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March 28, 2023

What is the connection between Web designing and Search Engine Rankings? (2022)

March 28, 2023
What is the connection between Web designing and Search Engine Rankings? (2022)

Connection between Web designing and Search Engine Rankings

Connection between Web designing and Search Engine Rankings

Web designing compiles several factors along with the looks of a website. It affects user experience, navigation and even search engine rankings. Often, people get confused about whether web design affects search engine rankings or not.

The answer is yes. Web designing affects search engine rankings. A well-designed website is likely to receive a higher ranking on search engines. 

We will dive deeper into the concept and understand the relevance of this statement- Web designing affects search engine rankings. 

So, before we begin talking about how web designing affects search engine rankings, let’s discuss the two terms in brief. 

Web Design

Web Design

Web design refers to the design of a website displayed on the internet. This aspect is more about user experience and less about software designing. A website designer focuses on the layout, navigation, content placement, design and user experience of the website. 66% of people leave your website if the user experience is not good. 

This is why 73% of businesses spend actively on website designing. 

Search Engine Rankings

The online success of your business is measured with search engine rankings. If your website ranks on the first page you are likely to receive a good amount of traffic. As people, 85% of users do not even consider opening a second page on the internet.

Search Engine Rankings

A good search engine ranking adds reputation to your business. Nowadays, people look for a business online before visiting the store. 

It increases the amount of traffic on your website. Therefore, search engine rankings is an important determinant of your online success. 

Now let’s see how web designing affects SEO rankings.  

How does Web Design affect Search engine ranking?

People think that content is the only determinant of on-site optimization. Creating SEO-friendly content like articles, blogs is enough. Web design is another important factor that determines the success of your business.

SEO and human experience are interconnected

Search Engine Optimization and human experience are interconnected. Let’s understand this with an example. Every business wants to improve customer experience and serve its customers the best. Here Google or any other search engine is also a service provider. 

They try to improve the experience of their customers by showing them websites that are credible. 

SEO and human experience are interconnected

This is how your SEO gets affected. If your website is having a good user experience, then search engines will rank you higher. And if your website is not designed well and users start leaving your website within no time, search engines will reduce your ranking. They keep a note of such matters. 

Different factors that affect the quality of the website are poor design, slow loading, and hard to read text. This will impact your SEO directly. 

Quality visuals increase time on site

Quality visuals elongate the stay of users on your website. 38% of users leave your website if they are not impressed with the looks of your website. Make sure you choose the design and images according to your business. 

For example, if you are having a make-up business, a colorful site will work amazingly. But if you have an automobile business, there is no point in adding lively colors like pink, orange. Neutrals will work amazing. 

Quality visuals increase time on site

This was just an example. All you should focus on is embedding your site with quality visuals. By creating attractive visuals, you induce people to get involved with your content. You must have heard that images are processed 1000 times faster than content. 

And this is going to decide the duration of stay on your website. 

Make it easier for crawlers to index your website

The main focus of web designers is to maintain a balance between human experience and search engine crawlers. By not choosing the right web design, colors you are making it difficult for search engine crawlers to rank your website.

You need to optimize your URLs, format, content, images in a way that search engine crawlers can easily index your website. This will improve your search engine rankings.

Connection between Web designing and Search Engine Rankings 5

So, now you must have understood the connection between web designing and search engine rankings. Let’s see how you can design an SEO-friendly website and improve your rankings.

  • We don’t need to say this but design an SEO-friendly website. Look for the right keywords and produce optimized content. Your pictures, videos should also be optimized. This affects SEO ranking and makes it easier for search engine crawlers to index your website.
  • Don’t overuse JavaScript and flash. These two languages are hard for crawlers to understand. You can produce extraordinary designs using this language but you should limit the use of these languages as they affect SEO ranking.
  • Simple and clean navigation is going to work well. People love to use websites that have easy navigation. This increases the stay and your website becomes likely to get indexed. 
  • Readability is another important factor that should be considered while designing a website. The content of your website should be readable. You can use fancy fonts to make it attractive but make sure you are choosing fonts that are attractive and readable. 
  • Responsiveness is more than important. Your website should work on different devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets without affecting the layout. More than 70% of shoppers do online shopping from mobile phones. So, if you own an e-commerce website make sure it is responsive. 
  • Along with SEO-friendly content, focus on images and visual parts. Use attractive and optimized images of the most suitable format.
  • Your website should be easy-to-load. This is another factor that is going to affect the design of your website.

Following these pointers, you can design a high-quality website that improves your search engine rankings. 


Search engine ranking is affected by web design. Forget everything you heard from anyone who said it does not affect search engine ranking. Along with SEO-friendly content, it is necessary to design a responsive layout, have easy navigations, easy-to-read fonts and everything. 

If your website is missing any of the above-mentioned factors, reach us out at Trafffic Tail. Get your website designed or redesigned with a team of experts and get amazing suggestions to grow your business on the internet. 

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