Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

Top 10 Link Traking Tools for 2023

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June 9, 2023

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023: If you wish to advance your advertising process, a Link Tracking Tools can be the missing piece. Despite being quite obvious, when used properly, a beneficial asset will inform you of the source of your visitors and, more importantly, which traffic source attracts the highest proportion of paying customers.

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023
Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

If this is all new to you, connect trackers basically keep track of how many snaps a connection receives overall. Depending on the tool you choose, you might also obtain access to a wealth of other information that can help you better understand your audience.

To put it even more bluntly, how would you know whether or not your advertising efforts were successful without a connection tracking tool? The Top 10 Link Tracking Tools For 2023 are shown below for your consideration. Additionally, if you haven’t scheduled one for this year, stay reading because some of them are also free.

List of Top 10 Link Tracking Tools For 2023      


As one of the most astounding executive software configurations and more than just a tool for connecting following, ClickMagick was founded in 2014. It can also be used to track and streamline sales pipelines. You can assess your complete sales pipeline with the aid of “first-party treatments” and industry-recognized UTMs without detours or connecting connections.

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023
Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

You’ll learn about which clients actually convert thanks to its high level attribution display. Additionally, its GEO and mobile targeting features are essential if you want to direct visitors to specific welcoming pages based on their type of device or location. This will let you immediately support your adjustments. On the off chance that you’re advertising on Facebook, its “likes” feature is another helpful feature. Simply said, it provides Facebook the accurate modification knowledge so that they can constantly have more up-to-date knowledge.

After a 14-day free trial, evaluation costs $37 per month. However, you’ll need to seek Standard Arrangement, which costs $97 per month, to gain access to its cross-gadget following component, which is extremely valuable.

Key features:

  • Keep records of countless connections
  • Uncover comprehensive transaction analytics, comprising timestamp, position, equipment, and location
  • Make your own rotators to distribute traffic across various links.
  • Utilize effective location specific tools to display the proper link to the audience effectively.
  • Link expiration or disabling can be planned at any moment.


Similar to ClickMagick, Voluum can help you tame the board for your associate quest. It allows you to monitor, improve, and computerise your marketing initiatives.Given that Voluum enables you to follow a variety of online promotions, it doesn’t matter if you prefer watching TV promotions to reading email advertisements. Additionally, you can progressively track more than 30 measurements related to different visits and snaps.

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023
Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

Additionally, recently, another component known as Automizer was introduced. This component gives you the ability to connect Voluum to your traffic sources via a programming interface. This component is crucial since you use it to create auto-rules and interrupt/start missions. For instance, if you discover that a keyword hasn’t changed at all, you might create a rule to ban this particular keyword. In contrast, if you notice that the payback on your investment is abnormally poor, you can choose to abandon the entire assignment. In order to avoid being shackled to your computer, you can also set alarms to inform you of the status of your connections.

Key features:

  • You don’t need to be a computer genius to utilise Voluum. The application has a straightforward interface that is accessible to everyone and was created with the customer in mind.
  • Voluum provides some of the most sophisticated monitoring features available, enabling you to properly track your activities.
  • Voluum offers extensive statistics on your initiatives so you can identify which ones are succeeding and which activities need to be improved.


It boasts a plethora of customers and a multiyear proven record. It provides information on on-going changes for each of your transactions or your deals pipeline. Its primary goal is to make it simpler for its clients to trace their transactions or takes us back to the very first click. Whether it is a billboard advertisement, a single email advertisement, or a link on your company website, it makes it easy to identify the cause of the conversion.

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023
Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

The statistics on efficiency and the return on investment are one feature that is especially useful and deserves special mention. In the event that a change occurs, its reports will outline your investment costs as well as any gains you made. Pricing starts at just $17 per month, and you could save as much as as 57% if you choose to be invoiced yearly. Additionally, these substantial savings will be guaranteed for life. This implies that you will continue to pay less even if you alter your plan in the future. It’s still one of the least expensive link tracking software options on the market, even if you decide without signing up for the monthly subscription.

Key features:

  • Monitors all hyperlink clicks, if they occur on your webpage or in emails.
  • Enables you to increase revenues by determining which items are most frequently visited.
  • Enables you to rotate and conceal your links for maximum damage.
  • Connects with leading email advertising and remarketing systems
  • Provides an integrated affiliate network that enables you to hire associates and pay them rewards for advertising your links.


Famous organisations like Jerk and UNICEF respect and trust Improvely. It can be used to spot misrepresentation and track, test, and streamline advanced marketing initiatives. One aspect that deserves special mention is its client profiles. Every site visitor will automatically have a profile created by its product listing all of their prior visits and changes. By doing so, you’ll learn more about their conversion date, lifetime value, and geographic location, supporting you in identifying your most valuable clients.

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023
Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

Additionally, Improvely will show you where your modifications originated, enabling you to adjust your budget and concentrate on the channels that produce the best results. Assuming you want to learn more about the areas where you’re missing out on potential opportunities.

Key features:

  • Better monitors clicks on links to allow you to see how many people are coming from multiple sources to your website.
  • You may add restrictions to your relationships so you are able to keep track of people’s sources of traffic, the sources they tap into, and their actions once they land on your website.
  • Additionally, Improvely offers change tracking so you can see how many visitors are successfully navigating your website.
  • The software works with Google Examining so that you can see all of your information in one place.
  • Additionally, Improvely provides a WordPress module that makes it simple to add interface following to your website or blog.


