear
  • Teens Wear
  • Formal Wear 
  • Casual Wear

Ask yourself the below-mentioned questions while choosing a niche for your online clothing business. It will help you to choose the best niche for your online clothing business.

  • Are You Passionate About Your Niche?

While it comes to selecting a niche for your online clothing; you should go for the niche you are most passionate about. Choosing a niche for your online clothing business isn’t a random decision that you will take in a moment and invest a huge amount on it. You are going to invest your time, energy and money over it so it is recommendable to choose the most suitable niche for you.

  •  Are You Choosing a High-Demanding Niche?

Another factor on which you should emphasize on choosing the high-demanding niche for your online clothing business. Choosing a niche that isn’t a popular one will not work and can lead to closing your online clothing business.

  • Is Your Niche is Different From Others Or Following The Same Pattern?

In this competitive world, becoming a competition itself instead of being a part of the competition is more essential for you to reach the desired level. You should focus on the niche that should help your online clothing business stand different from the crowd.

  • Have You Checked Out the Popular Trends of the Market?

For running a successful online clothing business, you should have the proper knowledge of current market trends to stay ahead in the marketing competition. 

You can visit websites like Amazon, Oberlo, Trend Hunter and Ali Express for choosing the popular niche for your online clothing business from home.

2. Choose Your Online Clothing Store Business Model

After choosing the product and niche of your online clothing business, it is important to choose your online clothing store business model. There are major four types of online clothing store business model which are as follows;

  1. Print-on-Demand Online Clothing Store Business Model 
  2. Custom Cut-and-Sew Online Clothing Store Business Model
  3. Private Label Online Clothing Store Business Model
  4. Dropshipping Online Clothing Store Business Model
  • Print-on-Demand Online Clothing Store Business Model

Print-on-demand is the easiest and the cheapest type of online clothing store business model. In this type of business model, it is the type of online clothing store which prints logos and designs on blank appeal on demand. 

It includes a variety of ranges in types and colours. It is a custom t-shirt printing model that is going to expand by $10billion in sales by 2025.

  • Custom Cut-and-Sew Online Clothing Store Business Model

It is the type of online clothing store business model that focuses on establishing a business from scratch. It includes all the required steps starting from pattern making to sourcing your fabric etc. 

In this type of model, all the decisions are taken by the business person himself.

  • Private Label Online Clothing Store Business Model

Private Label Online clothing Store Business Model is the centre of both the above-mentioned online store business models.  Here you buy blank cloth items and print customized designs over them. It is more cost-effective than the print-on-demand online clothing store business model. 

  • Dropshipping Online Clothing Store Business Model

Dropshipping is a cost-effective online clothing store business model where you don’t have to deal with bulk products. It is more like a print-on-demand online store business model.

3. Outline Your Online Clothing Store Business Plan

Till now, you have done with deciding your niche, products and online clothing store business model, so it’s time to outline your online clothing store business plan. For outlining the best plan for your online clothing store business from home; you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Do proper market research and know your whole client base.
  • Prepare an amazing product strategy to make them unique to stand out from the crowd.
  • List your all biggest competitors and search about them to understand their tricks.
  • Choose the most suitable online clothing store business model that helps to fulfil your vision.
  • Design an incredible description of your online clothing business.
  • Describe the proper startup capital and pricing of products and essentials like website set up, marketing strategy, advertising cost etc.

Include all the above-mentioned points while outlining your online clothing store business plan.

4. Creating Your Online Clothing Store

Now, comes the most interesting part; designing your online clothing store business. You cannot run an online clothing business without having an online clothing store

Creating an online clothing store is the result of a combination of steps, starting from selecting the domain name to choosing the best theme to add a payment gateway and many more.

If you are new in the field of the online clothing business, then don’t shy to reach out to us. We are the best website designing company in India helping you with the best solutions and our remarkable website designing services at an affordable price rate. 

5. Launching Your Online Clothing Store

As we are reaching the end of the steps of starting an online clothing business; the second last step is to launch an online clothing store. 

Finally, after choosing the niche, selecting the best online clothing store business model, forming the proper outline and creating the online clothing store; it’s time to launch your online clothing store. Consider these four steps before launching an online clothing store:

  • It is crucial to define your complete launch strategy.
  • Focus on effective setting your social accounts.
  • Hope you have checked your email marketing strategy and automation
  • Keep a proper check on your google analytics and google ads account.

6. Bringing Traffic to Your Online Clothing Store

And now, the last step is to bring traffic to your online clothing store. It is necessary to bring traffic to your latest designed online clothing store. You should use all the strategies of digital marketing such as SEO, SMO, PPC, Content Marketing, Influencer Advertising, Email Marketing and the rest all to bring organic traffic to your online clothing store.

