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February 24, 2024

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

February 24, 2024
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins: Are you really looking for WordPress test modules to connect more users to your website? If you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to purchase the greatest WordPress modules available for your website. The attractiveness of intelligent content has continued to grow. Tests can be found on news websites, Web-based company stores, virtual amusement locations, messaging, and online courses. They are similar to surveys, reviews, online mini-computers, and other intuitive content.

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Quiz Maker plugins

Site owners can learn a lot from simple tests. They can increase customer loyalty to a website, lengthen the time spent on the page, generate a lot of offers and referral traffic, and provide insightful information about your audience.

You may quickly create and add tests to your WordPress site by using certain movable test components. The WordPress components listed below will assist you in quickly creating dynamic and visually appealing tests.

Why Should You Include Quiz On Your Website?

Tests are among the most intriguing elements of any webpage, which helps you by boosting site traffic and customer loyalty. A customer is expected to spend more time on your website if you offer tests or reviews there. As a result, this will eventually result in longer client commitment times and improved web crawler positioning. You may also improve your email records through testing. The following are a few key benefits of including tests on your WordPress website:

  • Tests increase client commitment, which lowers your site’s bounce rate and, in turn, improves your web search tool positioning.
  • It provides a connection and interaction with the customer that they find enjoyable.
  • They may end up joining your email list, clicking on promos, or in any case, making purchases as they will be on your website for a longer period of time.
  • Tests can let the customer learn more about your business through playing tests rather than just reading about it.
  • LeadQuizzes claims that the average test has a lead catch rate of 33.6%. As a result, they also aid in lead generation.

Tests can actually be used to provide information about one or more benefits of the product and can help your client understand it. Additionally, it helps the customer determine whether the product satisfies their needs.

List of top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

1. Viral WP Quiz

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

The WP Viral Quiz module is a straightforward test tool that primarily supports two test types: character and random data testing. It is designed for websites that must conduct testing, such as those conducted by BuzzFeed. One of the two main skins that this module offers for testing typically employs a BuzzFeed-driven strategy.

There is no visual maker because the module depends on WordPress for its user interface; instead, you must transfer your own CSS template to make style changes. However, this module really shines in its ability to increase your membership base, social media following, website traffic, and advertising revenue.

Key features of the WP Viral Quiz

We need to shed some light on the components that this WordPress Viral Quiz module offers:

  • Prepare for two different tests.
  • Test of total responsiveness.
  • Strong Displaying Mechanisms
  • more online traffic
  • Fantastic examination
  • flexible tests
  • Create bilingual tests
  • Throughout the process, incorporate testing
  • Pleasant Mailchimp/Aweber/ActiveCampaign Sync provide buttons

Successful Plans and the Value of the WP Viral Test

A superior WordPress test module called WP Viral Test lacks a FREE form. You must buy a standard permission for $36 in order to use the WP Viral Test module for developing responsive professional materials. After purchasing the standard permission, you may introduce the module and use this remarkable module’s aid to create an effective and responsive test for your audience.

2. Quiz Cat

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

Quiz Cat is a fantastic WordPress test module that offers excellent options to create viral tests for your website and a simple to use GUI. enables you to include images in each Q & A. Additionally, you can configure a start and end screen for your test. Once activated, the module will ask you to connect to their website’s programming interface. In any event, it would function flawlessly without connecting to the programming interface. Simple to use and has excellent functionality.

Let’s look at arguably the best components this WordPress test module has to offer:

  • Character Evaluation
  • Test weights
  • Email received after test completion
  • Conciliation with well-known email advertising tools
  • Reconciliation through Zapier
  • Labels and consolidation fields are used to divide the lead.
  • Redirect to URL following test completion

Plans and Quiz Cat evaluation

Although you can undoubtedly install this WordPress test module from the WordPress module registry, if you want to benefit from the best exceptional features of the Test Feline module, you should buy the premium plan offered by Test Feline, which ranges in price from $49 to $149 with a year of full support.

3. ProProfs Quiz Maker

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

You absolutely can’t go wrong with ProProfs if you value simplicity and usability in your product tools. This test tool provides an ideal and natural connecting point and comes with a tonne of ready-to-use resources to speed up test creation. This includes more than 100 test styles in addition to a question bank with more than 1 million possible questions that you may choose from and put into your test. You can add images and videos to your questions, response options, welcome screen, and results with ProProfs’ plethora of customization options. You could include the test with the logo of your company.

