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December 6, 2021

6 best LinkedIn Automation Tools to boost sales and reduce Efforts

December 6, 2021

LinkedIn Automation Tools

Linkedin automation

LinkedIn is a famous social networking tool for professionals and businesses all around the world. It provides numerous chances for you to interact with and reach out to other individuals and businesses, allowing you to expand your network and enhance your prospective consumer engagement levels. 

LinkedIn automation tools solutions allow you to market your business and build your network in a more efficient and successful manner. With platforms like Facebook and Instagram taking large portions of the market, LinkedIn is frequently underutilized. However, if you know how to use its capabilities, it may be a very effective channel. LinkedIn should be your top focus if you work in the B2B industry.

LinkedIn is a really strong tool for showcasing your knowledge, building professional networks, searching for candidates, and generating more leads. However, once you begin to use this platform, you will want to use LinkedIn automation tools to help you streamline your efforts. Automation technologies save time on repetitive processes, improve customer service, and enable you to customize your messaging at scale. If you’re unsure about which LinkedIn automation tool to use, the ones on this list below are a good place to start.

LinkedIn Automation Tools Importance 

There are numerous reasons to invest in robust LinkedIn automation tools. The following are the most important of these reasons:

linkedin automation tools
  • LinkedIn automation tools allows your company or professional service to concentrate on discussions. It initiates encounters with your target audience aimed at creating relationships.
  • Automation makes managing a big number of leads easier and more efficient. When you have a few leads, it is easy to visit profiles, send messages, and make connection requests. Not with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of leads.
  • The automation of search and connections aids in the creation and expansion of your network. It also aids in the development of brand recognition and loyalty in a much shorter period of time.

What are the advantages of employing LinkedIn automation tools?

There are three significant advantages to employing LinkedIn automation tools for your business, professional service, or personal endeavors.

This saves you time and money

Engagement and relationship development are two of LinkedIn’s most significant features. Using LinkedIn automation tools as a business or professional service helps free up your valuable time and resources. You can concentrate on starting discussions and interacting with people to help create relationships without diverting your attention away from important business duties.

Compound connection expansion

LinkedIn automation tools can assist in the implementation of the compound connection growth plan. It is a straightforward but incredibly effective method.

  • You can configure the tool to send a maximum number of LinkedIn new connection requests per day.
  • Set the tool to visit the required number of profiles every day (while without sending any connection requests).
  • You will receive feedback from a considerable number of these connections.
  • A well-optimized LinkedIn profile can aid in the generation of new connections.

Expand your network

Automation is essential for expanding your professional network on LinkedIn. Simultaneously, the quality of your content has a greater impact on increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Using the power of your content, the proper LinkedIn automation tools may assist you in creating relationships and increasing your network.

The most important characteristics of best peforming LinkedIn automation tools –

  • Using LinkedIn to automate work
  • LinkedIn recruiter – various levels available
  • Sales navigator on LinkedIn
  • Personal invitations are sent to contacts of contacts up to the third level.
  • Profile visits are made automatically (file exporting feature)
  • Auto-responder \sAuto-mailing
  • Messages sent in sequence to LinkedIn group members or initial contacts
  • Building a focused email list by inviting first connections to join your LinkedIn group
  • Quickly raise your profile and gain endorsements from other users.
  • Manager of feature-rich lists
  • To produce in-return endorsements, use automatic contacts endorsement.

Many automatic functions are also available with the right LinkedIn automation tools. This includes automatically adding a signature to messages, following/unfollowing connections, and retracting pending sent invitations.

LinkedIn is the digital era’s new meaning of networking. This is where business professionals spend their time, including executives at all levels. To gain an advantage over your competitors, engage your target audience, develop relationships, and expand your network and business, use the correct automation solution.

Here are the 6 best LinkedIn automation tools

Social pilot

SocialPilot linkedin automation tool

In a nutshell, SocialPilot is a basic social media management and marketing software. Its superpower is that it assists you in developing and executing your social media strategy from the ground up. Whether you’re creating content, automating and scheduling posts, monitoring post-performance, or managing your brand’s online reputation, SocialPilot has you covered. All of these LinkedIn automation tools capabilities will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Pros –

  • Provides practically all social media management services, such as social listening, scheduling, and so on.
  • Bulk scheduling with photos (something Hootsuite and Buffer do not do).

