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September 14, 2023

12 Best WordPress Theme for Real Estate Website

September 14, 2023
Wordpress Theme for Real Estate Website

Are you excited about creating a stunning real estate website with WordPress? Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress aficionado in search of the perfect theme or a newcomer eager to explore this platform’s potential, you’ve landed in the right spot.

Navigating the vast world of WordPress themes can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry – we’re here to help! We’ve sifted through the options and put together a list of the 12 Best WordPress Theme for Real Estate Websites. This list caters to both experienced WordPress users seeking best themes and newcomers looking for a user-friendly solution.

Let’s dive in together and discover the ideal theme for your real estate venture!

Why do you need the WordPress theme for your real estate website?

Your real estate website requires a WordPress theme. These themes are designed with real estate requirements in mind, making it simple to exhibit property listings and details.

They streamline the user experience for prospective buyers and tenants by including key tools like property search filters, interactive maps, and contact forms.

WordPress themes are also quite customisable, allowing you to uphold a credible brand identity. They make sure that your website works and looks great on all platforms, including tablets and smartphones.

In conclusion, a WordPress theme speeds up website development, improves user experience, and raises your conversion rate.

13 Best WordPress Theme for Real Estate Website

1. Agent Focused

wordpress theme for real estate website -Agent Focused

A WordPress theme called Agent Focused was created with clients in mind by real estate experts.  Beautiful real estate websites are available thanks to the Genesis Framework. HTML5 is included in this contemporary real estate agent template created using the Genesis Framework. This template is additionally responsive. You are free to use your own logo or your realtor’s name in the text.

Pricing: $79 one time

2. Astra

wordpress theme for real estate website -Astra

Astra, has a powerful WordPress theme for real estate. The bold text, eye-catching image, and great contrast of purple and white in the header all leave an impression.

If you don’t want to stand out too much, you can tone it down, but its adaptability is also one of its strengths.

The theme lacks complex search or filter features, but it does have a part for featured properties, a section for lists, and auxiliary pages. It’s a little flaw, but the rest of the design is so strong that a real estate plugin is simple to obtain.

Pricing: $59 one time

3. Neve


The Neve real estate WordPress theme has listings functionality and is more of a standard real estate theme. It has featured property regions, a powerful highlight section, great colour, and superb typefaces.

Although there isn’t one, you can always add one using code or a plugin. This theme not only loads rapidly. Apart from that, it offers a highlight page for specific characteristics and allows custom widgets.

Pricing: $69/yr

4. Space Home

wordpress theme for real estate website - Space home

The WordPress theme Space Home has every feature required for a real estate website. It’s a lovely theme with strong tools, search options, and sophisticated mapping. Additionally, it is simple to customize and comes with 4 pre-built examples and 3 header layouts.

Real Estate Pro, Visual Composer, WPML Max Mega Menu, and Newsletter are just a few of the plugins it supports.

Pricing: $59 one time

5. WP Pro Real Estate 7

wordpress theme for real estate website -WP Pro Real Estate 7

The ideal WordPress theme for realtors to boost your online presence is WP Pro Real Estate 7.

This product can be used to create landing pages for individual properties, real estate listing websites, or holiday rental websites.You can control every aspect of your website and see changes as they happen in real time. 

The layout of the theme is completely responsive, allowing everyone to view your website on their preferred device. If you are a newbie user, WP Pro Real Estate 7 walks you through the development of a website. Every feature is explained in-depth in the documentation, and a stunning video tutorial will walk you through each step.

Pricing: $59

6. Dinso

wordpress theme for real estate website -Dinso

Dinso is a WordPress theme for realtors that promotes both single-family homes and apartments. Dinso can help you make a location more special if you want to add some extra shine to it.

With seven homes and nine inner pages, it is a clever solution. Dinso handles every step required to create a top-notch web presence that will increase your potential.

You can build pages without any prior knowledge with the Elementor page builder. Dinso’s layout is adaptable and responsive, seamlessly changing to any screen. Additionally, it is retina-ready and compatible with all widely used web browsers.

Pricing:  $33 one time

7. Houzez

wordpress theme for real estate website - Houzez

Houzez by Favethemes is another such multifaceted WordPress real estate theme. Similar to other real estate templates, Houzez includes a selection of real estate templates that may be applied to practically any circumstance, including listings and sales, as well as situations involving single agents and agencies.

