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November 23, 2022

Top 10 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs In 2023

November 23, 2022
Top 10 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs In 2023

Top 10 Content Curation Tools: To remain relevant in the current digital world requires brands to improve their presence on the internet. This means they must have regular streams of material that’s engaging large, well-crafted, and simple to share with other. Yet, many brands struggle to creating good content every day or multiple times every week.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Curation of content is a crucial measure to ensure that your online presence is effective and result in sales. It’s also one of the most complex steps marketers must tackle. It is essential for brands to find a way to balance displaying their own content while supplementing it with content made by others. The optimal ratio is 60% creation of content and 40 percent curation of content. For more information about content marketing then you can contact Traffic Tail.

What is content curation?

 Content creation is the act of finding and sharing outstanding, admissible content with your online followers. A marketing agency can write a blog post with a corral of the top product demos and some reasons why you chose them. The demos would be curated based on what your audience finds more appealing.

An example of curated content is sharing a link to a blog post creating a corral of quoted advice from industry experts or even simply sharing someone else’s post.

Who is a content curator?

A content curator curates content that’s already out there in the domain, arranges it, shoots it through its unique perspective, and then publishes it to build an audience.

There are curation tools designed to help in content curation. Here is a list below categorized based on expertise.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools

  1. Pocket
  2. Flipboard
  3. Linkingink
  4. Feedly
  5. Sniply
  6. Up content
  7. Curata
  8. Twitter lists
  9. Newsletter
  10. Quuu

Get Pocket

Get Pocket antecedently called scan it Later could be a social bookmarking service for storing, sharing, and discovering internet bookmarks.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Pocket allows its users to save articles or web pages to remote servers for later reading. The articles are later sent to the user’s Pocket list for offline reading. It gets rid of clutter from articles and allows users to add tags to their articles and adjust text settings for easier reading.


Flipboard aggregates content from social media, news feeds, photo-sharing sites and other websites presents it in magazine format, and allows users to run through the articles, images, and videos being shared.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

It is a mobile and desktop app that allows you to design mini-magazines with links to your favored blog posts, websites, and stories.

To begin applying to Flipboard, you download the Flipboard app and create an account. You can also go through magazines from other users and share their stories and blogs in your mini-publication.

E link

Elink is a content management software designed to help businesses build web pages to share curated content with target audiences. It allows managers to bookmark links to videos, articles, and social media posts, add custom notes and edit the title of saved articles.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Marketers can create content using information from various sources like bookmarked folders and later schedule them for publishing.

It is available for free and on monthly as well as annual subscriptions and support is extended email, chat, and an online contact form.


Feedly is software is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and android. It is a cloud-based service. It compounds news feeds from multiple online sources for the user to personalize and share with users.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Feedly cannot stack an entire article alternative will present a compressed link to the actual article.

The application customizes to the user and recommends posts based on what the user has read or shared in the past. Feedly app does not bear offline mode but third-party apps offer the service.

Feedly offers a free basic plan that lets you follow up to 100 sources.


Sniply is a simple tool that shortens links and allows you to overlay your custom messages onto any piece of content, creating an opportunity to involve a call-to-action with every link you share.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Sniply permits you to overlay your content on the destination website. It can help simplify your social media channels so your followers take action. You can publish more frequently by curating content from third parties by using short links to share interesting pages from around the web, customized with a message that evokes users to complete an activity.

Sniply monitors how your viewers engage with the links you share. You can use data about how many people clicked, bounced, or converted to optimize your social media marketing campaigns.

Sniply editor is used to personalize the design, color, page placement, URL text, and web domain for each of your shortened links.

Up Content

Up content places strategic, third-party content, handpicked in a simple, easy-to-read card layout.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Up content provides additional value to your audience with strategically-chosen blog posts and news articles that aggregate your initial content.

This software easily sorts, reads, and produces the most relevant articles to automatically send your gallery all in one simple interface. It adds practical calls-to-action to link curated and original content and drives traffic back to your site in a more targeted way.

Up content disposes of your brand with other well-respected publications and influencers.


Curata is a content marketing podium tool for a marketing strategy that attracts, engages, and retains customers by creating and delivering content. Curata pinpoints embedded videos in content for websites.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

It also uses language processing to identify content and find the most relevant content based on user preferences.

Curata is easy to set up and has a great user experience. The content uncovered is placed in a newsfeed for easy viewing, it is then filtered and submitted to the blog, social channels, or Curata-driven newsletter.

