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January 29, 2023

Instagram is updating its Web Interface

January 29, 2023

Guess what? Instagram has an amazing surprise for users, it has announced its web interface. Instagram has touched a different pace in the social media world. It is considered a leading social media platform. People using it on the web can see a new look at the Instagram web application. If you have ever used it on your PC or laptop, you may have noticed that the design is a dummy of its mobile application. 

Apart from that, it is a bit rough to use as well. Most people prefer to use it on mobile phones, but there are a lot of advantages to operating on the web application, especially if you are using it for business purposes. This news can be a boon for anyone who wants to use it on web modes. Now Instagram has decided to update its interface for the web so that users can use it more easily and with a new look.

What was the announcement exactly?

This declaration was made by none other than Instagram’s head- Adam Mosseri. He posted about Instagram’s new web interface, and there will be an extra feature from where users can schedule their posts on Instagram. He also mentioned that he wants to make Instagram user-friendly and beneficial for the audience. No doubt that his efforts are appreciable for delivering the best user experience to the users. This extra feature will help the audience use it more conveniently. 

Especially for those people who are using Instagram for business purposes or promotion can take advantage of it and schedule their posts. This design will reposition menus, icons, home, and the search. The new sidebar opens and collapses based on the screen where you are. This is an amazing advantage for users because this pane will adjust according to the screen size.

What are the advantages of the new WEB INTERFACE feature?

These new features are highly useful for those who access Instagram on the web. It will be easier to navigate. As we all know, the previous version of Instagram threw her limitations, and the interface was not that friendly for web users. Furthermore this feature gives more advantages to the business houses for running their Social Marketing Services. Overall, it was complicated and boring. Now, this update will make it smoother for navigation and multitasking.

Moreover, the scheduling feature will lessen the load of posting updates on Instagram. This feature will help in campaigns, business accounts, and personal accounts. It will save the time of users.

Imitations of the old interface

Poor navigation was one of the major limitations of Instagram. Instagram web users cannot smoothly navigate to other options as they can do with a mobile phone. It is easy to navigate with the same options on the small screen of a mobile phone, but it becomes difficult on a big screen. You must scroll down to the screen to change the tab or navigate to other options. It was time-killing and also boring. Overall it was not compatible with web users. Instagram authorities decided to remove all these spoiler attributes from the interface and change it with new features and designs that are not only user-friendly but also attractive.

What are the other updates that are recently added by Instagram?


Instagram never fails to show its affection toward users. Its always updates its interface and functionality to enhance the user interface. Let’s look over other important updates made by Instagram this year.


This feature was introduced for creators and reel makers. They can unlock achievements by doing their best with trending audio or effects or collaborating with others. It was a great initiative for encouraging users and amazing results. It was a great idea to engage users and creators. Creative streak, Trendspotter, Collaborator. The Instagram team sends a link to users when they get an achievement. This link contains information about their earnings.

Gifts on Instagram

This is based on popularity and the number of shares of your content. This is to encourage the creators to make good content. Initially, this feature will be live for limited users in the US only. After that, it will be live for all the users. Creators can activate or deactivate this feature and stars in their profile.

Instagram AR ads

AR ads are another significant update of Instagram. These ads can be run on both stories and feeds. Admin can invite users to join a contest or take part in games. Advisers must use Metapark studio to create and get approval for their AR effect. Its applications are seamless.

Creator’s Portfolio

This feature allows users to create their portfolio of work. They can display their previous work and collaboration with other brands or creators. It will help them to get better work opportunities and also good for brand promotions. Portfolio pages are also good for the brand so that they can find suitable creators for their brand.

Testing of upcoming Feature – Notes

Instagram has surprised their users. It has released another feature called Notes. This option is available on Instagram messenger, where users can share their notes with others. This feature is live in several countries after testing, including Canada, South Korea, and India. This feature is interesting for sharing notes with everyone. This feature is live in India. You might have checked or used it.

Not Interested ( Remove the irrelevant content)

Instagram is a platform where people share up-to-date information. The not interesting feature allows you to avoid irrelevantly or that category of content you don’t want to see. This is simple to use when you see a post in your feed that you don’t want to see, click on three dots on the screen, and select not interested. You won’t see those types of posts in your feed. This is an amazing feature to filter your choice as per your interest.

NFT for Creators

NFT is another way to encourage creators. This feature allows users to share their digital collectibles on their profile to make the audience aware and motivate people to share their art and creativity. Users will have a digital wallet where they can save their digital collectibles. These third-party wallets include Trustwallet, Metamask, Rainbow, and Dapper. There is no additional fee for sharing NFT on Instagram. It is free to share with users.

Expanded Creator’s Marketplace

Instagram has expanded the creator’s marketplace. This feature allows the brand to be visible to creators so they can get collaboration and more opportunities. Creators and brands can find each other easily with this feature. Apart from that, brands can send attractive offers to creators.

Let’s Wind Up 

Instagram has always proved with its continuous updates that user experience is the most crucial thing for it. It encouraged users to create and earn a good amount with their creativity. A large portion of the population is getting benefits from it. This new web interface will surely set new milestones, and people will benefit from it. This is why after the post on Instagram, head people are highly excited about this new feature. What is your opinion about it? Share your views in our comment box.

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