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February 23, 2024

Best 10 SERP Tracking Tools You Can Use in 2024

February 23, 2024
SERP Tracking Tools

SERP Tracking tools: So you have chosen to venture out into utilizing the absolute best SERP Tracking tools for following your rankings on SERPs, however don’t have the foggiest idea what you ought to search for.

Today, here, we’ll survey the 10 best SERP observing devices that you can use to monitor your rankings on web crawlers. We should get to the point.

List of best 10 SERP Tracking Tools to Use in 2023

1. AccuRanker

SERP Tracking tools
SERP Tracking tools

AccuRanker tops my rundown for the best internet based SERP trackers since it has the best UI and information exactness at its pinnacle. One element I truly enjoyed about AccuRanker is its reconciliation with Google Examination and Search Control center. When you coordinate your site with Google Examination, for instance, you’ll have the option to see the “online visits” metric directly in the report as a segment as you can find in the screen capture.

Having the site page rankings and furthermore “guests” measurements one next to the other assists you with effectively sorting out the traffic misfortune or gain happening in view of the positioning changes and empowers you to make important changes in your substance.

Outstanding highlights

  • AccuRanker permits you to follow the watchword rankings for both versatile and work area gadgets. Essentially pick a versatile, work area, or both while determining the catchphrases you need to follow.
  • With the nearby and worldwide elements, AccuRanker permits you to follow the SERP positions with numerous nations and areas.
  • Dissimilar to Ahrefs, which sends you an update following 7 days, AccuRanker supplies you with day to day information so you’ll continuously know where you stand with day to day rank checking.
  • It furnishes you with 50+ SERP highlights to follow and break down unambiguous measurements. You can channel and track catchphrase records with Included pieces, related questions, site joins, information boards, recordings, and so on.


  • AccuRanker has a straightforward valuing plan. The costs have been sorted into month to month designs. You’ll be given a 10% rebate on the off chance that you pay one year ahead of time.
  • Once more, you can guarantee in the event that AccuRanker is best for you with a 14-days free preliminary/exhibition with one of their client achievement chiefs. Significantly more, you can overhaul/minimize/drop your arrangement whenever for nothing.

2. Advanced Web Ranking

SERP Tracking tools
SERP Tracking tools

Advanced Web Ranking is one more devoted web index position tracker created to serve both norm and medium-sized undertakings, and even people like you to break down and get a reasonable image of your rankings. Something we like about Advanced Web Ranking is that it gives you the best revealing choices to examine your prosperity and report to your clients.

This is finished through:

Examination reports: assists you with contrasting rankings of URLs you’re following of web search tools either by area or by the gadget. This element will permit you to break down various URLs one next to the other, giving you ongoing experiences about how they’re doing.

You’ll see the significance of this component if you have a few sites and you maintain that should do an examination of the advancement of your showcasing system on all locales.

Progress reports: these reports permit you to see and examine your advancement or execution in rankings over a range of months, weeks, or days. Programming interface access is one more heavenly component I enjoyed about ProRankTracker. This can be useful when you need to flawlessly coordinate your advertising and global positioning framework into restrictive applications like Dropbox and Google Drive for more top to bottom custom capacities.

Nearby and portable following is a fundamental component of any SERP following apparatus this long time. This will give you admittance to endless logical insights from neighborhood and versatile advanced pages. This data is significant for entrepreneurs who need to have an outline of how they’re performing on the web contrasted with rivals in their neighborhood industry.

Outstanding elements

  • ProRankTracker has the most elevated precise calculation for the most reliable and cutting-edge SERP positioning details.
  • It gives following of SERP positions to significant web indexes like Bing, Hurray, Google, and YouTube.
  • Has a contender examination include that permits you to dissect your rivals’ exhibition.
  • You’ll be glad to utilize the Internet business website following component to follow Amazon items.
  • Dissimilar to SEMrush which charges an additional expense for extra clients, ProRankTracker permits you to add numerous clients to your record free of charge.
  • It has a following motor for observing both Work area and Cell phones.
  • Likewise, you can modify the reports with the assistance of layouts. Additionally, you can utilize the white name usefulness on reports.
  • It accommodates both nearby, worldwide, and worldwide SERP following.


  • ProRankTracker is an exceptional device, however with regards to estimating, it is the genuine article. It has a fundamental arrangement beginning at $25 each month.