ProProfs Test Creator components

A few of the unique features of ProProfs’ test stage are shown here:

  • There are more than 15 different inquiry types with options for moment input.
  • video response queries
  • 1 million or more ready-to-use search queries
  • 100+ layouts to start soon
  • Various security and customization options
  • Pre-planned and customised topics that are useful for white-naming

Budget and Plans for ProProfs Test Creator

ProProfs offers a free, limited-featured arrangement that is available for entertaining purposes. The paid version is available in three pricing tiers, with monthly fees ranging from $20 to $200.

4. Quiz And Survey Master

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

You can use Quiz And Survey Master to help you incorporate tests and evaluations into your WordPress website. Although it doesn’t have the friendliest user interface, it is noteworthy and comes with a lot of helpful functionality. You can create multi-page studies as well as overviews of all well-known structural fields with the help of the free base module.

It can also be used to add WordPress tests with natural-sounding responses, rival lists, and rankings. The plugin will also send messages to customers after the overview is complete to thank them or direct them to specific pages on your WordPress website.

Important features of Quiz and Survey Master

We will now discuss the components that this WordPress overview module includes.

  • Permit the client to discuss the findings of underground communities
  • Have a fixed number of questions per page or display all queries on one page.
  • When the test or overview needs to be dynamic, demand that the client sign into Plan.

Plans and Budgeting for the Master Quiz and Survey

Now, my companion, it’s time to talk about the goals and evaluation of the Test and Study Expert module. This WordPress review module offers premium add-on packages with annual prices ranging from $129 to $199.

5. Ari Stream Quiz

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

Ari Stream Quiz let you use lead age testing by capturing the client’s name and email address. It maintains reconciliation with MailChimp and other email advertising service providers. In addition to the lead age, the real test creator offers an easy-to-use GUI to create the tests.

The possibilities include using ajax for quicker results, a variety of topics, integrating web entertainment, supporting Open Charts, and much more.

The Ari Stream Test’s components

We should now explore the amazing features of this WordPress test module.

  • Create countless exams with a variety of questions and responses.
  • The application can be reloaded for each inquiry page to increase web traffic and display different promotions.
  • Collaboration with the administrations of Zapier, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Trickle, ConstantContact, GetResponse, MailChimp, and MailerLite
  • Use shortcodes anywhere.

Plans and Estimates for the Ari stream Quiz

Ari Stream Quiz is a fantastic WordPress test plugin that provides you with a pocket stuffed full of components to create an amazing and captivating test for your audience. Although they offer a free version, you can also opt for their higher versions at $17 and $25.

6. Chained Quiz

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

Chained Quiz is a WordPress test plugin with a constrained logic highlight in which the client’s response to the previous question affects the test’s next question. This helps you create incredibly vivid, powerfully adjusting character assessments.

It supports several judgements, individual judgements, and documents. You can determine what to do when the client chooses the response by assigning a score to each correct response.

Elements of Chained Quiz

The highlights provided by this WordPress test module are worth examining:

  • Create an infinite number of tests and inquiries.
  • The test will independently build a group of radio buttons, checkboxes, or a text area.
  • The final product will be calculated by adding up the response marks.
  • Depending on how many points the client has accrued, you may delegate an outcome and present alternative material at the test’s conclusion.

Plans and Chained Quiz Valuation

This section is exclusively intended for those who need to be aware of a few additional benefits and add-ons to the Fastened Test. Although the commercial version of Binded Test is effectively available on the WordPress registry, you must choose one of their higher plans, which start at $47 and go all the way up to $137.

7. HD Quiz

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

Another excellent free WordPress test module for locales is HD Test. It offers a flexible design that enables you to run endless tests with as many questions and responses as you’d like. You may also use GIF icons to give your questions and responses more life and charm.

Other crucial components include a test clock, tooltips for ideas on each question, social sharing, the use of pictures as responses, scores, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Despite the module’s importance, there are still a few choices that make it feel more expensive. This option allows you to add pictures to questions and responses, which is an improvement over more simpler modules that let you create to create tests using text.

Aspects of the HD Quiz

Here are some of the highlights from this WordPress test module that you may benefit from yourself:

  • unbounded number of tests
  • Each test offers unique options.
  • Versatile (response plan) (responsive plan)
  • Contact is cordial (every choice is coded and intended to make it simple to choose on touch gadgets)
  • Each query may have a separate highlighted image.

Plans and Estimating for HD Quiz

HD Test is a WordPress test module that is completely free to use and does not have any better plans. You can access this element-rich module for free by downloading it from the WordPress registry. Continue to be in touch with us to learn about business interactions!

8. Woorise

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

Woorise is the finest option if you’re looking for a WordPress module to create a straightforward yet effective test. You can create a variety of exams, from character assessments to evaluations and even examinations with picture choices. There are also a few formats to review so you may get a good start on creating your test. If you decide to take your test without preparing, its user-friendly creator provides you complete control on how the test will appear. From here, regardless of whether you have any coding experience, you can add whatever component you require to the test.

