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January 12, 2024

15 Best QR Code Generators Software

January 12, 2024
QR Code Generators Software

Making the most of QR codes for your company requires an efficient and dependable QR code generator. With its ability to convey information to clients quickly and easily, QR codes have become an indispensable component of contemporary marketing and advertising. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best QR generators available on the internet. So without any further delay let’s look at all of them one by one.

Benefits Of Using QR Code Generating Softwares

QR code generators enable users to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. By generating a QR code, you can share contact information, website URLs, or other digital content that can be scanned and accessed even without an internet connection.

QR codes provide a versatile and interactive marketing tool. You can embed them in promotional materials such as posters, flyers, or product packaging to engage customers.

QR codes simplify event management processes by automating various tasks. Generate personalized QR codes for event invitations or tickets, allowing attendees to easily check-in by scanning the code at the venue entrance.

QR code generators facilitate safe and convenient contactless payments. Instead of exchanging physical cash or using traditional card terminals, businesses can generate dynamic QR codes linked to their payment systems.

15 Best QR Code Generators Software

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QR Code Generator
Wix QR Generator
QR Code Chimp
QR Code Tiger
QR Code Monkey
QR Stuff
The QR Code Generator
QR Code Dynamic

1. Beaconstac

QR Code Generators Software Beaconstac
QR Code Generator

One of the most sophisticated and enterprise-ready QR Code systems is provided by Beaconstac. You may create static and dynamic QR codes with the aid of this QR code generator for a number of applications, such as digital business cards, PDF QR codes, Google Form QR codes, and QR codes for films and other media. 

It stands out for having a very user-friendly interface from which you can evaluate the efficacy of your QR code and, if necessary, change your campaigns. This is made possible by the dashboard’s smooth interaction with Google Analytics and a variety of other applications.

Choose a QR Code Pricing Plan That Best Suits Your Business
$15 Per Month$49 Per Month$99 Per Month
50 Dynamic QR Codes250 Dynamic QR Codes500 Dynamic QR Codes
✓ All Starter features✓ All Lite features✓ All Pro features
✓ GPS tracking✓ Integrations✓ Multi-user access

2. uQR.me

QR Code Generators Software uQR.me
QR Code Generator

Using uQR.me, you can manage, track, and create dynamic QR codes to grow your QR initiatives. Never print anything again after choosing the sort of QR you require, altering the destination and updating or editing the information. More than 15 options are at your disposal, ranging from the more popular kinds, such as Website QR and File Download QR, to the more specialized ones, like App Deep link QR.

Your QR codes may be customized in every way: you can add your preferred colors and logo, alter their shapes, and even add your domain to make them specifically reflect your company.

Plans & Pricing:
$4 Per Month$14 Per Month$39 Per Month$99 Per Month
2 Dynamic QR Codes100 Dynamic QR Codes1000 Dynamic QR Codes1000+ Dynamic QR Codes
✓ Basic analytics✓ Standard analytics✓ Advanced analytics✓ Advanced analytics
✓ Basic QR design✓ Advanced QR design✓ QR design & templates✓ Advanced QR design & templates

3. QR Code Generator

QR Code Generators Software QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator

There is no doubt that this platform has the best documentation of any QR generator. The majority of FAQs have official responses on the website. You can also choose from one of their numerous pre-designed designs, which include those for business cards, flyers, brochures, and more. You have the freedom to modify the QR in accordance with your needs thanks to the special customization possibilities.

The free and premium versions of QR Code Generator are both available, like many other QR generators on this list. You can always build static QRs in their free programme, but the tracking and statistical tools are only available in the subscription programme.

Plans & Pricing:
$5 Per Month$12 Per Month$37 Per Month
2 Dynamic QR Codes50 Dynamic QR Codes250 Dynamic QR Codes
✓ 10000 Scans✓ Unlimited Scans✓ Unlimited Scans
✓ 1 Users✓ 2 Users✓ 5 Users

4. Wix QR Generator

QR Code Generators Software Wix
QR Code Generator

On the professional-looking WIX QR generator website, you can easily create your unique QR code with a few clicks. In addition to the standard QR types like Text, URL, Phone, and AI Image Generators, WIX also provides uncommon QR types including PDF, Geolocation, Wi-Fi, and Email. On WIX, creating a QR code is simple because all you need to do is choose your desired QR type and enter the value.

You only have a few modification choices, including the ability to adjust the QR Code’s size (from 100 pixels to 1000 pixels) and foreground and background colors. The best thing about Wix is that you can download your QR Code without signing up. By clicking Download and choosing your preferred download format, you may download your QR.

Wix Pricing:

This is Free To Use.

