RNI Registration for Online News Portal

RNI Registration for Online News Portal in 2023

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January 31, 2023

RNI ( Registrar of Newspaper of India ) – The Name itself clarifies this is a Registration process for Newspaper and Online News Portals of India.

We get many queries from our clients asking about the procedure to apply for RNI registration for an online News Portal to run their News Website Legally.

सौ बात की सीधी एक बात है “शुरुआत में आपको न्यूज वेबसाइट चलाने के लिए गवर्नमेंट से अप्रूवल लेने की जरूरत नहीं है!”

So let me make it very clear that it’s okay if you want to run your online News Portal without registration, and you don’t need to register it for RNI. Because RNI registration is not a compulsion by the Ministry of Communication and Information. Google also has no issue with this, it allows everyone to share information freely on the Internet by any medium whether it’s Social media or Websites.

This does not mean that you run without registration. If you want to use your News Portal legally you can register it on MSME or Jansampark office.

Now we will tell you who should apply for RNI and How….?

Suppose you want to run print media(newspapers, magazines, booklets) and a News portal at the same time then you must have to register and verify your tile RNI. Now if you found yourself in this category let’s dig into it…

What Is RNI( Registrar of Newspapers Of India )?

Office of the Registrar of the Newspapers for India (professional name), extra popularly regarded as Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI), is a Government of India statutory frame of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for the registration of the publications, along with newspapers and magazines, India. It turned hooked up on 1 July 1956, on the advice of the First Press Commission in 1953 and through amending the Press and Registration of Books Act 1867.

The Office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India is situated in New Delhi. RNI regulates video display units printing and book of newspapers primarily based totally on the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867, and the Registration of Newspapers (Central) Rules, 1956. The registrar is particular as Press Registrar, and Manish V Desai a 1989 batch senior IIS officer is the modern-day Press Registrar and Head of the Department.

Now you know what is RNI let’s know how to register it…

How to apply for RNI Registration?

Video on How you can do RNI Registration by yourself?

There is a very easy way to do RNI registration so that you can easily get approval. First of all,
you have to do the title verification of your News Pepper, Magazine, News Portal, etc.,
for which you have to prepare five names of the newspaper in advance.

The name should be such that no one has used it to date nor any newspaper or magazine has been published by that name, after this, you will need the following documents…

1- First of all, you need 5 names that you want to verify.
2-Scan copy of the owner’s Aadhar card.
3-The owner’s Passport Size Photo must not be 6 months old.
4-Owner’s Indian Mobile Number.
5- Owner’s Address Proof Document.
6- Physical address from where the Newspaper will be published.

You get to know what things are required for Registration, Let’s get to the whole RNI registration process

RNI Registration

How to fill out the form for RNI Title Registration?

Follow the same procedure given below carefully

Step 1: Log on to RNI’s official website www.rni.nic.in.

Step 2: Read the guidelines for title verification under “RNI Guidelines” carefully.

Step 3: Click on the link to the online title application on the home page of the website.

Step 4: Read the instructions for filling out the online application carefully and proceed to apply.

Step 5: Fill in all the mandatory fields (Functional mobile number and email ID should be provided while filling out the application).

Step 6: Apply and take a printout of the application form duly filled.
(To reprint the application, if necessary, note the code printed.)

Step 7: Send the application to the concerned authority (DM / DC / SDM / DCP / JCP / CMM etc.).
(i) DCP will be the only forwarding authority in the Delhi region.

Step 8: The application will be forwarded to the RNI by the concerned authority with the proper name, signature, and seal of the forwarding authority.

(i) The RNI will process the application only on receipt of the hard copy duly forwarded by the concerned authority.

(ii) The applicant is advised to keep a copy of the application duly signed and forwarded to the RNI for future reference.

Step 9: After receiving the hard copy of the application forwarded by the RNI to the concerned authority, the applicant will be informed of the receipt of the application through the RNI reference number (application number) sent to his mobile number and email.

Step 10: Applicant should save the RNI reference number for any future investigation.

Step 11: The applicant can check the status of the application on the RNI website either by providing the DM number given by the forwarding authority or the RNI reference number.

Step 12: Applicant can also download the title verification letter/title non-approval letter/discrepancy letter from the official website of RNI.

After the title is verified, the applicant must be registered within two years from the date of verification, to prevent de-blocking / cancellation of the title. Ownership of the title is non-transferable before registration. To prevent de-blocking / cancellation of the title.

“इतने पुरे ताम-झाम के बाद आपको RNI सर्टिफिकेट मिल जायेगा ” अच्छा न्यूज़ पोर्टल के लिए जानना है… चलिए बताते है …..

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How to Register Online News Portal India?

This is the main topic of today for which I have written this article after waking up at midnight. As I told you earlier at the starting there is no need for RNI Registration at the start of running a News Portal, if you don’t want to cover news on the Field or Government Campus and administrative Locations. Though News Portals also come under the administration of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and you seriously want to register it for RNI.