Cons –

  • Inadequate Instagram analytics
  • The lack of a comprehensive free plan

Pricing –

  • Professional ($30/month, or $25/month billed annually)
  • Small Team ($50/month, $41.33/month billed annually) 
  • Agency ($100/month, $83.33/month billed annually)
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing)

Linked helper

linked helper linkedin automation tool

Pros – 

  • You may add your signature to messages you send to your contacts, making them more professional and customised.
  • You may design smart lead generation funnels and eliminate overlaps between several campaigns that you are running at the same time by using Linked Helper’s highly powerful lists management.

Cons –

  • Emojis cannot be used in your text because Linked Helper does not accept this format. And your copy comes across as unprofessional.
  • At times, the tool has difficulty accumulating contacts. This is a technological error that can jeopardise your marketing efforts.

Pricing –

  • 14-day free trial, after which pricing begins at $15 per month.

Dux Soup

dux soup linkedin automation tool

Dux-Soup has recently gained popularity as a tool for LinkedIn lead creation automation. Dux-Soup, an easy-to-use application, streamlines the process of finding leads, nurturing them, and bringing them near to conversion.

Dux-Soup makes communicating with prospects on LinkedIn more orderly and less chaotic. You can personalize your messages and include intriguing components such as photographs in your automated messages to make them appear more human.

When you explore prospects’ profiles for future interaction or are considering following up with them, you can make notes and tag them based on your findings. Later, you may use these tags, notes, and so on to frame your message for them.

Pros –

  • Dux-Soup allows even inexperienced users to effortlessly set up drip campaigns for LinkedIn.
  • Their customer service crew is outstanding. They also offer live chat help during EU and US work hours, which is a commendable attempt toward speedier and more accurate customer service.

Cons –

  • When you install Dux-Soup as a chrome extension, your device may slow down, and your LinkedIn account may load slowly. This degrades the whole experience.
  • The user interface is clumsy and unintuitive. Learning how to utilise the tool properly takes time.

Pricing –

  • Dux-Soup pricing begins at $11.25 per month as a flat charge. 
  • There is a free version available.
  • Dux-Soup does not provide a free trial period.


Expandi.io linkedin automation tool

Expandi is a cloud-based platform that may help you improve your profile by generating connector campaigns, personalizing your messages, using powerful targeting options, and much more. It is one of the newest LinkedIn automation solutions on this list. With their intuitive design and simple controls, you can set up all of this rather effortlessly on your own.

Expandi automated campaigns are ideally configured to comply with LinkedIn’s safety regulations. This implies that the number of connections you send out on a daily basis will be limited in order to prevent discovery, but you will still see excellent results when your account warms up.

Pros –

  • Expandi has some of the greatest advanced targeting features available. For example, you may locate users who have interacted with a specific LinkedIn article, and it will extract their profiles and target them with a customised message in only a few clicks.

Cons –

  • Expandi is a tad pricey at $99 per month when compared to some of the other tools on the list.
  • Expandi alone will not suffice to use some of the advanced targeting options (such as building bespoke CSV lists). Other tools will be required to supplement it.

Pricing –

  • Expanandi costs $99 per month per user.


zopto linkedin automation tool

If you are a start-up or sales team trying to boost lead generation efforts and obtain more qualified prospects from LinkedIn into your sales funnel, Zopto is a wonderful option from this list of LinkedIn automation tools.

Zopto, a cloud-based software, can be set up in less than five minutes. All you need is a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account to get started with the great LinkedIn lead generation features provided by Zopto. When you join up for Zopto, you gain access to a ‘dashboard’ that collects and shows insights and statistics about the lead generation campaigns you perform on LinkedIn.

