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August 29, 2023

12 Best WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins

August 29, 2023
12 Best WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress captcha plugins? To prevent unauthorized requests or harmful bots from accessing your website, captcha plugins are a crucial component of every website. 

A captcha can be added to the registration form, comment section, login screen, etc. A response test called a captcha is used to confirm that you are a human and not a robot. The 12 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins to Protect Your WordPress Website are discussed in this article.

Why do you need Captcha Plugin for your WordPress Website?

A Captcha plugin is essential for your WordPress website due to its multifaceted benefits. First and foremost, it fortifies your website’s security by thwarting automated bots, preventing malicious activities like spamming and unauthorized data scraping. Additionally, it enhances the user experience by seamlessly integrating user-friendly Captcha challenges, ensuring that only genuine human interactions take place.

Moreover, Captcha plugins play a pivotal role in maintaining data privacy and security, guarding sensitive user information from potential breaches. These plugins also contribute to improved SEO rankings by reducing spam and elevating the quality of user-generated content.

12 Best WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins

1. Simple Login Captcha

Simple Login Captcha

Simple Login Captcha is a free add-on that strengthens the WordPress login form’s fundamental security. Users must correctly enter a three-digit security code generated at random into an adjacent field in order to submit the form. This helps prevent random bots from trying to access your site. It is ideal if your site has no forms and all you need is protection from random automated access attempts.

Price: Free

2. ReCaptcha Integration for WordPress

Recaptcha Integration for WordPress

As the name implies, reCAPTCHA Integration for WordPress enables you to incorporate reCAPTCHA into your website. If bots or spammers attempt to submit undesired data to your form, this plugin will force them to leave.

The fact that it supports both the current and older versions of reCAPTCHA is its strongest feature. On a variety of forms, including those for user registration, login, password reset, comments, etc., you can add the Google reCAPTCHA checkbox.

Price: Free

3. Really Simple Captcha

Really Simple Captcha

One of the most popular and effective captcha plugins for WordPress sites is this one.  Really Simple Captcha uses temporary files instead of PHP sessions like other captcha plugins, which makes it simple to embed in WordPress without causing any issues. 

Two files are created when a captcha is generated; one contains the image file and the other is a text file with the correct response. The plugin will permit the form submission if the answer entered by the respondent matches the response in the text file.

Price: Free

4. Math Captcha

Untitled design removebg preview

Another excellent WordPress plugin when it comes to captchas is Math Captcha, which requires users to complete easy arithmetic questions in order to access your website. Captcha can be used on forms for login, registration, forgotten password, comments, and bbPress.

Other notable features include hiding the captcha for users who are logged in, choosing the mathematical operation to use, choosing whether to display the captcha as words or numbers, setting the captcha field title, and entering a time.

Price: Free

5. Captcha Bank

Captcha bank

This plugin’s robust captcha validator enables you to add an extra layer of security on top of your existing defenses. The plugin not only shields your website from spam, but it also prevents bots and spammers from filling out your website’s form with useless information.

This plugin offers two different forms of captcha: text captcha and simple math operation (arithmetic, relational, or arrange order). By using features like distortion and noise, you can make it more challenging.

Price: $29.99/month

6. NO Captcha ReCaptcha

NO Captcha ReCaptcha

This is most likely the simplest captcha plugin that you may add the new No Captcha ReCaptcha by Google to WordPress login, registration, and comment system. This plugin offers theme options and auto identifies user-language.

Additionally, you can enable the plugin on different sites and themes. In addition to ProfilePress and MailOptin, No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA supports WooCommerce, protecting a number of your forms against spam, bugs, and unauthorized access.

Price: $4.99./month

7. Captcha Booster

Captcha Booster

It offers simple math logic and text and image tests to make sure your WordPress site is secure and guard it against spam, bots, and unauthorized users.

In addition to the captcha for WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, BuddyPress, bbPress, Jetpack, and wpForo forms, you may add text or logical captcha to the Login, Registration, Comments, Admin Comments, and Reset/Lost Password pages. Both “Text Captcha” and “Logical Captcha” can also be modified using a number of advanced settings, such as altering Width, Background, and Styles, etc.