One of the best URL shorteners, ClickMeter was founded in 2012 and is used by 100,000+ businesses of all sizes, including any representation of Payoneer, iStockphoto, and L’Oréal. They seek to help marketing teams maintain control over their advertising partnerships and boost conversion rates. Advertisers may track metrics like views, snaps, and transformations through a single platform, check for malfunctioning interfaces, and improve their connections.

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023
Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

It’s wonderful for evaluating the marketing efforts of your clients if you decide to use it as a business. You will have a far better understanding of how the various showcasing initiatives are doing with the information. Additionally, you can continuously communicate the results to your clients. It’s a fantastic tool for members as well. It can be used to identify clicks from legitimate visitors and recognise various clicks to reduce extortion.

Key features:

  • You may track links with ClickMeter on a broad range of platforms, such as websites, mobile apps, email campaigns, social network posts, and more.
  • For controlling your links, ClickMeter offers sophisticated capabilities such as real-time link click tracking, extensive report generation, platform integration, and more.
  • With the help of ClickMeter, you can monitor and control all of your sponsored content in one location. You can easily keep your links current and fresh by rotating them frequently with ClickMeter.


You can check out TinyURL if you’re seeking for a free vital device. It provides free promotion-supported shortening for individual clients as well as necessary observing and research to help you keep track of your connection history. You’ll gain a far deeper understanding of your ideal interest group because you’ll have the opportunity to filter out the snaps that connections receive. You may quantify information such as who clicked on a custom connection, from where they clicked, and what kind of device they used. The dashboard will display each measurement that has been accumulated.

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023
Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

Whether you’re an advertiser, the owner of a small business, or a global giant, TinyURL is a well-known choice for the majority everywhere. While it provides a free setup, you can continue its Master plan for just $9.99 each month. Your snapshot background will then be preserved for a minimum of two years, which is one of the biggest benefits of selecting one of its subscription plans. You can easily keep your links current and fresh by rotating them frequently with ClickMeter.

Key features:

  • QR symbols
  • tailored reports
  • Link brands

Pretty Link

If you’re searching for a side project to increase your partner income, you might want to check out Pretty Link. It’s a WordPress add-on advertising module that you may use to condense your relationships (otherwise known as make pretty connections that individuals would need to tap on). Although its primary use is to shorten connections, you may also use it to hide and track your connections.

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023
Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

Its brandable bar, also known as PrettyBar, and the ability to incorporate a connection as following pixels to screen changes are two essential features that deserve special attention. You can add a brandable bar to the highest point of a connection using the unique PrettyBar highlight to make it easier for customers to recall your image’s name.

Key features:

  • Redirection of connections using attractive connections that are reliable
  • Detailed connection click statistics and reports
  • WordPress component that is easy to use
  • Works in tandem with Google Research to provide comprehensive information


One of the most recent connection monitoring tools is RedTrack, which was launched in 2017. Even though they may have only been in existence for a few years, they have already received numerous awards and commendations for their support and ease of use. They specifically put media consumers in the spotlight. They intend to operate on the most typical method of integrating and announcing information, with the aid of cutting edge innovation and human assistance.

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023
Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

Regarding their connection following feature specifically, it enables you to track more than 1,000,000 ticks for just $49 each month. It provides information about each process phase. It provides a tonne of information that will help you, like when the link was actually visited and the cost and benefit.

Key features:

  • Track each of your campaigns from one location
  • Perform campaign optimization to improve outcomes
  • Examine your campaign statistics to help you decide what to do.
  • Create thorough reports on your campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Combine with well-known advertising platforms


If you can look beyond its outdated website, ClixTrac is another potential connection-monitoring tool that you can consider. All things considered, despite the fact that the website is unattractive, it is likely not the end of the world.

Therefore, it is a standard and connection after assistance. It can be used to monitor how often connections and promotions on your site or other locations have been viewed and clicked on. You can use it to find out information about the number of impressions and snaps, the active clicking factor, and the reference page where the snap originated, whether it’s a text or a picture promotion.

Key features:

  • Key Features: Interface shortening
  • Pennant promotion following


Zesle, a Canadian programming company, developed a connection for CEOs called T2M (short for Text to marketing). It is primarily intended for businesses, oversight offices, and educational institutions. Despite being basic, one feature that deserves special attention is the fact that it includes progressive charts for the top 10 programmes, stages, and referring countries.

Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023
Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023

It provides a complimentary basic setup. The only cost to take advantage of this agreement is a $5 one-time payment. You must choose one of the subscription plans, which start at just $9.99 per month (or about $90 per year), in order to access the most in-depth features.

Key features:

  • Printable QR codes
  • Marked custom areas

So we have discussed about Top 10 Link Tracking Tools for 2023. You can read Traffic Tail’s Blog section for more informational content.


  • What is Link Tracking Tools?

Monitoring the connections that are tapped on your site is made easier with the help of interface following devices. This tool can be used to track both internal and external marketing connections. You can determine which areas of your website are frequently visited and which pages receive the most traffic by looking at the connections that have been tapped on your business website.

  • How can I establish a strong following connection?

These three steps should be followed to create a custom following connection: Copy the URL you need to share from your website, record, or other relevant location. In the Bitly stage, enter the URL. Select “Abbreviate” from the menu.

  • How can I tell how many people have tapped on a connection?

You can use Google Analysis for websites. To achieve this, activate the analysis tools provided by Google and use their estimations to verify that all of your clicked links are appearing on the website. This is a good place to start if you use advertising methods to typically direct people to your website.

  • Are there replicas of the tracking numbers?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports that the Christmas season sees an upsurge in phoney deliveries from USPS, FedEx, and Amazon. People who make online purchases receive a confirmation email from USPS along with a following number. However, their bundle is completely different from what they ordered when it arrives.

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