3. SERP watcher

SERP Tracking tools
SERP Tracking tools

SERPwatcher is a device by Mangools that accompanies 4 different instruments – Connection Excavator, SERP Checker, KWFinder, and SERP Profiler. WE’ve recorded this device on my 10 best SERP following apparatuses in light of the fact that it is reasonable, simple to utilize, and it is trusted and utilized by the world’s biggest brands like Adidas, Alexa, Airbnb e.t.c.

Nonetheless, what element do we like most and why?

We like the way that SERPWatcher has an offer following component. You can utilize this two-click share component to share more than conventional position following reports. You can produce the connections for the report and anybody with the connection can approach the intuitive report. The report can be sifted utilizing various choices including the time span.

Prominent elements

  • It considers following of SERP rankings from any area and on any gadget (Versatile or Work area) for exact nearby details.
  • Has intuitive reports and cautions. Dissimilar to AWR, the reports can be imparted to clients through a connection.
  • It permits you to coordinate your watchwords with labels so you can get exact positioning details.
  • The accessibility of the Strength record is the main measurement to actually take a look at your general catchphrases’ advancement.


  • You can be going in 30 seconds with a 10-days free preliminary – “No Visas required and no surprises.” When you’re content with what you see, you can pursue any arrangement between Mangools Essential, Mangools Premium, or Mangools Office and save upto 40% with yearly plans.

4. SERPWoo

SERP Tracking tools
SERP Tracking tools

With over 130M+ areas/URLs observed day to day, SERPWoo is one more instrument that you can use to follow the main 100 pages of any site. This is the best apparatus for checking and examining verifiable SERP with the goal that you can use wise judgment in view of how and why your rivals are outclassing you. Utilizing SERPWoo will assist you with understanding how and why certain sites are being positioned, why there is an adjustment of positions in the SERPs, and furthermore assist you with sorting out why these locales are drawing in rush hour gridlock naturally.

We enjoyed SERPWoo’s SERP examination highlight more than some other element. It has an extremely overall quite vivid UI loaded with graphical information in regards to your Web optimization projects.

Be that as it may, why are varieties and diagrams accommodating?

They’re critical on the grounds that you’ll make some simple memories arranging progress utilizing tones and rankings. For instance, projects that are on the main spot in SERPs will be featured in obscurity green bend. An undertaking in a dim purple bend implies that it isn’t in the main 100 SERPs. Such details will assist you with making the fundamental acclimations to your substance system on unambiguous undertakings. Labeling is one more component that we enjoyed about SERPWoo.

Outstanding highlights

  • It has an inventive revealing framework that furnishes you with reports at a go.
  • It has a free programmed email warning element that won’t necessarily keep you alert and ever miss an update, not at all like SEMrush which requires extra cash for the component.
  • The verifiable SERP documents assist you with investigating reports of a predate or year whenever you need to see them.
  • It takes into account neighborhood, worldwide, and portable following.
  • It accompanies a watchword research include that can extricate the top catchphrases of your rivals and other related catchphrases.


  • SERPWoo is a freemium instrument. They consider month to month and yearly charging. Nonetheless, you get one-month free premium access assuming you buy in for the yearly charging cycle while discounts are just permitted inside the initial 3 days of information exchange.

5. SEMrush

SERP Tracking tools
SERP Tracking tools

In the event that you’re searching for an across the board business Website development enhancement programming, SEMrush is the go. It is a well known device in the computerized promoting space that permits you to do watchword research, Website design enhancement webpage examining, Web-based entertainment following, content examination, natural examination, and so on. Regardless of not being a SERP tracker instrument, it gives SERP following as one of its highlights.

The main issue is that you should purchase the full pack to gain admittance to it. The $99/month feels like needless excess assuming you just need rank following elements. As an across the board Website optimization suite, it accompanies a larger number of highlights than Ahrefs, particularly taking care of the organization needs. Yet, the UI/UX isn’t thoroughly examined however they’re moving a great deal of updates on the frontend.

Aside from that, it accompanies an exceptionally fascinating hyper-neighborhood and gadget focusing on include. This is a valuable element with regards to dynamic multi-focusing on. You’ll have the option to screen catchphrase execution on different gadgets and areas. With this, you can dissect area explicit information – an extraordinary component for neighborhood organizations. We should view more position following elements of SEMrush, adhering to the subject of the post.

Striking elements

  • It considers granular following at a nation, city, or city level for day to day positioning updates.
  • It has a strong arrangement of measurements to check the perceivability file to assist you with deciding your presentation.
  • Takes into consideration examination of watchwords in view of geo-area.
  • Ahrefs doesn’t give everyday programmed refreshes (just week after week) while SEMrush takes into account day to day revealing.
  • You can screen a few SERP highlights including recordings, rich scraps, surveys e.t.c.
  • You can screen your presentation on Google and Bing.


