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April 24, 2023

Should you buy backlinks for SEO in 2022?

April 24, 2023
backlinks for SEO

You must have received this suggestion to buy backlinks. You may have come across statements like buying backlinks is against Google Webmaster’s guidelines. These statements are baffling and prevent you from making the right decision for your business.

Not anymore!

In this article, we have answered your question about whether you should buy backlinks or not. Backlinks can improve your search engine rankings and at the same time buying backlinks can give you a Google penalty which can affect your search engine rankings.

should you buy backlinks

There are two ways of building authority backlinks i.e, white-hat and black-hat. Both white-hat and black-hat tactics require the investment of time and effort. So, let’s dive deeper and know whether you should buy backlinks or not.

Buying backlinks is a great idea as it yields faster results in less time. You can buy backlinks by following Google guidelines. By carelessly choosing your source of buying backlinks can affect your rankings.

By choosing the right source like forum links, Web 2.0, guest posting or any reputable agency you can improve keyword ranking faster. You can beat your competitors and outranks in search engines.


It helps you in saving time and focusing on other matters. These things can be handled by the agency or freelancers you hired.

It would help you in increasing organic traffic and bringing potential clients to your websites.

Along with the advantages, you should also know the disadvantages of buying backlinks.

  • This is not a cost-effective technique of improving your ranking.
  • Buying backlinks are not as valuable as natural backlinks.
  • You are likely t suffer Google penalties that is going to affect your search engine rankings.
  • It leads to losing reputation which also affects your lead generation capacity.

Before we talk about how you can buy backlinks, let’s know what are you expected to do to use white-hat and black-hat link building techniques.

White-hat Method

  • Look for the relevant link opportunities.
  • Create high-quality content and fulfil their conditions.
  • Build relationship with them and request follow links on the qualified websites.
  • You can use different outreach strategies to improve response rate.
  • If your request doesn’t get approved, look for other opportunities.
  • Repeat the process.
backlinks for SEO 4

Black-hat Method

  • Find expired domains that meet a minimum criteria and qualify each domain after analysis.
  • Buy domain and its hosting.
  • Create a website and use theme for website to make it look real.
  • Now test the quality of the expired domain.
  • Now create content only if the domain ahs passed your test.
  • Get your site indexed.
  • Buy fake traffic to add the ingredient of realness.

So, you must have decided on your tactics for link-building. Let’s see how you can buy backlinks.

If you want a keyword to get ranked, you should know how many backlinks you require. Without knowing the estimated number of backlinks you require to get ranked, you would end up trying for impossible keywords.

You can use different tools to know the number of backlinks you require to get ranked. Using Ahrefs, you can get an estimated number of backlinks you require to get ranked. All you need to do is enter the keyword and look in the KD section and get the number.

After knowing the number of links you require, the next step is to know the authority of websites you need links from. You can do this through a gap analysis. Now examine 5 the profiles of the top 5 competitors and enter the number of links at each level of domain rating. This will help you in knowing the strength of backlinks you will need from guest posts.

Now compare your website against others based on the domain level. People do not consider this important but this could affect your entire performance. If you are site is not as authoritative as your competitor’s site, you may still not rank on search engines.

So, make sure you are performing a link gap analysis for sure.

What is your anchor text?

Identifying and optimizing your anchor text is more important. Choose your anchor text wisely and don’t repeat. This can be done using multiple ways. Either you can keep a note of anchor text used or you can use anchor text cycling.

In this method, you can use the best anchor text on the best link-building opportunities. Then cycle and check the performance. If it does not perform well for a month or two, try another anchor text. Keep checking your competitors to know what improvements can be made.

Drip dates

Do not buy backlinks in bulk instead keep buying them frequently. Don’t rush and keep it random. By doing this, you can easily judge their performance. Also, it looks natural. Many times people are not aware of this point and they keep buying backlinks in bulk.

Quality is the most important factor to consider while buying backlinks. Perform link gap analysis, follow your plan and remain updated with your performance.

If you have the recommended linking root domains and still not performing well, check your existing backlinks. Check where you are lacking and rectify. Sometimes we cannot afford to buy new backlinks, in that case, all we can do is check existing backlinks.

buy backlinks

So, the question is whether you should buy backlinks or not. The simple answer to this question is no. Buying quality backlinks is an expensive process and it adds value. You can get low-quality backlinks at lower prices but they are not going to add a lot to the reputation of your business. Before making a decision, consider these options.

Use proxy site

This is a black-hat technique. Create a website and produce content for that website. Link your parent website and produce quality content on that website. get that website indexed. This may or may not work for your business.

Invest capital in other areas

Another option is to leave SEO methods aside for some time. At the initial level, it is difficult to make SEO decisions and leave your business at the mercy of SEO. You can look outside an SEO-friendly house and focus on other methods to grow your business.

No, it is not necessary to buy backlinks to grow your business.

Other Areas Apart from SEO where you can invest

  • Content Creation
  • Influencer marketing
  • On-page Optimization is a great way to avoid backlinks.
  • Don’t buy backlinks buy traffic. (Paid traffic from Facebook, Google AdWords)
  • Technical optimization
  • Focus on branding, design and customer experience
  • Sales funnel and growth hacking

You can invest in these areas and save your time, effort and money.


buy backlinks

You must have got your answer to whether you should buy backlinks for your business. Apart from backlinks, there are other ways to invest in SEO. You can choose the method that works the best for your business. If you can afford backlinks, there is no harm in buying quality backlinks.

Do not forget to calculate ROI before selecting the area where you should invest.

So, do you think buying backlinks is a great idea for your business?

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