$0 $69.99/month

8. Simple Google reCaptcha

Simple Google reCaptcha

Because it is free of adverts and monitoring and is straightforward and simple to use, Simple Google reCAPTCHA genuinely lives true to its name. By adding another layer of defense against spammers and brute-force attacks, this plugin. So your website won’t ever again face threats.

The new reCAPTCHA v3 and the reCAPTCHA v2 checkbox are both available to you. Additionally, Google reCAPTCHA can be added to forms for login, registration, password reset, comments, and new passwords.

Price: Free

9. Contact Form 7 Captcha

Contact Form 7 Captcha

The Contact Form 7 Captcha plugin will protect your WordPress website from spam and abuse. With it, you may enhance Contact Form 7 with Google reCAPTCHA. The ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox is implemented on the forms as the plugin’s primary function. 

For a real person, it’s an easy test to pass; for the bots, it’s the exact reverse. The ability to secure several forms on a single page is perhaps its most significant use.


$0 $99/year

10. Login Security ReCaptcha

Login Security ReCaptcha

A security plugin called Login Security reCAPTCHA helps prevent bots and other brute-force assaults on your website. To secure the login/registration, forgotten password, and comment forms, it incorporates Google reCAPTCHA.

It’s amazing how few settings you actually need to change in order to utilize this plugin. Additionally, features like role-based redirection, login attempt limits, etc. are available when you upgrade to the premium version.

Price: Free

11. ReCaptcha for WooCommerce

ReCaptcha for WooCommerce

The premium plugin reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce ensures the security of your website. The login, signup, and lost password forms now use Google reCAPTCHA thanks to this plugin. There’s still more, though! 

Spam purchases are one of the most frequent challenges that shop owners encounter occasionally. You may safeguard your checkout page by including Google reCAPTCHA to avoid this.

Price: Free

12. Advanced Google ReCaptcha

Advanced Google ReCaptcha

It will provide complete protection for your website against spam comments, brute-force attacks, spam registration/logins, and similar activities.  Another intriguing feature in advanced google recaptcha is how sweetly well it integrates with BuddyPress, login, registration, comment, and other forms. Furthermore, this plugin is loaded with capabilities to make your site spam-free.

Price: Free

Where should you enable Captcha in WordPress?

  • Enabling Captcha for user registration forms is crucial to maintain the authenticity of your WordPress site’s user base. By adding a Captcha challenge, you create an extra layer of security that filters out automated bots attempting to create fake accounts. 
  • Captcha protection for login forms is a fundamental step in safeguarding your WordPress site from malicious activities. Automated bots often try to brute-force their way into user accounts by repeatedly attempting various combinations of passwords.
  • Captcha implementation in comment sections is essential for maintaining a high-quality user experience on your WordPress blog or website. Spam comments can quickly clutter your content and discourage genuine users from engaging with your posts.
  • Captcha protection for contact forms is a wise choice to ensure that the messages and inquiries you receive are from real users and potential customers. Spam messages can flood your inbox and waste your time if not properly filtered.
  • Adding Captcha challenges to password recovery or reset forms is a strategic move to prevent unauthorized access attempts. Bots can exploit these forms to gain control of user accounts, potentially compromising sensitive information.


We hope that these descriptions of the features and prices of each reCAPTCHA plugin have assisted you in choosing the best one. You are now free to select any option from the list. And you can be sure that your website will be protected from all pointless attacks. Also, let us know which plugin you think works best in the comments section.


How does a Captcha plugin enhance website security?

Captcha plugins employ various challenges, like image puzzles or checkboxes, that are easy for humans but difficult for bots to solve. This effectively blocks automated bots from exploiting your website’s forms, reducing spam, preventing brute force attacks, and safeguarding sensitive data.

Can Captcha plugins affect user experience?

Yes, but modern Captcha solutions are designed to minimize disruptions. User-friendly challenges and accessibility features cater to a wide range of users. While they add an extra step, this inconvenience is far outweighed by the security they provide against spam and potential breaches.

Can Captcha plugins affect user experience?

Search engines value user engagement and the quality of content. By preventing spam and maintaining a high standard of user-generated content, Captcha plugins indirectly contribute to better SEO rankings, improving your website’s online visibility.

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