  • SEMrush is a top notch device yet permits you to test its highlights for 30 days for nothing. You’ll get a 16% rebate in the event that you buy into the yearly charging cycle.
  • The Master plan has restricted includes yet it has been estimated at $99.95 each month. With this arrangement, you’ll not approach white mark reports, and no Google Information Studio incorporation.
  • You’ll be expected to pay a heavy expense of $399.95 (Strategy) to gain admittance to every one of the highlights that will make your SERP following a triumph.

6. Ahrefs

SERP Tracking tools
SERP Tracking tools

Ahrefs is my #1 across the board Search engine optimization device that will help you not just track down the best watchwords to rank for yet additionally track their presentation in SERPs. Watchword refreshes are done once following 7 days. Albeit this won’t make any difference much as we oppose making motivation activities in view of day to day variances, everyday updates are to be sure a pleasant component to have. One thing I loved about this device is that it has an extremely strong catchphrase research and backlink following component. Ahrefs is awesome for Web optimization, we use Ahrefs in our business consistently.

Two things we truly enjoyed about Ahrefs:

  • A truly huge backlink record
  • Great UI/UX assembled remembering progressed Search engine optimization procedures
  • Like that of SEMrush, purchasing Ahrefs just for rank following isn’t suggested. In any case, in the event that you’re into Web optimization and don’t have Ahrefs, then go get it.
  • Another cool component that you’ll find helpful in SEMrush is the web crawler position following element. The position following element will assist you with seeing the SERP highlights that you have won with your objective watchwords.

Remarkable highlights

  • Permits you to think about your SERP rankings against your rivals’.
  • It accompanies a site voyager to break down your rivals’ site and find which watchwords and pages are performing great.
  • Though AuthorityLabs doesn’t permit reviewing, Ahrefs can play out a site review, a valuable element for Website optimization organizations.
  • Other than the position tracker, it has a substance wayfarer that will assist you with thinking of better thoughts for your substance promoting efforts.


  • Ahrefs is a top notch device that offers a 7-days time for testing at a charge of $7 with full admittance to every one of the elements.
  • Notwithstanding that, on the off chance that you choose to take a yearly charging cycle, you’ll get a rebate of 2 months’ free admittance to what it brings to the table.

7. RankRanger

SERP Tracking tools
SERP Tracking tools

Whether you need to find watchword rankings that are in danger or analyze the relationship between’s your catchphrase rankings and snaps, RankRanger is the outright kicker. It permits you to make diagrams to assist you with contrasting your rankings with any key metric you can imagine. Something you’ll be pleased with when you buy this apparatus is their watchword gathering highlight. If you want to know more about the trending marketing tools and plugins you can read out priovous blog on best wordpress plugins for social media to get more tools insights.

For what reason do you try and need it?

  • Dealing with a huge watchword rundown can cause you to have a psychological fit. Nonetheless, with RankRanger, you can easily bunch catchphrases in various portions or label them and oversee voluminous watchwords without any problem.
  • Essentially click on the channel symbol and find explicit watchwords

Striking elements

  • You can follow rankings for both versatile and work area gadgets.
  • You can screen your advancement on any web search tool including the significant ones like Google, Bing, Baidu, YouTube, Google Video Box, Google Play, Google Application Box, Google For Occupations e.t.c.
  • Permits you to assess your exhibition on the worldwide level.
  • It accommodates productive neighborhood Web optimization crusades. Screen SERPs by city or postal district.
  • You can track and acquire a knowledge into the SERP highlights that show up close by your URL.
  • With the 14-days free preliminary, you can try things out and find how great RankRanger is before you choose to for all time use it for your SERP following necessities.


  • Light ($79/month): This plan will permit you to follow 500 watchwords everyday and add a limit of 15 clients. Once more, there are north of 15 reconciliations accessible, you simply have to pick what suits you.
  • Standard ($149/month): Here you’ll get 1000 day to day watchwords to be followed and 30 dashboards for other colleagues.


SERP Tracking tools
SERP Tracking tools

It is one of the most mind-blowing stages intended for Website design enhancement organizations.