As mentioned, initially you can start work without government frills and if you have to Issue a press card, mike id, and camera id then for this, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting norms for News Portals are as Follows:-

  • The general terms and conditions prescribed for the representatives of print and visual media will also be applicable in the case of online editors, correspondents, and camerapersons.
    (ऑनलाइन संपादकों, संवाददाताओं और कैमरा पर्सन्स के लिए प्रिंट और विजुअल मीडिया के नियम ऑनलाइन मीडिया पर भी लागू हैं.)
  • A news site/portal means a website that has at least 1/3rd of its visible content related to news & current affairs originally reported by its correspondents.
    (वेबसाइट का कम से कम एक तिहाई कंटेंट संसथान के अपने संवाददातों द्वारा रिपोर्ट किया गया होना चाहिए.)
  • The publications on behalf of which accreditation has already been given will accommodate their online journalists within their existing quota.
    (प्रकाशन समूह अपने ऑनलाइन पत्रकारों को अपने लिए निर्धारित कोटा के अन्तर्गत स्थान देना)
  • The site should have paid subscribers. However, it should not be insisted on the subscribers right now but some preference will be given to the news sites having subscribers.
    (पेड सब्सक्राइबर्स वाली वेबसाइट को वरीयता दी जाएगी, हालाँकि इस हेतु ज़ोर नहीं दिया जायेगा)
  • Online news agencies will be governed as per the existing rules prescribed for news agencies. (न्यूज एजेंसियों वाले नियम ऑनलाइन न्यूज़ एजेंसियों पर यथावत लागू होंगे)
  • The site should have a minimum annual revenue of either Rs.20 lakhs from its news portions only OR Rs.2.5 crores from the entire website including its news portion.
    (न्यूज वेबसाइट का एनुअल रेवेन्यू कम से कम 20 लाख रूपये होना चाहिए और अगर किसी वेबसाइट का पार्ट न्यूज-सेक्शन है तो कुल वेबसाइट का रेवेन्यू सालाना ढाई करोड़ होना चाहिए.)
  • The site should be updated regularly and at least 6 times daily. (वेबसाइट नियमित तौर पर प्रत्येक दिन कम से कम 6 बार अपडेट होनी चाहिए.)
  • The news portal should be observing the laws of the land in terms of content, service, promotions, finances, and any other aspect of functioning. (कंटेंट, सेवा, प्रमोशन, फाइनेंस या किसी अन्य मामले में न्यूज वेबसाइट भारतीय कानूनों से बंधी होगी)
  • The news site should have been functioning for at least one year. (कम से कम 1 साल से वेबसाइट फंक्शन में रहना अनिवार्य है.)
  • The domain name of the site should be registered for at least the next 5 years from the date of application.
    (डोमेन नेम कम से कम भविष्य के 5 साल के लिए रजिस्टर होना चाहिए.)
  • The site should have at least 10,000 page views per day of its news portion.
    (न्यूज वेबसाइट पर प्रतिदिन कम से कम दस हज़ार पेज व्यू होनी चाहिए, यानी महीने में 3 लाख बार आपकी वेबसाइट को देखा जाना चाहिए.)
  • The issue of determining the authenticity of the site may be decided in consultation with VSNL in case of any doubt.
    (विदेश संचार निगम लिमिटेड (वीएसएनएल) की सहायता से आपकी वेबसाइट की ऑथेंटिसिटी चेक की जा सकती है.)
  • In the event of a website/portal being found involved in any activity perceived as cybercrime now or in the future, all accreditations given to representatives of that website/portal will be withdrawn at the discretion of the DG (M&C).
    (किसी भी साइबर क्राइम में इन्वोल्व होने पर प्रमाणन रद्द कर दिया जायेगा.)

Besides this All RNI, you can register your News Portal On MSME as a business and can issue your press card free of cost

But you don’t need to worry, you do not have any News Paper, so you have to do a simple one, you have to show your portal to the District Industries Office where we are doing this work. From where a certificate will be issued to you, the whole process is online, you can sit at home and do it.

To apply online, you should visit the official website of the Udyog Aadhaar www.udyamregistration.gov.in for filling up the application form, it is necessary to register your phone in your Aadhaar.

And further, fill in all the information sought, after filling out the complete form you will get a certificate and then the concerned officials will contact you, give them your details right and your news portal will be verified.

Final Words

This accreditation( RNI Registration ) will only allow you to gain access to government programs and coverage of news etc., and anyway, there is no need for it in all government programs. If it is a matter of issuing a press card, then it will remain favorable for this.

However, instead of getting it done initially from a technical point of view, you need to improve your website, its wider reach, and other means like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and Affiliate Earning for Your News Website which is much more important. Should focus on earning from By the way, without it, you can deliver the content that you want to give by creating your news portal, news website, and if you have that power in your content, then soon you will make a place that can be used to make a ten-year-old newspaper or magazine Have to yearn for.

If you are satisfied with the information and want to Build a News Portal have a look at our News Portal Development Services and Contact Traffic Tail at the Provided Number.

Looking Forward to Serving you.

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