Pros –

  • You may target your ideal client for each LinkedIn campaign by using complex criteria. Filters and targets can be applied based on region, industry, company size, title, seniority level, technology used by the organisation, number of followers, and much more.
  • You may use Zopto to set the target amount of interaction for each LinkedIn campaign you run. To increase campaign interaction, enable settings such as Connection Invites, Sequential Messaging, Free InMails, Twitter Engagement, and Profile View Generator.

Cons –

  • You cannot automatically cancel a campaign if you contact the wrong person by mistake.
  • Their invoicing processes are not clean, and it frequently appears that they are not honest with their customers. They are unconcerned about alerting you when your free trial expires and you become a chargeable user inadvertently.

Pricing –

  • Personal – ₹ 15480 Per Month
  • Grow – ₹ 28440 Per Month
  • Agency – ₹ 64440 Per Month


Crystal linkedin automation tool

Crystal is one of the only apps featured in this list of the finest LinkedIn automation solutions. Marketers have used it wisely to gain the various benefits it provides. The tool is indispensable when it comes to knowing and understanding your customers, why they do what they do, what motivates them to buy, and how they behave. It is billed as the “world’s largest personality platform.” Crystal can effectively estimate a person’s personality based on their LinkedIn profile. Isn’t it intriguing?

Pros – 

  • Crystal employs artificial intelligence to analyse personality traits, thus the results are quite accurate. By evaluating text samples, evaluation replies, and other factors, Crystal’s AI-based engine predicts behavioural trends.
  • Crystal provides insights into the personality characteristics of your relationships and recommends the best ways to interact and communicate with them. Should you contact them using LinkedIn messages or via email? These insights assist you in determining your favourite mode of communication.

Cons –

  • If you wish to utilise Crystal for free, you can only examine ten persons every month. More research than that will necessitate the purchase of a tool.
  • Because persons taking the DISC test may not be truthful in all of their responses, there is a chance that the results will be erroneous.

Pricing –

  • For price information, please contact Crystal Project. Free trial is not available. But a free version is available.


Have you recently found that LinkedIn could be a useful marketing channel for your company? That’s fantastic. However, you may be perplexed about how to get started with LinkedIn marketing. At this stage, you’ll require a tool that alleviates the pain of having to publish several posts across many time zones for various clients.

linkedin automation tools for business network

The nice aspect about adopting such LinkedIn automation tools is that it will boost your reach while avoiding any spamming intent. Starting with a simple tool simplifies content planning and posting, provides complete engagement insights, and assists you in managing all of your LinkedIn marketing activities to ensure that the channel achieves the level of engagement you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is LinkedIn an Effective Sales Tool?

Yes, LinkedIn is an excellent sales tool. It is, in fact, one of the best. No other social site allows you to target members based on their professional abilities, spending habits, or recent professional activity. It is one of the top B2B sales and recruiting solutions available.

  1. What exactly are LinkedIn Tools?

LinkedIn tools help to synchronize LinkedIn activities such as posting, automating answers, tracking campaign performance, sending out connection requests, and growing a devoted following network. There are numerous LinkedIn solutions accessible, such as SocialPilot, Aeroleads, Dripify, LiProspects, and others.

  1. Why should you utilise a LinkedIn automation tool?

The following are the benefits of employing a LinkedIn automation tool:

  • They assist you in publishing material for the correct audience at the right time, hence strengthening your LinkedIn profile.
  • They enable you to add a personal touch to your user interactions.
  • They automate redundant and repetitive operations as well as a variety of other sophisticated tasks.
  1. How can I produce business-to-business leads on LinkedIn?

You may use tools like SocialPilot to optimize your LinkedIn page and share audience-centric pieces to spark their interest in your offerings during the times when they are most engaged. These will ensure that you reach your intended audience and achieve the most engagement. You can also keep track of daily metrics in order to take decisive action.

  1. Is LinkedIn Automation illegal?

Yes, LinkedIn automation is technically illegal. LinkedIn automation tools are prohibited and any usage of them is a violation of the company’s terms of service. However, if you utilize them correctly and do not spam other people, you should be alright. As we speak, tens of thousands of businesses throughout the world are utilizing automation solutions. You will have no difficulties as long as you use them wisely.

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