5. Flowcode

QR Code Generators Software Flowcode
QR Code Generator

Unique QR kinds including Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Venmo, Google Drive, and others are available through Flowcode QR Generator. A file from your storage can be converted into a QR Code using Flowcode in addition to the pre-defined QR types. The file’s maximum size is 20 MB, and it can be either a PDF, picture, AI video Generators, or audio.

Once you’ve decided on the code design and continue, Flowcode instantly creates your QR code. You must register on Flowcode in order to download the generated QR. With Flowcode, you have a good selection of customization choices to alter the QR pattern style, foreground color, and QR theme. Additionally, you are able to upload a center image from your device with a 5 MB maximum size.

Flowcode Plans & Pricing:
BasicProPro PlusGrowth
$0 Free$9 Per Month$40 Per Month$250 Per Month
2 Flowcodes10 Flowcodes50 Flowcodes500 Flowcodes
✓ 2 Flowpages✓ 10 Flowpages✓ 50 Flowpages✓ 150 Flowpages
✓ 1 Seat✓ 1 Seat✓ 5 Seat✓ 14 Seat

6. QR Code Chimp

QR Code Generators Software QRcode Chimp
QR Code Generator

Of all the QR generators available, QR Code Chimp offers the most customization. Although it provides all the standard QR formats, including Facebook, Event, Vcard, Coupon, and others, the magic arises when you customize your QR.

You can change the code’s size, shape, color, logo, and even add stickers. With this tool, the possibilities are endless because you may design unusual QR codes like a Guitar-shaped QR or a Heart-shaped QR, for example. Even a photo of your choosing can be included in the code.

QR Code Chimp Plans & Pricing:
$0 Free$6 Per Month$13 Per Month$34 Per Month
10 Dynamic QR Codes50 Dynamic QR Codes300 Dynamic QR Codes900 Dynamic QR Codes
✓ 1000 Scans✓ 10000 Scans✓ 150000 Scans✓ Unlimited Scans
✓ 1 User✓ 1 User✓ 2 User✓ 4 User

7. QR Code Tiger

QR Code Generators Software QRcode Tiger
QR Code Generator

With a wide variety of QR kinds and customization choices, QR Code Tiger’s feature set is as regal as its name suggests. It even includes an HTML editor’s support and several URLs packed into a single QR. There are several choices for modification, including the ability to alter patterns, add eyes, and even customize the QR with a logo. Additionally, you can add a frame or pick from their library of templates.

Static QR codes are free to generate, Blog outline generator AI tools however to make dynamic QR codes, you must choose their premium programme. Additional capabilities like QR tracking and scanner device information is available in the premium programme. They also have a video tutorial that walks you through the QR creation process on their site.

QR Code Tiger Plans & Pricing:
$0 Free$7 Per Month$16 Per Month$37 Per Month
3 Dynamic QR Codes12 Dynamic QR Codes200 Dynamic QR Codes600 Dynamic QR Codes

8. Qrd.by

QR Code Generators Software Qrd.by
QR Code Generator

Although Qrd. By offers all common QR formats and a wide range of customization possibilities, its tracking capabilities set them apart. Through each QR code, you can keep tabs on the number of visitors as well as their precise locations and actions. Additionally, you can choose to get email notifications that include the device’s location and QR scan information.

With Qrd. By, you can create dynamic QRs that are completely customizable and even allow for scheduled redirects. You can import the whole tracking history at any time into a spreadsheet using the Qrd. By profile.

Qrd.By Pricing:

This is Free To Use.

9. goQR.me

QR Code Generators Software goqr.me
QR Code Generator

The goQR.me Code Generator is a straightforward tool with straightforward UI and basic QR kinds. With QR kinds like URL, Custom Texts, Contacts, Locations, and more, you also receive a real-time QR preview. Additionally, the platform offers the embed option, which enables you to incorporate the QR code right into your website. By including a custom image on the platform, you can add a logo to your code.

If you ever want to have the QR code printed on your products, the QR Code Generator has you covered. From the QR Code generator, Title generator tools for Attractive titles you can simply upload your generated QR to Zazzle and select a print plan that suits your requirements.

goQR.me Pricing:

This is Free To Use.

10. QR Code Monkey

QR Code Generators Software qrcodemonkey
QR Code Generator

While QR Code Monkey offers a wide variety of QR kinds and customization choices, some of its best features are reserved for the subscription programme. Your QR code can be downloaded from the platform in the SVG, PDF, or EPS formats.

Using the QR Code Monkey, you may convert MP3, PDF, or video files up to a particular size into QR codes and alter their quality using the practical quality slider. The premium programme is the only one that offers statistics and editability. Please be aware that EPS does not support color gradients, however it is ideal if you intend to print your codes on products.

QR Code Monkey Pricing:

This is Free To Use.