A portion of the striking highlights include:

  • Its position tracker permits different degrees of revealing, from watchword level to catchphrase bunch level, and on work area and portable like clockwork with 99.9% SLA.
  • All SERP highlights are identified and followed day to day with worldwide, country, provincial, or city level restriction.
  • It has a programmed watchword research include that permits programmed naming of extraordinary catchphrases and programmed gathering.
  • SEOmonitor offers detailing highlights, programmed experiences, client the board, client wellbeing following, and cost administration.


  • They have a valuing number cruncher on their site in view of the followed watchwords and followed sites. For at least 4000 catchphrases and one site, the expense is $ 217 every month and the costs shift in light of watchwords and the quantity of sites.

9. Google Search Console

SERP Tracking tools
SERP Tracking tools

It is a free Web optimization device from Google so you will get the information directly from the source.

A portion of the remarkable elements include:

  • It offers catchphrase examination through search inquiries.
  • The presentation report that it offers will give you all out clicks, absolute impressions, normal CTR, and normal position.
  • It has a page normal situating highlight in query items which assists with seeing where each page of your site positions for explicit catchphrases.
  • You can submit pages for ordering utilizing the URL examination instrument inside Google Search Control center.
  • The connection report given by Google Search Control center gives the data with respect to the locales that have connected to your site and the pages of your site which have the most connections.
  • You will get email alarms when Google recognizes issues on your site and you can fix your site appropriately.
  • You can submit sitemaps and individual URLs for creeping and survey your record inclusion to ensure that Google has the most recent perspective on your site.


  • It’s liberated from cost.

10. SERPStat

SERP Tracking tools
SERP Tracking tools

It’s an across the board Search engine optimization stage with many devices for chipping away at your tasks.

A portion of the notable elements include:

  • The watchword research device assists in gathering semantics for a site with markers like volume, ubiquity, rivalry, and catchphrase trouble.
  • The catchphrase patterns device is valuable for getting a rundown of moving hunt questions.
  • You can do a clump examination of up to 100,000 watchwords and a rundown of spaces utilizing 18 measurements.
  • The position following instrument permits you to really take a look at worldwide, neighborhood natural, and paid query items of a space and its rivals.
  • The contender examination apparatus assists with tracking down web-based contenders and investigate their most well known pages, the catchphrases which they are utilizing for advancing, and so on
  • The backlink examination device looks at backlinks, anchors, and connection contributors to distinguish malignant connections, and tracks all adjustments of the connection profile of your area and the locales of your rivals.
  • The site review apparatus assists with auditting any site for specialized issues that influence the enhancement and site perceivability.
  • The page review instrument assists with deciding the mistakes of the investigated page inside a couple of moments and get proposals for remedying them. You can examine any page of a contender and contrast it and your site for improvement level.


  • They have four month to month designs.
  • Light: It costs $69 and permits 4000 catchphrase look each day.
  • Standard: It costs $149 and permits 5000 watchword look each day.
  • High level: It costs $299 and permits 8000 catchphrase look each day.
  • Venture: It costs $499 and permits 12000 catchphrase look each day.


So these were our top SERP Tracking tools. Taking into account the purchasing guide over, its an obvious fact that AccuRanker is the best SERP following device for utilize this year. Whether you’re a huge Search engine optimization office or a Website design enhancement specialist, it is awesome and the most reasonable independent SERP tracker. I’ve hand-picked it since it just spotlights on SERP following subsequently guaranteeing exact and opportune detailing of SERP developments on all significant web crawlers. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you’re after an across the board Web optimization answer for handle different assignments separated from SERP following, I’d suggest SEMrush.

At long last, High level Web Positioning is what I suggest for new businesses who are enthusiastic about helping their hunt rankings quick. Indeed, it is costly contrasted with our principal pick AccuRanker however you can exploit the 30-days free time for testing to accomplish something significant on your site. Since you have a reasonable image of what the best SERP observing instruments are and what to consider on the off chance that you need to get one. These three apparatuses merit attempting if you have any desire to soar your Website design enhancement mission to the top SERPs.


What is a SERP following instrument?

SERP following programming gives you information on what the indexed lists page resembles for a given inquiry question. Many devices go past this fundamental conveyance to show you where your site positions on the SERP. These are regularly called “rank trackers,” and they’re an extremely normal Website optimization device.

What number of sorts of SERP are there?

Essentially, the SERP comprises of three kinds of query items: natural outcomes, paid results, and rich outcomes improved with various elements, like pictures, recordings, rating stars, etc.

Which is the best device for catchphrase research for Search engine optimization in 2023?

Semrush offers an expansive scope of catchphrase research instruments, as well, from the standard traffic and search volume information to content-driven watchword research and serious catchphrase hole examination.

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