Aspects of the Woorise

  • There is also the contingent rationale highlight, which enables you to create an effective test that responds to the reactions of your audience. As test takers continue, it may hide fields and other elements.
  • Following their unique demonstrations can finally help you understand your test better. Look for the tests that your audience like and create more of those. Find strategies to improve and do so for tests that did worse than expected.

Plans and Estimation of Woorise

Woorise’s free version has a cap of 500 accommodations but lets you create an unlimited number of missions. You should subscribe to one of its subscription plans, which start at $29/month, to get a higher cutoff and access to its mix and email notice highlights.

9. Onionbuzz

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

Similar to the majority of the tools mentioned thus far, OnionBuzz enables you to create tests that your guests can draw in and interact with. But this free WordPress test module lets you create records and position records rather than the usual character and random data tests. Include items that people can select from so you can determine which items your audience prefers or detests the most. The rundown can be modified to be arranged either from most to least votes, or vice versa.

You may introduce reality and random data effectively using the flip card spotlight. Use images that visitors may press to flip them instead of publishing down current events in your post.

Key Features:

  • The random data match is yet another way to interpret the random data test. You can highlight certain images to act as questions, and you can then type the guest’s response in the text box to let them think about it. In the unlikely event that they are unable to determine the appropriate response, they can touch on the “I surrender” connection to view it.
  • Finally, the agenda item allows you to make a list of items related to the topic. Your audience can touch on the information that pertains to them from here. After finishing, users can view their results or scores and share them via internet entertainment.


You can create five stories with two forms to browse using the free arrangement. However, you must purchase the Expert version for $25 to get its improved features, including social, select in storage, and the promoting add-on.

10. Interact

Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins 2023
Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins

You can easily create character, scored, and evaluative tests using Collaborate, a test manufacturer. Comparatively speaking to other gadgets on this list, Communicate offers more than 800+ test layouts for you to peruse. The formats are organised by industry to help you find the one that best fits your needs or, at the very least, to inspire you with ideas for website building.

Key Features

  • You may create tests tailored to your audience far more profitably by using them. For instance, if you’re operating a website for chiefs, you can send out a test that asks about the type of project manager each candidate is, from specialist to inventive project managers.
  • After selecting, you can modify the questions, answers, and appearance before posting it on your website.
  • It enables you to ask various test questions to better connect with your audience. You can include images in your test questions and answers or give test-takers the option of selecting from several options for each question.
  • Additionally, the tool allows you to use limited reasoning in your intuitive tests. In this manner, the test’s subsequent questions will depend on the answers the client provided in advance. Using this component helps you create more specialised tests that generate more leads with a high level of qualification.


Interact’s open configuration allows for the creation of an unlimited number of tests. However, in order to access premium features like email reconciliation, handcraft, and dependent reasoning, you must sign up for one of their paid plans, which start at $29 per month.


So these are our Top 10 Quiz Maker plugins. This was a rundown of the ten best WordPress test modules which can be utilized to upgrade the client experience and bring more cooperation. Ensure that the module you introduce is viable with the WordPress rendition, subjects, and other modules that you use. Likewise, ensure that the test module addresses every one of the issues and prerequisites of your site. I trust that this article helped you in taking the best choice and pick the right test module for your site.

On the off chance that we will discuss our own insight, as per us, HD Test is the most loved free WordPress quiz module and Quiz Cat is the most loved paid WordPress test module. Both of these modules are astonishing and function admirably. Thus, I trust this article on the WordPress test module will assist you with finding the best WordPress test module for your site. Likewise, remember to specify your number one WordPress test module in the remark segment underneath.


  1. What would make it a good idea for me to display tests on my website?

Tests may be helpful in increasing site visitors’ cooperation. They will also provide you with useful details about your customers. A carefully crafted test with entertaining and engaging outcomes will be used to govern more online entertainment offers. If you can use testing to keep visitors engaged on your site, you can improve the site’s performance for web crawlers by lowering the skip rate and lengthening visitors’ average stay on the site.

2. How can I make my exam more interesting?

If you have a little ingenuity and cunning, you can easily make your exams more entertaining to keep your customers interested on your website. This is how you should approach it:

  • Include images, videos, and gifs on tests
  • Add time limits to questions
  • Include intriguing predictions, such as sudden death
  • Run experiments with compelling and well-known themes.

3. Which free WordPress test module is the best?

HD Test will be our choice if we talk about the finest free WordPress test module. HD Test is an excellent free test module with a loyal customer base. It has generally attained its ideal 5-star rating score. Its responsiveness and the ability to construct countless exams with as many questions as necessary are among its features.

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