11. QR Stuff

QR Code Generators Software Qrstuff
QR Code Generator

Another QR creator is QR Stuff, which has all the necessary functions but some of them are only available to premium subscribers. Along with the more common QR codes, they also provide some unusual ones like Skype Calls, Attendance, iTunes Link, PayPal, and Bitcoin. You have the option to print numerous QR codes at once on the platform, which is completely ad-free. The real-time QR preview is helpful when experimenting with various modification choices.

The QR Code can be modified in terms of its size, color scheme, and format. Additionally, a tool to lower QR error is provided, which enhances the codes’ responsiveness and readability. Additionally, you can change the dots and corners or choose a pre-made QR template.

QR Stuff Pricing:
Free SuiteFull Suite
$0 Free$12 Per Month
10 Dynamic QR Codes200 Dynamic QR Codes

12. Visualead

QR Code Generators Software Visualead
QR Code Generator

The QR generating process is broken down by Visualead into four simple steps: choose the QR type, create the code, print the code, and manage your campaign. Over 500,000 companies, including industry heavyweights like HP and Intel, rely on Visualead as their QR solution. Mainly because of the layout’s user-friendly UI.

Visualead provides numerous customization possibilities for your code after you input the necessary data. After you customize and click OK, the code is rapidly generated, however to download the generated QR, you must first log in to Visualead.

Visualead Pricing:
$0 Free$7 Per Month$15 Per Month$36 Per Month
3 Dynamic QR Codes5 Dynamic QR Codes50 Dynamic QR Codes150 Dynamic QR Codes

13. The QR Code Generator

QR Code Generators Software QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator

The QR Code Generator is a useful application that offers a flexible way to create unique QR Codes. With the help of this simple application, you can quickly create static QR Codes that may encode a variety of data kinds, including text, URLs, contact details, vCards, phone numbers, and SMS messages.

The dynamic QR Code option can also be unlocked by upgrading, giving your code production even more versatility. The QR Code Generator also provides a further advantage by producing a special URL that links users to your content. With the help of this functionality, you can easily monitor views and gather insightful information about how well your QR Codes are working.

The QR Code Generator Pricing:

This is Free To Use.

14. QR Code Dynamic

QR Code Generators Software QRcodedynamic
QR Code Generator

One of the simplest ways to make a unique QR code is with QR Code Dynamic. It delivers quickly generated QR codes that are very customizable. It is a flexible and dynamic QR code maker with a wide range of capabilities to meet all of your QR code requirements.

You have the option to select the type of QR code that best fits your needs from 13 distinct types. You can customize your codes to represent your brand thanks to the QR code generator’s great degree of customizability.

QR Code Dynamic Pricing:
FreeGuest VisitorPro
FreeGuest $29 Per Month
13 Dynamic QR Codes13 Dynamic QR Codes13 Dynamic QR Codes
✓ 0 Project✓ 1 Project ✓ Unlimited Project

15. Shopify

QR Code Generators Software Shopify
QR Code Generator

Simple QR code formats like URL, phone number, SMS, and custom text are available on Shopify. Enter your email, choose a QR type, enter the value, then click Create QR code to generate a code. I’m done now. A working QR code can be created in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you may watch a live preview of your code.

The email address you provided on the website is used to send the QR code. In order to prevent spam emails, be sure to deselect the prompt for receiving adverts on your email.

Shopify Pricing:

This is Free To Use.

Impact of AI on QR Code Generators

The impact of AI in QR Code generators has revolutionized the way businesses and individuals create and utilize QR codes. With AI-powered algorithms, these generators can efficiently generate high-quality, error-free QR codes, improving scanning accuracy and reliability.

Moreover, AI enables advanced features such as dynamic QR codes, customization options, and data analytics, empowering businesses to track and optimize their marketing campaigns effectively. Overall, AI has streamlined QR code generation, making it more efficient, versatile, and user-friendly.


At last businesses of all types are fast realizing that QR codes are essential. The collection of QR codes above includes various but efficient QR generators. Before selecting the ideal QR scanner, we encourage you to search for customizability, scalability, and tracking features. So go ahead and use QR Code technology to grow your company to the top.


1. Can QR code generators be used for personal purposes, or are they primarily for businesses?

QR code generators are versatile tools that can be used for both personal and business purposes. Individuals can create QR codes to share contact information, personal websites, or social media profiles. Businesses can utilize them for marketing, inventory management, event management, and much more.

2. Are QR codes generated by these tools customizable in terms of design and branding?

Yes, many QR code generators allow customization options to align the generated QR codes with your brand or personal style. You can often modify the color, add logos or images, and choose from various design templates to make the QR codes visually appealing and representative of your brand identity.

3. Do QR code generators provide tracking and analytics features for monitoring usage?

Yes, some QR code generators offer tracking and analytics features. These features allow you to monitor the number of scans, the location of scans, and the time of scans, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your QR code campaigns. This information can help you optimize your marketing strategies and measure your ROI.

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