The Curata app helps you make out appropriate attribution for your content and channel. It publishes and promotes content anytime and anywhere, through integration with marketing automation applications, content management systems, and social media channels. Hundreds of companies rely upon Curata to nourish their content marketing engine.


A newsletter may be a written or electronic report containing news regarding the activities of a business or a corporation that’s sent to its members, customers, employees, or alternative subscribers.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

They accommodate one major topic of interest to its recipients and may be considered grey literature.

Newsletter marketing is a conformation of direct-to-consumer advertising. It is therefore used by companies that would like to convey information directly to potential and existing customers. Unsolicited newsletters when received can be seen as spam.

An eye-catching newsletter should include headers, brand logos, imagery, content layout, and, personalized content. The content in the newsletter should be greatly admissible to your audience and should also provide immediate value.

After fashioning an eye-catching newsletter, you should develop a strategy to gain subscribers by creating gated landing pages, using image-based calls-to-action, inquiring about email addresses upon checkout, using trial periods, hosting or sponsoring events, updating email signatures, and converting social media followers.

Monthly newsletters are the most common measures since they are not frequent enough to both your audience and provide ample time to develop new content.


Quuu shortens links and allows you to overlay custom messages onto any piece of content. It works on the same principles as a URL shortener.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Each custom short link shared with Quuu usually is an opportunity to capture your viewers and boost your conversions. Quuu shares its content both manually and automatically with your favored social media scheduling tools.

Twitter lists

Twitter lists enable users to customize, organize and prioritize the tweets they see in their timelines. Viewing a list timeline will reveal a stream of Tweets from the accounts on that specific List. You can pin your favorite Lists on the top of your Home timeline so as not to miss a Tweet from the accounts that are important to you.

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Twitter Lists allow you to keep in touch with all Twitter friends, and group Team members to create a staff directory, create a List of potential clients for future occasions, and many more.

When creating Twitter Lists you should focus on content and people that matter and ignore the unpleasant side of Twitter. Twitter Lists have no ads or promotional posts in them.

Content curation is used to get topics, convene industry news and trends, and get inspired to create unique content. It enables marketers to provide value and captivate their customers through curated content.

Content marketing is a survival strategy that aims to build relationships with clients and potential clients by giving them something valuable for free. Content marketing is for people that automatically ignore and sifter out the disruptive traditional advertising and marketing.

Now let’s look at content curating benefits for you.

Benefits of Content Curation

Track industry trends

The content curation process allows you to survey and be on top of trends in your industry. It can be a tool for identifying arising trends that SEO research might not show.

Curating your content allows you to have wider exposure to emerging topics, publishers, and websites, therefore gaining more insights. These insights later help to improve your content marketing strategy and fill the gaps in the content offered.

Build your audience

Having an active audience is important for every strategy in online marketing. To achieve this, you need to share more content to keep them talking therefore helping your brand.

Sharing different types of content enables them to interact with different people, keeping them balanced since the content won’t be monotonous or single-sided.

Improve brand awareness

The process of growing your brand and working to improve your brand is a difficult task that is similar to creating high-quality content.

This can be made significantly easier when there is content out there for the audience. Promoting curated content mentioning your brand, you need to add eye-catching visuals to make it more informative than promotional.

Lightly touching on your brand is important to the content and will help improve brand awareness thus allowing your brand to grow.

Boost online visibility (SEO)

Curation of content positively impacts SEO as well as visibility. The curation process requires substantial research on websites and a careful selection of content to be used.

Curated content normally has outgoing links to trusted, authoritative sites, and proper citation of the author.

All these results in high-quality content, ranking high in search engines which means better online visibility and more traffic.

Provide resources to your team

In some businesses having a large, full-time marketing team is important. Having a small team, content creation becomes a monotonous task that requires a lot of time and effort.

Content creation can be a shove in your team’s marketing efforts. The work becomes easier since they won’t work only on creating original content and therefore meeting deadlines will be more feasible.

Is Content Curation plagiarism?

Top 10 Content Curation Tools
Top 10 Content Curation Tools

Content curation isn’t plagiarism, scraping, or copyright violation. Content curation involves collecting and sharing valuable, relevant content that you didn’t create.

Content curation is generally selecting worthwhile stories, articles, images, and videos while plagiarism is passing off someone else’s work as one’s own.

Before selecting the best tools for your business, it is advisable to understand the role of content curation in market operations and the size of your marketing team.

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