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December 26, 2022

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada

December 26, 2022
Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to broaden a company’s international reach in the modern world, when the majority of communication comes online. Since the start of the pandemic, the area of digital marketing, which is continually expanding, has had tremendous growth. 

Demand for digital marketing agencies in Canada is always increasing as digital media takes over as the most efficient form of communication in the modern day.  Moreover Canada is also known for their amazing large scale social media services all over the world. In Canada, a nation renowned for its lucrative work opportunities in the digital industry, we’ll guide you through the scope of digital marketing through the view of this article.

We’ve included a list of some of the top digital marketing companies in Canada in this post. Some of the top digital marketing agencies can assist you more effectively in choosing the best plans and measures for growing your company internationally, particularly in Canada.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

If you have the flexibility to operate remotely, a well organised digital marketing agency will be able to efficiently interact with you using technology. Furthermore, outsourcing allows your business to get the help it needs without having to worry about employing new employees or putting together a marketing team, both of which can be expensive and time-consuming.

In general, a digital marketing agency can provide you fresh ideas and help you put them into action to get the outcomes you want. However, pause and think about the preceding before you begin looking for an organisation to work with: There are many organisations out there, but not all of them deliver what they promise.

The truth is that digital marketing is a steady, continuing process, so choosing the proper firm for your company is crucial. Avoid anyone who guarantees immediate or quick results. Prior to making any choices, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each agency.

There is no doubt that digital marketing will help your company develop more quickly than most other strategies. Additionally, working with the best digital marketing firm in Toronto will help you launch your campaigns successfully!

10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada

We’ve listed a few of the best and most well-known firms that provide digital marketing services. These firms are located in Canada. You can contact established businesses, startups, and small businesses. 

These organisations excel at completing tasks. This is so that they can work in a variety of fields, such as marketing and advertising. Each of these websites is necessary to help you with your digital marketing issues. These digital marketing companies are capable of managing your company from the perspective of the customer. They are aware of what works because they have years of experience. Everything is therefore useful.

1. Traffic Trail 

Traffic tail digital marketing company

The most well-known provider of digital marketing services is Traffic Trail. More than 1500 clients have been served thus far. We are offering services to Canada and are praised for their distinctive approach and goal-oriented strategies. If you choose Traffic Trail’s services, you will get timely delivery, clear reports, and the finest possible result. We are aware of your company’s needs and challenges, and they can provide you with the most effective plan of action.


Website Designing, Facebook Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Logo Designing Services, SEO, ORM, PPC, Social Media Marketing Services, Video Marketing Services

2. Seoplus

Seoplus Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

Established in the year 2012. Digital marketing company Seoplus works with clients all over the world. In order to generate leads and boost sales for your company, they offer services to clients in a wide range of industry verticals. This business is a Shopify, Meta, and Google Premier Partner. This firm is Google Premier Partner, Meta Partner and a Shopify Partner.


Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Paid Social, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Digital PR, and Branding

3. Let’s get Optimized 

Let's Optimized Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

Since 2007, one of Canada’s most reliable digital marketing agencies. Let’s get Optimized specialises in creating custom digital solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada and the United States. They specialise in acquiring leads using all digital marketing channels, including AdWords, SEO, Social Media, Programmatic/RTB, Email Marketing, and website design.


SEO, Web Design, AdWords, SEO Consultant, PPC, Technical SEO, ON-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Link Building, and Social Media

4. Blue Meta

BlueMeta Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

Blue Meta provides a variety of digital services, including SEO, to their clients. They are experts in measurable marketing. They employ the same digital marketing strategy as firms in Silicon Valley seeking predictable revenue development.


Business Consulting, Branding, Customer Experience Design, CRM Marketing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Ecommerce, and Content Marketing

5. Brand & Mortar

Brand & Mortar Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

They are a communication and marketing firm with awards. Everything from social media management to creating your next standout advertising A full-service marketing company called Brand & Mortar focuses on brand marketing, social media, creative, site design, and app development.


Brand Development, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, App Development, Social Media Marketing, PPC & SEM, SEO, Video Production, Public Relations, Content Marketing, and Marketing Strategy

6. Brand Vision Marketing

Brand Vision Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

This business was established in 2018. Toronto-based Brand Vision is a well-known full-service marketing firm. Clutch has named Brand Vision Marketing one of the top three marketing firms in Canada. Brand Vision Marketing works in the promotion area.


Web Development, SEO, social media marketing, web design, advertising, ppc marketing, and branding

7. Momentumm Digital

Momentumm Digital, Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

A digital marketing company called Momentumm Digital works with companies to expand their markets and draw in new clients in order to boost sales. 

This company has the experience to help you make the most of your marketing budget if you want to enhance lead generation, sales, or brand awareness.


Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Video Production, Social Animation Video, Explainer Video, Production Video, HubSpot, Inbound Marketing, Media Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Marketing Strategy

8. York & Chapel 

York & Chapel Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

York & Chapel Corporation offers branding and digital marketing solutions. With the proper blend of cutting-edge technology and engaging data, the company gives customers the advantage to interact with consumers.


Brand Building & Positioning, Creative Development, Digital Strategy, Marketing & Advertising, Mobile & Emerging Platforms, Social Media, Website Design, Experiential Marketing, Business Line Consulting, e-Commerce, Integrated Media, and Identity and Logo Development

9. BrandLume Inc 

Brandlume Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

The company BrandLume Inc. is a Private Ltd. It was founded in 2011. BrandLume is a complete digital marketing, branding, and website business with offices across the world. BrandLume empowers 6400+ clients worldwide, including 400+ marketing firms that charge 2–5 times more for their services.


Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Branding, Online PR, PPC, Press Release, Logo Design, Blog Writing, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Web Development, Website Design, Website Building, Video Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Local Citations, Local SEO, and Link Building.

10. Bujou Creative

Bujou Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada

A digital marketing company and production firm with a focus on social media and branding, Bujou is situated in Calgary. In North America, they offer services to clients in both local and foreign companies like in Canada


Digital Marketing Lead Generation, SEO, Backlinks, Web Development & Design, Content Curation, Lead Generation, Online Marketing & Advertising, Adwords, Digital Analytics, Graphic Design, Hyper Growth Strategies.


Due to its high rates of internet usage and rapid expansion in the digital marketing sector, Canada is regarded as one of the greatest advertising markets in the world. Over 8.45 billion CAD was spent on digital advertising campaigns in Canada in 2020, accounting for approximately 54.1% of the country’s overall media advertising expenditures. The cost of digital advertising is anticipated to increase in the future years. 

The demand for digital marketers and digital marketing agencies in Canada has been rising in cities including Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Richmond, Calgary, and Vancouver, among others. This is because the majority of Canada’s major corporations are based in its largest cities. Hence you can also get to know the famous digital marketing agencies in Toronto in our blogs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I develop my skills in digital marketing?

You can improve your skills by using online learning sites like Udemy, HubSpot, and Hootsuite, among many others, that provide specialised courses.

Which qualifications are widely recognized in Canadian digital marketing?

Your business profile might be considerably enhanced by obtaining the following certifications:

A. Google Ads Certification
B. Google Analytics Certification
C. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
D. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
E. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
F. Facebook Blueprint Certification

What position in digital marketing offers the greatest salary?

The two positions with the highest salaries in digital marketing are often SEO managers and marketing managers. The annual salary of an SEO manager ranges from CAD 45,000 to CAD 104,000. A senior marketing manager may expect to make between 70,000 and 123,000 CAD annually.

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