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March 5, 2024

Why Social Media is a great tool for your Business to build Trust?

March 5, 2024
social media

Social Media is one of the best tools for your business to built trust and engagement. Most businesses prefer to link their websites or applications with different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Social media integration helps your business to extend the reach.

Social Media is not a one-way tool for promoting your business. You can interact with the customers, extract their feedbacks and promote your product. This two-way communication helps a business to develop a relationship with your customers and induce them to purchase repeatedly.

How Social Media helps you to build trust?

Social Media can be used to gain the trust and confidence of customers. It is the best technique for fetching new customers. Now the question arises, how can you bag the trust of the customer? An answer to this question lies in a formula given by Steve Rayson, director of BuzzSumo, bragging a way of building trust-

Trust= Authority*Helpfulness*Intimacy/ Self Promotion

This equation owes an explanation-


To maintain authority simply means providing your insights, views, and opinions to the customers. For those purposes, you need to possess thorough knowledge and have to remain updated with the latest news in your industry. People choose to believe authorities all you need to do is choose a convincing tone while presenting your ideas.


To create a reputation and build connections you need to possess a helping attitude towards your customers. Regularly answering their questions, responding to their queries is an option. You can also add by providing informative articles, blogs with relevant images. You can guide them by redirecting to the appropriate channel. Sometimes you need to keep ahead of the interests of the customers. This is another way of building deeper bonds.


Intimacy is another significant attribute as it clarifies to the customer that there are humans behind the curtain. We trust whom we know. Posting regularly, conducting informative live sessions can increase the engagement of customers. Accept your mistake and apologize for the inconvenience they faced. This kind of behavior can help in building trust swiftly.


Self-promotion is to be done tactfully. You cannot enchant everything about you on social media. Your content should include the interests of the customer with the essence of self-promotion.

Choose the right way of promoting your business.

Why Social Media?

social media

Social media is a cost-effective tool for promoting your product digitally. Small businesses choose to expand their business through social media. Even big brands are eyeing social media platforms to expand their business.

Jay Baer said, “Social media allows big companies to act small”. The statement has got relevance from the behavior of big firms like Amazon, Flipkart which are constantly promoting their products through Facebook, Instagram.

Social media allows you to get connected with customers. You can promote your product through conversations and posts. You can post informative articles, blogs to sound worthy to your customers. You can share product reviews and induce them to buy.

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Social Media Tools for business

Social Media has broad utilities. The use of social media is not limited to seeking friends and entertainment. People used to run their businesses through social media. Different social media tools for business have evolved, from social media scheduling tools to social media analytics software.

Untitled design 29
  • A business can’t sit and post the same content on each social media platform. For such purposes, there are tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Agora Pulse exist that integrate the different social media platforms and the content you post on one application automatically gets posted on other integrated applications.
  • Jay Baer said, “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” Your fire should spread in an organized manner. There is a social media tool ContentCal which not only helps you in posting and scheduling your content but also helps in the content planning process.
  • Video promotion has a huge fan following. It is responsible for creating maximum engagement. People love video content so the businesses serve the same on the platter. With the help of an online video editor like InVideo, the whole process of uploading, editing, and maintaining video quality can be done with the utmost ease. InVideo is a one-stop solution for video content development, making it easy to flood your feed with the best quality content.
  • If you are bad at remembering passwords then this social media tool is for you. Even the thought of forgetting the password of a business account sounds terrible. Now you don’t have to take the headache of maintaining the same password on each social media platform. You can look up to this Lastpass and relax. It allows you to have security across all social media platforms and you don’t have to remember passwords anymore.
  • Sometimes people watch videos without sound. As they are not in the right place to hear the sound so they choose to avoid it. This is how you lose customers. To avoid this loss, you can add captions to your video so that it can be watched without sound. Rev is a social media tool that can be used to add captions to the video.

Numerous social media tools can be grabbed to smoothen the functioning of businesses on social media platforms.

Sites for Conducting Business

After knowing the benefits of using Social Media platforms for your business you should know which social media platforms are best for promoting your business.

social media
  • Mark Zuckerberg has given a boon called Facebook. Undeniably, Facebook is the best platform for promoting any kind of business.
  • Instagram has earned a huge fan following within less than a decade. It contains content relevant to almost every niche. Then why not give a taste of this application to your business to expand the reach.
  • Pinterest has become a prominent application. It contains the content in the form of videos and images.
  • YouTube knows all. Introduce your business to YouTube and implement different strategies to generate revenues through this application
  • Linkedin is a budding application. Professionals and businessmen, MNCs everyone has marked their presence on this application. You can promote your business through this application. All you need is to learn to operate this application tactfully.

Don’t wait to rock your business through Social Media

“Social Media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”
-Amy Jo Martin

social media

These words by Amy Jo Martin are True. Social media imparts everyone with an opportunity to engage. This makes it a powerful tool for promoting a business. There are many small and big businesses that are promoting their products through social media. Some people have even labeled it as a source of earning.

It enables the business to build connections and gain loyal customers by establishing direct contact. It is a cost-effective method of promoting a business. You don’t have to knock on the door of outsourcing companies or specialists to promote your product or service through social media. You need to learn the tact of operating and that’s it.

Myntra is a big example that promoted its products through social media platforms. They didn’t spare any social media platform to advertise their product. Now Myntra is not a slave of introduction. So, if you are running a small business and aiming for its success then Don’t wait to rock your business through Social Media. Remember that a successful business was once a start-up.

So now you know why social media is great tool for your business to build to trust. Social media has power to make your business a brand you just have to focus and provide the values to the audience that they want whether through your products and services or by engaging with them on your social media handles.

It is important to have a good social media presence so that you are easy to find and engaging.

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