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License and Registrations Required to Start an Online Clothing Business

There is a list of requirements that need to while setting up a legal online clothing business

How to start an online clothing business from home
  1. Setup Entity
  2. Pvt Ltd or LLP
  3. GST
  4. Payment Gateway
  5. Website
  6. Website Policies Section
  7. ISO
  8. MSME

How to Scale an Online Clothing Business

After understanding the process of starting an online clothing business, it’s time to understand the scaling of online clothing business. Below mentioned are the steps:

  1. Make sure the solid foundation of your business.
  2. Having a good understanding of your e-commerce KPIs and metrics is a must.
  3. Develop a proper strategy for continuous customer satisfaction.
  4. Keep a proper check on the activities of your competitors.
  5. Focus on preparing the inventory management for growth
  6. Work on upgrading fulfilment for increased demand
  7. Do a proper scaling of your shipping pricing strategies
  8. Work on upgrading your customer service
  9. Do a proper scaling up of your eCommerce marketing
  10. Develop a creative, comprehensive review and UGC strategies to build trust, loyalty and authority.
  11. Improve your backend systems 
  12. Prepare remarkable strategies for facing future challenges

What are the e-commerce market clothing trends?

Till now, you have understood all the required steps for starting an online clothing business from home. Now, it is time to understand the latest eCommerce marketing trends for the success of your online clothing store. We have jotted down some e-commerce market clothing trends for your online clothing business:

  1. AI-Powered Personalised for Establishing the Popular Online Clothing Business 

It helps give a personalized experience to the customers.

  1. Chatbots 

Chatbots are an essential feature of messenger that eases the communication between the online clothing business team and customers.

  1. Multi-channel Retail

It is the approach of promoting your products using different channels of social media.

Online Clothing store business models

There are four types of online clothing business models

  1. Print-on-Demand online clothing store business model
  2. Custom cut-and-sew online clothing store business model
  3. Private label online clothing store business model
  4. Dropshipping online clothing store business model

How much does it cost to build a clothing store and how to sell clothes online?

Costing to build an online clothing store depends upon the business model you choose, the services you need, and the type of store you desire. Various services consist of different pricing plans. 

If you are willing to start an online clothing business from home in an affordable price range then choose Traffic Tail, the best website designing and digital marketing company offering services in a cost-effective method. 

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how do you ensure that your customer service is geared up for success?

For ensuring proper customer services, you need to focus on proper communication strategies.

How to start an online clothing business from home
  • Email 
  • Online chat 
  • Messenger 
  • Instagram DMs 
  • Social commenting sections 
  • Text 
  • Phone number 


Q1-Is the online clothing business profitable?

Asking this question is more like doubting losing weight despite doing a regular workout and following a proper diet. Yes, of course, an online clothing business is a profitable deal in this era of digitalization.

Q2-How do I start an online wholesale clothing business?

Starting an online wholesale clothing business follows the same above-mentioned steps. 

Q3-How do I start a clothing rental business?

No matter, which online clothing business category you are choosing; you need to follow the above-mentioned pattern. Still, starting an online clothing rental business requires a responsive website and app to connect the buyer and lender. 

For more guidance and information; book an appointment with us on Our agent will contact you within 48hours. 

Q4-Where do online boutiques buy their clothes?

Most online boutique’s owners buy clothes from wholesalers offering products at reasonable and comparatively lesser amounts. Here is the list of 12 wholesale vendors across the world:

  • Wholesale7
  • Sugarlips
  • Bloom wholesale
  • Wholesale fashion square
  • Tasha Apparel
  • Magnolia Fashion Wholesale
  • LAShowroom
  • Zaasmart
  • Wholesaler UK
  • Direct Discount Clothing
  • CatWalk Wholesaler

(source: Wholesale7)

Q5-How do I find suppliers for my online store?

Simply, go to google and check the best suppliers according to the requirements of your online clothing store. Still, we are mentioning 10 suppliers that you can hire for your online clothing store business:

  • Alibaba
  • Oberalo
  • Dropship Direct
  • Sunrise Wholesale
  • eBay Business Supply
  • Doba
  • SaleHoo
  • Aliexpress 
  • Printify
  • Redbubble

Q6-How much money do you need to open a boutique?

Opening cost of an online clothing boutique ranging different as per your services. 

Q7-Do I need a permit to sell clothes online?

You need to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements to sell by starting your online clothing business.

Q8-How do I start a cheap clothing line?

You should opt for the Print-on-Demand model of the online clothing business to start with a cheap clothing line.

Still, deciding if a clothing brand is the right self-employed business for you? 

Online Clothing Business is on peak today. Don’t step back from opting-out for the online clothing business from home. Here are some examples of successful online clothing brands:

  1. Beyond Retro (estimated annual revenue- $13 million)
  2. Black Milk Clothing (estimated annual revenue- $48 million)
  3. Blue Bella (estimated annual revenue- $8 million+)
  4. Bohemian Traders (estimated annual revenue- $8million)
  5. Cutter & Buck (estimated annual revenue- $25 million)
  6. Dorothy Perkins (estimated annual revenue- $58 million)
  7. Fashion Nova (estimated annual revenue- $400 million)
  8. Mini Rodini (estimated annual revenue- $11 million)
  9. The Pink Lily Boutique (estimated annual revenue- $15 million)
  10. Verge Girl (estimated annual revenue- $28 million)

The above-mentioned are the brands that established once and now are the big names of the market. Now, it’s time to stop thinking and start doing.

Final words

Till now, you got the answers to all the questions on how to start an online clothing business from home. Don’t wait for the opportunity instead create it. Follow all the above-mentioned steps for starting your online clothing business. Still, if you have a doubt you can fill the form and contact us anytime. 

Also, we are connecting with you in the comment section, feel free to share this article with your friends, family, and the people who are about to start their online clothing business. Don’t forget to comment below.

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