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May 2, 2024

8 Proven Facebook Lead Generation Techniques You Should try

May 2, 2024
Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Generation Techniques

Facebook has 2.8 billion active monthly users making it the largest social media platform. The potential of a Facebook ad is to reach over 2.18 billion people, so as a marketer you cannot afford to miss Facebook. It can help you in generating valuable leads for your business.

Facebook Lead Generation

In this article, we will disclose some effective Facebook lead generation techniques and will also talk about why generating leads through Facebook is a great idea. So, before we begin with the list of those techniques, let’s talk about the importance of Facebook lead generation.

Why Facebook Lead Generation is important?

facebook lead generation

Facebook can be considered as one of the best tools for generating sales as it is capable enough to bring some qualified leads for your business. More than 200 million businesses are actively using Facebook which clearly defines the scope of generating leads on this platform.

It helps you in collecting information about potential customers without leaving the platform. It assists you in understanding the interests and behaviour of your customers through various insights.

The best part about Facebook lead generation is that it focuses on highly targeted people. They are already interested in the type you are selling. It also eases to sync up with CRM and keep valuable data in your loop.

It provides you with a fair chance of knowing your audience. This is why the Facebook Lead generation campaign can work well for your business if executed properly.

Facebook Lead Generation Techniques

acebook Lead Generation Techniques

Pin Lead Generation posts at the top

The post you have planned to use for lead generation should be pinned at the top. You can post other content but the pinned post will remain at the top for seven days. After seven days, it will get back to its original place or it will be visible serial wise on the day it was posted.

Pin Lead Generation posts at the top

This is a great way to get the attention of your potential customers. Your lead generation post should contain the content that is preferred by your target audience. It should have a catchy image, crispy caption, relevant hashtag and everything that is required to make an impactful post.

Do not write everything about your new offer or service on the Facebook post. Instead, link your post to the page on your website that contains the complete information about that product. Make sure the anchor text you have used is correct and is landing on the relatable page.

For example, you have used the phrase “get this offer”, so the link should land your customer on the page where they can get that particular offer. It is advisable to use catchy images along with such posts.

An image gets 10 times more attention than the written content. Your customer can skip written content but a catchy image can stop them.

Find your blog post that managed to create a good amount of leads in past. The time has come to leverage the benefits of that post now. You can feature that post on your Facebook business page to generate leads again. It is going to do no harm but there are chances you can get valuable leads through that post.

Induce the interest of readers through a blog post and present a problem. Then take them to your website presenting your product or service as a solution to their problem. You can use CTA in anchor text as well.

Use videos

This is one of the most common techniques of the Facebook lead generation program. Create engaging videos and post them with crispy captions. Most businesses are using videos to generate valuable leads on different social media platforms.

add video on facebook ads

Share your upcoming products, services, or events through videos. You can even share your blog post through videos if you think they are good enough. The Facebook algorithm favours videos the most. Do not forget to add CTA at the end of your video. The main purpose of creating a video is to generate leads and it should not go unserved.

Use Facebook Custom Tabs

You may or may not have heard of this Facebook lead generation technique where you can use custom tabs to get the attention of users. Facebook has certain inbuilt tabs including photos, events and all.

You can add your tabs like contests or giveaways to pull the attention of users. Giveaways or contests are something that can get the attention of users who are not even interested in your product or service. Therefore, this is a technique of pulling the uninterested audience along with interested ones.

Use Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is a cost-effective method of lead generation. Here you can create a highly targeted lead generation program without spending much. You can set your target audience and run ads accordingly.

Use Facebook Advertising

If Facebook is used for lead generation it automatically fills the details of your customers in lead forms. You can either design your ad or you can use templates of ads. These templates can be used very easily. All you need to do is set your target and fill these templates with the right content and image and then set a bid for the ad according to your budget.

Many businesses are actively getting involved in advertising for Facebook lead generation.

Run contests or giveaways

This is my favourite technique of Facebook lead generation. All you need to do is organise a simple contest where you can ask questions related to your product or industry. You should try to set easy questions and make maximum winners. People will share with their friends and family and you can enjoy a good amount of traffic on your Facebook page.

Run contests or giveaways

Giveaways are a bit different from contests. You ask people to tag their two or more friends and you give gifts to the person who tagged his friends or to the entire group. Here you randomly choose people to give your products or coupons for your services. People get involved with both of these methods.

Including CTA button is a great idea

We talked about CTA in other techniques as well. You can post content or images or videos on Facebook but make sure you are linking it to your website or generating direct action. It reduces the stress of users to find your website.

CTA button

They can simply create on the link or anchor text or anything you used to drive action. CTA can be used for different purposes in Facebook lead generation programs like “book now”, “grab your offer” and much more.


facebook lead generation

Using these techniques, you can generate leads through Facebook. This is not an expensive program but it should be done correctly as it takes time and effort to show results. Spending your time, money and effort in a wrong direction can affect the health of your business.

You should not directly jump to the conclusion that you want to get involved with Facebook lead generation activities. Understand your business, specify your business goals, check where you are lacking and is the right time to get involved with Facebook lead generation. If you get a positive answer to these questions, then start your program now.

At the initial level, it is advisable to seek professional services. Click here to get the best Facebook marketing services in India.

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