There are 16 various designs to pick from, and they are all really attractive.

Every template has a noticeable search bar, filters that can be used, easy navigation, and powerful sans-serif fonts. In addition, this design contains a substantial header picture section and strikes a solid balance between content and white space.

Pricing: $69 one time

8. WP Residence

wordpress theme for real estate website -WP Residence

Wp Residence Real Estate is a fantastic responsive WordPress theme with advanced search features.

It comes with a Visual Composer that simplifies the process of creating pages. Recurring options are offered in the Membership Packages option.

You can create an endless number of packages, each with a customized expiration date, or you can choose the quantity of listings and featured listings that go into each package.

This includes a wonderful Google map with the ability to pin and spider areas.

Pricing: $69 one time

9. Realty Space

wordpress theme for real estate website -Realty space

A stunning real estate WordPress theme is Realtyspace by CodeFactory47. It makes a good first appearance, provides all the information you require above the fold, and has a lightning-quick property filter and search feature.

Additionally, it combines Google Maps, supports IDX and MLS, and has property list boxes and highlighted property sections.

The doghouse looks good with its modern style. A powerful header image and contrasting text expertly set the atmosphere, allowing the user to search or scroll down to highlighted properties or explore the site right away.

Pricing: $59 one time

10. Estate Engine

wordpress theme for real estate website -Estate engine

Any WordPress website can be transformed into a real estate search engine with Estate Engine.

Allowing users to post their own listings for a charge, paid through PayPal, Stripe, or another payment processor, is one approach to monetize your real estate website.

Along with support for Google Maps, galleries, sliders, sidebars, and custom widgets, it offers a robust listing search filter.

Your mobile users will see the mobile theme that Estate Engine includes. This has a similar aesthetic appeal without sacrificing the usability of your website.

Pricing: $59 one time

11. Real Estate Directory

wordpress theme for real estate website - Reak estate directory

Real Estate Directory is a free WordPress real estate listing theme with a professional design. It’s a fantastic choice if you have a tight budget.

Property listings, about us, features, services, rentals, and a gallery are all elements of the homepage layout for Real Estate Directory.

It supports real estate directory capabilities to control property listings and add a listings search feature. It offers style options for individual articles and pages as well as unique headers, backgrounds, and a social media menu.

Pricing: Free

12. Elviria

Untitled design e1694609038600

Elviria is a WordPress real estate theme created by WPCasa. Only for real estate, WPCasa provides a total of 9 different demo designs.

Both are constructed around the property, yet they present quite different first impressions. Due to the usage of color, font, the header image, and general style, we recommend Elviria.

The template comes with everything you need for a real estate agent website, including easy navigation, an advanced filter and search box, a second menu option, featured properties, the newest properties, list pages, custom widget spaces, an information box on the agent, and more.

Pricing: $49 one time


In conclusion, to create an excellent real estate website, picking the right real estate theme is crucial. For this reason, a variety of real estate-related WordPress themes, both free and paid, are available.

It’s difficult to choose one among those, though. We sincerely hope that this piece has assisted you in selecting a top-notch WordPress theme that will enable you to grow your real estate company’s sales.


What features should I look for in a real estate WordPress theme?

Look for features such as property listing management, search filters, interactive maps, integrated contact forms, responsive design, IDX/MLS integration, and customization options. These features will help you create an engaging and functional real estate website.

Do I need technical expertise to use a real estate WordPress theme?

No, you don’t need advanced technical skills to use a real estate WordPress theme. Most themes come with user-friendly interfaces and offer extensive documentation and support.

You can customize your website’s appearance and content through a visual editor, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Can I integrate my MLS listings into a real estate WordPress theme?

Yes, many real estate WordPress themes offer compatibility with MLS (Multiple Listing Service) through plugins or built-in features.

This allows you to automatically import and display property listings from your local MLS on your website, making it easier for visitors to browse available properties.

Are premium real estate WordPress themes worth the investment?

Premium real estate WordPress themes are often worth the investment because they offer advanced features, regular updates, better support, and a higher level of customization.

They can help your real estate website stand out and provide a more professional and efficient experience for both you and your clients. However, the choice between free and premium themes depends on your specific needs and budget.

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